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Septic Tank System Effects on Ground Water Quality

Septic tank systems have been frequently identified as sources of localized and
regional ground water pollution. Historical concerns have focused on bacterial
and nitrate pollution; more recently, synthetic organic chemicals from septic tank

Author : Canter

Release : 2017-11-01

Publisher : Routledge

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This valuable reference delineates the ground water quality concerns associated with the planning and usage of septic tank systems. Septic tank systems represent a significant source of ground water pollution in the United States. Since many existing systems are exceeding their design life by several-fold, the usage of synthetic organic chemicals in the household and for system cleaning is increasing, and larger-scale systems are being designed and used.

Ground Water Quality Protection

Canter , L . W . and Knox , R . C . , " Ground Water Pollution from Septic Tank
Systems , ” Septic Tank System Effects on Ground Water Quality , 1985 , Lewis
Publishers , Chelsea , Michigan . 5 . U . S . Environmental Protection Agency ...

Author : Deborah Fairchild

Release : 1987-05-01

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 9780873710183

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This new book provides a sound summary of the rapidly expanding body of knowledge on ground water pollution sources, evaluation and control. It is used to plan and implement ground water quality management programs, and also may be used as a text. The first three (introductory) chapters are about ground water quality, its importance, its management, and information sources.

Selected Water Resources Abstracts

Effects Of Pollution - Group 5C ASTM STP 730 , 1981. p 3-13 , 1 fig , 2 tab , 36 ref
. BIOACCUMULATION , Purdue Univ . ... Chapter 4 is focused on the evaluation
of septic tank system effects on groundwater quality . Information on the Surface ...

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Release : 1987

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Effects of Septic Tank Systems on Ground Water Quality

Anonymous , " Ocean Outfalls and Other Methods of Treated Waste Water
Disposal in Southeast Florida , " Transcript of ... priorities for ground water quality
protection ; rational basis for septic tank system design ; effects of septic tank
effluent ...

Author : Glenn D. Carriere

Release : 1980

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Ground-water Quality Classification and Recommended Septic Tank Soil-absorption-system Density Maps, Castle Valley, Grand County, Utah

The mass-balance approach predicts the impact of nitrate from use of septic-tank
systems over a defined area. ... approach to calculate septic- tank density/water-
quality degradation for each area based on a range of parameters that affect ...

Author : Mike Lowe

Release : 2004

Publisher : Utah Geological Survey

ISBN : 1557917140

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"This CD-ROM contains a 30 page report with 22 page appendix, and seven maps at 1:15,000 to 1:30,000 scale in easily readable PDF format that address ground-water quality in Castle Valley's valley-fill aquifer and provide recommendations for septic tank soil-absorption-system density based on potential water-quality degradation associated with use of these systems. The maps are described in detail in the report and show geology, valley-fill thickness, total-dissolved-solids concentration, nitrate concentration, ground-water quality class, potential containment sources, and recommended lot size."--Sticker on back of case.

Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems

... on groundwater quality, to design systems to mitigate any deleterious effects,
and to design systems to remediate contaminated groundwater. 5.2
CONTAMINANT SOURCES Common sources of groundwater contamination are
septic tanks, ...

Author : David A. Chin

Release : 2012-11-28

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118078608

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Detailing the fundamental equations that describe the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems covers the practical application of these equations to engineering design and environmental impact analysis relating to contaminant discharges into rivers, lakes, wetlands, ground water, and oceans. This second edition is thoroughly updated to include new topics on nutrient and pathogen models in streams as well as much more coverage of methods to calculate calculating total maximum daily loads (TMDLs). Numerous practical examples and end of chapter problems are included.

Groundwater Contamination in the United States

Water Quality Inventory for Water Years 1982 and 1983 . Water Quality
Monitoring Report No. 84-3TS . June . Canter , L. W. , R. C. Knox , R. P. Kamat .
1982. Evaluation of Septic Tank System Effects on Ground Water Quality .
Norman , Okla .

Author : Ruth Patrick

Release : 1987-11

Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN : 9780812212563

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The Hydrogeology of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah, with Emphasis on Maps for Water-resource Management and Land-use Planning

This type of analysis may be used as a gross model for evaluating the possible
impact of proposed developments using septic-tank systems for wastewater
disposal on ground-water quality, allowing planners to more effectively determine

Author : Mike Lowe

Release : 2007-01-22

Publisher : Utah Geological Survey

ISBN : 1557917647

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The purpose of this study is to provide tools for water-resource management and land-use planning; to accomplish this purpose we (1) characterize the relationship of geology to ground-water conditions in the Glen Canyon and the unconsolidated valley-fill aquifers, (2) classify the groundwater quality of the Glen Canyon (east of the valley only) and valley-fill aquifers to formally identify and document the beneficial use of ground-water resources, and (3) apply a ground-water flow model using a mass balance approach to determine the potential impact of projected increased numbers of septic-tank systems on water quality in the valley-fill aquifer and thereby recommend appropriate septic-system density requirements to limit water-quality degradation

Young Researchers 2004

There is also an increasing realisation that septic systems have a significant
impact on surface water quality in general. ... on septic systems, discharging
similar total loads of pathogens and nutrients into the catchments to municipal
sewage ...

Author : Tom Dupuis

Release : 2004-04-30

Publisher : IWA Publishing

ISBN : 9781843395058

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The selection of papers in this special issue of WEMS illustrates the various aspects of water and wastewater treatment and management. These papers were presented at the 2nd Young Researchers Conference held on 23-24 April 2004, at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands. It was organised on behalf of the International Water Association (IWA) and supported by the European Symposium of Environmental Biotechnology (ESEB 2000). The IWA Young Researcher Conferences' mission is to provide young researchers in water and wastewater science, technology and management with a forum to discuss current and future environmental concerns. The conferences aim to confront environmental researchers with technologists and regulatory instances dealing with environmental quality. Moreover, the IWA Young Researchers Conferences address issues related to the development of careers in the water sector.


Author : Elaine Gray

Release : 1990

Publisher : Amer Planning Assn


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Ground-water Pollution Problems in the Northwestern United States

The effects of radionuclides on ground - water quality are discussed in the
section on radioactive waste disposal . ... 77 ) The disposal wells in this area are
tied into septic tank systems and are generally drilled to the underlying lava , to a
depth ...

Author : Frits Van der Leeden

Release : 1975

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Hydrogeology of Morgan Valley, Morgan County, Utah

We collected and analyzed groundwater from 52 water wells during spring 2004
and augmented our data with additional water samples from ... The widespread
agricultural activity in Morgan Valley appears to have only a minor impact on
groundwater quality. ... development may have on groundwater quality,
particularly development that uses septic tank soil-absorption systems for
wastewater disposal, ...

Author : Janae Wallace

Release : 2012-01-16

Publisher : Utah Geological Survey

ISBN : 1557918538

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This report characterizes the relationship of geology to groundwater occurrence and flow, with emphasis on determining the thickness of the valley-fill aquifer and water yielding properties of the fractured rock aquifers. Develops a water budget for the drainage basin and classifies the groundwater quality and identifies the likely sources of nitrate in groundwater.

Waste Disposal Effects on Ground Water

5 million single housing units , dispose of their domestic waste through individual
on - site disposal systems . Almost 17 million of these housing units use septic
tanks or cesspools . Regional ground - water quality problems have been ...

Author : Geraghty & Miller

Release : 1980

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Transformations and Transport of Fixed Nitrogen from Septic Tanks in Soil Absorption Systems and Underlying Aquifers

Detergent formula effect on transport of nutrients to ground water from septic
systems . Ground Water 27 : 209-219 . ... Indicators of chemical pollution from
septic systems . Ground Water 28 ... 8 - Proceedings , Eighth National
Symposium on Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems , Orlando , FL ,
Mar. 8-10 , 1998 ...

Author : Chen-Peng Chen

Release : 1999

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Geologic and hydrogeologic framework of the Espanola Basin proceedings of the 3rd Annual Espanola Basin Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2-3, 2004

MCQUILLAN, Dennis, SCHALL, Brian, and KITAY, ... Septic-tank effluents have
caused widespread ground-water pollution with nitrate and anoxic conditions,
and have polluted more ... In areas with vulnerable aquifers, aerobic wastewater
treatment systems are being required, instead of conventional septic systems, for
new ...

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Publisher : DIANE Publishing

ISBN : 1428984097

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Rural groundwater contamination

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water Chemical Quality of Water and the
Hydrologic Cycle Chemistry of Ground Water ... in Ground Water Rural Ground
Water Contamination Septic Systems Handbook Septic Tank System Effects on
Ground ...

Author : Frank M. D'Itri

Release : 1987-07-01

Publisher : CRC

ISBN : 9780873711005

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Ground Water Quality Adjacent to a Septic Tank-soil Absorption System

KOLEGA , J . J . , et . al . , " Current Septic Tank System Installation Practices in
Connecticut " , JWPCF , 38 , 10 , 1592 - 1600 , ( Oct . 1966 ) 13 . LENAIN , A . F . ,
" The Impact of Nitrates on Water Use " . JAWWA , 59 , 1049 - 1054 , ( Aug .

Author : George Loren Hansel

Release : 1968

Publisher :


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Variability of Groundwater Chemistry in an Agricultural Setting and Implications for Assessing Impacts of Land Use Change

Anderson , H . W . , 1993 , Effects of agricultural and residential land use on
ground - water quality , Anoka Sand Plain aquifer , east - central ... of multiple
isotope tracers to evaluate denitrification in ground water : Study of nitrate from a
large - flux septic system plume : Ground Water , vol . ... Arnade , L . J . , 1999 ,
Seasonal correlation of well contamination and septic tank distance : Ground
Water , vol .

Author : Jeffrey Douglas Wilcox

Release : 2003

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