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The Beckoning

Beckoning. Encouraging to fellow believers and a revelation to skeptics, Michael
Minot's recounting of how he was wooed from atheism to faith is a fascinating
read, unique in its approach and thorough in its layout of his case. —Jerry B.

Author : Michael Minot

Release : 2014-10-07

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

ISBN : 1630471240

File Size : 58.99 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Michael felt he was living the American dream. For a number of years he'd been reaping the professional and financial rewards of being a commercial litigation attorney. To him, life was great and getting better all the time. He first gained notoriety around his hometown as a nationally ranked tennis player. But now, years later, he was becoming known for his skills as a lawyer and as the youngest elected official in the area. And then, in his late 20s, Michael unexpectedly discovered something that turned his world and his entire idea of life upside down. In response to a challenge from a friend, Michael agreed to investigate issues relating to science, philosophy, and the Scriptures. Comfortable with his life as an atheist, he began reading with an indifferent attitude. But what started as a casual inquiry soon turned into a time of intense research. What follows is the story of Michael's journey, his thoughts and reactions to the evidence he discovered, and the new life that soon followed. “I'm often asked to describe what happened during the months I spent researching these issues. They want to know what facts were so persuasive that an atheist attorney would become a believer in God. But I never felt I could respond in a way that told the true story. No short answer seemed sufficient. So now, in the following pages, I'll describe for the first time the specifics of what jolted me out of my atheism.” -- Michael Minot

The Beckoning

Author : Donald Webster

Release : 2004-12

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595338453

File Size : 34.83 MB

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At the end of America's age of innocence, just six weeks before the murder of President John F. Kennedy, 17-year old Lee Moffit is told by his father to leave their Stillwater, Oklahoma, farm and never return. With $40 and a German Luger pistol in his pocket, Lee roars across Route 66 on his motorcycle toward California with dreams of becoming a movie stuntman. Following one misadventure after the next, Lee arrives in Venice Beach and is befriended by Iris Pond, a hippie with literary ambitions and a troubled past. Lee's hope to capture the California dream turns to despair and leads him to a life-defining moment.

Tarzan: The Beckoning

This volume collects issues #1 – 7 of the Malibu Comics series Tarzan: The
Beckoning. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Names: Yeates,
Thomas, author, illustrator. Kure, Henning, author Title: Tarzan : the beckoning /
story ...

Author : Various

Release : 2016-10-11

Publisher : Dark Horse Comics

ISBN : 1630086401

File Size : 56.1 MB

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The ageless Tarzan and his beautiful wife Jane have been living in America, fighting the illegal ivory trade to stop the slaughter of elephants . . . but they’re soon drawn back to Africa, entangled in a dangerous web that threatens their long lives! Thomas Yeates’s saga collected in its entirety for the first time. * An epic, modern-day story featuring the original superstar hero of the last century!

The Beckoning House

HOUSE Paula George The Beckoning House Copyright ©. Front Cover.

Author : Paula George

Release : 2015

Publisher :

ISBN : 1326206370

File Size : 26.85 MB

Format : PDF

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The Beckoning Lady

K. Rowling “Margery Allingham has precious few peers and no superiors.” —The Sunday Times “Allingham has that rare gift in a novelist, the creation of characters so rich and so real that they stay with the reader forever.” —Sara ...

Author : Margery Allingham

Release : 2015-10-01

Publisher : Ipso Books

ISBN : 1504048725

File Size : 75.94 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Murder darkens the bright days of summer in an idyllic Suffolk village, in an Albert Campion mystery that is simply “unforgettable” (A.S. Byatt). Private detective Albert Campion’s glorious summer in Pontisbright is blighted by death. Amidst the preparations for Minnie and Tonker Cassand’s fabulous summer party, a murder is discovered—and it falls to Campion to unravel the intricate web of motives, suspicion and deception. Danger is hardly unknown in this idyllic rural village, but it is a less romantic peril than Campion faced on his first visit, more than twenty years ago . . . “My very favourite of the four Queens of Crime is Allingham.” —J. K. Rowling “Margery Allingham has precious few peers and no superiors.” —The Sunday Times “Allingham has that rare gift in a novelist, the creation of characters so rich and so real that they stay with the reader forever.” —Sara Paretsky

The Beckoning Sea

Stories from My Life at Sea and Elsewhere Bernhard Abrahamsson. BooK ONE
THE BECKONING SEA Introduction Much has happened to ships and the people

Author : Bernhard Abrahamsson

Release : 2008-10

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1440102651

File Size : 85.40 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Looking back, author Bernhard J. Abrahamsson cannot say exactly why, at age fourteen, he chose a seafaring life. Perhaps, the choice was less the result of deliberate design and pursuit than of circumstances that led him in that direction. In The Beckoning Sea, Abrahamsson, a native of Sweden, shares the short stories and vignettes from a youth spent dreaming of seeing the world. This memoir narrates his experiences when he joined the Swedish Merchant Marine and sailed all over the world on Swedish and Israeli merchant ships through the 1950s. He passed the sea captain's exam in 1953 and was licensed as a captain in 1958, reaching the rank of commander in the Swedish Naval Reserve before becoming a US citizen. Funny and sad events mesh to form a picture of seafaring as it once was--of a lifestyle that no longer exists. The Beckoning Sea offers stories of friendship, loss and madness at sea, the forces of nature, and life in the rough ports of the Baltic coal trade immediately after World War II. A tale of a boy's journey to adulthood, The Beckoning Sea also contains a collection of memories and often comical stories from Abrahamsson's own second chapter--his life after leaving the sea and planting his feet on firm ground.

The Beckoning Dream

Author : Paula Marshall

Release : 2014-04-15

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1460361318

File Size : 27.58 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Pretend marriage…real danger! The only way actress Catherine Wood could ensure her brother's release from jail was to accompany "Tom Trenchard" to Holland on a spying mission, while pretending to be his wife! With his roguish charm Tom made no bones about wanting Catherine in his bed—after all, she was an actress. But Catherine was determined to hold him at bay no matter how appealing he was. As they traveled into danger and depended upon one another, their attraction turned to love, and then misunderstanding. Would an eleventh-hour race against death finally make this "pretend" couple reveal the truth about their love?

Meadow Woods the Beckoning

CHAPTER XVII THE LAST BECKONING My last visit to Meadow Woods was
when I was twenty-six, it was Thanksgiving. Most of my life has been filled with
heartbreak and insecurities. Losing my Father at a tender age and having a cruel

Author : Marcelle Harwell

Release : 2010

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1452022038

File Size : 69.40 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Marcelle, a young impressionable South Mississippi girl, after a tragic, devastating plane crash, ending in the death of her father, whom she adored. Her life changed forever, she wanted to escape to another world, into the past lives of her ancestors, her great, great Grandmother Augusta, portraying the bride of John, her great, great grandfather. At their ancestral home, "Meadow Woods", after seeing John's handsome portrait, she feels that she already knows him and is indeed in love with him in another time, long ago. Beginning with John and Augusta's early years, meeting for the first time and falling in love. A romance of eternal love that transcends time. They lived in a world of Southern Aristocracy, plantation owners and prominent political figures in Mississippi and Alabama. Their romantic year long honeymoon in Europe, which was captured in Augusta's dairies. From meeting Napoleon III to seeing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. With adventures from Constantinople to Egypt. Sites consisting of the Ruins of Pompeii to climbing and exploring the Great Pyramids. Then as life is lived on a 7,000 acre plantation, Augusta's life suffers a tragic twist. Stories of American Revolution ancestors of great importance, with family member's being heroines and heros. Post Civil War, portrayal of personalities of a God fearing and loving family, surviving the devastation of the South that they loved. With the survival of a Mississippi plantation after the war, followed by a new generation of the Rice Family, raising thoroughbred horses and starting a dairy. As Augusta relishes in her final years in Europe and then back to the plantation, with children and grandchildren grown. Marcelle must find her way back to the plantation, Marcelle must again see the man that she loved so dearly, what would this homecoming reveal?

The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories

My title-piece, "The Beckoning Hand," is practically new, having only been
published before as the Christmas supplement of a provincial newspaper. My
thanks are due to Messrs. Smith and Elder, Longmans, Macmillan, and Chatto
and ...

Author : Grant Allen

Release : 1892

Publisher : Library of Alexandria

ISBN : 1465519637

File Size : 85.74 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The Beckoning Fair One

Author : Oliver Onions

Release : 2004-08-01

Publisher : Courier Corporation

ISBN : 9780486436470

File Size : 66.88 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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"Miles ahead of the average ghost-story" — Sunday Times. A novelist retreats to an abandoned house in the heart of London, where he becomes enthralled by an 18th-century spirit — and where his contact with the outside world gradually diminishes. Acclaimed by such masters as Lovecraft as one of the best ghost stories in the English language.

The Beckoning Light and Home to the Light

... transitioned to Heaven. They return to awaken us from the illusion we live in, to
the reality of Heaven, with its joy and peace, its light and holiness. Jesus
answered them, Is it not written in your law, —325— The Beckoning Light and
Home to ...

Author : Ellen Wallace Douglas

Release : 2012-09-14

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 146695731X

File Size : 89.84 MB

Format : PDF

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The Beckoning Light and Home to the Light are combined in one book to indicate to the reader the scope of messages brought to us by Archangel Gabriel from 1987 to 1999. He and eleven Master Teachers came to Earth to awaken us to what we already know, as children of God. The one message: wake up and live from the Lord God of Your Being. May the reader glean from the pages all that s/he needs to know to awaken and return home to God.

Web of Mystery, Number 1, The Curse of the Beckoning Mummy

Author : Yojimbo Press LLC

Release : 1951-02-01

Publisher : Yojimbo Press LLC


File Size : 42.12 MB

Format : PDF

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In this shocking, eerie and terrifying issue of Web of Mystery you'll find the following tales to keep you up at night... On an expedition to Egypt will an archaeologist and his beautiful wife heed dusty warnings in "The Case of the Beckoning Mummy". An unlucky plane crash in Honduras strands its pilots and crew in the heart of a blood sucking jungle in "Venom of the Vampires". Find out the hunchback bell maker's secret to making beautiful music in "The Tormenting Voice of the Bell". A newlywed couple on an exotic caribbean cruise meets some distant foes and relatives in "Ghost Ship of the Caribbean" plus vintage advertisements. First published in the 50's, Web of Mystery explores mysterious tales of gruesome monsters, fantasy and science fiction. Many popular comics and movies draw their roots from these mysterious, creepy and sometimes cheesy stories of terror. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the best titles from the golden age of comics. Yojimbo Press has lovingly remastered these timeless classics with vivid color correction and image restoration.

The Beckoning

Star heeds cries of Two, A Circle of Six avows.

Author : Darla Beck

Release : 2020-06-16

Publisher :


File Size : 52.60 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Star heeds cries of Two, A Circle of Six avows. Born of deception, Circle of Seven. The Circle of Nine endowed. A distant Refuge, A distant Reprise, Nur seeks to plunder, Natorii asunder, Finds only his own demise.For more than two thousand years two ancient foes wage war, striving for supremacy, awaiting the coming of the Prophecy and the final battle. During a terrible famine, drought, and civil unrest, the Prophecy is prematurely pitched into motion when a venerable Ethiopian hermit leaves his cave. Humanitarian aid workers, Thomas and Sofia Arundell's lives are turned upside down when they discover their two youngest children and their godson are intimately enmeshed in the Prophecy. The first Three of the Circle of Six have just been identified, and now the Arundell and the D'Alba families are thrown into a supernatural melee of terror when the hermit reveals the truth about their families' ancient bloodlines. They are more than they seem. They are Natorii. When little Aster Arundell is snatched away in the night, a search party is sent to find her. Who are these mysterious Natorii people? Do they have the strength and the will to survive?


This omnibus edition includes 'Moura' and 'The Beckoning, two novels which feature Anne Wicklow.

Author : Virginia Coffman

Release : 2002

Publisher : Pan

ISBN : 9781405004411

File Size : 55.26 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

Download : 866

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This omnibus edition includes 'Moura' and 'The Beckoning, two novels which feature Anne Wicklow.

The Beckoning

Author : Josh Webster

Release : 1981-07

Publisher : Dell Publishing Company

ISBN : 9780440109433

File Size : 31.57 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Beckoning Silence

Joe Simpson has experienced a life filled with adventure but marred by death.

Author : Joe Simpson

Release : 2003

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 0099422433

File Size : 73.80 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Joe Simpson has experienced a life filled with adventure but marred by death. He has endured the painful attrition of climbing friends in accidents, calling into question the perilously exhilarating activity to which he has devoted his life. Probability is inexorably closing in. The tragic loss of a close friend forces a momentous decision upon him. It is time to turn his back on the mountains that he has loved. Never more alive than when most at risk, he has come to see a last climb on the hooded, mile-high North Face of the Eiger as the cathartic finale. In a narrative which takes the reader through extreme experiences, from an avalanche in Bolivia, ice-climbing in the Alps and Colorado and paragliding in Spain - before his final confrontation with the Eiger - Simpson reveals the inner truth of climbing, exploring both the power of the mind and the frailties of the body. The subject of his new book is the siren song of fear and his struggle to come to terms with it.

The Beckoning of the Wand - Sketches of a Lesser Known Ireland

Author : Alice Dease

Release : 2008-12

Publisher : Caffin Press

ISBN : 1443786411

File Size : 76.72 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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PREFACE. THE Author of this very practical treatise on Scotch Loch - Fishing desires clearly that it may be of use to all who had it. He does not pretend to have written anything new, but to have attempted to put what he has to say in as readable a form as possible. Everything in the way of the history and habits of fish has been studiously avoided, and technicalities have been used as sparingly as possible. The writing of this book has afforded him pleasure in his leisure moments, and that pleasure would be much increased if he knew that the perusal of it would create any bond of sympathy between himself and the angling community in general. This section is interleaved with blank shects for the readers notes. The Author need hardly say that any suggestions addressed to the case of the publishers, will meet with consideration in a future edition. We do not pretend to write or enlarge upon a new subject. Much has been said and written-and well said and written too on the art of fishing but loch-fishing has been rather looked upon as a second-rate performance, and to dispel this idea is one of the objects for which this present treatise has been written. Far be it from us to say anything against fishing, lawfully practised in any form but many pent up in our large towns will bear us out when me say that, on the whole, a days loch-fishing is the most convenient. One great matter is, that the loch-fisher is depend- ent on nothing but enough wind to curl the water, -and on a large loch it is very seldom that a dead calm prevails all day, -and can make his arrangements for a day, weeks beforehand whereas the stream- fisher is dependent for a good take on the state of the water and however pleasant and easy it may be for one living near the banks of a good trout stream or river, it is quite another matter to arrange for a days river-fishing, if one is looking forward to a holiday at a date some weeks ahead. Providence may favour the expectant angler with a good day, and the water in order but experience has taught most of us that the good days are in the minority, and that, as is the case with our rapid running streams, -such as many of our northern streams are, -the water is either too large or too small, unless, as previously remarked, you live near at hand, and can catch it at its best. A common belief in regard to loch-fishing is, that the tyro and the experienced angler have nearly the same chance in fishing, -the one from the stern and the other from the bow of the same boat. Of all the absurd beliefs as to loch-fishing, this is one of the most absurd. Try it. Give the tyro either end of the boat he likes give him a cast of ally flies he may fancy, or even a cast similar to those which a crack may be using and if he catches one for every three the other has, he may consider himself very lucky. Of course there are lochs where the fish are not abundant, and a beginner may come across as many as an older fisher but we speak of lochs where there are fish to be caught, and where each has a fair chance. Again, it is said that the boatman has as much to do with catching trout in a loch as the angler. Well, we dont deny that. In an untried loch it is necessary to have the guidance of a good boatman but the same argument holds good as to stream-fishing...


"This volume collects issues #1-#7 of the Malibu Comics series Tarzan: The Beckoning."

Author : Henning Kure

Release : 2016

Publisher : Dark Horse Comics

ISBN : 1616559810

File Size : 46.77 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

Download : 588

Read : 841

"This volume collects issue #1-#7 of the Malibu Comics series Tarzan: The Beckoning."

The Beckoning Shadow

From debut author Katharyn Blair comes a heart-stopping fantasy novel, perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and The Young Elites, about a teenage runaway who enters a dangerous tournament with an impossible prize.

Author : Katharyn Blair

Release : 2019-07-02

Publisher : HarperCollins

ISBN : 0062657631

File Size : 22.78 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 569

Read : 1230

From debut author Katharyn Blair comes a heart-stopping fantasy novel, perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and The Young Elites, about a teenage runaway who enters a dangerous tournament with an impossible prize. Vesper Montgomery can summon your worst fear and turn it into a reality—but she’s learned the hard way that it’s an addicting and dangerous power. One wrong move and you could hurt someone you love. But when she earns a spot in the Tournament of the Unraveling, where competitors battle it out for a chance to rewrite the past, Vesper finally has a shot to reverse the mistakes that have changed her forever. She turns to Sam Hardy, a former MMA fighter who’s also carrying a tragedy he desperately wants to undo. However, helping heal Sam’s heart will mean breaking her own, and the competition forces her to master her powers—powers she has been terrified of since they destroyed her life.


We have all heard of vampire. The legends vary and so do their abilities and weaknesses. Nolen is the first whose origin is explained scientifically.

Author : Derek Cantrell

Release : 2011-09-26

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1462055052

File Size : 45.69 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

Download : 987

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We have all heard of vampire. The legends vary and so do their abilities and weaknesses. Nolen is the first whose origin is explained scientifically. He is as real as any product of evolution, and like anyone, he struggles to survive the cruel and deceptive society of which we all find ourselves victim from time to time. Despite possessing the inhuman abilities of vampire, Nolen still finds himself fallen prey to betrayal and a tragic fate. Society molds us all to be more alike than we realize. Most of us feel the need to segregate; as our self image shines brighter, the more unique we feel that we have become. Nolen is only a fictional character in a metaphoric sense, as he represents the effects of our demanding and often cruel culture. We have all seen the world through his eyes and we have all fallen victim to some kind of discrimination at one time or another. I feel a strong connection with Nolen, as he struggles to understand and sometimes undermine the bleak direction of humanity. We label ourselves with fancy words, such as sophisticated and intelligent, but I think we can all learn valuable lessons from Nolen’s primitive past. I would like to see a world where everyone stops to think about heir actions before they just followed along with the mainstream. I currently live in a smaller college town in North Carolina. It’s large enough to be attractive to a younger, open-minded crowd and small enough that you can reach out to the masses when you have something to say. I think it’s a good starting point to introduce Nolen and hopefully a place that will welcome him, as they have welcomed me thus far in the two years that I have lived here.