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The Lavender Hour

I thought instantly of Luke's house, the lavender door. “You know, when your
father died, I thought I was in the lavender hour, that my life had ended, too.Then I
learned that grief and loss are just one note in the song of life.” “You're turning
into ...

Author : Anne Leclaire

Release : 2009-04-22

Publisher : Ballantine Books

ISBN : 9780307487339

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Downsized from her teaching job, Jessie longs for a sense of renewal and decides to spend a year on Cape Cod, seeking to be cleansed by rushing ocean waters and comforted by the lavender hues of the setting sun. While there she volunteers with a local hospice program, where she meets Luke, a once proud fisherman whose life and body have been ravaged by cancer. Jessie’s presence is a great help to Luke’s mother, who has moved in to take care of her son. After initial misgivings Jessie and Luke forge a deep friendship, and the former teacher is surprised to find herself opening up about her life, the loss of her father when she was a girl, her often difficult relationship with her mother, and her own battle with illness. When Luke makes a critical request of his new friend, Jessie must look deep within herself for an answer, knowing that her actions will have far-reaching effects on Luke’s family and forever change the bonds within her own. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Now Is the Hour

The top half of the walls lavender to the lavender ceiling. The lavender window
sash and matching lavender toilet cover. The around-the-b0ttom-of-the-toilet
lavender rug and the lavender rug on the floor below the sink. The bathtub and
the ...

Author : Tom Spanbauer

Release : 2008-09-04

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1407014285

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1967. Rigby John Kluesener stands in the moonlight, a flower in his hair, his thumb out trying to hitch a ride on the road to San Francisco. The story of how he came to be there - of an adolescence spent on his parents' farm in Nowheresville, Idaho, of his father's misanthropy, his mother's strict Catholicism - is utterly real and totally unforgettable.

The Leisure Hour

These begin the year , which ends with the cassia harvest , and includes a crop
of rose - leaf geranium , which is grown in heaths , and lavender and rosemary in
big stray patches , to which come the travelling stills , which solely for these two ...

Author : William Haig Miller

Release : 1894

Publisher :


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The View from Somewhere

For fun, they developed an hour-long show about gay life that aired on Sunday
nights. From 10 to 11 p.m., Scagliotti said, “kids could put their headphones on
and go off and listen and feel empowered.” The Lavender Hour was one of the
first ...

Author : Lewis Raven Wallace

Release : 2019

Publisher :

ISBN : 022658917X

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#MeToo. #BlackLivesMatter. #NeverAgain. #WontBeErased. Though both the right- and left-wing media claim "objectivity" in their reporting of these and other contentious issues, the American public has become increasingly cynical about truth, fact, and reality. In The View from Somewhere, Lewis Raven Wallace dives deep into the history of "objectivity" in journalism and how its been used to gatekeep and silence marginalized writers as far back as Ida B. Wells. At its core, this is a book about fierce journalists who have pursued truth and transparency and sometimes been punished for it--not just by tyrannical governments but by journalistic institutions themselves. He highlights the stories of journalists who question "objectivity" with sensitivity and passion: Desmond Cole of the Toronto Star; New York Times reporter Linda Greenhouse; Pulitzer Prize-winner Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah; Peabody-winning podcaster John Biewen; Guardian correspondent Gary Younge; former Buzzfeed reporter Meredith Talusan; and many others. Wallace also shares his own experiences as a midwestern transgender journalist and activist who was fired from his job as a national reporter for public radio for speaking out against "objectivity" in coverage of Trump and white supremacy. With insightful steps through history, Wallace stresses that journalists have never been mere passive observers--the choices they make reflect worldviews tinted by race, class, gender, and geography. He upholds the centrality of facts and the necessary discipline of verification but argues against the long-held standard of "objective" media coverage that asks journalists to claim they are without bias. Using historical and contemporary examples--from lynching in the nineteenth century to transgender issues in the twenty-first--Wallace offers a definitive critique of "objectivity" as a catchall for accurate journalism. He calls for the dismissal of this damaging mythology in order to confront the realities of institutional power, racism, and other forms of oppression and exploitation in the news industry. Now more than ever, journalism that resists extractive, exploitive, and tokenistic practices toward marginalized people isn't just important--it is essential. Combining Wallace's intellectual and emotional journey with the wisdom of others' experiences, The View from Somewhere is a compelling rallying cry against journalist neutrality and for the validity of news told from distinctly subjective voices.

The Witching Hour

She rubbed the lavender rat's ears, smoothed the white owl's feathers, stroked
the tabby cat, and touched noses with the pug. “Your familiar will be your
connection to the witching world, bringing messages from the Sisterhood of

Author : Sara Grant

Release : 2013-03-07

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1444007785

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Trix wasn't expecting to develop magical powers when she turned ten, but it was definitely her best, if most surprising, birthday present! Now she's taking witching lessons and has an invisible kitten of her very own - but how can she keep it all a secret from her best friend, Holly?

Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours

step came across the straw - covered foor of the He took one more glance at the
Lavender colt , stable . and then , passing to the door , moved hurriedly The door
was then opened , and Jim , the watcher away : “ Ha , ha ! ” said the boy ...

Author :

Release : 1869

Publisher :


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Pamphlets of the Hour on Tariff and Free Trade

The lavender flower grows in the south of France , and is also distilled ; also , oil
of petit grain . ” The course adopted in France may be considered in reading your
views on Linseed Oil . Let us refer to another product of nature protected in the ...

Author :

Release : 1875

Publisher :


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Six Miles Per Hour

I had to meet up with Mrs. Lavender. I was a bit early, but I thought it would be
alright. When I ran to the intersection where I was to meet Mrs. Lavender, she
was already there waiting with a newspaper reporter. Mrs. Lavender was about 5
foot ...

Author : Patrick McGlade

Release : 2012-01-25

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1469153947

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"In early 2010, Patrick McGlade ran from Huntington Beach, California to Tybee Island, Georgia. He ran across the United States in order to raise money and awareness for juvenile arthritis. The journey was a total of 2,553 miles and he averaged 30 miles per day. Though the run was challenging, the real inspiration came from the people he met along the way. Out of all the people he met, he never met one terrorist, shoe bomber, rapist, murderer, stabber, kidnapper, mugger, cheater, liar, sniper, jerk, bully or any other stereotypical bad guy. He met good people. And this is the story of those good people."

The Garden

When well sweated , which 2,000 gallons of Lavender water annually . ... An
sufficient oil to produce nearly 30,000 gallons of spirit of Lavender . hour's
journey by the Great Northern Railway , through a charming A large quantity is
used in the ...

Author :

Release : 1873

Publisher :


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Rational Phytotherapy

In inhalation experiments in mice , a direct correlation was found between
inhalation time and the plasma levels of linalool . Levels of 3 ng / mL linalool and
11 ng / mL linalyl acetate were measured following 1 - hour exposure to a
lavender ...

Author : Volker Schulz

Release : 2004-07-15

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9783540408321

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All practitioners and pharmacists interested in treatment with herbal remedies should have this book at their disposal. It is the definitive practice-oriented introduction - now in its fifth edition - to phytotherapy. Methodically classified by organic systems and fields of application, the text provides a quick insight into dosage, form of application and effects of the most important herbal remedies. Only those herbal remedies that are of pharmacological and clinical efficiency have been considered. The authors are highly experienced in the field of postgraduate medical education, and, with this work, present an indispensable reference book for the medical practice.

Golden hours, ed. by W.M. Whittemore

He who begins the distance between himself and the young with a gallop will
end with a walk or a dead lady , who had been favoured , honoured , as he stop
before the goal is reached , while fair and of the lavender gloves would have said

Author : William Meynell Whittemore

Release : 1882

Publisher :


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Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness

Mum andDad with dogs at Lavender's Corner. Kenya, circa1965. Nakuru,
theMasai call it,“place of dust,” and I imagined the air grittyand restless, deviled
with pillars of torn plastic. But whenI visit in November 2004, itis the beginning of
the ...

Author : Alexandra Fuller

Release : 2011-08-23

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 9781101517703

File Size : 25.64 MB

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A story of survival and war, love and madness, loyalty and forgiveness, Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is an intimate exploration of Fuller’s parents and of the price of being possessed by Africa’s uncompromising, fertile, death-dealing land. We follow Tim and Nicola Fuller hopscotching the continent, restlessly trying to establish a home. War, hardship, and tragedy follow the family even as Nicola fights to hold on to her children, her land, her sanity. But just when it seems that Nicola has been broken by the continent she loves, it is the African earth that revives and nurtures her. Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is Fuller at her very best.

Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania at His Annual Session Held at ...

2 P. M. Two hours after the leeching; pulse 136, sixteen beats per minute more
than before the leeches were applied. ... for ten hours, a teaspoonful of tinct.
lavender (made by putting the plant into brandy) was directed to be taken every
hour; ...

Author : Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania

Release : 1860

Publisher :


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Queer Airwaves

The Story of Gay and Lesbian Broadcasting Phylis Johnson, Phylis W. Johnson,
Michael C. Keith. Kopkind , debuted The Lavender Hour on Boston ' s rock station
WBCN . It was one of the first — if not the first - gay and lesbian radio programs ...

Author : Phylis Johnson

Release : 2001

Publisher : Routledge


File Size : 51.89 MB

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Queer Airwaves is the first book-length study of the role of gays and lesbians in the fields of television and radio. Using dozens of interviews and oral histories they gathered, authors Phylis A. Johnson and Michael C. Keith examine the obstacles encountered - and significantly surmounted - by gays and lesbians in the broadcast industry. Both scholarly and groundbreaking, Queer Airwaves is also a compellingly human story of courage and perseverance. It will be a valuable addition to the ever-growing canon of studies focusing on the experiences of minority, alternate lifestyle, and counterculture groups in the field of American electronic media.

The Leisure Hour

and in violet , belonging to his own family , he had instituted the lavender , blue ,
or crimson robe , as the order of the strictest inquiries , and set a most vigilant
conday may determine , with a weighty and splendid stable on the watch ; the
result ...

Author :

Release : 1859

Publisher :


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The Lavender Pit

He guessed he'd have to run over to the hotel during the lunch hour and talk to
the Winston's again. Funny how money turned out to be the motive in most
murder cases. The Winston's must have known about the cash. How could they
not, ...

Author : Martha Housen

Release : 2003-06-01

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595282482

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What started out as a tour of the historic Bisbee Arizona, and old Mexico, for a group senior’s who are a part of an Elderventure program, turns into a nightmare of deception, foreign intrigue and murder. Ruthann Dempsey is an attractive single, freelance journalist vacationing with the group in Bisbee, she endeavors to solve the murder of a fellow elderventurer. All the while enjoying the history, art and travel offered by the tour, she writes about and enjoys the diverse characters she meets. Thurgood Brewster (Goody) a handsome white-haired widower, who has taken an interest in Ruthann. He joins her in an attempt to solve the mystery. Tennie Woodruff, a sassy 75 year-old woman who comes from Tennessee, and is Ruthann’s roommate, is busy playing matchmaker for Goody and Ruthann. She was an army nurse serving on Corregidor when General Douglas MacArthur was whisked away to safety.

Lavender Culture

As Andrew Kopkind and John Scagliotti told an interviewer when they were
producing the “ Lavender Hour " for Boston radio station WBCN - FM , the Federal
Communications Commission ( FCC ) is “ basically a repressive institution , and it
' s ...

Author : Karla Jay

Release : 1979

Publisher : Jove Books


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The Leisure Hour Monthly Library

not wanted ( Mrs. Boyce was dressing for a drive ) , “ But this place is too dear , ”
said Mr. Boyce . finished by knocking over the lavender - water and break “ Ah !
true , you said so . Wait , then ; let me copy ing the bottle . that memorandum , and

Author :

Release : 1867

Publisher :


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Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts, Mechanical and Chemical, Manufactures, Mining and Engineering

After the first drop has match this film , it was found necessary to add as
disappeared , a second will be lively at intervals during much as two - thirds of
turpentine to one of oil of nearly an hour , but after 24 hours some small lenti-
lavender ...

Author : Charles Tomlinson

Release : 1866

Publisher :


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Secrets of Farmville

Seed Cost Maturity Experience Sell Price Patch Profit Coins/Hour Strawberry 10
Coins 4 Hours 1 Experience 35 10 ... 6.7 Coins/Hour Lavender 160 Coins 2 Days
2 Experience 384 209 Coins 4.5 Coins/Hour Green Tea 105 Coins 10 Hours 1 ...

Author : Pro Books

Release : 2010-07-19

Publisher : Pro Books

ISBN : 1453685626

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To see how I built my farm from a measly plot of land to the best of the best, simply read more. How effective is this secret? You'll see how I built three villas worth $1,000,000, gained tons of Farmville Cash, won countless ribbons, and acquired thousands of seeders, tractors and harvesters. Plus I have a more than $1,726,283 Cash balance... and now you can do it too!