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The One-Minute Financial Planner

Divided into six general segments, the articles inside the book will help you address misconceptions about dozens of situations that arise every day, whether it’s using a stop-loss order for your biggest stock position or figuring out if ...

Author : Joel Redmond

Release : 2011-03-28

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 145686646X

File Size : 71.93 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Bloomberg says “sell”, but CNBC says “buy”. “Don’t you dare tap your home equity!” says one money expert. “Home equity line rates are at all time lows,” the other expert says. Who are you supposed to believe? Does this sound familiar to you? If so, The One-Minute Financial Planner is for you. Written to bridge the gap arising from a school system lacking in sound money management principles, The One Minute-Financial Planner is filed with useful truths and actionable, easy-to-implement steps that will help make any reader more financially confident. Divided into six general segments, the articles inside the book will help you address misconceptions about dozens of situations that arise every day, whether it’s using a stop-loss order for your biggest stock position or figuring out if your revocable living trust does everything you want it to. The One-Minute Financial Planner is practice, not theory. Written by a practicing financial planner with over six years’ experience at two major Wall Street firms, it breaks down the complex world of finance into sixty common misconceptions people have about investing, planning, and retirement. Best of all, each topic is short, clear, and ends with several real-world, right-now things you can do to improve your financial literacy. Got a minute? Spend it with the One Minute Financial Planner. Your financial well-being may depend on it.

Communication Essentials for Financial Planners

A or b or c. 5. If a client were to respond to a question by sitting silently, how long
should a financial planner wait before reframing the question? a. 10 to 15
seconds b. At least one minute c. Until the client says something d. The planner
should ...

Author : John E. Grable

Release : 2017-02-21

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1119350786

File Size : 62.18 MB

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Exploring the Human Element of Financial Planning Communication Essentials for Financial Planners tackles the counseling side of practice to help financial planners build more productive client relationships. CFP Board’s third book and first in the Financial Planning Series, Communication Essentials will help you learn how to relate to clients on a more fundamental level, and go beyond "hearing" their words to really listen and ultimately respond to what they're saying. Expert coverage of body language, active listening, linguistic signals, and more, all based upon academic theory. There is also an accompanied set of videos that showcase both good and bad communication and counseling within a financial planning context. By merging written and experiential learning supplemented by practice assignments, this book provides an ideal resource for any client-facing financial professional as well as any student on their pathway to CFP® certification. Counseling is a central part of a financial planner's practice, and attention to interpersonal communication goes a long way toward progressing in the field; this guide provides practical instruction on the proven techniques that make a good financial planner great. Build client relationships based on honesty and trust Learn to read body language and the words not spoken Master the art of active listening to help your clients feel heard Tailor your communications to suit the individual client's needs The modern financial planning practice is more than just mathematics and statistical analysis—at its heart, it is based on trust, communication, and commitment. While interpersonal skills have always been a critical ingredient for success, only recently has this aspect been given the weight it deserves with its incorporation into the certification process. Communication Essentials for Financial Planners provides gold-standard guidance for certification and beyond.

101 Advisor Solutions: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Strategies that Educate, Motivate and Inspire!

How do we consistently choose our focus on a daily, hourly or even minute-by-
minute basis? In the Advisor Solutions Toolbox, you will find the One Minute
Business Coach Worksheet (Tool “S”) which is designed to help you identify wins
, ...

Author : Daniel C. Finley

Release : 2011-12

Publisher :

ISBN : 1257837222

File Size : 49.50 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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101 Advisor Solutions: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Strategies that Educate, Motivate and Inspire is a must read for any financial advisor looking for tools, techniques, strategies and real world solutions to conquering common challenges! This book is designed to help you build a better solution at a time.

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors, + Website

To be clear, we're not saying for one minute that independent advisors can't
make a very good living (they can and are doing so for the most part); they're just
falling short of building an enduring business. Today's independent advisors are
not ...

Author : David Grau, Sr.

Release : 2014-06-23

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118866479

File Size : 50.15 MB

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This book is going to challenge you and everything you thinkyou know about succession planning. For independent advisors, succession planning is quicklybecoming the cornerstone to a strategic growth strategy designed toperpetuate their business and their income streams beyond their ownlifetime, while providing a multi-generational service platformthat attracts and rewards younger advisors. This makes successionplanning one of the most, if not the most, importantpractice management tools in this industry today. As an independent financial advisor, now is the time to addressthe question of what will happen to your practice and your clientsafter you “exit the building.” In most cases, theanswers are right in front of you. Thankfully, SuccessionPlanning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Businesshas arrived to transform today’s practices into businessesdesigned to endure and prosper and serve generations ofclients. Learn how to create a “Lifestyle Succession Plan”that can provide a lifetime of income and benefits to the foundereven as he/she gradually retires on the job Unlock the power of equity management – the best planningand building tool an independent advisor owns Learn how to attract and retain the best of the next generationto help you build a great business and to support your successionplans and care for your clients and their families Determine precisely when to start a formal succession plan andrelated continuity plan so that your business can work for you whenyou need it most Understand why succession planning and selling your businessare completely different strategies, but how they can complementeach other when used correctly 95% of independent financial service professionals are one ownerpractices. To the positive, these practices are among themost valuable professional service models in America. Butalmost all advisors are assembling their practices using the wrongtools – tools borrowed from historically successful, butvastly different models including wirehouses, broker-dealers, andeven OSJ’s and branch managers. Revenue sharing,commission splitting and other eat-what-you-kill compensationmethods dominate the independent sector and virtually ensure thattoday’s independent practices, if left unchanged, will notsurvive the end of their founder’s career. It is timeto change course and this book provides the map and the details tohelp you do just that. For independent practice owners and staff members, advisors whowant to transition to independence, as well as accountants,attorneys, coaches and others involved in the financial servicesspace, there are invaluable lessons to be learned fromSuccession Planning for Financial Advisors. Written by theleading succession planning expert in the financial servicesindustry, former securities regulator, M&A specialist, andfounder of the nationally recognized consulting and equitymanagement firm, FP Transitions, David Grau Sr., JD, has created anunmatched resource that will have an enduring and resounding impacton an entire industry.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors

Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners David
Edward Marcinko, Hope Rachel Hetico. price at the time ... Some market orders
are executed in less than one minute from the time the broker phones in the order

Author : David Edward Marcinko

Release : 2014-12-09

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1482240297

File Size : 59.80 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Drawing on the expertise of multi-degreed doctors, and multi-certified financial advisors, Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners will shape the industry landscape for the next generation as the current ecosystem strives to keep pace.Traditional g

60 Minute Financial Planner

The four parts of this book ( Finding Your Path ; Putting Your Money to Work ;
LifeCycle Events ; plus the 60 - Minute Planner ) give you a perspective on using
money wisely , from satisfying immediate needs to planning ahead for college to

Author : Dana Shilling

Release : 1997

Publisher : Prentice Hall Direct

ISBN : 9780134890982

File Size : 44.54 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Provides financial plans and savings advice suited to all income levels and savings goals

The Couples Psychotherapy Treatment Planner

Verbalize feelings about one partner exercising virtually exclusive control over
the couple's Mumford & Lockette or The One Minute Manager Balances Work
and Life by Blanchard, Edington, & Blanchard). 18. ... If financial planning is
needed, refer couple to a professional planner (see Consumer Reports, 1998, for
qualifications of a financial planner), or have the partners write a current budget
and ...

Author : K. Daniel O'Leary

Release : 2010-12-22

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 0470931825

File Size : 67.4 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Financial & Estate Planners Quarterly

TABLES , CHARTS , AND WORKSHEETS The one - minute financial planning
test Financial planning blueprint Inflation factor table Estimating future costs
Monthly savings factor table Estimating monthly savings to fund goals Rule of 72

Author :

Release : 1988

Publisher :


File Size : 69.91 MB

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From the Boiler Room to the Living Room

Marty then went on to describe what his “real” value proposition was: “Our
financial planning center was opened because the world is more complex and
we're all just one minute away from chaos and what we do is a risk management
strategy ...

Author : Mitch Anthony

Release : 2008-08-25

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 0470255099

File Size : 85.25 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Author Mitch Anthony has been recognized as the voice of conscience for the financial services industry. For more than a decade, he has shown advisors how building authentic, genuine relationships can serve clients' best interests and build heathly—and financially successful—practices at the same time. In From the Boiler Room to the Living Room, Mitch examines where the financial services industry has failed in the past, and what it needs to do to restore trust at both the individual and industry levels. He teaches readers how to better understand the emotional significance of the money that clients entrust to their advisors and the struggles they face as they attempt to get "more life for their money." The book also discusses why venture philosophy, funding single moments, and rethinking one's purpose in life is more important to clients than net worth or asset allocation. Finally, it discusses how to develop dialogues that forge meaningful, long-term client connections—in other words, how to stop selling and start listening.

Halfway to Crazy

Financial Planner: “Turbo-prop or jet engine? ... Financial Planner: “Okay, I need
to get a really good picture of your financial situation so I'll get you to fill out this
three page ... But do not think for one minute that it is all hardship and bad news.

Author : Mark Thrice

Release : 2006-08-27

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

ISBN : 1614483922

File Size : 77.45 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This hilarious collection of the best and funniest columns published by syndicated humor columnist Mark Thrice takes an entertaining look at normal everyday life-from husbanding to parenting to holding down the job that is paying for both. With over fifty columns showcasing Mr. Thrice's witty and whimsical turns, this is a perfect gift for husband and wife and a classic treasure that will produce laughs on every page!

Confessions of a Financial Planner

Think about that for a minute. In this section, I'm going to give you an overview of
some of the common ways people deal with long-term care costs, which include
Medicare, Medicaid, self-insurance, and private insurance (long-term care ...

Author : David Holland

Release : 2011-05-20

Publisher :

ISBN : 061546629X

File Size : 67.82 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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In Confessions of a Financial Planner: Secrets to a Secure Retirement, author and adviser, David D. Holland, reveals what every serious investor should know to achieve a comfortable retirement. Filled with David's practical insights from 20 years experience, ""Secrets"" provides plain English answers to critical questions, such as: How do I achieve a lifetime of retirement income? What do I do about inflation? How do I address the costs of long-term care? How do I make the right investment choices?David has a reputation for innovative thinking and he is one of the most credentialed financial advisers in the country.

How to Find a Financial Planner

If you want a CPA with financial planning expertise, look for one who has a PFS
credential. ... to answer the occasional question for free, figuring it's included in
your annual tax preparation fee, while others charge like lawyers—by the minute.

Author : Liz Weston

Release : 2010-08-31

Publisher : Pearson Education

ISBN : 9780132479776

File Size : 74.52 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life (9780132383837), by Liz Pulliam Weston. Available in print and digital formats. A practical checklist for finding an honest, competent financial advisor–and avoiding those who aren’t. Hundreds of thousands of people are passing themselves off as financial planners in the United States today. Few are what they seem. Anyone can call herself a financial planner or advisor: There are no education, experience, or ethics requirements. Furthermore, most people who offer advice aren’t legally obligated to put your interests before their own. So how do you find someone who can actually help you?

Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians and Advisors

It is too late to take advantage of most tax planning tips when sitting down to
either prepare a tax return or assemble ... This usually leads to procrastination
and pushes the entire process back to a last minute task , well after the end of the
year .

Author : David Edward Marcinko

Release : 2005

Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN : 9780763745790

File Size : 53.3 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Managed care and government-led initiatives to control health care costs have decreased physician compensation. Physicians must now carefully plan their practices and seek financial security in a manner that is markedly different from other professionals. To do so, physicians and their advisors must be well informed about the growing range of financial planning options to choose the course that balances risk, cost, time horizon, outcome and their own personal economic style. This innovative guide confronts the reality that personal financial planning for physicians is decidedly more complex than it is in other professions. Financial Planning for Physicians and Advisors describes a personal financial planning program to help doctors avoid the perils of harsh economic sacrifice. It outlines how to select a knowledgeable financial advisor and develop a comprehensive personal financial plan, and includes important sections on: insurance and risk management, asset diversification and modern portfolio construction, income tax and retirement planning, and succession and estate planning. When fully implemented with a professional's assistance, this book will help physicians and their financial advisors develop an effective long-term financial plan.

Financial Planner's Guide to Publicity and Promotion

Techniques You Can Use to Market Your Financial Planning Practice Lindsay K.
Wyatt ... It takes about one minute to deliver 250 words ( one double - spaced
typed page ) . That means a 20 - minute speech would be about 20 typed pages

Author : Lindsay K. Wyatt

Release : 1986

Publisher : Longman Financial Services Publishing


File Size : 61.47 MB

Format : PDF

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10 Minute Guide to Personal Finance for Newlyweds

Answers the most common money questions faced by couples, and offers advice about setting up a joint savings plan, evaluating insurance needs, and reducing debts The 10 Minute Guide to Personal Finance for Newlyweds is your guide to ...

Author : Stewart H. Welch

Release : 1996

Publisher : Macmillan General Reference

ISBN : 9780028611181

File Size : 41.23 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Answers the most common money questions faced by couples, and offers advice about setting up a joint savings plan, evaluating insurance needs, and reducing debts

The One-Page Financial Plan

Because this book represents the collective wisdom of all the real financial
advisors I have worked with over the last ... Special thanks to Britt Raybould for
almost a decade of work and to Cara Jones for stepping in at the last minute to
run my ...

Author : Carl Richards

Release : 2015-03-31

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 0698184564

File Size : 48.14 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Whenever I tell people about my job as a financial advisor, the conversation inevitably turns to how hopeless they feel when it comes to dealing with money. More than once, they’ve begged, “Just tell me what to do.” It’s no surprise that even my most successful friends feel confused or paralyzed. Even if they have a shelfful of personal finance books, they don’t have time to make sense of all the information available. They don’t just want good advice, they want the best advice—so rather than do the “wrong thing,” they do nothing. Their 401(k) and bank statements pile up, unexamined or maybe even unopened. What they don’t realize is that bad calls about money aren’t failures; they’re just what happens when emotional creatures have to make decisions about the future with limited information. What I tell them is that we need to scrap striving for perfection and instead commit to a process of guessing and making adjustments when things go off track. Of course we’re going to make the best guesses we can—but we’re not going to obsess over getting them exactly right. The fact is, in a single page you can prioritize what you really want in life and figure out how to get there. That’s because a great financial plan has nothing to do with what the markets are doing, what your real estate agent is pitching, or the hot stock your brother-in-law told you about. It has everything to do with what’s most important to you. By now you may be wondering, “What about the details? How much do I need to invest each year, and how do I allocate it? How much life insurance do I need?” Don’t worry: I’ll cover those topics and many more, sharing strategies that will take the complexity out of them. The most important thing is getting clarity about the big picture so you can cope with the unexpected. Maybe you’ll lose the job you thought was secure; you’ll take a financial risk that doesn’t pan out; you’ll have twins when you were only budgeting for one. In other words: Life will happen. But no matter what happens, this book will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

Asset Management

By April 2009, while the economy was in recession, there was a sense that the
markets were no longer in free fall. ... A period could be one year, which is
common for retail investors meeting with their financial planners for an annual
tune up, or one quarter, which is common for many ... be even shorter than one

Author : Andrew Ang

Release : 2014-07-07

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 019938231X

File Size : 65.65 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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In Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing, Professor Andrew Ang presents a comprehensive, new approach to the age-old problem of where to put your money. Years of experience as a finance professor and a consultant have led him to see that what matters aren't asset class labels, but instead the bundles of overlapping risks they represent. Factor risks must be the focus of our attention if we are to weather market turmoil and receive the rewards that come with doing so. Clearly written yet full of the latest research and data, Asset Management is indispensable reading for trustees, professional money managers, smart private investors, and business students who want to understand the economics behind factor risk premiums, to harvest them efficiently in their portfolios, and to embark on the search for true alpha.

A Financial History of Western Europe

... in spite of Secretary Royall and the French who held out until the last minute (
Möller , 1976 , pp . 446 ) -made it possible for reasonable policies to be adopted .
If one looks hard , one can find disagreements and opposition to the overall plan

Author : Charles P. Kindleberger

Release : 2005-11-03

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

ISBN : 9780415378673

File Size : 47.67 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The history of finance - defined to include money, banking, capital markets, public and private finance, international transfers, and more - that covers Western Europe and half a millennium. This work casts issues in historical perspective and throws light on the evolution of financial institutions and the management of financial problems.

The Good Enough Diet

Any financial planner will tell you to get on board with this investment! If you want
to ... For example, you walk at a brisk pace for three minutes and then jog for one
minute (an interval), then go back to your normal walking pace. 79 There are no ...

Author : Tara Diversi

Release : 2011-04-08

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 0730375749

File Size : 56.65 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Too busy for endless calorie counting or specialised diets that require excessive preparation? Struggling to schedule in gym sessions or finding it hard to refuse that second piece of cake? Whatever your reason, The Good Enough Diet delivers great results for people who want to be healthy but don't have time to be obsessive. This breakthrough book by health industry experts dietitian Tara Diversi and exercise physiologist Dr Adam Fraser provides a series of easy-to-implement strategies that will deliver amazing weight-loss results without turning your lifestyle upside down! In this book you will learn: why low-fat food can make you fat why taking the stairs can make you put on weight why health professionals don't follow the advice they give you why near enough really is good enough to lose weight! Stop feeling guilty and punishing yourself for not being perfect and learn the real secret to weight-loss success.

55 Surefire Homebased Businesses You Can Start for Under $5000

However, this is one financial-related business where it is also important for you
to get out and network with other ... WILL NEED You will need a good computer
system, a printer that can print a high number of high quality pages per minute,
and access to lots of financial databases. MARKETING ANGLE The best
marketing angle you can take with financial planning is to target an age group
and/or income ...

Author : Entrepreneur Press

Release : 2009-02-01

Publisher : Entrepreneur Press

ISBN : 1613081049

File Size : 63.1 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Coaching you all the way, the experts at Entrepreneur guide you into the thriving homebased industry, revealing unique, slam-dunk opportunities, outlining vital business basics, sharing priceless industry need-to-knows, and so much more! If you can bankroll $5,000 (some even less!), you can boldly choose your next big business move, decide to be your own boss, and start making profits! • Choose from a diverse list of 55 surefire homebased businesses • Spend less than $5,000 on startup • Quickly and legitimately setup your home office • Master industry language and fundamentals • Use business-specific marketing techniques to secure success • Create repeat business with engaging customer service practices • Plan for expansion • And more You’re on target for success—let us help you hit the bullseye! (maybe use the target image from the logo in the background)