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The Reagan Persuasion

" -Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO, FOX News "I love this book. I've followed Humes's lessons for years, and he combines them all into one compact, hard-hitting resource. Get this book on your desk now.

Author : James Humes

Release : 2010-07-01

Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN : 1402256582

File Size : 52.67 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Persuade, mentor, and motivate like the Great Communicator More than just an influential speaker, Ronald Reagan was a master of all types of communication and employed his personal warmth and charm to rally Americans around his vision. Now, former Reagan speechwriter James C. Humes shows how you can replicate Reagan's ability to influence others and utilize his communication tools when interacting with colleagues and partners. Don't just rely on words, instead: • Communicate with gestures, postures, and even clothing • Learn the power of podium presence • Fine-tune your humor and voice for each unique audience Praise for James C. Humes's Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Reagan: "As a student of speech, I very much enjoyed this intriguing historic approach to public speaking. Humes creates a valuable and practical guide." -Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO, FOX News "I love this book. I've followed Humes's lessons for years, and he combines them all into one compact, hard-hitting resource. Get this book on your desk now." -Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

Reagan and Public Discourse in America

The essays in this collection focus on a variety of domestic and foreign policy controversies and identify a broad range of persuasive strategies and devices to reveal how Ronald Reagan both appropriated and transformed American public ...

Author : Michael Weiler

Release : 1992-10-30

Publisher : University of Alabama Press

ISBN : 9780817305857

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Reagan and Public Discourse assesses the rhetorical legacy of the Reagan presidency. The essays in this collection focus on a variety of domestic and foreign policy controversies and identify a broad range of persuasive strategies and devices to reveal how Ronald Reagan both appropriated and transformed American public discourse in the 1980s. They analyse Reagan's impact not only on the policy issues of the 1980s but also in the process of public political discourse itself.

Persuasion Across Genres

CHAPTER 4 In search of “ successful ” political persuasion A comparison of the
styles of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan Helena Halmari Since the time when
Aristotle wrote his Politics and Rhetoric , political rhetoric has been considered
one ...

Author : Helena Halmari

Release : 2005

Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN : 9789027253736

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Persuasion, in its various linguistic forms, enters our lives daily. Politicians and the news media attempt to change or confirm our beliefs, while advertisers try to bend our tastes toward buying their products. Persuasion goes on in courtrooms, universities, and the business world. Persuasion pervades interpersonal relations in all social spheres, public and private. And persuasion reaches us via a large number of genres and their intricate interplay.This volume brings together nine chapters which investigate some of the typical genres of modern persuasion. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, the authors explore the linguistic features of successful (and unsuccessful) persuasion and the reasons for the variation of persuasive choices as realized in various genres: business negotiations, judicial argumentation, political speech, advertising, newspaper editorials, and news writing. In the final chapter, the editors tie together the two themes — persuasion and genres — by proposing an Intergenre Model. This model assumes that a powerful force behind generic evolution is the perennial need for implicit persuasion.

The Strategic President

The Strategic President revises the common assumptions of presidential scholarship and presents significant lessons for presidents' basic strategies of governance.

Author : George C. Edwards III

Release : 2012-03-25

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 0691154368

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How do presidents lead? If presidential power is the power to persuade, why is there a lack of evidence of presidential persuasion? George Edwards, one of the leading scholars of the American presidency, skillfully uses this contradiction as a springboard to examine--and ultimately challenge--the dominant paradigm of presidential leadership. The Strategic President contends that presidents cannot create opportunities for change by persuading others to support their policies. Instead, successful presidents facilitate change by recognizing opportunities and fashioning strategies and tactics to exploit them. Edwards considers three extraordinary presidents--Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan--and shows that despite their considerable rhetorical skills, the public was unresponsive to their appeals for support. To achieve change, these leaders capitalized on existing public opinion. Edwards then explores the prospects for other presidents to do the same to advance their policies. Turning to Congress, he focuses first on the productive legislative periods of FDR, Lyndon Johnson, and Reagan, and finds that these presidents recognized especially favorable conditions for passing their agendas and effectively exploited these circumstances while they lasted. Edwards looks at presidents governing in less auspicious circumstances, and reveals that whatever successes these presidents enjoyed also resulted from the interplay of conditions and the presidents' skills at understanding and exploiting them. The Strategic President revises the common assumptions of presidential scholarship and presents significant lessons for presidents' basic strategies of governance.

Political Persuasion in Presidential Campaigns

Reagan's 1980 coalition is important to Ronald Reagan today because he was
able to make inroads into some target coalitions— moderates, blue- collar
workers, Catholics, Hispanics, Jewish voters. Many moved into the Reagan
column in ...

Author : Lawrence Patrick Devlin

Release : 1987

Publisher : Transaction Publishers

ISBN : 9781412831185

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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This work incorporates the insights of many of America's foremost analyst of political campaigns. Coverage of a presidential campaign is examined by journalists both from print and television. In addition to staff professionals and journalists, academic experts in various aspects of presidential campaign communication analyze how key communicative components affect campaigns.

Beyond Persuasion

Then, on March 30, the bullet that almost ended Ronald Reagan's life created a
second start for his administration. As Reagan recovered rapidly from his wound,
his legislative team moved swiftly to capitalize on a renewed feeling of good will.

Author : Matthew Robert Kerbel

Release : 1991-01-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 9780791406939

File Size : 79.28 MB

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Beyond Persuasion is the first systematic, multi-administration study of presidential power and influence. Moving beyond Richard Neustadt's Presidential Power, this book offers a model of presidential power that incorporates personal bargaining effectiveness with the structural imperative of efficient White House organization. Drawing upon a systematic analysis of presidents from Johnson to Reagan, Kerbel finds common patterns of organizational structure and bargaining behavior in their successful domestic policy initiatives. The path to power is detailed through comparative insights on the Carter and Reagan administrations, which prove to be remarkably similar in critical respects despite popular perceptions to the contrary. Kerbel then considers the relative importance of presidential behavior to contextual factors beyond the president's control, offering insight into the way changes in economic and political conditions have hampered or improved recent presidential efforts, despite presidential attempts to organize and persuade. Analysis includes the first year of the Bush administration, and the possibilities for power in the contemporary presidency are discussed.

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion

Ronald Reagan,official presidential photograph.(Library of Congress) prominent
anti-Communist voice, supporting the investigations of the House Committee on
Un-American Activities (HUAC). He also acted as corporate spokesman for the ...

Author : Nicholas John Cull

Release : 2003-01-01

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

ISBN : 1576078205

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Entries provide information on the history, key propagandists, and techniques and concepts of propaganda.

Forceful Persuasion

The Reagan Administration ' s Use of Coercive Diplomacy Against Nicaragua
The Reagan administration came into office in January 1981 determined to
prevent the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua from continuing to ship arms to the ...

Author : Alexander L. George

Release : 1991

Publisher : US Institute of Peace Press

ISBN : 9781878379146

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George examines under what circumstances the threat of force will achieve enough to obviate the need for force. He discusses seven cases of failure and success: U.S.-Japanese relations leading to Pearl Harbor; the Laos crisis of 1961-62; the Cuban missile crisis; the use of air power in Vietnam circa 1965; the Reagan Administration's use of coercive diplomacy against the Sandinistas' Nicaragua; U.S. coercive diplomacy against Libya in 1985-86; and the Persian Gulf crisis of 1990-91. George offers some interesting conclusions. Coercive diplomacy is more likely to work when the objective is clear; motivation is high; motivation is asymmetrical between threatener and threatened; both parties have some sense of urgency about resolving the conflict; adequate domestic and international support for coercive diplomacy exists; the target fears escalation more than capitulation; and clear settlement terms exist. ISBN 1-878379-14-3 (pbk.): $10.95.

The Great Persuasion

According to their narrative, the rise of deregulation in the 1970s and the
subsequent election of Ronald Reagan had ushered in nearly thirty years during
which the primacy of free markets was largely assumed. Advocates of
government ...

Author : Angus Burgin

Release : 2012-10-30

Publisher : Harvard University Press

ISBN : 0674067436

File Size : 42.59 MB

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Just as economists struggle today to justify the free market after the global economic crisis, an earlier generation revisited their worldview after the Great Depression. In this intellectual history of that project, Burgin traces the evolution of postwar economic thought in order to reconsider the most basic assumptions of a market-centered world.

Secrets of Power Persuasion for Salespeople

Take the Irangate crisis for example, when members of the Reagan
administration were caught selling arms to Iran and using the money to fund the
Contras in Nicaragua. President Reagan should have gone on television and
said, “I really ...

Author : Roger Dawson

Release : 2008-12-18

Publisher :

ISBN : 1442955422

File Size : 81.97 MB

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The Kennedy Persuasion

the Game : The Pre - Presidential Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan ( New York , 1989 )
. Ronald Reagan , Ronald Reagan : An American Life ( New York , 1990 ) , 132 –
134 . New York Times , October 27 , 1984 , 31 . Stephen E . Ambrose , Nixon ...

Author : Paul R. Henggeler

Release : 1995

Publisher : Ivan R Dee


File Size : 75.63 MB

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In this original and convincing piece of history, Paul Henggeler explores the haunting of American politics since the assassination of John Kennedy. Focusing on the behavior of presidents and presidential candidates, he shows how the Kennedy mystique has altered the style - and demeaned the substance - of presidential politics. "The Texas School Book Depository, once a warehouse for books, today houses our imagination," Mr. Henggeler writes. Americans' shared nostalgia for the Kennedy years, with their imagined hope and promise, is confirmed in polls that reveal a yearning for the optimism and confidence associated with JFK's brief presidency. Keenly aware of these feelings among the electorate, American political leaders have energetically laid claim to the Kennedy mantle. From Lyndon Johnson's pledge to "Let us continue" to Bill Clinton's widely publicized handshake with JFK, the Kennedy legend has prompted presidents and candidates to adjust their public image and their message to accommodate persistent longings for the return of Camelot. In The Kennedy Persuasion, Mr. Henggeler uses fresh archival sources to describe how Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, have invoked the Kennedy mythology, adopted the Kennedy strategy, even tried to summon up the Kennedy appearance in order to influence Congress, the media, and the American public. The author also draws on extensive interviews with key political players of the era as well as numerous aides, associates, and reporters. By the 1970s and 1980s, as Mr. Henggeler points out, it was seldom Kennedy's ideology or programs that politicians drew upon; like the public, they were mindful of Kennedy's style. As JFK became a source less of inspiration than of impersonation, presidents and candidates became distracted, producing behavior and decisions that were often debilitating. Thus the Kennedy legend "has contributed to the derivativeness of presidential leadership," the author argues. "It has frustrated incumbents who have competed against romanticized memories of a glorified past." The Kennedy Persuasion is a disquieting and often surprising appraisal of the great political icon of our time.

The Populist Persuasion

Kazin opens by saying, 'I began to write this book as a way of making sense of a painful experience: the decline of the American Left, including its liberal component, and the rise of the Right.

Author : Michael Kazin

Release : 2014-10-29

Publisher : Cornell University Press

ISBN : 0801455979

File Size : 56.76 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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"Kazin has written a thoughtful and important book on one of the more consequential movements in American politics-populism. Tracing the emergence of populist campaigns from the 19th century to the present day, he looks at such movements as the labor movement, the prohibitionist crusade, Catholic radio populist Father Coughlin, the New Left, and the recent advance of conservative populism, as identified with such figures as George Wallace and Ronald Reagan. Kazin opens by saying, 'I began to write this book as a way of making sense of a painful experience: the decline of the American Left, including its liberal component, and the rise of the Right.' Anyone interested in either political tendency will find this book both informative and engaging. It is a powerful, elegantly written, and observant study that never fails to retain the reader's interest."—Library Journal For the revised Cornell edition, Michael Kazin has rewritten the final chapter, bringing his coverage of American populism up to the 1996 presidential election, and he has added a new conclusion.

Games of Persuasion

Robert Goldberg, “Broadcast News, Soviet-Style,” Wall Street Journal, June 6,
1988, p.17. Speaking of the US and USSR television coverage of the Reagan/
Gorbachev summit in June of 1988, Goldberg observed “both manage to miss the
big ...

Author : Dominic W. Moreo

Release : 2000-06-09

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1469799634

File Size : 54.23 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Like rain, the media overload pours over us each day, each hour, each waking moment of our lives. One way to cope is to withdraw from the world to a faraway island unhooked to any satellite. Another way is to grapple with the media as so to understand the nuts and bolts of the persuasive messages that relentlessly hammers us at home, even at school, on the job and at our getaway vacation. On TV and the Internet ads never tire of repetition. But to viewers of these messages, they appear as so many headache-hammers inflicting true pain. Therefore, on the premise that the best defense is an offense, every citizen and consumer must go on the offense. How? By creating mentally a number of hypothetical ads using all the tricks of the craft of the trade. Practice makes perfect! Hence, the "edge" need not remain always with Madison Avenue, public relations specialists, lobbyists, single-issue advocates, politicians and other practitioners of persuasion. In turn, the citizen and consumer have their ready vaccine, their firewall against unwanted manipulation. To that end, citizens and consumers need their booster shots of protection in the propaganda wars. This work addresses those needs. AUTHOR BIO: Currently, the writer is at work on a primer on problem solving. Formerly, he taught history and economics on the secondary level, and was an occasional university instructor. As to education, he received from the University of Washington his master's in economics and a doctorate in the history of education.

Power Persuasion

Critical Focus : Reagan ' s “ Facts Are Stubborn Things ” FOCUS ON : RONALD
REAGAN ' S “ FACTS ARE ... Known as “ the great communicator , ” former
President Ronald Reagan was famous for presenting persuasive addresses that
relied ...

Author : Martha Cooper

Release : 1997

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780961648985

File Size : 36.14 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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a practical guide to effective persuasive speech W. F. Strong, John A. Cook ...
This second study was a political communication assessment of the credibility of
candidate Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential campaign. Actually, two ...

Author : W. F. Strong

Release : 1987-09-01

Publisher : Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN : 9780840344212

File Size : 41.66 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Persuasive Communication

This trend was marked by the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980—Reagan was
a former actor with a strong television persona. Recent campaigns have seen an
increase in the use of the Internet and World Wide Web by candidates (e.g., ...

Author : James Brian Stiff

Release : 2002-10-18

Publisher : Guilford Press

ISBN : 9781572307025

File Size : 52.14 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This popular text provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of persuasive messages and their effects. Concepts and methods from communication and social psychology are seamlessly integrated to give students a solid grasp of foundational issues in persuasion research, the core features of persuasive transactions, and major models of persuasive communication. Distinguished by its clear organization and wealth of concrete examples, this is an ideal text for advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level courses for students with a basic understanding of quantitative research methods.

Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents

Suggests a theory of presidential power, and tests it against the events in the administrations of the postwar presidents

Author : Richard E. Neustadt

Release : 1991-03-01

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 0029227968

File Size : 87.35 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Suggests a theory of presidential power, and tests it against the events in the administrations of the postwar presidents

Military Persuasion in War and Policy

Persuasion: The. 1983. "War. Scare". Intelligence is about the collection of
information, the analysis of that information, ... in Ronald Reagan's first term, and
the president's harsh anti-Soviet rhetoric coincided with a leadership-succession
crisis ...

Author : Stephen J. Cimbala

Release : 2002-01-01

Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN : 9780275978037

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Cimbala analyzes "military persuasion"--the art of using armed force to support diplomacy, deterrence, crisis management, unconventional conflicts, peace operations, and other military activities short of major conventional war. As he shows, it calls for new methods and mind sets in diplomacy and in military operations. It also requires a U.S. public more tolerant of ambiguity and half measures, including the cutting of losses when necessary.

27 Powers of Persuasion

More than any slogan since Ronald Reagan's “It's Morning in America,” Barack
Obama's “Hope and Change” connected with voters. You can bet the Obama
team was listening very closely to what people wanted to hear and repeating it
back ...

Author : Chris St. Hilaire

Release : 2010-09-07

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101442735

File Size : 82.90 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Successful persuasion is about reading your audience-of one or one million-and creating a message that aligns with what they already believe. As a message strategist for some of the most famous names in America, Chris St. Hilaire knows this better than anyone. He has taught politicians how to persuade voters, attorneys how to persuade juries, and executives how to persuade CEOs. Drawing on the techniques St. Hilaire perfected while working with chief figures in the major communications disciplines-politics, marketing, journalism, and the law-27 Powers of Persuasion provides practical strategies that have helped his clients win multimillion-dollar court cases and major political campaigns for the past eighteen years. You'll learn how to: *Persuade people without browbeating them. *Unite with your audience, not conquer them. *Use language that lets people agree with you on their terms. *Get people to see things your way and feel good about it. With provocative excerpts from focus groups and courtroom testimony, behind-the-scenes insights from some of the nation's canniest political operatives, and stories pulled from headlines and corporate hush files, 27 Powers of Persuasion delivers tactics you can start using the moment you close the book.

The Education of Ronald Reagan

Reagan “fell head over heels in love with Eureka,” as he later wrote, and
regarded it as “another home. ... He had been briefed by students far more
familiar with the issues than he was, but Reagan's persuasive speaking style was
all his own.

Author : Thomas W. Evans

Release : 2006-12-05

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231511078

File Size : 60.18 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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In October 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a televised speech in support of Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater. "The Speech," as it has come to be known, helped launch Ronald Reagan as a leading force in the American conservative movement. However, less than twenty years earlier, Reagan was a prominent Hollywood liberal, the president of the Screen Actors Guild, and a fervent supporter of FDR and Harry Truman. While many agree that Reagan's anticommunism grew out of his experiences with the Hollywood communists of the late 1940s, the origins of his conservative ideology have remained obscure. Based on a newly discovered collection of private papers as well as interviews and corporate documents, The Education of Ronald Reagan offers new insights into Reagan's ideological development and his political ascendancy. Thomas W. Evans links the eight years (1954-1962) in which Reagan worked for General Electric—acting as host of its television program, GE Theater, and traveling the country as the company's public-relations envoy-to his conversion to conservatism. In particular, Evans reveals the profound influence of GE executive Lemuel Boulware, who would become Reagan's political and ideological mentor. Boulware, known for his tough stance against union officials and his innovative corporate strategies to win over workers, championed the core tenets of modern American conservatism-free-market fundamentalism, anticommunism, lower taxes, and limited government. Building on the ideas and influence of Boulware, Reagan would soon begin his rise as a national political figure and an icon of the American conservative movement.