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Territories of Poverty

This book helps us understand the regulation of poverty—whether by globally circulating models of fast policy or vast webs of mobile money or philanthrocapitalist foundations—as multiple terrains of struggle for justice and social ...

Author : Ananya Roy

Release : 2015-11-15

Publisher : University of Georgia Press

ISBN : 0820348430

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Territories of Poverty challenges the conventional North-South geographies through which poverty scholarship is organized. Staging theoretical interventions that traverse social histories of the American welfare state and critical ethnographies of international development regimes, these essays confront how poverty is constituted as a problem. In the process, the book analyzes bureaucracies of poverty, poor people’s movements, and global networks of poverty expertise, as well as more intimate modes of poverty action such as volunteerism. From post-Katrina New Orleans to Korean church missions in Africa, this book is fundamentally concerned with how poverty is territorialized. In contrast to studies concerned with locations of poverty, Territories of Poverty engages with spatial technologies of power, be they community development and counterinsurgency during the American 1960s or the unceasing anticipation of war in Beirut. Within this territorial matrix, contributors uncover dissent, rupture, and mobilization. This book helps us understand the regulation of poverty—whether by globally circulating models of fast policy or vast webs of mobile money or philanthrocapitalist foundations—as multiple terrains of struggle for justice and social transformation.

The Poverty of Territorialism

The notion of democracy in an increasingly interconnected world is a key issue in the EU, and as such this book advocates a Europe where national borders are questioned, and ultimately transgressed.

Author : Andreas Faludi

Release : 2018

Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN : 1788973615

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Drawing on territorial ideas prevalent in the Medieval period, Andreas Faludi offers readers ways to rethink the current debates surrounding territorialism in the EU. Challenging contemporary European spatial planning, the author examines the ways in which it puts the democratic control of state territories and their development in question. The notion of democracy in an increasingly interconnected world is a key issue in the EU, and as such this book advocates a Europe where national borders are questioned, and ultimately transgressed.

The Situation of Workers of the Occupied Arab Territories

More households in poverty 63. The incidence and acuteness of poverty have
increased in the occupied Palestinian territories . Taking the year 1998 as the
benchmark , when 20 per cent of Palestinian households lived in poverty based
on ...

Author :

Release : 2007

Publisher : International Labour Organization

ISBN : 9789221181316

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This report describes the grim plight of people in the occupied Palestinian territories and in the occupied Syrian Golan. Violence has continued to affect both Palestinian and Israeli civilians, but with very different levels of intensity. Economic activity has declined sharply, leading to more widespread poverty, precarious employment and unemployment.

Overview of rural poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean

At the international level, the notion of “territorial poverty traps” is frequently used
in technical discussions and policies related to rural development. This concept
refers to the situation of a territory when it shows a permanent lag in indicators of

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Release : 2019-09-12

Publisher : Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN : 9251316791

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Panorama of Rural Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), addresses the important challenges faced by the region in developing its rural territories to achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, particularly SDG 1 to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. After many years of progress, poverty and extreme rural poverty in the region have started to increase again. This is worrying news for countries of the region and the international community because, if they do not return to the path of rural poverty reduction, millions of people will be excluded from the opportunity to contribute to the development of their families, communities and countries. The 33 Member States of the United Nations in the region have pledged their commitment to eradicating rural poverty by 2030 and, despite the recent trend, it is still possible to achieve this goal. This report also highlights the persistence of significant gaps between rural and urban areas, which is incompatible with sustainable and equitable development. Of the 169 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, 132 require actions that must be carried out in rural territories.

Poverty & Economic Reforms

In other smaller states/Union territories poverty ratio came down to varying extent
during the two decades (1973-74 to 1993-94) but it was still quite high 45.01% in
each eastern state of Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikkim. This shows ...

Author : Ved P. Luthra

Release : 2005

Publisher : Sarup & Sons

ISBN : 9788178901367

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In Indian context.

Policies for rural prosperity

Policies for Rural Prosperity: Executive Summary. Special report on the
contribution on agriculture and rural territories to poverty reduction, emplyment
creation, and the promotion of rural prosperity / IICA. – San Jose, C.R.: IICA, 2005
58 p.; ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher : IICA


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Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State

National Childcare Benefit Website , “ A unique partnership of the Government of
Canada , Provinces and Territories and ... News Release , “ Federal - Provincial -
Territorial Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Social Services , " 12 March ...

Author : Shereen Ismael

Release : 2006-11-15

Publisher : University of Alberta

ISBN : 9780888644619

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In 2005, 1.2 million children in Canada were living below the poverty level. This represents a 20 percent increase since 1989, the year that the federal government unanimously passed a resolution to eliminate child poverty by 2000. To understand the state of children's welfare, Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State reviews Canadian social policy reform, and discovers that the welfare of poor children is a casualty of the war on the welfare state launched by opposing political ideologies. This study surveys the shift from entitlement to charity from the perspective of social policy reform.

Producing Nature and Poverty in Africa

... colonial canvas of classifying , counting , and containing pastoralists within
specific tribal identities and territories . Poverty politics Paradoxically , the party of
Isiolo Turkana that was “ repatriated " represented people whose biographies
had ...

Author : Vigdis Broch-Due

Release : 2000

Publisher : Nordic Africa Institute

ISBN : 9789171064523

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Drawing on case studies from eight different countries, the con-tributors to this provocative collection of essays demonstrate quite clearly that environmental programmes often have direct and far-reaching consequences for the distribution of wealth and poverty and that they constitute one of the major forms of foreign and state intervention in contemporary African affairs.

Quality of Life in South Africa

110 Share of Poverty Gap 100 90 Old 80 o Provinces t C 31% § 70 States' & 60
34% 50 40 30 # * g : ; ; ; ; # # N § cy § 3 : £ (n § {5 § o & § & X. § > Old 'SelfX. § à
co H. Governing Territories' m Poverty Rate (% of population poor) 35% DGap to

Author : Valerie Møller

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9400914792

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South Africa's peaceful transition to democracy has gained it world recognition. This book gives a frank report on contemporary South African society and the challenges which the new nation faces. Sixteen social scientists, experts in fields as wide-ranging as economics, politics, and development planning, have compiled a social report on South Africa two years into democracy. The volume covers critical concerns which impact on the well-being of the average South African. The dozen chapters in the book present facts and figures as well as in-depth commentary on social issues which South Africa must address. The authors discuss the legacies of the past, including poverty and social inequality; problems of transition ranging from trauma to crime; and the hopes for the future which lie in economic growth and development, a deeper understanding of democracy, and a healthy dose of optimism. The book draws on information from a wide variety of sources including government statistics, independent social surveys, community research, and opinion polls. This rich data weaves a tapestry of the quality of life in South Africa for Africa watchers and the general public.

Apartheid, Poverty and Malnutrition

Juridical organization of the territorial divisions inherited from the conquests
never succeeded in ironing out the differences ... In these territories the land
tenure system enforced varied according to the region and the administrator
responsible .

Author :

Release : 1982

Publisher : Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN : 9789251012031

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Report of the Director General. Administration 2002-2006

rural. communities. Poverty and extreme poverty are major problems that still
persist in the rural areas of LAC. ... Examples of rural territories with a high
concentration of poverty may be found in all countries of the region. The south of
Mexico, ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher : IICA

ISBN : 9789290397403

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Experiences of Poverty in Late Medieval and Early Modern England and France

... Poor Catholic Girls Lisa Keane Elliott OnThursday 13November 1573, the
Dukeand Duchess ofNevers established a charitable foundation to provide
annual allotments of dowries for 60 poor girls within their territories of Nevers and

Author : Dr Anne M Scott

Release : 2012-11-01

Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN : 1409484068

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Exploring a range of poverty experiences-socioeconomic, moral and spiritual-this collection presents new research by a distinguished group of scholars working in the medieval and early modern periods. Collectively they explore both the assumptions and strategies of those in authority dealing with poverty and the ways in which the poor themselves tried to contribute to, exploit, avoid or challenge the systems for dealing with their situation. The studies demonstrate that poverty was by no means a simple phenomenon. It varied according to gender, age and geographical location; and the way it was depicted in speech, writing and visual images could as much affect how the poor experienced their poverty as how others saw and judged them. Using new sources-and adopting new approaches to known sources-the authors share insights into the management and the self-management of the poor, and search out aspects of the experience of poverty worthy of note, from which can be traced lasting influences on the continuing understanding and experience of poverty in pre-modern Europe.

The Safety-Net Health Care System

If the effects of race and gender on poverty risk are considered together, African
American women are 2.6 times more likely to be ... the geography of poverty that
is apparent in the spatial distribution of child poverty by U.S. states and territories.

Author : Gunnar Almgren, MSW, PhD

Release : 2011-12-21

Publisher : Springer Publishing Company

ISBN : 0826105726

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"This is the only book currently available that fully addresses all aspects of the safety net for healthcare." Score: 96, 4 Stars--Doody's Medical Reviews "[T]his complex treatment of a complex topic represents a valuable contribution to the health services literature."--INQUIRY "The Safety-Net Health Care System offers a road map to help safety-net providers overcome personal prejudices, understand why certain patients become ìdifficultî or fail to adhere to treatment, and deal with the stress of working in safety-net environments."--Health Affairs A unique and authoritative guide to the US safety-net health care system, this book addresses how various populations and their difficult health and socio-economic issues are dealt with and impacted by the system. Drs. Gunnar Almgren and Taryn Lindhorst, experts in the fields of social work and public health, provide critical, much-needed insight into the safety-net system and how the recession, unemployment, and reform have accelerated its growth. Ideal for graduate students and early professionals in the health professions, this textbook: Includes narratives from patients and caregivers that help readers understand and empathize with the poor, homeless, and other vulnerable populations affected by the safety-net system Discusses various health issues, including: violence, chronic diseases, mental illness, victimization, and substance abuse/addiction Examines overlaps in US public health, social work, nursing, and medical education Analyzes the differences between the populations that depend on safety-net system providers and more advantaged populations that have access to the mainstream health care system

Touring Poverty

In the megacities of the global South, selected and idealized aspects of poverty
which are associated with specifc territories are turned into a tourist commodity
with a monetary value agreed upon by promoters and consumers in the tourist ...

Author : Bianca Freire-Medeiros

Release : 2014-11-13

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136893520

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Touring Poverty addresses a highly controversial practice: the transformation of impoverished neighbourhoods into valued attractions for international tourists. In the megacities of the Global South, selected and idealized aspects of poverty are being turned into a tourist commodity for consumption. The book takes the reader on a journey through Rocinha, a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro which is advertised as "the largest favela in Latin America". Bianca Freire-Medeiros presents interviews with tour operators, guides, tourists and dwellers to explore the vital questions raised by this kind of tourism. How and why do diverse social actors and institutions orchestrate, perform and consume touristic poverty? In the context of globalization and neoliberalism, what are the politics of selling and buying the social experience of cities, cultures and peoples? With a full and sensitive exploration of the ethical debates surrounding the ‘sale of emotions’ elicited by the first-hand contemplation of poverty, Touring Poverty is an innovative book that provokes the reader to think about the role played by tourism – and our role as tourists – within a context of growing poverty. It will be of interest to students of sociology, anthropology, ethnography and methodology, urban studies, tourism studies, mobility studies, development studies, politics and international relations.

The Oxfam Poverty Report

In Mozambique , the South - Africanbacked rebel movement , Renamo , and
government forces , systematically laid mines to disrupt food production in
territories under their rival's control.2 ' Mines were a major hinderance to the
development ...

Author : Kevin Watkins

Release : 1995

Publisher : Oxfam

ISBN : 9780855983185

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Fifty years ago, the United Nations Charter proclaimed universal rights to shared prosperity, peace, and security. How far has that vision of world citizenship been realised? Despite advances in human welfare and technology, there is today a growing polarisation between rich and poor. One in four of the world's people live in absolute poverty, unable to meet their basic needs; armed conflict is affecting millions of people; and the global environment is under threat. Yet there is a failure of political will to address the silent emergency of poverty. The Oxfam Poverty Report draws on Oxfam's experience of working in over 70 countries, to examine the causes of poverty and conflict. It identifies the structural forces which deny people their basic rights, and gives a wide range of examples of the ways in which men and women are bringing about positive change at every level, from the household to the international arena. Oxfam believes that it is time to renew the UN vision of universal basic rights. The Report concludes by proposing policy and institutional reforms which would transform international institutions and trading relations, and calls for a new commitment to work together to eradicate poverty and bring sustainable peace and security for all the world's people.

Reducing Poverty Through Growth and Social Policy Reform in Russia

Although there are large differences in the incidence of poverty between the
extremes of rich and poor regions, most of ... members (subjects), including 21
national territorial entities (Republics), 55 administrative territorial entities (
Territories ...

Author :

Release : 2006

Publisher : World Bank Publications

ISBN : 0821363417

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Following the 1998 financial crisis, four out of every ten people slipped into poverty, not able to meet basic needs. Luckily, post-crisis economic rebound was impressive and broad-based ? albeit uneven ? across sectors and regions. This title explores the nature of poverty, both nationally and regionally, to identify the groups with a high poverty risk. It then examines growth-poverty linkages through the labor market, as well as the contribution of growth and inequality to the recent poverty reduction. It also considers the expected impact of WTO accession on overall growth and poverty. Finally, it focuses on the scope for improving social policy in ways that will have a direct impact on the poor.

Role of Microcredit in Poverty Alleviation

The Historic Areas of Oklahoma comprised the territory located within
reservations that had legally established ... Sea that belong to the United States
and its territories are considered to be ''coastal'' and ''territorial'' waters; the Great
Lakes are ...

Author : Imad A. Hamze

Release : 2008-03

Publisher : DIANE Publishing

ISBN : 1428988106

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Microfinance has become an increasingly popular option in many developing countries & is an effective tool for improving the living standards of the poor. Several local non-governmental org., international finance institutions, donor countries, banks & others have shown an interest in developing microenterprises through such loans. Here is detailed info. on the microfinance sector in Lebanon & may be of use to researchers, non-governmental & governmental org., donors, policy makers, & prospective borrowers. Includes a description of the microlending market & its major players in Lebanon, an analysis of the strengths & weaknesses of these players, & info. on the microenterprises that constitute the potential target of lending institutions.

The Poverty of Communism

Health of an Empire: Poverty and Social Progress in Eastern Europe, Mongolia,
Vietnam, and Cuba The problem of human ... The performance of Marxist-
Leninist states in alleviating and overcoming mass poverty in the territories under
their ...

Author : Nicholas Eberstadt

Release : 1988-01-01

Publisher : Transaction Publishers

ISBN : 9781412838474

File Size : 39.26 MB

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One third of the world's population today lives under governments that consider themselves to be Marxist-Leninist. In many of these places, severe poverty was endemic in the years before Communist authorities came to power. Communist governments claim to have a special understanding into and effectiveness in dealing with problems of poverty. Marxist-Leninist rulers have been in power for nearly thirty years in Cuba, nearly forty years in China, and over sixty-five years in the Soviet Union. How do the poor fare in such places today? Western intellectuals often assume there is an inevitable tradeoff between bread and freedom under communism. What populations lose in the way of civil and political rights, they gain in social guarantees that protect them against material hardship. In "The Poverty of Communism, "Nick Eberstadt challenges this assumption and shatters it. He shows that Communist governments in a wide variety of settings have been no more successful in attending to the material needs of the most vulnerable segments of the populations they govern than non-Communist governments against which they might most readily be compared. Indeed, measured by the health, literacy, and nutrition of their people, Communist governments may today be less effective in dealing with poverty than are non-Communist governments. "The Poverty of Communism "is a pathbreaking investigation. In a series of separate studies, Eberstadt analyzes the performance of Communist governments in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, and Cuba. This is the first scholarly effort to assess the record of Communist governments with respect to poverty in a detailed and comprehensive fashion. Well written, carefully argued, and reflecting a sweeping range of knowledge, "The Poverty of Communism "will be of interest to specialists in the countries investigated as well as those concerned with comparative economic and political development. Above all, it gives testimony to the plight of voiceless populations about which all too little has been written from an objective standpoint.

Working with Nature against Poverty

32/ 2004 delegates responsibility for managing marine territories to the relevant
provincial and district governments. ... District governments are responsible for
the marine territory extending 0–4 nautical miles out from the shoreline;
provincial ...

Author : Budy P Resosudarmo

Release : 2009

Publisher : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN : 9812309594

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With its low incomes, lagging social indicators and widespread poverty, eastern Indonesia epitomizes the problems of development in Indonesia. The challenge is to advance the economy. But this means more intensive use of natural resources, placing pressure on the region's unique ecosystems. This book explores the trade-offs and synergies between development, social concerns and the environment in Papua, Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara. It is written by leading scholars and experts on the region. They investigate the dilemmas of fishing in eastern Indonesia's seas, the strategies and challenges for mining and forestry, and the efforts to tackle biodiversity conservation and climate change. The book lays out the challenges for development, public administration and public health in Papua. It maps Maluku's road to recovery from conflict. And it examines ways to alleviate poverty in the desperately poor province of East Nusa Tenggara. The book provides an overview of the economy of each of these provinces, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in the challenges of development and environment in eastern Indonesia.