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Shadowrun: Fire & Frost

... Kai O'Connal publishes a new book. There's no charge and no obligation. http
:// Connecting independent readers to
independent writers. Also by Kai O'Connal Shadowrun Shadowrun: Fire & Frost.

Author : Kai O'Connal

Release : 2014-08-14

Publisher : Catalyst Game Labs

ISBN : 1936876795

File Size : 39.74 MB

Format : PDF

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Shadowrun: Drawing Destiny

Kai O'Connal is the author of the Shadowrun novels Fire & Frost and the
forthcoming The Johnson Run. Kai is rumored to live somewhere near the Arctic
Circle, where the Northern Lights are always bright, and illuminate whatever story
is ...

Author : Michael A. Stackpole

Release : 2016-09-03

Publisher : Catalyst Game Labs


File Size : 23.13 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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THE TAROT HAS AWAKENED… The Tarot, a powerful divination artifact, has appeared in the Sixth World. It works its will on anyone who finds one of its mystical cards, from runners surviving on the street to corp executives battling in the boardroom. And not just people’s lives will be changed, for the Awakened Tarot deck is more than just a formidable magic item, it has an agenda all its own, and will use those it comes in contact with to set its plans in motion… Drawing Destiny is the latest original Shadowrun anthology, featuring twenty-three original stories about this brand-new artifact introduced into the game universe. Featuring stories from Michael A. Stackpole, Jennifer Brozek, Chris A. Jackson, Lucy A. Snyder, Aaron Rosenberg, R.L. King, Russell Zimmerman, Josh Vogt, Jason M. Hardy, and 14 more authors, these stories reveal how the Awakened Tarot will impact the Sixth World for better, and sometimes, for much worse…

Shadowrun: The Frame Job

Frostburn was shouting now, but she didn't care; the guards knew where they
were, and her nerves were shot. ... Once Emilia was out of the line of fire,
Frostburn launched a Mass Confusion spell in the direction of the guards and ran
after ...

Author : CZ Wright

Release : 2019-06-12

Publisher : Catalyst Game Labs


File Size : 45.47 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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PART FOUR OF THE ORIGINAL SHADOWRUN SIXTH WORLD EDITION NOVELLA SERIES! FIVE RUNNERS. ONE JOB. AND A WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE... After being double-crossed by one of the largest megacorps in the Sixth World, the shadowrunner team sets their own plans in motion: clear their names and deliver payback with a vengeance. Before they can put their plans into action, Frostburn needs to check on her family to make sure they haven't been targeted by the megacorp for payback. But her complicated relationship with the rest of her family is strained even further when a relative falls under the sway of a charismatic activist who has dark designs on Frostburn and her family...and will go to any lengths to get what he wants—including sacrificing idealistic kids to a doomed run against a corporation. Before the night is over, Frostburn will have to draw on every bit of magic and street smarts she has to both save her relative and survive...

Shadowrun: Crocodile Tears

A Shadowrun Novella Chris A. Jackson. 41. Fire and Frost by Kai O'Connal 42.
Hell on Water by Jason M. Hardy 43. Dark Resonance by Phaedra Weldon 44.
Crimson by Kevin Czarnecki 45. Shaken: No Job Too Small by Russell
Zimmerman ...

Author : Chris A. Jackson

Release : 2020-07-17

Publisher : Catalyst Game Labs


File Size : 79.40 MB

Format : PDF

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FUN—AND FEAR—IN THE SUN… Everything’s irie in the Caribbean. What could be better than a week of sun, fun, and parties at the bi-annual Caribbean League political conference in Havana, with every shadowrunner, pirate, and low-life in attendance looking for work? What could possibly go wrong? And when the Rastafarian troll shaman T’ing and his crew are approached by an official from Haiti to investigate rumors involving their old enemies, the dark voodoo Kofo cult, it looks like an opportunity for payback and profit combined. Digging deeper, however, T’ing and his runners discover a genocidal plot that threatens the entire region, possibly even resulting in an all-out shooting war between several major Sixth World players. There’s nothing to do but round up all their badass runner contacts, light up a spliff, and kick some ass. But this run will take them under the sea to a top-secret covert lab where Kofo cultists are hiding a weapon that could change the face of the entire Caribbean…and only T’ing and his hard-partying—and even harder-charging—crew stand in their way...

Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome

A Shadowrun Anthology Jason M. Hardy, Jason Schmetzer, Jean Rabe, Phaedra
Weldon, Matt Forbeck, Kevin Killiany, Steven Mohan, Jr,, Bradley ... I said yes,
and that led to the creation of Fire & Frost, the first new novel in nearly eight years

Author : Jason M. Hardy

Release : 2010-05-14

Publisher : Catalyst Game Labs


File Size : 42.89 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2072… …And a world unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. A world where magic and machines exist side-by-side. Where cybernetics can replace organs or entire limbs with ease, and arcane spells can make the impossible happen. Where the Matrix has become an artificial world of its own, filled with all kinds of pleasure, treasure, and trouble. Where dwarves, elves, orks, and trolls walk alongside humans every day. Some work for megacorporations whose invisible tentacles wrap around every aspect of modern life. Others choose a much less legal career, doing whatever dirty work the corp executives need done—for a price. WELCOME TO SHADOWRUN Featuring fifteen new stories about the men and women who make their living in the shadows of the Sixth World, Spells and Chrome takes you into the dark and dirty streets of a bleak future. Whether risking their lives to execute a mission for an employer who might be planning to double-cross them anyway, or just doing whatever they need to do to survive another day, shadowrunners use everything they’ve got—cyberware, spells, or a very big gun—to get the job done.

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Author :

Release : 1990

Publisher :


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A comprehensive bibliography of books and short fiction published in the English language.

AB Bookman's Weekly

At End of Santa Fe Trail ( Memoirs , 1948 ) Spa Robert Frost Books P . O . Box
719 , Rensselaer , NY 12144 Frost ... The Grimoire ( role - playing , specifically ,
Shadowrun Game , pub by FASA Corp ) . ... Sitting by the Laughing Fire Hitler .

Author :

Release : 1992

Publisher :


File Size : 87.76 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny

Release : 2001-08

Publisher :


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