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The Adolescent Society

Author : James S. Coleman

Release : 1981-06

Publisher : Praeger Pub Text

ISBN : 9780313229343

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The Adolescent Society

Author : James Samuel Coleman

Release : 1971

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780029064108

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Psychosocial Worlds of the Adolescent

No matter what the basis of the motivation , this protest activity established group
action as normative for adolescents . It is in this milieu that John Coleman's
notion of “ adolescent society ” finds its historical underpinnings . Coleman
introduced ...

Author : Vivian Center Seltzer

Release : 1989-10-02

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 9780471632580

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This text examines the cognitive, emotional, and biological changes going on within the adolescent as he or she interacts with peers on the road to adulthood. The peer relationship is shown to be the most influential force in this period of development. The author presents a new theory--based on empirical data from research with 2,500 adolescents--that makes it possible to identify stages of adolescent development and reinterpret the importance of the peer group in the development of self-concept. She also discusses practical therapeutic approaches.

Adolescent Behavior and Society

The 5th edition of Adolescent Behavior and Society has been carefully edited to include many new selections that represent some of the currently most discussed topics in Adolescent Development.

Author : Rolf Eduard Helmut Muuss

Release : 1998

Publisher : McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages


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Adolescent Behavior and Society: A Book of Readings, 5th edition by Rolf E. Muuss and Harriet D. Porton offers a collection of articles written by some of the most respected scholars in the field of adolescent development and psychology. A selection of both classical and contemporary articles, this anthology enhances students understanding of the needs and problems of adolescence. A variety of theories, perspectives and topics are included and enable this anthology to be used effectively in a variety of instructional settings. The 5th edition of Adolescent Behavior and Society has been carefully edited to include many new selections that represent some of the currently most discussed topics in Adolescent Development. Authors from a variety of academic backgrounds and theoretical perspectives provide interesting and sometimes opposing views of both conceptual and applied issues.

James S. Coleman

The Adolescent Society (1961) portrayed American high schools as places
where peer subcultures and reward systems were almost orthogonal to the value
and reward systems that educators used to motivate students. He pointed out that

Author : Dr Jon Clark

Release : 2005-08-10

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135717370

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James S. Coleman was one of a distinguished generation of sociology students who passed through the Columbia Sociology Department in the 1940s and `50s. This book critically debates his work and his contribution to society and the social sciences more generally. It consists of 18 major papers by 20 authors from six countries on a range of themes. The volume is framed by an extended editorial introduction reflecting on the five- year exchange of correspondence between James Coleman and the editor, together with two of Coleman's own works.

The Discovery of Grounded Theory

For examples see james Coleman, “Research Chronicle: The Adolescent Society
,” and Seymour Martin Lipset, “The Biography of a Research Project: Union
Democracy,” in Philip Hammond (Ed.), Sociologists at Worle (New York: Basic
Books, ...

Author : Barney G. Glaser

Release : 2009-08-30

Publisher : Transaction Publishers

ISBN : 0202363376

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Most writing on sociological method has been concerned with how accurate facts can be obtained and how theory can thereby be more rigorously tested. In The Discovery of Grounded Theory, Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss address the equally Important enterprise of how the discovery of theory from data—systematically obtained and analyzed in social research—can be furthered. The discovery of theory from data—grounded theory—is a major task confronting sociology, for such a theory fits empirical situations, and is understandable to sociologists and laymen alike. Most important, it provides relevant predictions, explanations, interpretations, and applications. In Part I of the book, "Generation Theory by Comparative Analysis," the authors present a strategy whereby sociologists can facilitate the discovery of grounded theory, both substantive and formal. This strategy involves the systematic choice and study of several comparison groups. In Part II, The Flexible Use of Data," the generation of theory from qualitative, especially documentary, and quantitative data Is considered. In Part III, "Implications of Grounded Theory," Glaser and Strauss examine the credibility of grounded theory. The Discovery of Grounded Theory is directed toward improving social scientists' capacity for generating theory that will be relevant to their research. While aimed primarily at sociologists, it will be useful to anyone Interested In studying social phenomena—political, educational, economic, industrial— especially If their studies are based on qualitative data.

The Adolescent Experience

Reacting to the bell curve. Education Week, pp. 29–32. Coleman, J. C. (1978).
Current contradictions in adolescent theory. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 7
, 1–11. Coleman, J. S. (1961). The adolescent society. New York: Free Press.

Author : Thomas P. Gullotta

Release : 1999-10-25

Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN : 9780080542362

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The Adolescent Experience places the college student at the very heart of the book. The authors engage in a dialogue with the reader that is warm, caring, and often humorous as they write and share material about this time of life. The authors emphasize the role that development and society play in the lives of young people. The book has a solid research basis with a historical and multicultural focus. But most important, the book is practical and applied with the strongest prevention/health promotion material available in any basic undergraduate adolescent psychology text currently on the market. Key Features * Focuses on health promotion and illness prevention * Provides not only a U.S. but also a much needed Canadian perspective to this life stage * Involves students as participants in a long-standing inquiry into the nature of adolescence as they are introduced to the latest research in the field * Provides students with the latest practical information in subject areas like sexuality, drugs and alcohol, suicide and depression, eating disorders, crime, delinquency, and violent behavior * List server links student and/or instructor to authors * Explores the uniqueness of North America's multi-culturalism * Illustrates important concepts using literature and social history to make them tangible to students

Studies in American Society

Author : Derek L. Phillips

Release : 1965

Publisher :


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Education and Sociology

What do adolescents learn in the planned curriculum and in the whole of their
school experiences? Any attempt to ... This topic of youth and schools came of
age with the publication of Coleman's The Adolescent Society (1961). Coleman ...

Author : David Levinson

Release : 2014-01-21

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113557085X

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First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Adolescent Peer Pressure

THE ADOLESCENT SOCIETY by Barbara Varenhorst I am growing world . I am
reaching and touching and stretching and testing And finding new things , new
wonderful Things . New frightening things . I'm just growing , world , just now .

Author :

Release : 1984

Publisher :


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The Adolescent

A careful sociological analysis of adolescents as an identifiable segment of the
population ought to make a distinction between adolescent society and
adolescent culture . Adolescent society refers to the structural arrangements of
subgroups ...

Author : F. Philip Rice

Release : 1981

Publisher : Boston : Allyn and Bacon


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Adolescent Hero in the Works of Katherine Anne Porter and J.D. Salinger

The adolescent sense of self, with its multiple possibilities, its uncertainties and
its self-consciousness has been ... of the adolescent in the fifties, of August
Hollingshead's Elmtown's Youth, Games Coleman's Adolescent Society, Albert K.

Author : Rashmi Gupta

Release : 2003

Publisher : Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN : 9788126903177

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Growing Up For Some Adolescents Is A Source Of Anxiety. They Dread Relinquishing Childhood Dependency And Assuming Responsibility. Sometimes They Feel Completely Overwhelmed By These Problems. In These Cases, Previous Blighting Experiences Make Them Hostile Or Excessively Submissive. From The Birth An Individual Is Influenced By The Social Environment And He Influences It. The Law Of Conditioning Plays A Significant Role In Fashioning Human Personality. The Influences Of Home, The Freedoms And Constraints Of Society And Processes Of Conflict, Co-Operation, Accommodation And Isolation Have Distinct Contribution In The Process Of Conditioning. The Social Forces, Social Problems And Social Situations Hamper Or Help An Individual Towards The Realization Of His Aspirations. Many Of The Problems Arise From Gender Discrimination And Social Set-Up Or Structure. It Is Against This Backdrop The Author Has Tried To Assess The Adolescent Behaviour In The Works Of Katherine Anne Porter And J.D. Salinger. Katherine Anne Porter S Later Stories And J.D. Salinger S The Catcher In The Rye Most Appropriately Suggest The Modern Predicament Of Alienation. Feeling Isolated The Hero Distrusts Truth, Justice And Love And Negates Everything Conforming To A Value-Oriented Society. Salinger S Main Concern Is With The Dehumanizing Effects Of Urbanization And Technological Developments On The Psyche Of An Individual. The Writer Feels That An Incessant Striving For Wealth, Luxuries And Comforts Of Technological Civilization Lead The Individual To Spiritual Vacuity. The Individual In Ms. Porter S Works Desires To Understand The Past And Compares It To The Failures Of Modern Man In A Mechanized, Chaotic World. Ms. Porter Longs For The Pastoral World Of The Past But Mocks Its Inadequacy To Meet The Contemporary Challenges. This Paradox Of Illusion Is Essential To Her Art And Philosophy Of Life.The Book Would Be Highly Useful Not Only For Students And Researchers Of English Literature But Also For Students And Researchers Of Psychology And Psycho-Therapists.

Youth and Leisure in an Urban Sprawl

The fact that adolescents are treated as a separate section of society and are
conscious of themselves as a separate section of society has led to the growth of
what has been described variously as a teenage culture , a youth sub - culture , a

Author : Isabel Emmett

Release : 1971

Publisher : Manchester University Press

ISBN : 9780719004315

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The American Adolescent

Author : David Gottlieb

Release : 1964

Publisher :


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Behavior Genetic Approaches in Behavioral Medicine

teenagers are isolated from adult society for a major part of their waking hours.
Some historians attribute the development of the concept of adolescence itself to
sequestering young people from adults and allowing them to form, in a sense, ...

Author : J. Rick Turner

Release : 2013-11-21

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1475793774

File Size : 55.63 MB

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Leading researchers examine how behavior genetics provides crucial insights into genetic and environmental influences in the development of biobehavioral disorders. These influences are illustrated by using the examples of cardiovascular disease, obesity and eating disorders, alcohol use and abuse, and smoking behavior. Contributors discuss the relevance of molecular genetic approaches and twin and family designs to the complex field of behavior medicine research.

Needs of Adolescent Youth

Author : Indiana Public School Study Council

Release : 1963

Publisher :


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Psychotherapy with Adolescent Girls

In adolescence, the ego needs to adjust to a biologically different self.
Identification with parents, a source of support to children, is not similarly
supportive to adolescents. To be like the ... Society does not offer the adolescent
much support.

Author : D. Lamb

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1468451162

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When I was getting my medical and psychiatric training in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the model of normal and deviant adolescent development was the white male. This was not surprising, since for every clinical or psychological study of adolescent girls done during the past 2 decades, there were seven studies on adolescent males. This tremendous discrepancy in actual clinical and research data between male and female adolescents led to the following myths: (1) Female adolescents are different only biologically from their male peers; they have similar psychosocial problems; (2) Adolescent girls have not been studied because their problems are not worth studying; (3) Studying adolescent girls might be dangerous to either the patient or therapist, or to both. In relation to the third myth, male psychotherapists were told that they should not treat female adolescent patients because erotic inter play could develop, which would be harmful to the patient and per haps impossible to resolve. Many clinics in the United States had a rule that young adolescent girls could not be treated by male therapists. It was thus difficult for girls to obtain treatment-for most therapists were males. It also intensified the feelings among parents, teachers, v vi Foreword community leaders, and the girls themselves that perhaps female adolescents were not worth treating.

Me, MySpace, and I

New York: Worth. Fifth Edition. (2) Coleman, J. S. (1962). The adolescent society.
Glencoe, IL: Free Press. (3) Brown, B. B., & Huang, B. (1995). Examining
parenting practices in different peer contexts: Implications for adolescent

Author : Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.

Release : 2007-12-26

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN : 9780230608573

File Size : 46.94 MB

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Young people spend hours online each day, and their abilities to multitask and communicate are often misunderstood by older generations. Dr. Larry Rosen offers a full overview of the various issues young people may experience in their online worlds (cyberbullying, addiction, sexuality, virtual friendships, and more) while at the same time challenging commonly held beliefs that these communities are damaging. Instead of using scare tactics, Me, MySpace, and I shows parents how to be proactive and anticipate potential problems. With his extensive background in both child development and the impact of technology, Dr. Rosen uses down-to-earth explanations of sound psychological theory, incorporates groundbreaking research, and shows parents and educators how social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can improve adolescent socialization skills.

Jocks and Burnouts

relation between adolescent social categories ... Parsons (1942), Coleman (1961
), and Douvan and Adelson (1966) as presenting a classless adolescent society.

Author : Penelope Eckert

Release : 1989-01-01

Publisher : Teachers College Press

ISBN : 9780807770047

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This ethnographic study of adolescent social structure in a Michigan high school shows how the school's institutional environment fosters the formation of opposed class cultures in the student population, which in turn serve as a social tracking system.