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The Lady of the Flag-flowers

Author : Florence Wilkinson Evans

Release : 1906

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The Complete Florist; Or, the Lady and Gentleman's Recreation in the Flower Garden ... The Second Edition, Corrected and Improved

The most elegant narrow - leaved bulbous iris , with a peach - coloured flower ,
large and long falling leaves , with a ... The flag leaved Aower - de - luce , with
tuberous roots , which also are of two forts , Iris Major , and Iris Iris Minor , or tall
and ...

Author : FLORIST.

Release : 1795

Publisher :


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The Flag and the Flower

There was, in short, nothing remarkable about the dream at all except that, when I
entered the vast villa, the woman who greeted me, the woman who was my wife,
looked like Leonor. The restless part of the dream came later, and again I found ...

Author : Mike Crowson

Release : 2008-10-10

Publisher :

ISBN : 1409236412

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While digging a hole in the garden of his house in Torrox in southern Spain, Ken Burton uncovers a small chest containing a dried flo0wer and a red taffeta flag with 3 green moons - the flag appears in the tiled murals in Frigiliana, commemorating the last stand of the Moors in 1568 ... but what is the significance of the flower?Investigation leads to past life regression and Ken relives a life in that time ... but he also uncovers a romantic connection running through many lifetimes. In the present day it looks as if there may e a happy ending. In other lives that was not the case.

The Lady's Book of Flowers and Poetry

CUNNINGHAM . Thus stands an aged elm , in ivy bound , Thus youthful ivy
clasps an elm around . PARNELL . THE YELLOW IRIS . This flag flower is made
to represent - My heart ' s on flame , and does like fire To her aspire . COWLEY .

Author : Lucy Hooper

Release : 1842

Publisher :


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Bring Back Summertime

One Greek stopped her to tell her that his brother said she was the most beautiful
woman he had ever seen. Chris and I, dressed in slacks and ... “He's also
carrying a little flag,” the flower lady disclosed. We got excited as we headed
across ...

Author : Jeanne Starr Gater

Release : 2011-05-12

Publisher : Author House

ISBN : 1456748564

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When Jeanne Starr Gater picks up the phone one morning, she receives the shock of her life. Her strong, robust, athletic husband, Dr. Julius Gater, is in the hospital! -- comatose, suffering from a stroke, broken bones ... Dr. "J" IS DYING!! A car accident that morning has left her husband unconscious, though still alive and hanging on for dear life! ..And it had been a good life -- full of sunshine! Why this! .. Dear GOD! ... Why this?! She knows she must get to him -- and fast! They had come through too much together. If she gets to the hospital in time, they will come through this awful thing too But she needs all her resources now. In her inner spirit, she petitions her God for mercy and compassion and strength to bring Dr. 'J" back from near death. Next, over time, she contacts her family and friends for their positive thoughts and prayers. She begins her long hard journey to "BRING BACK SUMMERTIME." Thus begins the remarkable true story of one woman's courage and faith in the face of the bitterest of odds, and one man's miraculous recovery despite doctor's dire predictions. Family, and friends, new and old gather round to offer support, faith and love, as the Gaters' begin their trek back to a normal life. They encounter incredible (and numerous) obstacles from resistant medical personnel and uncooperative rehabilitation staff, to other family misfortunes. Their very survival as a family depends on their determination to hold fast to their hopes and faith. BRING BACK SUMMERTIME is a soul searching story of a family's struggle for the restoration of physical strength, grace and human dignity. A story that portrays the power and strength of human bonding, prayer and the belief in the power of god to sustain and revive. This family somehow does not allow itself to be thrown even by this devastating accident. They continue their noteworthy accomplishments, as they struggle to deal with the prolonged recovery of Dr. "J". Their story is truly an inspiration to all.

The language of flowers [by L. Cortambert. Transl.].

chosen a lady , and begged the honour of serving her , the young beauty ,
crowned with white chinaasters , appeared to say , “ I ... Laurel leaves
represented certain happiness ; lilies of the valley , or corn - flag , announced
nobleness , purity of ...

Author : Louise Cortambert

Release : 1834

Publisher :


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Chinese Flower Arrangement

PALMS Rhapis, the Lady Palm or the Coir Bamboo, is a small palm peculiar to
eastern Asia. Two species of the genus are indigenous to China, both much
grown as ornamental plants. Rhapis humilis ... SWEETFLAG The Chinese
Sweetflag, Acorus gramineus, is an ornamental plant of long tradition in China.
Native to most ...

Author : H. L. Li

Release : 2012-10-09

Publisher : Courier Corporation

ISBN : 0486169022

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Illustrated history of Chinese floral art provides practical suggestions for applying traditional methods to modern settings, including selecting flowers for symbolic qualities and beauty. Forty-two illustrations span centuries of Chinese paintings, prints, tapestries, and porcelains.

The Lady from the Sea

Look . . . ah . . . my dears , are you keeping this up all day - the flag . . . flowers ?
HILDE : Of course we are ! WANGEL : Don ' t you think . . . ? BOLETTE : ( Playful )
It ' s for Dr Arnholm ! I mean - when an old friend of the family comes to pay his ...

Author : Henrik Ibsen

Release : 2003

Publisher : Oberon Books Limited


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The Lady from the Sea (1888) marked a turning point in Ibsen's career as it, and the plays that followed it, concerned itself more with individual destinies than with general moral or social priniciples. In this new translation, Pam Gems (best known for plays such as Piaf, Stanley and Marlene) gives the drama a refreshing new life.

Flowers and Ferns of America

ARBUTUs) ...

Author : D.C. Eaton

Release : 1885

Publisher : Рипол Классик

ISBN : 5875704691

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Minnesota Out-of-doors

The Long Journey of Minnesota's Showy Pink and White Lady Slipper For over a
half - century , state displayed wrong flower on flag by Judy Hughes he Showy
Pink and White Lady way to becoming Minnesota's official state flower . The
sweet ...

Author :

Release : 1983

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British Wild Flowers

The name is also applied to the Yellow Flag that is now just coming into flower ;
as in the passage where Perdita includes “ Lilies of all kinds the Flower - de -
luce being one . " And it would be possible for the Flag and for late Lady -
Smocks to ...

Author : William Graveson

Release : 1917

Publisher :


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Time of the Mango Flowers

The choice of flowers is ordinary enough , but perhaps it was precisely this that
made it so touching . ... their bullets riddled the bunting , cut the halyards and
splintered the staff ; but after dark the flag was patched and refitted and in the
morning was always flying . There is a granite cross in the lawn in memory of the
officers and men , unveiled in 1899 by Lady Inglis , the widow of Sir John Inglis ,
who had ...

Author : Roderick William Cameron

Release : 1958

Publisher :


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People and the Process

Three dates on the flag sota , more than one million adopt the wild lady - slipper
as the anglers take to the water on one of state flower , and the Legislature the
state's 1,700 walleye complied . But several years later , lakes in pursuit of the ...

Author : Grant Moos

Release : 1991

Publisher :


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The Flag-ship

Among other acceptable attentions , to be acknowledged on my own part , was
the reception of a fine loaf of plumb - cake , jars of pickles , and , daily , rich
bouquets of flowers “ to deck my tiny room , ” which were unsurpassed for their
beauty ...

Author : Fitch Waterman Taylor

Release : 1840

Publisher :


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