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The First Air Voyage in America

This facinating account of the first successful flight in the United States is paired with a facsimile of the 1793 text chronicling the first American hot air balloon ascent traveling from Philadelphia to Woodbury, New Jersey.

Author : Jean-Pierre Blanchard

Release : 2002-03

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ISBN : 9781557095107

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This facinating account of the first successful flight in the United States is paired with a facsimile of the 1793 text chronicling the first American hot air balloon ascent traveling from Philadelphia to Woodbury, New Jersey.

The First Air Voyage in America

Author : Carroll Frey

Release : 1943

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U.S. Air Services

The 150th Anniversary of the First Air Voyage in America - - - - Training the
CLIPPER PILOTS ( ANKEE CLIPPER D500 with JACOBS. with troops for its
defense as that ten thousand men descending from the clouds might not in many
places ...

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Release : 1943

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When the United States Spoke French

Some critical responses to the moves to Atlanticize and internationalize U.S.
history that have particularly influenced my ... Details on the balloon trip have
been drawn from Carroll Frey, ed., The First Air Voyage in America: The Times,
the ...

Author : Francois Furstenberg

Release : 2014-07-10

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 069816377X

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In 1789, as the French Revolution shook Europe to the core, the new United States was struggling for survival in the face of financial insolvency and bitter political and regional divisions. When the United States Spoke French explores the republic’s formative years from the viewpoint of a distinguished circle of five Frenchmen taking refuge in America. When the French Revolution broke out, these men had been among its leaders. They were liberal aristocrats and ardent Anglophiles, convinced of the superiority of the British system of monarchy and constitution. They also idealized the new American republic, which seemed to them an embodiment of the Enlightenment ideals they celebrated. But soon the Revolutionary movement got ahead of them, and they found themselves chased across the Atlantic. François Furstenberg follows these five men—Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Napoleon’s future foreign minister; theoristreformer Rochefoucauld, the duc de Liancourt; Louis-Marie Vicomte de Noailles; Moreau de Saint-Méry; and Constantin-François Chasseboeuf, Comte Volney—as they left their homes and families in France, crossed the Atlantic, and landed in Philadelphia—then America’s capital, its principal port, and by far its most cosmopolitan city and the home of the wealthiest merchants and financiers. The book vividly reconstructs their American adventures, following along as they integrated themselves into the city and its elite social networks, began speculating on backcountry lands, and eventually became enmeshed in Franco-American diplomacy. Through their stories, we see some of the most famous events of early American history in a new light, from the diplomatic struggles of the 1790s to the Haitian Revolution to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. By the end of this period, the United States was on its way to becoming a major global power. Through this small circle of men, we find new ways to understand the connections between U.S. and world history, and gain fresh insight into American history’s most critical era. Beautifully written and brilliantly argued, When the United States Spoke French offers a fresh perspective on the tumultuous years of the young nation, when the first great republican experiments were put to the test. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway musical Hamilton has sparked new interest in the Revolutionary War and the Founding Fathers. In addition to Alexander Hamilton, the production also features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Aaron Burr, Lafayette, and many more. From the Hardcover edition.

The American Aviation Experience

Photo of a watercolor by Joseph Jackson showing the ascension of Jean - Pierre
Blanchard on the first air voyage in America , 1793 . By permission of the
National Air and Space Museum , Smithsonian Institution , ©1999 Smithsonian ...

Author : Tim Brady

Release : 2000

Publisher : SIU Press

ISBN : 9780809323715

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A chronological history of American aviation is followed by coverage of such topical themes as balloons and dirigibles, government in aviation, and military airpower developments.

Flying Magazine

The famous French balloonist Blanchard completed arrangements for the FIRST
AIR VOYAGE IN AMERICA from Philadelphia, then the capital, carrying a letter
from President Washington. 1843. On Dec. 20 Senator Stephen A. Douglas
asked ...

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Release : 1936-12

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En Route to the Great Eastern Circus and Other Essays on Circus History

The hot air balloon was first launched successfully in 1783 in France by the
Montgolfier brothers. ... with lighter than air craft. The original tests were naturally
primitive. ... 28-30. 144. Blanchard, Jean Pierre, The First Air Voyage in America.

Author : William L. Slout

Release : 2016-04-13

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

ISBN : 1434437604

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William L. Slout, entertainment historian par excellence, here provides five fascinating essays on the development of the American traveling circus in the post-Civil War era: "En Route to the Great Eastern Circus" (on the creation of this great show); "The Great Eastern Circus of 1872" (more details about one of P. T. Barnum's rivals); "The Not-So-Great Trans-Atlantic Circus and Menagerie" (how a show failed suddenly in a yellow fever epidemic); "What Goes Up...Comes Down" (how balloning became part of the circus environment); and "The Chicken or the Egg?" (on the first development of the double-ring act pioneered by Barnum and others). These vivid essays, highlighted by numerous contemporaneous excerpts from local newspapers, help bring a long-forgotten era alive again.

Yachting - ND

On the 7th the American, Doctor John Jefiries, and the Frenchman, Blanchard,
made the FIRST CHANNEL CROSSING by air, in a balloon. 1793. On January 9
Blanchard made the FIRST AIR VOYAGE IN THE U. S. from the capital at ...

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Release : 1937-01

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America's First Air War

The United States Army, Naval and Marine Air Services in the First World War
Terry C. Treadwell ... On 1 May , the day the Lusitania left New York on her fateful
voyage , an American oil tanker , the Gulflight , was struck by a torpedo from the ...

Author : Terry C. Treadwell

Release : 2000

Publisher :


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This work is about the part played by US aviators and aircraft in World War I. It explains the reasons why the US entered the war and the violations by Germany that exacerbated the situation. It also covers the development of the USAS (United States Air Service) and USNAS (United States Naval Air Force).


(Illustration reprinted with permission from the First Air Voyage in America,
January 9, 1793, Applewood Books, Carlisle, Massachusetts.) By the 1900s,
gasfilled, cigarshaped airships began to be built, with some of them having a
ridged frame ...

Author : Dennis D. Nicholson

Release : 2010-05-10

Publisher : Arcadia Publishing

ISBN : 1439624542

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Indianola, founded in 1849, is the county seat of Warren County, Iowa. It is located 12 miles south of Iowa’s capital, Des Moines, at the intersection of U.S. highways 65 and 69 and state highway 92. The city is home of the National Balloon Museum, begun in 1972; the National Balloon Classic, an annual nine-day balloon rally; the Balloon Federation of America’s national office; Simpson College; the Des Moines Metro Opera, a widely acclaimed summer opera festival; and is host to the Iowa Wine Festival each summer. This book focuses on the history of ballooning in Indianola, which hosted the U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championships from 1970 to 1988, and the National Balloon Classic from 1989 to the present. This is the story of how Indianola became the ballooning capital of Iowa.

Personal Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus to America

Both sexes were handsomer than any they had hitherto seen, their colour light,
and is clothed and guarded from the sun and air would be nearly as fair as the
inhabitants of Spain; the temperature of the air being cool and pleasant to a high

Author : Christopher Columbus

Release : 1827

Publisher :


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First Voyage to America

All the vessels were striving to outsail one another and gain the reward promised
by the King and Queen by first ... He had also ordered that at sunrise and sunset
the ships should join him, as the air was more favorable at those times for ...

Author : Christopher Columbus

Release : 2012-08-03

Publisher : Courier Corporation

ISBN : 0486122468

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DIVFascinating historical document includes Columbus' own words documenting voyage, discouraged crew, landfall in the Bahamas, natives, more. 44 illustrations, some from rare sources. Publisher's note. /div


For the Pierre Blanchard made the first 150th anniversary , the Penn air voyage
in America . He took Mutual Life Company published off from downtown
Philadelphia at 10 : 09 a . m . He crossed a booklet which was a reprint of the
Delaware ...

Author :

Release : 1991

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The American Philatelist

(An entire air voyage, from Friedrichshafen to - d had Friedrichshafen and then
home by ship, intende stop at Havana, Cuba, ha to be ... The cachet read: “FIRST

Author :

Release : 2001

Publisher :


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Catalog of Copyright Entries. New Series

30 , 1942 ; A 170008 ; Jewish publication soc . of America , Philadelphia . 239
Farmer ( Herbert ... Making of America . Dec. ... Jan , 22 , 1943 ; A 170545 ; State
of Georgia , Atlanta , 254 Frey ( Carroll ) First air voyage in America . Jan. 7 ,
1943 ...

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Release : 1943

Publisher : Copyright Office, Library of Congress


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Includes Part 1, Books, Group 1, Nos. 1-12 (1943-1944)

American Conservationist

franklin's Prophetic Eye In on Friendly Society Legislation, in on Aeronautics, on
Statesmanship, Printing, Electricity Benjamin Franklin tvas the first American to
witness an air voyage. In Paris as American dclc- liatc and commissioner, he saw

Author :

Release : 1936

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A Voyage to South America

It was first built on the sea coast , from which it is now something above half a
league diftant . ... of a large ignited exhalation , or globe of fire in the air , like that
mentioned in the first volume of this work , tho ' not so large , and less effulgent .

Author : Antonio de Ulloa

Release : 1758

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A Voyage to the North West Side of America

I waited on the Governor of the Company & after some little Conversation the first
plan was alter'd & he determin'd on ... Duncan to lose no time & I would follow
him as soon as the Wind would permit, next morning had a light air ofwind from
the ...

Author : Robert Galois

Release : 2011-11-01

Publisher : UBC Press

ISBN : 0774840013

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Colnett's journal of this expedition is published here for the first time. Editor Robert Galois provides extensive annotations, along with an introductory essay addressing the geopolitical context of the voyage and the intellectual background that shaped the writing of the journal. Galois supplements Colnett's writings with extracts from a second journal -- also previously unpublished -- by Andrew Bracey Taylor, third mate on one of the ships under Colnett's command. Also included are illustrations from Colnett's journals and a variety of maps, both contemporary and historical.