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Thatcher's Spy

Early one morning in March 1985, as he climbed the six steps of Margaret Thatcher’s prime-ministerial jet on the runway of RAF Aldergrove, little did Willie Carlin know the role Freddie Scappaticci played in saving his life.

Author : Willie Carlin

Release : 2019-09-29

Publisher : Merrion Press

ISBN : 1785372874

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Early one morning in March 1985, as he climbed the six steps of Margaret Thatcher’s prime-ministerial jet on the runway of RAF Aldergrove, little did Willie Carlin know the role Freddie Scappaticci played in saving his life. So began the dramatic extraction of Margaret Thatcher’s key undercover agent in Sinn Féin – Willie Carlin, aka Agent 3007. For 11 years the former British soldier worked alongside former IRA commander Martin McGuinness in the republican movement’s political wing in Derry. He was MI5’s man at McGuinness’ side and gave the British State unprecedented insight into the IRA leader’s strategic thinking. Carlin worked with McGuinness to develop Sinn Féin’s election strategy after the 1981 hunger strike, and the MI5 and later FRU agent’s reports on McGuinness, Adams and other republicans were read by the British Cabinet, including Margaret Thatcher herself. When Carlin’s cover was blown in mid-1985 thanks to one of his old MI5 handlers being jailed as a Soviet spy, Thatcher authorised the use of her jet to whisk him to safety. Incredibly, it was another British ‘super spy’ inside the IRA’s secretive counter-intelligence unit, the ‘nuttin’ squad’, who saved Carlin’s life. The Derry man is perhaps the only person alive thanks to the information provided by the ‘jewel in the crown’ of British military intelligence – Freddie Scappaticci, aka Stakeknife. In Thatcher’s Spy, the Cold War meets Northern Ireland’s Dirty War in the remarkable real-life story of a deep under-cover British intelligence agent, a man now doomed forever to look over his shoulder. . .

Margaret Thatcher

51 Middleton's covert role as Thatcher spy was itself a symptom of the
uneasiness between the Treasury and No. 10. None of the most senior Treasury
officials – Douglas Wass, Anthony Rawlinson, Bill Ryrie and Kenneth Couzens –
really ...

Author : Charles Moore

Release : 2013-04-25

Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN : 1846146496

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'One of the best political biographies I have ever read' Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times Not For Turning is the first volume of Charles Moore's authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century and one of the most influential political figures of the postwar era. Charles Moore's biography of Margaret Thatcher, published after her death on 8 April 2013, immediately supercedes all earlier books written about her. At the moment when she becomes a historical figure, this book also makes her into a three dimensional one for the first time. It gives unparalleled insight into her early life and formation, especially through her extensive correspondence with her sister, which Moore is the first author to draw on. It recreates brilliantly the atmosphere of British politics as she was making her way, and takes her up to what was arguably the zenith of her power, victory in the Falklands. (This volume ends with the Falklands Dinner in Downing Street in November 1982.) Moore is clearly an admirer of his subject, but he does not shy away from criticising her or identifying weaknesses and mistakes where he feels it is justified. Based on unrestricted access to all Lady Thatcher's papers, unpublished interviews with her and all her major colleagues, this is the indispensable, fully rounded portrait of a towering figure of our times.

Making a Modern Central Bank

... as well as Anthony Rawlinson, William (Bill) Ryrie and Kenneth Couzens were
firmly opposed to monetarism. Middleton seemed to be a lone 'Thatcher spy' in
the Treasury, as Margaret Thatcher's official biographer Charles Moore puts it; ...

Author : Harold James

Release : 2020-07-31

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108892337

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Making a Modern Central Bank examines a revolution in monetary and economic policy. This authoritative guide explores how the Bank of England shifted its traditional mechanisms to accommodate a newly internationalized financial and economic system. The Bank's transformation into a modern inflation-targeting independent central bank allowed it to focus on a precisely defined task of monetary management, ensuring price stability. The reframing of the task of central banks, however, left them increasingly vulnerable to financial crisis. James vividly outlines and discusses significant historical developments in UK monetary policy, and his knowledge of modern European history adds rich context to archival research on the Bank of England's internal documents. A worthy continuation of the previous official histories of the Bank of England, this book also reckons with contemporary issues, shedding light on the origins of growing backlash against globalization and the European Union.

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop

straightened out his suit and turned toward his office door that was located
directly behind him. “Don't move!” John Welch yelled as he crouched down in the
doorway aiming a silver-plated Colt .45 at Thatcher's chest. Two more men came
into ...

Author : Jason Moser

Release : 2005-12

Publisher :

ISBN : 1411661532

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The United States Air Force has contracted American Aerotechnics, a private jet builder with a lot of resources, with the extraordinary feat of building the fastest, most advanced spy plane in the world. With complete project success just around the corner, Jim (Agent Stroker) is tasked by the International Intelligence Agency to make the jet disappear; it is much too advanced and will surely upset the stability of the world no matter who is in control of the sophisticated piece of aeromechanical ingenuity.Through inside channels, the Libyans and Russians are aware of the jet and desperately want to gain control of it. Plans for selling the jet are made, sending Agent Stroker to certain death if he succeeds at his mission.Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop is an exciting new fiction spy novel that sets the stage for a new spy series with intriguing characters and a powerfully suspenseful plot that will keep you wanting more!

The Hugo Young Papers

... unions and something else about Lloyds. Mayhew was especially vexed at
ever being called a Thatcher spy – which Prior certainly thought he was when
they came in in.

Author : Hugo Young

Release : 2008-11-18

Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN : 0141903600

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Hugo Young was one of Britain’s leading journalists for over thirty years, first on the Sunday Times, where he was political editor and deputy editor, and then as the Guardian’s senior political commentator. On his death in 2003 he was called ‘the Pope of the liberal left’, but for the last decade or more of his life there was really no more admired and respected journalist in any position on the political spectrum. One of the secrets of Young’s success as a journalist was that he was exceptionally well informed. Politicians from every major party, senior civil servants, judges and public figures of all kinds talked to him off the record, discussions which then informed the judgements he made when he wrote. Most of his interlocutors were unaware that straight after their telephone conversation, meal or meeting with Young had finished, he meticulously wrote down exactly what had been said, together with his own immediate impressions of whoever he was talking to. By 2003, Young’s records from such conversations amounted to a million and a half words. From this extraordinary archive Ion Trewin, who knew Young since they were colleagues in the 1960s, has made a selection which presents a unique record of what many of the leading figures in British political and public life were thinking, frankly and without the distortions of hindsight, for more than three decades. The result is one of the most gripping and informative books about British politics published for many years. Young’s first interviewee, Douglas Hurd, later Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, and one of his regulars for the whole of the period of this book, judged him thus: ‘His success was partly achieved by creating a conversation between two people roughly equal in status and knowledge. His own preconception sometimes appeared, as is natural in a conversation between equals, but never in a way which interrupted the even flow of discourse. He did not distort what he heard.’ The Hugo Young Papers shows Young’s central place in the nexus between politics and journalism in Britain and provides a historical document of the first rank.

A Spy's London

security services had been headed by a spy. Hollis's defenders say that nobody
could have succeeded against Soviet espionage and counter-espionage, in
those ... I understand Mrs Thatcher's reason for saying so, but no, it isn't possible.

Author : Roy Berkeley

Release : 1994-11-14

Publisher : Pen and Sword

ISBN : 1473811600

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A historical tour of London landmarks for anyone fascinated by intrigue and espionage . . . Includes maps and photos. James Bond may be fictional—but London is indeed the espionage capital of the world. This book takes us through the city’s espionage history, with evocative photos and compelling stories and observations about 136 landmarks, conveniently organized into manageable walking tours for those living in or visiting the city. Go behind the façades of ordinary buildings to learn more about clandestine operations: from the modest hotel suite where an eager Red Army colonel poured out his secrets to a team of British and American intelligence officers, to the royal residence where one of the most slippery Soviet moles was at home for years, and the London home where an MP plotting to appease Hitler was arrested on his front steps in 1940.

The Unprofessional Spy

Happily that dreadful friend of May Thatcher's is away, so one is spared the
wringing ordeal of drawing her as a partner. Mrs. Carp's husband has failed his
driving test again, and she has a nasty boil somewhere out of sight. I don't think
the two ...

Author : Michael Underwood

Release : 2013-05-14

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1471907953

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Barrister Martin Ainsworth is sent to West Berlin by British Intelligence to make contact with his former lover, a suspected Communist agent, and it's up to him to find out the truth and to spot her contacts. As he travels through a divided Berlin, his dual role becomes emotionally tortuous, his lack of training an unforeseen hazard, and he turns more reckless than his peers had ever bargained for ... 'A more or less conventional spy story is suddenly turned inside out by a most ingenious twist' Guardian

The British General Election of 1983

MAY 15 Survey of Tory candidates Tories promise tax cuts Tories promise union
curbs Extremists hurl abuse at Thatcher Spy girl stood as Tory ( Interview with
palace ) ( Husband ' s death - bed confession ) ( ' Kill my wife ' says Dirty Dentist )

Author : David Butler

Release : 1999

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780333778760

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In Spies We Trust

At first, this looked like a flash in the pan. Margaret Thatcher's Tory government (
1979–90) was less keen on reform. Anticipating the informational reticence of her
friend President Reagan, Thatcher blocked the appearance of further volumes ...

Author : Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

Release : 2013-06-13

Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN : 0191651710

File Size : 50.14 MB

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In Spies We Trust reveals the full story of the Anglo-American intelligence relationship - ranging from the deceits of World War I to the mendacities of 9/11 - for the first time. Why did we ever start trusting spies? It all started a hundred years ago. First we put our faith in them to help win wars, then we turned against the bloodshed and expense, and asked our spies instead to deliver peace and security. By the end of World War II, Britain and America were cooperating effectively to that end. At its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, the 'special intelligence relationship' contributed to national and international security in what was an Anglo-American century. But from the 1960s this 'special relationship' went into decline. Britain weakened, American attitudes changed, and the fall of the Soviet Union dissolved the fear that bound London and Washington together. A series of intelligence scandals along the way further eroded public confidence. Yet even in these years, the US offered its old intelligence partner a vital gift: congressional attempts to oversee the CIA in the 1970s encouraged subsequent moves towards more open government in Britain and beyond. So which way do we look now? And what are the alternatives to the British-American intelligence relationship that held sway in the West for so much of the twentieth century? Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones shows that there are a number - the most promising of which, astonishingly, remain largely unknown to the Anglophone world.

The Savage Mirror

... Michael Grossman MICHAEL WITTE Dan Quayle Regardie ' s , 1988 Art
Director : John Korpics BARRY BLITT Margaret Thatcher Spy , 1991 Art Director :

Author : Steven Heller

Release : 1992

Publisher : Watson-Guptill Publications


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Gathers caricatures of rock stars, actors, actresses, artists, writers, politicians, and television personalities

Word Spy

At first blush these virtual prospectors—the “entreprenerals,” as they are
occasionally described—seem a very different species to the generation of sharp
-suited opportunists who rode the dizzy boom of the Thatcher years. (The
Guardian ...

Author : Paul McFedries

Release : 2004-02-17

Publisher : Broadway Books

ISBN : 076791807X

File Size : 45.14 MB

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Language wears many hats, but its most important job is to help us name or describe what's in the world. Words define us, our actions, even our existence. And just when you think that you have all the words you need, you discover new ones, hear new uses for old ones or see them mutate right before your eyes—a neologism is born. Those neologisms are actually one of the best ways of keeping tabs on the way our world and culture are changing. One of the people who's been keeping tabs is Paul McFedries, the president of Logophilia Limited (logophilia is Greek for "the love of words"). His scorecard is Word Spy, a daily newsletter that has been reporting from the neological frontier since 1998 and that has more than 100,000 visitors a month and more than 12 million page views. In Word Spy, McFedries demonstrates how new words both reflect and illuminate not only the subcultures that coin them but also the larger culture in which these groups exist. Neologisms give us insight into the way things are even as they act as linguistic harbingers of what's to come. Each chapter of Word Spy is a cultural snapshot, a slice of the zeitgeist that focuses on a specific idea or sociological phenomenon, with an emphasis on the words and phrases that it has generated. These snapshots cover various aspects of modern life, including relationships, business, technology, war, aging, multiculturalism, and even fast food, all the while introducing us to hybrid words: If your kids can't seem to get away from their computers, they may be addicted to "fritterware" (time-wasting game software). If you're a new mother with a passion for petitioning, you may be a "lactivist" (breast-feeding activist). And if you keep finding yourself staying way later at the office than you ever imagined, you may be suffering from "presenteeism." Word Spy is an exciting and informative travelogue through the evolving landscape of our language and, consequently, the cultures and subcultures that continually mold and shape not just the language but all of us who speak it.

New Statesman Society

The idea of a Scottish parliament, which the Tories supported under Heath and
briefly under Thatcher, was dismissed. ... education lecturer had been called "Mrs
Thatcher's spokesperson"; a doctor, "Mrs Thatcher's spy for the NHS reforms".

Author :

Release : 1993-05

Publisher :


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A Spy's Revenge

His statement to the court in Sydney had more than four pages on ' the Thatcher
statements . . . half of which were censored . She ' d gone over to the
Establishment : evidence such as the microphones which didn ' t produce any
results in the ...

Author : Richard V. Hall

Release : 1987-04

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780140523898

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Editorials on File

Country does a certain amount of spying B then expels some of Country A's
through embassies and , especialpeople , and that ends it . ly ... Prime Minister
Thatcher also used the expulsions as a proper protest against Soviet spy activity .

Author :

Release : 1985-07

Publisher :


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Current News

... BAGHDAD Iraq yesterday hanged a London - based journalist it accused of
spying , igniting a storm of protest from European governments . Britain recalled
its ambassador from Iraq and halted ministerial visits . “ Thatcher wanted him
alive .

Author :

Release : 1990

Publisher :


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Betrayals, Blunders and Cover-Ups: Six Decades of Espionage Chapman
Pincher ... he claimed to be 99 per cent certain that Hollis had been a spy and
accused Mrs Thatcher of having given false information to Parliament about the

Author : Chapman Pincher

Release : 2011-05-05

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1845968115

File Size : 58.49 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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In Treachery, noted intelligence authority Chapman Pincher makes a compelling case that Roger Hollis, head of MI5 from 1956 to 1965, was himself a double agent, acting to undermine and imperil the UK and America. Myriad intriguing case histories are portrayed, including that of Lt Igor Gouzenko, a Red Army cipher clerk whose 1945 disclosure of a mole in MI5 touched off the Cold War. With a mass of new evidence, some from Russian sources, Pincher also provides exciting new perspectives on other infamous operatives, including Kim Philby and Klaus Fuchs. Perhaps most explosively, Pincher posits that long after Hollis stepped down, a cover-up was perpetrated at the highest levels, even involving Margaret Thatcher, to conceal the truth for ever – a deception that continues today. Treachery warns us to protect our society and institutions from enemy infiltration in the future. It is a revelatory work that puts twentieth-century politics and war into stunning new relief.

News Dictionary, 1979

Author :

Release : 1980-06

Publisher : Facts on File

ISBN : 9780871961099

File Size : 89.60 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Peasant Prince

... for Polish Culture South Carolina Historical Magazine Rivington's Royal
Gazette Thatcher's Military Journal Washington Spy Tygodnik Ilustrowany [
Illustrated Weekly], 1881 Weteran Poznan ́ski [Poznan ́ Veteran], 1825 Johnson,

Author : Alex Storozynski

Release : 2009-04-28

Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN : 9781429966078

File Size : 28.55 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a Polish-Lithuanian born in 1746, was one of the most important figures of the modern world. Fleeing his homeland after a death sentence was placed on his head (when he dared court a woman above his station), he came to America one month after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, literally showing up on Benjamin Franklin's doorstep in Philadelphia with little more than a revolutionary spirit and a genius for engineering. Entering the fray as a volunteer in the war effort, he quickly proved his capabilities and became the most talented engineer of the Continental Army. Kosciuszko went on to construct the fortifications for Philadelphia, devise battle plans that were integral to the American victory at the pivotal Battle of Saratoga, and designed the plans for Fortress West Point—the same plans that were stolen by Benedict Arnold. Then, seeking new challenges, Kosciuszko asked for a transfer to the Southern Army, where he oversaw a ring of African-American spies. A lifelong champion of the common man and woman, he was ahead of his time in advocating tolerance and standing up for the rights of slaves, Native Americans, women, serfs, and Jews. Following the end of the war, Kosciuszko returned to Poland and was a leading figure in that nation's Constitutional movement. He became Commander in Chief of the Polish Army and valiantly led a defense against a Russian invasion, and in 1794 he led what was dubbed the Kosciuszko Uprising—a revolt of Polish-Lithuanian forces against the Russian occupiers. Captured during the revolt, he was ultimately pardoned by Russia's Paul I and lived the remainder of his life as an international celebrity and a vocal proponent for human rights. Thomas Jefferson, with whom Kosciuszko had an ongoing correspondence on the immorality of slaveholding, called him "as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known." A lifelong bachelor with a knack for getting involved in doomed relationships, Kosciuszko navigated the tricky worlds of royal intrigue and romance while staying true to his ultimate passion—the pursuit of freedom for all. This definitive and exhaustively researched biography fills a long-standing gap in historical literature with its account of a dashing and inspiring revolutionary figure.

Canada's Enemies

In Spy Catcher, the book that Margaret Thatcher tried to ban, Peter Wright states
that in 1955, after the Soviet embassy in Ottawa burned down, RCMP agents
assisted by MI5 personnel from the United Kingdom bugged the new building
while ...

Author : Graeme Mount

Release : 1993-01-11

Publisher : Dundurn

ISBN : 1554881188

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In 1898, Spanish spies based in Montreal, Halifax, and Victoria monitored the United States war effort against their homeland, while U.S. counter-intelligence officials watched the Spaniards. Neither the Americans nor the Spaniards sought Canadian permission for these activities. Britain’s enemies (and often America’s enemies) have also been Canada’s enemies. Without the heroic counter-intelligence of the mysterious Agent X, Irish Americans at the turn of the century might have blasted British Columbia’s legislature and the Esquimalt naval base the way they blasted the Welland Canal. During World War I, counter-intelligence failed to stop German agents who bombed the Windsor-Walkerville area as well as the CPR bridge on the Maine-New Brunswick border. Meanwhile, Canadian security officials ran around in a state of frantic frustration because of German "conspiracies" along the Ontario-New York State border imagined by Sir Courtney bennett, British consul-general in New york City. After the war, American moles in a Latvian post office monitored mail between Canadian Communists and Moscow. In the thirties, a Finnish-Canadian clergyman spied on Sudbury’s Red Finns for the United States consultate inNorth Bay, and Hitler’s consuls maintained surveillance of Canadian politicians and German dissidents in Canada. During World War II, Canadian authorities intercepted the mail of envoys from Vichy-France, suspected of spying for Germany, and from Franco’s Spain, suspected of spying for Japan. In the 1960s, the CIA not only observed Cubans in Canada, but also watched the situation in Quebec and used a Canadian diplomat to collect information on North Vietnam. Some of this history has merged from previously ignored and newly declassified documents from European, American, and Canadian archives. These newly revealed details show that Canada is an interesting place, both for what Canadians do elsewhere and for what foreigners do in Canada. Also, once readers have seen the kinds of activities in which friends engage, they may be less surprised at what enemies have done.

Baghdad's Spy

Baghdad's Spy is the story of Britain's Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) - often referred to as MI6 - as told from the unique perspective of a senior SIS spy's daughter.

Author : Corinne Souza

Release : 2003

Publisher : Mainstream Publishing Company

ISBN : 9781840187038

File Size : 22.86 MB

Format : PDF

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Baghdad's Spy is the story of Britain's Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) - often referred to as MI6 - as told from the unique perspective of a senior SIS spy's daughter. Souza breaks the last taboo of British esponiage - namely, the impact that Crown Service can have on a spy's family - and describes the thrill and spills of espionage as a way of life.Beginning with the murder of the 'Boy King' of Iraq in 1958, the year her father was recruited, and following through to her personal experience of an SIS fiasco prior to the Gulf War after her father's death, Souza depicts how the SIS attempted to silence her father for a number of years. Recalling the extravagant arrangements the Crown made for her father upon returning to London from Iraq, Souza tells in chilling detail how things turned sour as he struggled to balance loyalty to the Crown with the increasingly amoral demands of what had become a renegade service. The murky world of lobbying in Thatcher's Britain is re-visited as Souza explains how she became a lobbyist and was expected to inherit her father's career by spying on Labour MPs (an inheritance she rejected). We learn of the Labour MP who came to her aid, the former senior Conservative Secretary of State who assisted her, and of the journal editor who enabled her to tell her story. The SIS no longer has senior spies capable of penetrating key diaspora and Souza argues that, as a result, it was unable to assist the CIA in preventing the horror of 9/11. Explosive and touching in equal parts, Baghdad's Spy is an autobiography with a difference that should not, and will not, be missed.