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Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

Chapter 22 ANIMAL CONTACTS To many persons it will seem almost axiomatic
that two mating animals should be individuals of the same species . This is so
often true , from one end of the animal kingdom to the other , that exceptions to
the ...

Author : Alfred Charles Kinsey

Release : 1998

Publisher : Indiana University Press

ISBN : 9780253334121

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Named one of the "100 Best Books of the 20th Century" by Logos Magazine (UK). Will be on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair 1999.

Evolution and Human Behavior

In considering the expenditure of time and energy that an organism makes in
mating, it is helpful to divide reproductive effort ... 5.3.2 Potential reproductive
rates: humans and other animals It can be misleading to focus on anisogamy as
a clear ...

Author : John Cartwright

Release : 2000

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 9780262531702

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The book covers fundamental issues such as the origins and function of sexual reproduction, mating behavior, human mate choice, patterns of violence in families, altruistic behavior, the evolution of brain size and the origins of language, the modular mind, and the relationship between genes and culture.

Wild Connection

So why is romance such an effort for humans, while animals have little trouble getting it right? Wild Connection is full of fascinating and suggestive observations about animal behavior.

Author : Jennifer L. Verdolin

Release : 2014-06-03

Publisher : Prometheus Books

ISBN : 1616149477

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Wild Kingdom meets Sex and the City in this scientific perspective on dating and relationships. A specialist in animal behavior compares the courtship rituals and mating behaviors of animals to their human equivalents, revealing the many and often surprising ways we are both similar to and different from other species. What makes an individual attractive to the opposite sex? Does size matter? Why do we tend to "keep score" in our relationships? From perfume and cosmetics to online dating and therapy, our ultimate goal is to successfully connect with someone. So why is romance such an effort for humans, while animals have little trouble getting it right? Wild Connection is full of fascinating and suggestive observations about animal behavior. For example, in most species smell is an important component of determining compatibility. So are we humans doing the right thing by masking our natural scents with soaps and colognes? Royal albatrosses have a lengthy courtship period lasting several years. These birds instinctively know that casual hook-ups are not the way to find a reliable mate. And older female chimpanzees often mate with younger males. Is this the evolutionary basis of the human "cougar" phenomenon? Fun to read as well as educational, this unique take on the perennial human quest to find the ideal mate shows that we have much to learn from our cousins in the wild.

Human Evolution: A Very Short Introduction

because of compromises between the requirements of bipedalism and the need
in modern human females for space in the pelvis to give birth to a large-brained
infant. ... This suggests that a species is a 'group of interbreeding natural
populations, reproductively isolated from other such groups'. ... Thus, in the
absence of information about its mating habits, we can use the appearance,
structure, and ...

Author : Bernard Wood

Release : 2005-11-03

Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN : 0191577812

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This Very Short Introduction traces the history of paleoanthropology from its beginnings in the eighteenth century to the latest fossil finds. Although concentrating on the fossil evidence for human evolution, it also covers the latest genetic evidence about regional variations in the modern human genome that relate to our evolutionary history. Bernard Wood draws on over thirty years of experience to provide an insider's view of the field and some of the personalities in it, and demonstrates that our understanding of human evolution is critically dependent on advances in related sciences such as paleoclimatology, geochronology, systematics, genetics, and developmental biology. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Psychological Criminology

Sociobiologists see basic consistencies between the social behaviours of
humans and other species. Human social networks, power hierarchies, family
bonds, courting rituals, mating patterns and sexual taboos all have parallels in
the animal ...

Author : Richard Wortley

Release : 2011-04-12

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136652884

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Psychological Criminology addresses the question: what is it about individuals and their experiences that cause them to commit crime and/or to become criminal? This book provides a comprehensive coverage of psychological theories of crime and criminality, exploring theories focusing on factors present at birth (human nature, heredity); theories that focus on factors that influence the offender over the lifespan (learning, development); and theories focusing on factors present at the crime scene. It emphasizes the connections among the different approaches, and demonstrates how, taken together rather than as rival explanations, they provide a more complete picture of crime and criminality than each provides individually. Theories are arranged throughout the book in a temporal sequence, from distal to proximal causes of crime. The analysis spans 100,000 years, from the evolutionary roots of criminal behaviour in the ancestral environments of early humans on the African savana, to the decision to engage in a specific criminal act. Key features of the book include: a focus on theory – ‘explaining’ crime and criminality, an integrative approach, accessible to readers who do not have a background in psychology. Psychological Criminology highlights the contributions that psychological theory can make to the broader field of criminology; it will be of interest to students, academics, researchers and practitioners in both criminology and forensic psychology.

Looking for a Few Good Males

Yet, despite this criticism, other biologists have been fascinated by the idea that
the mating behavior of animals could serve as an experimental entrée to the
more complicated process of mate choice in humans. In both cases, the history of

Author : Erika L. Milam

Release : 2010-03-15

Publisher : JHU Press

ISBN : 080189817X

File Size : 81.72 MB

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Why do female animals select certain mates, and how do scientists determine the answer? In considering these questions, Erika Lorraine Milam explores the fascinating patterns of experiment and interpretation that emerged as twentieth-century researchers studied sexual selection and female choice. Approaching the topic from both biological and animal-studies perspectives, Milam not only presents a broad history of sexual selection—from Darwin to sociobiology—but also analyzes the animal-human continuum from the perspectives of sex, evolution, and behavior. She asks how social and cultural assumptions influence human-animal research and wonders about the implications of gender on scientific outcomes. Although female choice appears to be a straightforward theoretical concept, the study of sexual selection has been anything but simple. Scientists in the early twentieth century investigated female choice in animals but did so with human social and sexual behavior as their ultimate objective. By the 1940s, evolutionary biologists and population geneticists shifted their focus, studying instead how evolution affected natural animal populations. Two decades later, organismal biologists once again redefined the investigation of sexual selection as sociobiology came to dominate the discipline. Outlining the ever-changing history of this field of study, Milam uncovers lost mid-century research programs and finds that the discipline did not languish in the decades between Darwin’s theory of sexual selection and sociobiology, as observers commonly believed. Rather, population geneticists, ethologists, and organismal biologists alike continued to investigate this important theory throughout the twentieth century.

Human Mating Patterns

Society for the Study of Human Biology Head of Department of Biological
Anthropology C G Nicholas Mascie-Taylor, ... But if we allow that kin recognition
is in all species the for mal outcome of habit the difference vanishes ( which is not
to say ...

Author : Society for the Study of Human Biology

Release : 1988-12-15

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521334327

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This book examines the causes and consequences of different mating patterns in man with particular reference to historical, biological, medical and demographic factors. Each of these reference points are covered in carefully edited and integrated papers for advanced students and research workers in human biology and genetics.

Unmapped Countries

This potentially provocative inclusion of human sexual behaviour alongside that
of other species was moderated, as historians ... Victorian — assumptions which
Darwin brought to descriptions of the mating habits of widely different animals.

Author : Anne-Julia Zwierlein

Release : 2005-01-01

Publisher : Anthem Press

ISBN : 1843311593

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An enlightening, multi-disciplinary investigation into the fascinating and courageous scientific explorations of the nineteenth century.


Polyandry is rather rare , though it is found in some bird species , especially
those nesting in the Arctic tundra . ... 7 Human courtship and reproduction
Humans are subject to the same evolutionary forces that operate on other
animals , namely ...

Author : Michael Dockery

Release : 1999-05-06

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521597548

File Size : 34.47 MB

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Behaviour describes animal and human behaviour, including environmental influence, behavioural development, courtship and social interaction. It covers all the material required for the study of behaviour at A-level, whilst at the same time providing an accessible and informative introduction to the fascinating science of behaviour. The authors provide a list of further reading for those who wish to learn more. The Advanced Biology Topics series of books will be of interest to students studying a wide variety of biological subjects at A-level, or as part of a vocational or undergraduate course.

Social Anthropology and Human Origins

Trivers's (1972) examples include dragonflies, lizards and other animals, but he
also broadens the definition to include ... invests most in raising the offspring will
be more discriminating in its mating habits, and the other sex more promiscuous.

Author : Alan Barnard

Release : 2011-03-17

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1139500449

File Size : 50.10 MB

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The study of human origins is one of the most fascinating branches of anthropology. Yet it has rarely been considered by social or cultural anthropologists, who represent the largest subfield of the discipline. In this powerful study Alan Barnard aims to bridge this gap. Barnard argues that social anthropological theory has much to contribute to our understanding of human evolution, including changes in technology, subsistence and exchange, family and kinship, as well as to the study of language, art, ritual and belief. This book places social anthropology in the context of a widely-conceived constellation of anthropological sciences. It incorporates recent findings in many fields, including primate studies, archaeology, linguistics and human genetics. In clear, accessible style Barnard addresses the fundamental questions surrounding the evolution of human society and the prehistory of culture, suggesting a new direction for social anthropology that will open up debate across the discipline as a whole.

Communication and Human Behavior

Courtship and Mating Although differences exist in the specific courtship and
mating practices of various species , many share certain things in common .
Humans and other animals must be able to identify other individuals of their own
species ...

Author : Brent D. Ruben

Release : 1988

Publisher : MacMillan Publishing Company


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Animal Courtship

is when people first started to write about and record tales of human love. During
this time, the idea of courtly love became ... courtship processes of other animals
—is not an accident. Human and animal courtship rituals are the result of ...

Author : Krista West

Release : 2009-01-01

Publisher : Infobase Publishing

ISBN : 1438127545

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Animal courtship is a process that results in two mature members of a species becoming a couple, usually with the intent to mate and produce offspring. Different species of bugs, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals have their unique sets of courtship rules and rituals. In Animal Courtship, learn the various ways species attract mates, including by singing, dancing, glowing, and even attacking.

The Origins of Human Behaviour

All the males of the species perform similar routines (with varying success). This
is instinctive mating behaviour (we are told). They all know the object of the game
and are putting heart and soul into what they were doing. Obviously, this ...

Author : Bernard Rourke

Release : 2013-02

Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN : 1618976796

File Size : 50.57 MB

Format : PDF

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The Origins of Human Behaviour is written in plain English to help us understand how we evolve into the person we become. It sets out to find and explain the major influences, and demonstrates that the origins of human behaviour contain some genuine surprises. Just what are the origins of our myriad personal qualities? Author Bernard Rourke never accepted that living in slums and suffering abuse are principal factors in creating a person's character and temperament. There had to be other more dramatic sources of influence. He examines the role of instinct and other inheritance issues in the animal kingdom, because he believes what has been successful for millions of years might well have carried over into our species. Is human behaviour environmental or ancestral, and what makes us unique individuals? The book also discusses the value of the world's main religions and what influence we really have in our children's personal development.

The Origins of Music

Although human music is usually made in groups, like many other courtship
displays, no group selection account is ... almost all complex acoustic signals
produced by other species are courtship displays, this hypothesis for human
music is ...

Author : Nils Lennart Wallin

Release : 2001

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 9780262731430

File Size : 55.84 MB

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Consists of papers given at a workshop on the origins of music held in Fiesole, Italy, May 1997, the first of a series called Florentine Workshops in Biomusicology.

Aggression in Humans and Other Primates

Humans. and. Other. Animals. —. A. Biological. Prelude. IURGEN HEINZE
Murder — riot — amok — torture. Whenever we ... their hosts — intraspecific
dominance interactions, territorial disputes, and conflict over access to mating
partners seem to result in injuries or death only rarely. ... The presumed
reluctance of animals to kill conspecifics was interpreted as ”moral-analogue
behavior,” selected for the ...

Author : Hans-Henning Kortüm

Release : 2013-01-01

Publisher : Walter de Gruyter

ISBN : 3110291363

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In this work aggression and conflict in man and other primates are interpreted in the light of evolutionary biology and game theory models. Unitl now interdisciplinary collaboration between the humanities and the natural sciences has been rare and hampered by different methodologies and terminology. Nevertheless, such cooperation is essential for elucidating the causes and consequences of aggression in humans and in explaining what shape aggression takes in particular situations. The aim of this volume is to present empirical and theoretical studies from biologists and social scientists to create an interdisciplinary framework for understanding aggression.

What's Love Got to Do with It?

a universal feature of our species, it is time to understand it as part 0 human
nature. Disconnected from the hormones and genes that guide most other
animals toward reproduction, our sexual behavior has flowered into 2 vast array
of possibilities. More often ... Taken together, these influences suggest that the
mating habits of our descendants may be quite different from the sex of our
ancestors. The final ...

Author : Meredith Small

Release : 2011-09-07

Publisher : Anchor

ISBN : 0307765504

File Size : 56.47 MB

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In this refreshingly down-to-earth exploration of human mating and sexuality, an acclaimed anthropologist looks at the fascinating intersection between the imperatives of our glands and genes, and the culture in which we live. Why do we fall in love with the people we do? Is there an alternative, more feminist, way to interpret traditional human sexual biology and evolution? These are but a few of the questions that anthropologist Meredith Small explores in her compelling book on human mating, What's Love Got to Do with It? From the Trade Paperback edition.

Introducing Biological Rhythms

The occurrence of courtship and mating for many groups of animals is rhythmic,
27 associated with the seasons of the year, and thus, with photoperiodism ...
However, the use of the term “sexuality” is not restricted to humans and other

Author : Willard L. Koukkari

Release : 2007-01-24

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9781402036910

File Size : 41.4 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Introducing Biological Rhythms is a primer that serves to introduce individuals to the area of biological rhythms. It describes the major characteristics and discusses the implications and applications of these rhythms, while citing scientific results and references. Also, the primer includes essays that provide in-depth historic and other background information for those interested in more specific topics or concepts. It covers a basic cross-section of the field of chronobiology clearly enough so that it can be understood by a novice, or an undergraduate student, but that it would also be sufficiently technical and detailed for the scientist.

Animals and Society

An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies Margo DeMello ... human origins and
the relationship between humans and other animals but also in how it shaped the
field of animal behavior studies. ... must compete with other males to assure their
chances of mating, which led to males evolving showy traits that females lack.

Author : Margo DeMello

Release : 2012-08-21

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231526768

File Size : 25.24 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Considering that much of human society is structured through its interaction with non-human animals, and since human society relies heavily on the exploitation of animals to serve human needs, human–animal studies has become a rapidly expanding field of research, featuring a number of distinct positions, perspectives, and theories that require nuanced explanation and contextualization. The first book to provide a full overview of human–animal studies, this volume focuses on the conceptual construction of animals in American culture and the way in which it reinforces and perpetuates hierarchical human relationships rooted in racism, sexism, and class privilege. Margo DeMello considers interactions between humans and animals within the family, the law, the religious and political system, and other major social institutions, and she unpacks the different identities humans fashion for themselves and for others through animals. Essays also cover speciesism and evolutionary continuities; the role and preservation of animals in the wild; the debate over zoos and the use of animals in sports; domestication; agricultural practices such as factory farming; vivisection; animal cruelty; animal activism; the representation of animals in literature and film; and animal ethics. Sidebars highlight contemporary controversies and issues, with recommendations for additional reading, educational films, and related websites. DeMello concludes with an analysis of major philosophical positions on human social policy and the future of human–animal relations.

Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans

The book presents extensive field research and analysis to evaluate sexual coercion in a range of species - including all of the great apes and humans - and to clarify its role in shaping social relationships among males, among females, and ...

Author : Professor of Anthropology Martin N Muller

Release : 2009

Publisher : Harvard University Press

ISBN : 9780674033245

File Size : 47.27 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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In only a few species do males strategically employ violence to control female sexuality. Why are females routinely abused in some species, but never in others? And can the study of such unpleasant behavior help us to understand the evolution of men's violence against women? The book presents extensive field research and analysis to evaluate sexual coercion in a range of species - including all of the great apes and humans - and to clarify its role in shaping social relationships among males, among females, and between the sexes.

Evolution of Human Behavior

This book represents an important meeting ground in the primatology field by exploring the various primate models that have been used in the reconstruction of early human behavior.

Author : Warren G. Kinzey

Release : 1987-01-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 9780887062674

File Size : 87.64 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This book represents an important meeting ground in the primatology field by exploring the various primate models that have been used in the reconstruction of early human behavior. While some models are based on the proposition that a key behavioral feature such as hunting, eating of seeds or monogamous mating led to the evolutionary separation of apes and humans, other models suggest that one primate species, such as the baboon or chimpanzee, best exemplifies the behavior of our early ancestors. Several contributors to the book take the position that no single primate is a good model and contend instead that a model must be eclectic. One of the more innovative essays suggests that ancestral behavioral states can, in fact, be derived by comparing the behavior of all living hominid (ape and human) species. Additionally, several other contributors analyze and discuss the concept of model-making, noting deficiencies in earlier models while offering suggestions for future development. Although it is true that a powerful conceptual model for reconstructing hominid behavior does not yet exist, The Evolution of Human Behavior: Primate Models suggests ways one may be constructed based on behavioral ecology and evolutionary theory.