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The Rainbow Juice Cleanse

The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a revolutionary program that employs the nutritious, healing properties of a rainbow of vegetables to kick start weight loss and improve overall health.

Author : Ginger Southall

Release : 2015-03-29

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0762457384

File Size : 25.94 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a revolutionary program that employs the nutritious, healing properties of a rainbow of vegetables to kick start weight loss and improve overall health. While most juicing books include recipes for high-sugar fruits, Dr. Ginger explains that most fruits can actually ruin a detox for people looking to lose weight or for anyone who has diabetes or blood sugar issues. Instead, Dr. Ginger shows readers how to properly “shop the rainbow” of produce with a plan that entails consuming red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet fresh, raw, organic juices. In just seven days, readers will detoxify their bodies and lose up to seven pounds of fat! Each day of the program focuses on a different color of the rainbow, ensuring the best possible nutrition profile and guaranteeing positive results. By “drinking the rainbow,” readers will shed pounds and experience anti-aging, renewed energy, and a better balanced body. Also included are 50 food and juicing recipes and 20 full-color photos.

The Juice Cleansing Diet: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

... After warming up for two weeks, you are now closer to the Juice Cleanse. One
week prior to your juicing, you should be able to already speed up your transition
by taking in more of the juices and eating organic foods that span the rainbow.

Author : Bruce Ackerberg

Release :

Publisher : No Fluff Publishing


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This book contains guides and strategies for beginners on how to properly execute a cleansing diet by utilizing the vegetables. Juicing, is one of the emerging, popular methods in the alternative medicine that can help you get healthy in so many ways. You can tell the nutrients from fruits and vegetables by their color, and it is also an interesting way of re-introducing yourselves to the wonders of organic fruits and vegetables once again. This book will guide you on how to master this diet regimen. Everything you need to know about using colorful vegetables for cleansing is here. Learn all the benefits, as well as the risks that you should consider. This book will also give you an in-depth guide to all that you would drink for at least ten days in order to achieve the desired weight loss and detoxification for your body. Table of Contents Introduction The Wonders of Juice Cleansing The Many Benefits of Juicing The Potential Risks and Side-Effects of Juice Cleanse Warming up: Two Weeks Before Your Juice Cleanse One Week Before the Juice Cleanse The Juice Cleanse Experience Conclusion

Juice Fasting and Detoxification

human body has an incredible capacity for healing and longevity . Within it is an
intelligence more powerful than any drugs or a surgeon ' s knife . Fasting gives
your ...

Author : Steve Meyerowitz

Release : 1999

Publisher : Sproutman Publications

ISBN : 9781878736659

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Juice fasting can help to increase energy and improve mental alertness, lose weight, heal chronic ailments without drugs, and maintain stamina with no hunger. This book features quick and delicious juice recipes for fasting at home or work and is suitable for those with a busy lifestyle.

The Juicing Diet: Drink Your Way to Weight Loss, Cleansing, Health, and Beauty

... Rainbow Juice Snack: 8ounces green juice Lunch: Blueberry Banana Booster
Snack: 8 ounces green juice Dinner: Basil Ginger Juice Blend 3Day Healthful
Diet Transition Now that you've completed your fifteen-day juice cleanse you are

Author : Sonoma Press

Release : 2013-12-23

Publisher : Arcas Publishing

ISBN : 0989558649

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A juicing diet can boost your immunity and help you lose weight. Studies have shown that adding juicing into your diet can improve your body’s immune response, reduce your risk for chronic disease, improve your skin and hair health, and help you easily lose weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and by juicing your produce, you get all of the benefits of your produce in the purest form. The Juicing Diet is your guide to experiencing the benefits of a juicing diet. With 175 delicious juicing recipes packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, you can detox your body and begin to feel more energetic right away. The Juicing Diet will help you lose weight and improve your well-being with: • 175 delicious and nutritious juicing recipe • Introduction to the many health benefits of juicing • 30-day juicing weight-loss plan • Special tips on juicing for beauty, weight loss, and detox • 10 steps for success on a juicing diet Whether you’re looking for a foolproof way to lose weight, or you just want add more nutrients to your diet, The Juicing Diet is sure to quench your thirst and give you an energy boost to power you through your day.

The Detox Diet

fasting, we can turn our energies inward, where we can use them for healing,
clarity, and change. ... Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, physician and spiritual
teacher Gabriel Cousens, M.D., includes an excellent chapter on fasting in ... —
109– Juice fasting can be used both to detoxify from drugs Fasting and Juice

Author : Elson M. Haas

Release : 1996

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780890878149

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Dr Haas reacquaints readers with the art of detoxification in this guide. A philosopher-physician, Dr Haas advocates an approach to health which supports the body's own natural healing process. A detox diet is designed for anyone seeking renewed health after years of damaging lifestyle and eating habits. Healing the gastro-intestinal tract and its relationship to overall health is discussed, along with specific programmes for detoxification from sugar, caffeine, alchohol and nicotine, using the Alkaline Detox Diet.

Whirling Rainbow

GALL STONES 1 3 Day Gall Sione Cleanse Ist day Apple juice all day Belore
going to bed take i Cun nivo oil and 1 / 2 cup lemon juice 2nd day : Enema in
morning and then same as first day 3rd day : Sarne as second day 2 Alternale
Cleanse ...

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Swords of the Rainbow

... people who are perhaps capable of some flexibility . With my silver dagger ,
given to me at birth by the village Mother , I hacked away at the wall , close to the
ground , digging as well as cutting , the sandy soil cleansing the sap and juice
that ...

Author : Eric Garber

Release : 1996

Publisher : Alyson Books


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Here editors Garber and Gomez have tapped the richest vein of young writers writing today in this remarkable collection of fantasy, sword and sorcery, and science fiction tales on gay and lesbian themes. A bold and exciting original collection of gay and lesbian fantasy and science fiction adventures.

Healthy Healing

Babies do not Although some of these foods are healthy BITTERS & LEMON
CLEANSETM exand / or have the proper ... Falls ALOE GINGER JUICE . as
Rainbow Light DOUBLE STRENGTH Use a garlic / catnip enema to cleanse 158
) to ...

Author : Linda G. Rector-Page

Release : 1998

Publisher : Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN : 9781884334856

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The latest information on preventive therapies and natural healing. Over 1/2 million copies sold.


WIN A 3 - DAY JUICE CLEANSE ! SEE PAGE 12 Anatomy of a 7 - Day Juice Fast
This fasting program , created in collaboration with Gabriel Cousens , M.D. ,
director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia , Arizona , offers a ...

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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The Out Traveler

Best Lesbian Property " - The Out Traveler 800-749-6696
Island House Award - winning resort for men . Cafe , Bar , Health Club , Luxury
Rooms . 800-890-6284 We Care Juice Fasting and
Retreat ...

Author :

Release : 2006

Publisher :


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True fasting is done by consuming only filtered water and / or herbal teas , with
zero caloric intake . ... Rainbow Feather Veggie Juice 1 lemon , juiced 72 beet
root 3 - 5 beet greens 1 cucumber 1 / 2 " slice of ginger 1 - 3 carrots 2 stalks
celery ...

Author : Eugene R. Zampieron

Release : 2000

Publisher : Alternativemedicine.Com Books

ISBN : 9781887299152

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Explores the causes of arthritis and the application of reflexology, detoxification, immunotherapy, and supplements

Pharmaceutical Record and Weekly Market Review

In our last issue we reprinted a paper by Professor Wanklyn , The cleansing of
the skin should be considered in a similar ... gives rainbow colors . ... tissue must
be cleansed than A LARGE QUANTITY of lime juice has been exported from
Trinidad to call to mind the processes that are gone through in a wool - in recent
years .

Author : P. W. Bedford

Release : 1887

Publisher :


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The Ladies' Home Journal

Ice cream or water ice in fanciful shapes or CUCUMBER JUICE Thoroughly
cleanses the teeth and purifies does not have a tendency to make the hair grow
low frozen sherbet may conclude the breakfast . Coffee on the forehead ; that is ...

Author :

Release : 1893

Publisher :


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Words on Cassette

PK103). Valley Sun. Includes: Lose Weight Now Video Hypnosis; Instruction -
Motivation Tape; The 25 Best Ways to Lose Weight; Perfect Weight, Perfect Body;
Weight Loss. Lose Weight Now, No. 1: Slimming Foods & Miracle Juice Cleanse.

Author :

Release : 1995

Publisher :


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Ultimate Fat Flush Plan and Cookbook (EBOOK BUNDLE)

... elimination, you'll drink this refreshing mixture filled with emulsifying enzymes
from unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water ... Stock up instead on lots of
fiber-rich veggies in all colors of the rainbow. Green, yellow, red, and orange
veggies aid the cleansing process by providing natural fiber, which helps sweep
out ...

Author : Ann Louise Gittleman

Release : 2011-11-18

Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN : 0071796487

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Reboot your metabolism and reinvent your life with the revolutionary Fat Flush plan and cookbook 2 books in 1 eBOOK! One of the top nutritionists and wellness gurus in the United States today, Ann Louise Gittleman gives you everything you need to drop the pounds and boost your health. Her breakthrough Fat Flush plan has helped countless people not only lose weight but increase their metabolism, energy, and even beauty. Now, you can get the science behind the plan and recipes for delicious meals to keep yourself on track—all in this single ebook package! The Ultimate Fat Flush Plan and Cookbook contains: The Fat Flush Plan Gittleman’s revolutionary helps you trim fat and build health by cleansing the liver¬¬—the most essential organ for maintaining optimal body weight. Based on a satisfying, healthful, and cleansing combination of essential fats, balanced proteins, and quality carbohydrates, this detoxifying process boosts the liver's ability to function at its highest level, accelerating weight loss while increasing health. In no time, you’ll experience: Increased metabolism Greater levels of energy More restful sleep Fewer mood swings The Fat Flush Cookbook Cleanse your body with more than 200 recipes using fat-flushing foods and thermogenic herbs and spices. This tasty, heart-smart volume includes: Time-saving, one-dish dinners Packable lunches Vegetarian-friendly ideas Serving options for singles and families An expansive list of name brands suitable for Fat Flushing With delicious recipes, Fat Flushing information, and meal choices to suit every lifestyle, The Fat Flush Cookbook is perfect for the millions of people across the country struggling to keep the weight off and lead a healthier, happier life.


3.50 & S.A.S.E. to : RAINBOW ENTERPRISES , 30616 8th Ave. ... Beachfront ,
health / fitness program vegetarian , water and juice fasting . ... THE FOUNTAIN
OF HEALTH - Safe easy weight loss , cleansing , rejuvenating , detox program .

Author :

Release : 1987

Publisher :


File Size : 77.67 MB

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There Is a Cure for Diabetes

"Presents a breakthrough approach that reverses diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being by resetting the genetic expression of a person's DNA through green juice fasting and a 100% organic, nutrient-dense, vegan, low-glycemic, low ...

Author : Gabriel Cousens

Release : 2007-12-25

Publisher : North Atlantic Books

ISBN : 9781556436918

File Size : 26.66 MB

Format : PDF

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"Presents a breakthrough approach that reverses diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being by resetting the genetic expression of a person's DNA through green juice fasting and a 100% organic, nutrient-dense, vegan, low-glycemic, low-insulin-scoring, and high-mineral diet of living foods in the first 21 days"--Provided by publisher.

The Complete Book of Juicing

Presents a guide to juicing that reveals the health potential of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, including more than two hundred recipes and information on weight loss and boosting immunity.

Author : Michael T. Murray

Release : 2013

Publisher : Clarkson Potter

ISBN : 0385345712

File Size : 68.7 MB

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Presents a guide to juicing that reveals the health potential of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, including more than two hundred recipes and information on weight loss and boosting immunity.

Student and Family Miscellany

... it is a diamond , not cut and flashing with all the hues of the rainbow , but dull
and covered with all its earthly incrustations . ... Nor do tobacco juice and smoke
impair their vitality the least . ... the only article that will effectually destroy these
parasites , hence we may infer that it is superior to every thing else for cleansing
and ...

Author :

Release : 1854

Publisher :


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Home and School

This is the great source of the fore fruit - juice dries it can often be re new colors of
every shade , surpassing moved by cold water ... Rubbing the rainbow . ... Mixed
with softening poultices , ists , and certainly therefore not acting it is cleansing ,
soothing , and healing to from religious prejudice , has refused to foul sores .

Author : William J. Davis

Release : 1873

Publisher :


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