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The PhD Survival Guide: Lessons from Life and Lab

In this book, you will learn: The fundamental reasons to study for a PhD and the nature of the present landscape. How to obtain funding for your chosen degree.

Author : Allan M. Grant

Release : 2018-08-15

Publisher : Rising Tide Press

ISBN : 1916462901

File Size : 66.8 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Read : 546

Are you considering PhD study but don't know where to begin? Perhaps you've already started and your confidence and motivation have fallen through the floor? In this practical and highly accessible guide, Allan M. Grant provides the blueprint for navigating the often turbulent waters on the journey towards PhD completion and success. In this book, you will learn: The fundamental reasons to study for a PhD and the nature of the present landscape. How to obtain funding for your chosen degree. How to prepare effectively before your studies commence, such as setting up your domestic and study environment, and much more. The best things to do when you begin your studies. Strategies for managing relationships with your supervisory team, other students, and your social circle. How to conduct the data collection process, from seeking ethical approval to participant recruitment and beyond. The optimal ways to look after your health and wellbeing during your studies. How to prepare appropriately for the viva voce examination. Methods to maximise your employability and job prospects once you’ve submitted your thesis.

Your PhD Survival Guide

These neat pocket guides fill specific and significant gaps in current literature.

Author : Katherine Firth

Release : 2020-12-22

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1000286568

File Size : 63.64 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The 'Insider Guides to Success in Academia' offers support and practical advice to doctoral students and early-career researchers. Covering the topics that really matter, but which often get overlooked, this indispensable series provides practical and realistic guidance to address many of the needs and challenges of trying to operate, and remain, in academia. These neat pocket guides fill specific and significant gaps in current literature. Each book offers insider perspectives on the often implicit rules of the game -- the things you need to know but usually aren't told by institutional postgraduate support, researcher development units, or supervisors -- and will address a practical topic that is key to career progression. They are essential reading for doctoral students, early-career researchers, supervisors, mentors, or anyone looking to launch or maintain their career in academia. Accessible, insightful and a must-have toolkit for all final year doctoral students, the founders of the ‘Thesis Boot Camp’ intensive writing programme show how to survive and thrive through the challenging final year of writing and submitting a thesis. Drawing on an understanding of the intellectual, professional, practical and personal elements of the doctorate to help readers gain insight into what it means to finish a PhD and how to get there, this book covers the common challenges and ways to resolve them. It includes advice on: Project management skills to plan, track, iterate and report on the complex task of bringing a multi-year research project to a successful close Personal effectiveness and self-care to support students to thrive in body, mind and relationships, including challenging supervisor relationships. The successful ‘generative’ writing processes which get writers into the zone and producing thousands of words; and then provides the skills to structure and polish those words to publishable quality. What it means to survive a PhD and consider multiple possible futures. Written for students in all disciplines, and relevant to university systems around the world, this unique book expertly guides students through the final 6–12 months of the thesis.

The Ph.D. Survival Guide

The Ph.D. Survival Guide blends humor with advice that will help doctoral students graduate more or less in one piece.

Author : Eric Dolin Ph D

Release : 2005-04

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595350305

File Size : 51.79 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Getting a Ph.D. is an intellectually exciting experience. It can also be very painful. Roughly 40,000 doctoral students graduate each year in the United States. Most of them bear the scars of what is too often a lonely and difficult rite of passage. They all could have benefited from seeing the lighter side of the doctoral process, and that is what The Ph.D. Survival Guide provides. Learn how to pick a school based on its location, plead for acceptance, identify subspecies of Homo doctoratus, avoid professorial deadwood, select courses that aren't lethal, qualify for a platinum copying card, raise jargon to an art form, interact with unsympathetic friends and family members, footnote one's way to nirvana, suck up to secretaries, survive the dissertation defense without crying, and reenter the real world. The Ph.D. Survival Guide blends humor with advice that will help doctoral students graduate more or less in one piece.

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

So, you've decided to do a PhD ... now what? In this essay, I provide some advice for beginning PhD students - basically sharing with you what I would tell my younger self.

Author : Koen Deconinck

Release : 2014

Publisher :


File Size : 22.35 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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So, you've decided to do a PhD ... now what? In this essay, I provide some advice for beginning PhD students - basically sharing with you what I would tell my younger self. Doing a PhD is a transformative experience, but the process is challenging - not merely on an intellectual level but also psychologically. To overcome these challenges you will need a certain mindset and a bag of tricks. I offer some help to get you in the right mindset, and I share some of my own tricks for studying, research, and productivity in general.

First-Year Ph. D. Survival Guide

I hope this book helps you "survive" Year-One as you begin to write Chapters 1 and 2 of your dissertations; these suggestions are ideas and best practices captured to create the two main chapters of the doctoral dissertation.

Author : Mark A. RUSSO Candidate

Release : 2020-03-18

Publisher :


File Size : 76.34 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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**(ALMOST) EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING YOUR YEAR 1 PHD PROGRAM.**In 2018, I began my journey as a future Ph.D. The program was distance education-based, and for the most part, I had little difficulty with the classwork. In 2019, I attended my first residency that was mandatory for my future degree. I discovered there that I was ill-prepared for that long weekend session and decided to write this book to help those of you who want to do what I did--became a future Ph.D. graduate. Here, I have attempted to provide everything from my notes of what I wish I had been more thoroughly aware of being best prepared. I hope this book helps you "survive" Year-One as you begin to write Chapters 1 and 2 of your dissertations; these suggestions are ideas and best practices captured to create the two main chapters of the doctoral dissertation. If these are not done well upfront, it will make the entire process far more difficult. Best of Luck! Mark

The Nextgen Librarian's Survival Guide

Going Back for the PhD Although most librarians stop with the MLS ( or with a
subject - specialist master ' s degree ; see Chapter 5 ) , your career goals may
eventually require additional education . This is particularly true if your grad
school ...

Author : Rachel Singer Gordon

Release : 2006

Publisher : Information Today, Inc.

ISBN : 9781573872560

File Size : 67.26 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Looks at concerns of interest to new and aspiring librarians, including library school, job-hunting, entry-level positions, career advancement, stereotypes, diversity, networking, and achieving work/life balance.

Special Libraries: A Survival Guide

This advocacy book is essential reading for staff at special/corporate libraries in the English-speaking world who wish to retain their positions, but it also contains information applicable to today's academic, public, and even school ...

Author : James M. Matarazzo Ph.D.

Release : 2013-04-23

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

ISBN : 1610692683

File Size : 85.20 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Learn why special or corporate libraries must align with their parent organizations in order to survive in these difficult economic times—and how to foster and demonstrate this critical relationship. • Presents case studies of corporate and other special library reductions and closures and provides strategies to minimize your chances of becoming a victim • Demonstrates how to integrate your information services and skills with essential functions of your parent organization • Underscores the critical nature of documenting your contribution to your parent organization's mission • Provides a useful predictive model to assess if your library is in danger of being severely cut back or closed outright • Makes comparisons of corporate libraries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

A Christian Student's Survival Guide

Author : Ph. D. Dr Robert a. Morey

Release : 2010-07

Publisher : Xulon Press

ISBN : 1609574249

File Size : 53.2 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Creative Writer's Survival Guide

Well, the PhD program gave me an opportunity to undo that damage. As a PhD
student, I could take pretty much whatever I wanted, so I stocked up on
Shakespeare courses and, as a result, have a greater, deeper appreciation of his
work now.

Author : John McNally

Release : 2010-04-15

Publisher : University of Iowa Press

ISBN : 1587299496

File Size : 63.19 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 874

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Beginning with “The Writer’s Wonderland—Or: A Warning” and ending with “You’ve Published a Book—Now What?” The Creative Writer’s Survival Guide is a must-read for creative-writing students and teachers, conference participants, and aspiring writers of every stamp. Directed primarily at fiction writers but suitable for writers of all genres, John McNally’s guide is a comprehensive, take-no-prisoners blunt, highly idiosyncratic, and delightfully subjective take on the writing life. McNally has earned the right to dispense advice on this subject. He has published three novels, two collections of short fiction, and hundreds of individual stories and essays. He has edited six anthologies and worked with editors at university presses, commercial houses, and small presses. He has earned three degrees, including an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and taught writing to thousands of students at nine different universities. But he has received far more rejections than acceptances, has endured years of underpaid adjunct work, and is presently hard at work on a novel for which he has no guarantee of publication. In other words, he’s been at the writing game long enough to rack up plenty of the highs and lows that translate into an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to become a writer or anyone who is already a writer but doesn’t know how to take the next step toward the writing life. In the sections The Decision to Become a Writer, Education and the Writer, Getting Published, Publicity, Employment for Writers, and The Writer’s Life, McNally wrestles with writing degrees and graduate programs, the nuts and bolts of agents and query letters and critics, book signings and other ways to promote your book, alcohol and other home remedies, and jobs for writers from adjunct to tenure-track. Chapters such as “What Have You Ever Done That’s Worth Writing About?” “Can Writing Be Taught?” “Rejection: Putting It in Perspective,” “Writing as a Competitive Sport,” “Seven Types of MLA Interview Committees,” “Money and the Writer,” and the all-important “Talking about Writing vs. Writing” cover a vast range of writerly topics from learning your craft to making a living at it. McNally acts as the writer’s friendly drill sergeant, relentlessly honest but bracingly cheerful as he issues his curmudgeonly marching orders. Alternately cranky and philosophical, full of to-the-point anecdotes and honest advice instead of wonkish facts and figures, The Creative Writer’s Survival Guide is a snarky, truthful, and immensely helpful map to being a writer in today’s complex world.

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition

The experience inspired me to choose a PhD dissertation on this disorder,
specifically about family relationships among late adolescents and young adults
who were recently out of the hospital. In the 25-plus years since, I have cared for,

Author : David J. Miklowitz

Release : 2011-02-28

Publisher : Guilford Press

ISBN : 9781609180140

File Size : 77.36 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 786

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Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step toward reclaiming your life from bipolar disorder. But if you or someone you love is struggling with the frantic highs and crushing lows of this illness, there are still many hurdles to surmount at home, at work, and in daily life. You need current information and practical problem-solving advice you can count on. You've come to the right place. * How can you distinguish between early warning signs of bipolar mood swings and normal ups and downs?* What medications are available, and what are their side effects?* What should you do when you find yourself escalating into mania or descending into depression?* How can you tell your coworkers about your illness without endangering your career?* If you have a family member with bipolar disorder, how can you provide constructive help and support? Trusted authority Dr. David J. Miklowitz offers straight talk, true stories, and proven strategies that can help you achieve greater balance and free yourself from out-of-control moods. The updated second edition of this bestselling guide has the latest facts on medications and therapy, an expanded discussion of parenting issues for bipolar adults, and a new chapter, "For Women Only."

Basic Concepts In Neuroscience: A Student's Survival Guide

John M. Aletta, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology State University of New York at
Buffalo Buffalo, New York Chapter 2 Beverly P. Bishop, PhD Professor of ...

Author : Malcolm Slaughter

Release : 2001-09-10

Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN : 0071630503

File Size : 83.35 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 539

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*A new book in the Basic Concepts series *Explains the fundamental principles of neuroscience and helps students organize and condense the material they need to study *Level of the material progressively builds from simple to complex, enabling mastery of concepts *Content is presented in simple, jargon-free language *Critical need-to-know information is highlights in boxes *Numerous tables and charts help compare and contrast key information

Panic Survival Guide for Kids

TOBY KLASSER, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage, family, child therapist, and has
been in private practice in Los Angeles since 1979. Her specialty has been
anxiety disorder with an emphasis on panic attacks. She attended University of ...

Author : Toby Klasser

Release : 2007-06

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1425998372

File Size : 65.20 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 722

Read : 477

Dr. Toby Klasser's book, Panic Survival Guide For Kids, is a colorful, easy to read, step by step manual on understanding panic, specifically designed for the young, anxious child or teenager. The book clearly explains panic's causes, symptoms, and triggers, as well as how to survive, prevent, and heal from panic disorders. Any profits from sales of this book received by author will go to research for anxiety disorder.

The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide

First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities
for Meeting the Challenges of Each ... Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D. • ISBN 978-0-
7879-7096-3 The English Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Techniques ...

Author : Doug Johnson

Release : 2012-02-23

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 111818355X

File Size : 65.82 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 596

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A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom This is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies. Written by Doug Johnson, an expert in educational technology, The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide is replete with practical tips teachers can easily use to engage their students and make their classrooms places where both students and teachers will enjoy learning. Covers the most up-to-date technologies and how they can best be used in the classroom Includes advice on upgrading time-tested educational strategies using technology Talks about managing "disruptive technologies" in the classroom Includes a wealth of illustrative examples, helpful suggestions, and practical tips This timely book provides a commonsense approach to choosing and using educational technology to enhance learning.

The Special Educator's Survival Guide

Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D. ... and be ready for an exciting, rewarding, but
demanding profession. This survival guide is designed to give you the basic
knowledge you will need. Chapter 2 Disability Classifications As a special
educator you will ...

Author : Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D.

Release : 2012-06-27

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118429052

File Size : 28.32 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

Download : 107

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Written for educators who work with special children and teens, this second edition of a best-selling classic offers a practical guide to every facet of the special education teacher’s job, from teaching in a self-contained classroom or resource room to serving on a multidisciplinary team. This easy-to-follow format, takes you step by step through the various stages required to understand the referral process, parent intakes and conferences, evaluation, interpretation, diagnosis, remediation, placement, individual education plans, classroom management, medication, educational law, and more.

The Unemployment Survival Guide

Nourishing yourself through the lean times Jim Stringham , Ph . D . & David R .
Workman eins og a THE UNEMPLOYMENT SURVIVAL GUIDE lli : Since.

Author : Jim Stringham

Release : 2004

Publisher : Gibbs Smith

ISBN : 9781586853730

File Size : 47.35 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

Download : 438

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Take advantage of your free time and learn how to Handle unemployment without flipping your lid Escape video game overdose Face Black Monday (and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc.) Have fun for little or no money Gain new perspectives Keep loved ones sane while you are jobless Rid yourself of resentment Feel confident with a lower standard of living Explainjob loss to children Set a financial plan

A Mathematician's Survival Guide

I know of situations in which a Ph.D. candidate published as many as three solid
papers from his Ph.D. thesis. Thus this person's reputation was established
instantly.1 This is another good time to get advice from your thesis advisor.
Should ...

Author : Steven George Krantz

Release : 2003

Publisher : American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN : 082183455X

File Size : 84.32 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 589

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When you are a young mathematician, graduate school marks the first step toward a career in mathematics. During this period, you will make important decisions which will affect the rest of your career. Here now is a detailed guide to help you navigate graduate school and the years that follow. In his inimitable and forthright style, Steven Krantz addresses the major issues of graduate school, including choosing a program, passing the qualifying exams, finding an advisor, writing a thesis, and getting your first job. As with his earlier guide, How to Teach Mathematics, he avoids generalities, giving clear advice on how to handle real situations. The book also contains a description of the basic elements of a mathematical education, as well as a glossary and appendices on the structure of a typical department and university and the standard academic ranks. Steven G. Krantz is an accomplished mathematician and an award-winning author. He has published 130 research articles and 45 books. He has worked in many different types of mathematics departments, supervised both masters and doctoral students, and is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

S aunders Nursing Survival Guide: Critical Care & Emergency Nursing Second
Edition Lori Schumacher, PhD, RN, CCRN Associate Professor and Associate
Dean Medical College of Georgia, School of Nursing Augusta, Georgia Cynthia ...

Author : Lori Schumacher

Release : 2009-06

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 141606169X

File Size : 27.36 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

Download : 589

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Part of the popular Saunders Nursing Survival Guide series, this book prepares you to manage the most common health care problems you'll see in critical care, trauma, or emergency settings. Each chapter is organized from the most immediate and life-threatening conditions to less emergent critical care conditions. Its lighthearted, cartoon-filled approach simplifies difficult concepts, covering each body system in terms of current practice standards. Consistent headings break content into four succinct areas of review: What (subject) IS, What You NEED TO KNOW, What You DO, and Do You UNDERSTAND? Clinical terms and shorthand expressions are highlighted, exposing you to terminology used in the hospital setting. A color insert illustrates concepts and principles of critical care and emergency nursing, including various complications Mnemonic devices aid your memory and interactive activities help you learn, with exercises including fill in the blank, matching, word jumbles, true/false, and crossword puzzles. Special icons help you focus on vital information: Take Home Points help you prepare for clinical rotations. Caution notes alert you to dangerous conditions and how to avoid them. Lifespan notes point out age-related variations in signs and symptoms, nursing interventions, and patient teaching. Culture notes cite possible variations related to a patient's cultural background. Web links direct you to Internet resources for additional research and study. What You WILL LEARN learning objectives help you identify quickly the content covered and goals for each chapter. NCLEX"¥ examination-style review questions at the end of each chapter allow you to test your understanding of content and practice for the Boards. Cartoon characters with brief captions help to better explain difficult concepts. Margin notes are streamlined for ease of use and effectiveness. Content updates reflect current practice and emergent situations, including increased focus on disaster preparedness, code management, updated ACLS guidelines, and hypertension.

Network Administrators Survival Guide

William R. Parkhurst, Ph.D., CCIE No. 2969, is a design consultant with Cisco
Systems, specializing in IP core and mobile wireless networks. Prior to his current
position, Bill was on the CCIE team and managed the development of the CCIE ...

Author : Anand Deveriya

Release : 2005-09-27

Publisher : Cisco Press

ISBN : 0133798739

File Size : 67.75 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 983

Read : 706

The all-in-one practical guide to supporting your Cisco network Provides detailed tips for using freeware and open-source tools readily available from the Internet, including the reasons behind choosing a particular tool Refer to a single source for common Cisco network administration issues Dedicated section for network security aids administrators in effectively dealing with security issues Deploy fully functional RADIUS and TACACS+ for servers for controlling access to Cisco devices Deploy Linux- and Windows-based syslog servers to centrally collect syslog information generated by Cisco devices Deploy Linux- and Windows-based network monitoring systems to monitor interface traffic through Cisco devices including routers, switches, VPN concentrators, and Cisco PIX® firewalls Use the trending feature of network monitoring systems for long-term network analysis and capacity planning Automatically detect and report configuration changes on Cisco IOS® Software-based devices and Cisco PIX firewalls Deploy Cisco-based VPNs in mixed environments using Linux- and Windows-based VPN servers Network Administrators Survival Guide solves many common network administration problems by providing administrators with an all-in-one practical guide to supporting Cisco® networks using freeware tools. It is a single reference source that explains particular issues, their significance for administrators, and the installation and configuration process for the tools. The solutions are Cisco centric and provide detail not available in generic online information. Network Administrators Survival Guide emphasizes solutions for network managers and administrators of small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Each chapter is broadly based on a network administration function, starting with an overview of the topic, followed by the methodology involved to accomplish that function. This includes the tools available, why they are the right choice, and their installation, configuration, and usage methods. For any given function, Network Administrators Survival Guide covers both Windows- and Linux-based tools as appropriate. Most of the Windows-based tools offer the advantage of GUI for ease of use, whereas the Linux-based tools are command-line based and can be used in automated scripts. Both are significant for network administrators. Based on author Anand Deveriya’s extensive field experience, this practical guide to maintaining Cisco networks will save you significant time and money. Any network administrator—beginner or advanced—will find this book useful. The solutions to practical aspects of network administration make Network Administrators Survival Guide a must-have reference for supporting your Cisco network.

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

The experience inspired me to choose a PhD dissertation on this disorder,
specifically about family relationships among late adolescents and young adults
who were recently out of the hospital. In the 25-plus years since, I have cared for,

Author : David J. Miklowitz

Release : 2010-12-01

Publisher : Guilford Press

ISBN : 160623983X

File Size : 80.46 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 727

Read : 647

A bipolar diagnosis can be overwhelming to sufferers and their family members. They need trustworthy information and support for finding the right treatment and coping with the illness's devastating ups and downs. Over 200,000 readers have already found exactly that in this indispensable guide from a leading expert. Explaining the disorder's causes, diagnosis, and best current treatments, David J. Miklowitz shows how to plan for and reduce recurrences of mood symptoms, make needed lifestyle changes to stay well, and strengthen relationships strained by the illness. Readers love the user-friendly tone, true-to-life stories, checklists, worksheets, and practical problem-solving advice. Updated throughout, the second edition has a new chapter, "For Women Only"; the latest facts on medications and therapy; and an expanded discussion of parenting issues for bipolar adults. This book will be invaluable to people with bipolar illness and their family members and significant others; mental health professionals and students.

Your Job Survival Guide

A Manual for Thriving in Change Gregory Shea PhD, Robert E. Gunther. and
getting the job done. So we struggle with the idea that failing is part of the job of
change. It is okay for kids, but once you stop being a toddler, it is no longer “cute”
to ...

Author : Gregory Shea PhD

Release : 2008-08-11

Publisher : FT Press

ISBN : 9780132704205

File Size : 68.94 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 821

Read : 1261

Selected by IBM Competitive Edge Book Club Selection. "The beauty of this book on top of its life-saving timeliness is its capacity to give the reader concrete steps to live the good life and enjoy it. The book made me understand that work can be more fun than fun.” –Warren Bennis, Ph.D., University Professor, University of Southern California, coauthor, Judgment: How Great Leaders Make Winning Calls and Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor Change. It’s your job. It just won’t stop. It’s relentless. It keeps coming at you like never-ending rapids in a permanent whitewater river. Change will burn you out if you don’t learn how to handle it. This book is not, however, about mere survival. It is about thriving amidst the challenges of your permanent whitewater world at work. •Protect your career, improve your resilience, and seize the opportunities in turbulent times •Take charge, learn to pace yourself, set your own course, and lead others in ad-hoc teams •Ride the rapids and rediscover play and adventure in today’s demanding work environment •Learn from research and the experiences of hundreds of professionals in industries from energy to telecommunications to financial services to health care There’s nothing abstract or cute about the way this book talks about change: This is practical, grounded knowledge for managing your life in a business world that’s churning with change. Gregory Shea, Ph.D. and Robert Gunther show how to keep your working life on course instead of being pushed beyond your limits...find fun and fulfillment...regroup and rebound from failure...protect yourself from events you can’t predict...take charge of your life, an your future!