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The Stallion the Cougar

Would this couple who had loved each other early on as the child of a dear friend and before a dowry complicated the relationship come to love as man and wife forsaking all others?Although seemingly predestined, it did not help to avoid ...

Author : V. Yancey Walker

Release : 2018-08-16

Publisher : Independently Published

ISBN : 9781718086586

File Size : 39.58 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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When best buddies Andrew Romano and Savior Grassi discussed Savior's popularity with women and no wedding bells in sight, Savior announced he was waiting on his best friend's ten year old daughter to grow up. Andy held him to it by making a dowry payment.Sobering up, Savior was mad, the ten year old as she learned of the promise was mad and a friendship suffered. Savior continued his journey to every filly's pasture in the years Rose Marie was growing into a dangerously beautiful woman. However, Savior, who truly believed he was God's gift to all women and should spread himself around, was non- the- less an honorable man in all other areas of his life. He would do as promised and marry the girl when the time came. Rose Marie Romano would make him suffer for his honorable act. A courtship of sorts began with Rose Marie not making it easy on Savior. He agreed to allow her more time for college as he looked around for a way out of the deal. She used the time and wanted more, but Savior was too heavily drawn to her beauty to let her get away that easily. The marriage was to be set.When Savior was beaten to a comatose state on their wedding night the days he lay in a hospital room gave Rose Marie one more tool toward the gelding of the Italian Stallion. His name was David Lester Orr.Who almost killed Savior Grassi? A suitor unhinged by the snatching of Rose Marie by this older man with a reputation envious to other men or was it an irate husband from Savior's free loving past? Perhaps it was one of Savior's conquests, reluctant to give up this now wealthy man who knew all the routes to love. It was when at last Savior recovered consciousness the blame game started.The couple's best communication seemed to take place in the bedroom, too breathless to talk. Would this couple who had loved each other early on as the child of a dear friend and before a dowry complicated the relationship come to love as man and wife forsaking all others?Although seemingly predestined, it did not help to avoid bruises from a kicking stallion and bites from a cougar taking their toll.

The Desperate Deputy of Cougar Hill

Then a long-legged animal was outlined against the lighter dark of the cliff face
and Cameron knew the stallion had taken wind of her. Now Jenny's sorrel
quickened its pace. The stallion's head came up and his neigh shrilled through
the dark ...

Author : Louis Trimble

Release : 2012-06-03

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1440549745

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Cameron was his name. He looked like a lawman, he wore a tin badge, but the owl-hooters knew him as a bank robber who had turned traitor. And they set a trap to catch him with a band loaded with gold dust, a rangeland studded with blotched brands, and a scheme worthy of the wildcats that gave Cougar Hill its name. But Cameron had some cougar blood in his own veins, and desperation put a deadly edge to his trigger fangs.

Cougar of Spirit Lake

CHAPTER EIGHT Cougar had told his council he would be gone two moons,
maybe more. He had a lot of ... Once, when he gave him a packet of money he
had instructed him to return with a stallion of exceptional breeding. Grandfather
had ...

Author : Linnette Eller

Release : 2013-02-21

Publisher :

ISBN : 1456606018

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Appearing at the foot of the bed where the beautiful woman is giving birth to a daughter, the huge cougar sits quietly because he knows all that is to be and sees all that is. Yet this is only the beginning of the long trek for the mystical giant cat and the girl as she grows into womanhood. You will be taken on a journey through love, the supernatural, mystery, intrigue and murder. Traveling from the Ohio River Valley in the 1800's to the majestic Rocky Mountains and Spirit Lake, the mysterious lake where Winter Woman waits patiently. Winter Woman who is Legend, as is her son, the handsome, sensuous Chief, both knowing without knowing and sharing the mystic power of the Cougar of Spirit Lake.

My Name Is Cougar

Pink palm prints had been painted on the stallion's rumps. I had made a friend
out of the animal in the corral when I handed him a clump of crisp redtop clover,
then two apples and two carrots. We were already buddies. A silver salmon ...

Author : Bill York

Release : 2009-12

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1440194963

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WHEN GOD IS FORSAKEN IDOLATRY WILL REIGN SUPREME WHEN IDOLATRY REIGNS SUPREME EVIL WILL FLOURISH WHEN EVIL FLOURISHES THE END IS NEAR Mike Hayden, writer and an avid outdoorsman, spent four weeks in the wilderness of the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho, searching for a 209 year old Nez Perce Indian reported to be living there. When approached, the Indian, along with an Appaloosa horse and a mountain lion, would disappear. Hayden, a Native American historian, was there to glean historical information from the man. After one week the Indian materialized, along with his horse and a tawny mountain lion He said, My name is Cougar. While spending time together the duo discovered they were Kindred Spirits and held lengthy discussions about the dilemmas in paleface society. Over the years, the author spent time on Indian reservations in Canada, Dakotas and the Pacifi c Northwest. He lived for a month on the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho where he powwowed with Elders and fished for steelhead salmon on the Clearwater River at the precise shoals where Lewis & Clark first encountered the Nez Perce in 1805.

Spirit of the Herd

paused one moment too long and the cougar leaped onto the stallion's neck. The
cougar's claws dug into the horse's skin, but with one toss of the stallion's large
head, the cat was flung to the ground. Claw marks remained on the horse's neck,

Author : Sally Borden Buteau

Release : 2013-02-18

Publisher : Author House

ISBN : 1477289542

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Every person deserves a second chance. But, do other creatures of this Earth derserve them, too? This story tells of a thirteen-year-old girl, named Fen, whose love of horses could lead to tragedy; her brother, challenged by Autism; a stallion, who was so abused he may be too dangerous to train; a lone wild mare and her foal, who are dodging the paws of predators as they search for their herd; the mare's herd, lead by her strong stallion, as they gallop through the rocky mountains and lush valleys of Montana, outrunning ranch hands, who only want money from the capture of wild horses. Each of them will learn that a second chance is the only path to survival. Each will learn that second chances come only to those who have courage, hope, persistence, and people who love them enough to rish everything to save them.

Cougar Ledge

All of the stallions in the show were housed in a special area that gave them box
stalls about fifty percent larger than what was given to the fillies, geldings, and
mares unless the mare had a baby at her side. The stallions were separated a
little, ...

Author : Brent Nelson

Release : 2011-07-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1456759477

File Size : 73.39 MB

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Everyone suffers from the trial and tribulation of life. This is a story of a man determined to keep a promise made to his dying wife, The greatest tribulation of all. Tyrell Carson is forced to travel thousands of miles and endure years of loneliness only to suddenly be thrown into troubles not of his own making. But he is a survivor that protects the innocent while solving a mystery long forgotten. And perhaps, falling in love again.

Apache Tears

Cougar had tied his stallion to a tree branch as he left. This was the best horse in
the camp. No doubt it could outrun anything else in the Apaches' herd. Libbie
was an expert rider, even though she had always used a sidesaddle. Did she
have ...

Author : Georgina Gentry

Release : 2003-11-01

Publisher : Zebra Books

ISBN : 1420138235

File Size : 67.18 MB

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"Nobody does it like Georgina Gentry" (Barbra Critiques). Now, the award-winning author of Comanche Cowboy and Cheyenne Song thrills readers once again with the unforgettable story of a love and wild and untamed as the American West. A BATTLE OF WILLS Spirited heiress Libbie Winters was horrified to find herself in the midst of an Apache rebellion—and amazed to discover that her captor, a virile half-breed scout named Cougar, was the same man who offered her his prized Apache Tears necklace a year before. And though she was promised in marriage to a vengeful Cavalry officer, Libbie could not forget her powerful attraction to the fearless Apache hero. A BLAZE OF PASSION Believing she had rejected his gift, Cougar's heart was hardened toward the haughty white girl he now held for ransom. Yet he could not deny the desire this flame-haired beauty aroused in him, or the love he longed to give her. He knew it was impossible to hold the fiery woman whose spirit was as free as his own—unless Libbie made the dangerous choice to embrace the passion burning between them. . . "You'll sing the praises of Cheyenne Song. It's Gentry's best book yet!" – Janelle Taylor

Snow Ghost

Later in the afternoon, as John walked north under the blazing sun, he caught
sight of the stallion again, moving in timber ... without warning, a male cougar he
had seen earlier sprang over the rocks above the stallion and landed on his back

Author : Al Lacy

Release : 2011-07-13

Publisher : Multnomah

ISBN : 0307780546

File Size : 33.91 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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In the seventh installment of the Journeys of the Stranger series, legendary hero John Stranger is called in to track the "ghost" of a murder he captured three years earlier, in Butte, Montana -- a man who had vowed to come back from the grave to kill the judge, the jury, Sheriff Johnson ... and John Stranger. Now, the jury members are turning up dead, and the people of Butte fear that Payton has come back to have his vengeance. Crow Indian legend indicates that the killer has come back as a snow ghost -- a human-shaped shadow that can be seen moving amid the falling snow. Certain that the killer is no phantom, the Stranger sets out to find the true murderer and bring him to justice in Snow Ghost.

Kittens & Cougars

First, this is NOT a book about older women dating younger men.

Author : Carol Gant

Release : 2011-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1456717871

File Size : 62.18 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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First, this is NOT a book about older women dating younger men. The term "Cougar" simply implies' women over 40 and the term "Kitten" as women under 40. This is a humorous, but "Tell It Like It Is Book," about today's dating and relationship world. Sharing stories by, "The Kittens," "The Cougars," "The Bra Burning Baby Boomers" and "The Stallions." Also introducing the "World War III," that is happening between the sexes. A new thought provoking self-help and eye-opening book for both sexes. There is great advice for life choices for both, "The Kittens" and "The Cougars," as well as "The Stallions." Covers the "Youth, Beauty and Looking Good Syndrome" we see every day, offering compelling thoughts regarding women marrying for money and men marrying for looks!

Phantom Stallion #6: The Challenger

For the Phantom, there is only one girl. For Sam, there is only one horse. Wildcats are threatening the mustangs that live near Samantha's ranch. Can she save the wild horses without harming the cougars?

Author : Terri Farley

Release : 2009-03-24

Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN : 9780061889363

File Size : 78.77 MB

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For the Phantom, there is only one girl. For Sam, there is only one horse. Wildcats are threatening the mustangs that live near Samantha's ranch. Can she save the wild horses without harming the cougars?

Stud Book and Registry

gén: (В: El) П In 1h \" \ |'I шт ЕХРОЗ POCO LAD dun stallion, foaled 1983;
breeder-owner Huff David Luid Myra P, Columbia ... Sire: MR COUGAR REBEL
1,293,058 Dam: GO SUGARANNA 762.168 2,007,300 COUGARS PRINCESS
red roan ...

Author :

Release : 1983-11

Publisher :


File Size : 56.20 MB

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Runaway Stallion

The stallion moved toward the cat unafraid . The cougar crouched , tail lashing ,
spitting angrily . His favorite method of attack , to leap from some high spot onto
the back of his prey , was foiled . And the horse was hundreds of pounds heavier

Author : Walt Morey

Release : 1989-04

Publisher : Blue Heron Pub

ISBN : 9780936085128

File Size : 76.11 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Jeff Hunter solves personal problems through rescuing a race horse, in this reissued novel.


In her desert homeland there were many cougars , and they were always hungry
. This one had ... with a fury which matched the attack of a stallion . The cougar
leaped aside as the mare closed in , but her leap was not fast enough . The mare


Release :

Publisher :


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Turn in the Road

The stallion wandered out a short distance into new grass. The boy ... Once there
was the gobble of wild turkeys, and farther back, where a ridge of steep rock
buttressed a stand of pine, he briefly saw the soundless hulk of a cougar. It
paused ...

Author : Robert D. Johnston Ph. D

Release : 2009-09

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595516017

File Size : 83.46 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Turn in the Road tells the story of a young man coming of age in Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War. With his father away fighting the war in Richmond, Wade Shepherd must look after his mother and sisters and protect them as best he can from rogue cavalrymen, renegades, and thieves. After an attack results in the senseless murder of his sister, Wade, bent on revenge, strikes out alone to confront the men responsible. Along the journey, Wade's young heart and mind are forever changed by the horrors of war, and he begins to question the wisdom of his decision.

Cheyenne Crossfire

He had gone fifteen yards when a figure appeared in front of the stallion ,
popping out of the mist as if sprouted by the very earth . As quick as he was in
snapping the rifle up , the cougar was quicker and instantly vanished into the
brush .

Author : Jon Sharpe

Release : 1994

Publisher : Signet Book

ISBN : 9780451177575

File Size : 76.28 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Caught red-handed with a murdered woman in his bed, Skye Fargo finds himself in a heap of trouble and must find the real killers in order to clear his name. Original.

Big Red

A Wild Stallion Rutherford G. Montgomery. by stallions ... The cougar had made
up his mind that he would feast upon colt meat that night . His kill ... He would run
to the tree he had picked and climb it before the herd stallion arrived . Stretched ...

Author : Rutherford G. Montgomery

Release : 2000-12

Publisher : Caxton Press

ISBN : 9780870044045

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A forest ranger and his son find protecting a herd of wild horses from poachers a dangerous job.

Science Digest

No other predatory animal can the floor by a crushing weight which smash the
spine of a stallion with one gnawed cruelly ... a $ 5 bounty on bobcats , wardly
plunged the sharp blade into $ 30 on timberwolves but $ 50 on the cougar ' s
throat .

Author :

Release : 1952

Publisher :


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Northern Dancer

The head of such a family unit is a stallion, who presides over his collection of
broodmares and their children. As part of his duty, the stallion guards his harem
against predators such as bears and cougars. There's also a head mare, who
leads ...

Author : Kevin Chong

Release : 2014-04-01

Publisher : Penguin Canada

ISBN : 0143191934

File Size : 24.89 MB

Format : PDF

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In every sport there are a select few competitors that come to define the excellence that all others must forever aspire to. In “the sport of kings,” there is one that stands alone. Northern Dancer is not only a Canadian legend, but the cornerstone of his breed. It has been estimated that 70 percent of the thoroughbreds alive today are his descendants, which includes the majority of the horses running in the biggest races around the world. His offspring received recordbreaking prices on the auction floor. While much has been written about Northern Dancer’s prepotence as a sire, this book is the only one devoted to his 1964 campaign, which saw him win two of the Triple Crown races in the U.S. and Canada’s Queen’s Plate. In that time, he captured the attention of the world and the hearts of all Canadians. In Northern Dancer, the world-famous horse comes alive through the people whose lives he touched: E.P. Taylor, the visionary industrialist whose web of business placed him at the end of every consumer transaction for every Canadian and made him the subject of scorn; Horatio Luro, the dapper Argentinean trainer (and tango dancer, pilot, and race car driver) who was notorious for his affairs with Hollywood starlets and his tender treatment of horses; and Bill Hartack, a wildly successful jockey whose squabbles with the press and his inability to conceal his unvarnished truth from influential owners and trainers was, by 1964, beginning to affect his career. Using news clippings from 1964 and interviews, this book offers novelistic detail not only on the remarkable 1964 Triple Crown and Queen’s Plate races, but also revisits, fifty years later, the era in which Canada was struggling to establish an identity, needing, more than anything, a national hero.

This Calder Sky

... buckskin stallion, Cougar. Her eyes widened as she realized the silent animal
was frozen in a rearing posture. How? Then she saw how and her horrified gasp
was audible, despite the hand that she clamped over her mouth. A knotted rope ...

Author : Janet R. Dailey

Release : 1981

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780671464783

File Size : 52.64 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The Calder empire stretches across the Montana plains and old codes die hard. Handsome and proud Chase Calder will one day inherit, but he longs for the spirited, independent Maggie O'Rourke who refuses to be trapped by the old order. Their love must struggle to survive.


... a stallion's flying hoof. Another year, a Boise hunter predicted, Back Track
would add humans to his menu-he trailed school children and hunters last fall. As
Teddy Roosevelt said, “When hungry, a cougar will attack anything it can master.

Author :

Release : 1946

Publisher :


File Size : 55.50 MB

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