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The Subversive Chronicler

Deleuzian film theory offers a crucial insight into how this falsifying narration works.

Author : Buyoung Son

Release : 2019-11-04

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ISBN : 9781910928592

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In 1 and 2 Chronicles, commentators have long noted a pattern of retributive justice whereby kings who comply with Yahweh's will are rewarded with long life and honourable burial, whereas those who do not are disgraced. However, another pattern significantly emerges from a group of kings whose careers display an unexpected reversal. No convincing consensus has yet emerged to explain this reversal pattern. By exploring and adopting the insights of narrative film theory, particularly of cognitive film semiotics, into the effects of macro-repetition, Son uncovers the implications of these unexpected reversals. As the reversal pattern is interwoven with the retributive pattern, the narrative emerges as a falsifying narration, provoking a deep scepticism about the conventional view of retribution theology. Deleuzian film theory offers a crucial insight into how this falsifying narration works. The reversal pattern has a destabilizing effect, which suggests that the Chronicler's theological outlook is more nuanced than that of Samuel-Kings, or perhaps even frankly subversive of it. From a canonical perspective, furthermore, the presence of the Chronicler's work in the Ketuvim points to its potential function as a subtle theological readjustment in the postexilic Jewish community. The Subversive Chronicler is then a challenge to the Chronicler's theology as it is commonly understood and also as a refocusing of its difference from the historiography of Samuel-Kings.

The Subversive Tradition in Spanish Renaissance Writing

Juan Gines de Sepulveda (14897-1573) was a leading intellectual personality of
the time; he wrote a chronicle of ... Sepulveda is the most aristocracy-centered of
the chroniclers; to him, history was stories of the elites, their world, and their ...

Author : Antonio Pérez-Romero

Release : 2005

Publisher : Bucknell University Press

ISBN : 9780838755891

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"The seven texts in this cross-section of fiction and nonfiction reveal a nation at the brink of modernity, embracing revolutionary ideas and reeling in their explosive impact. The opening chapters establish the theoretical framework for Perez-Romero's analysis, describing the intellectual and social environments of medieval Spain and tracing the developments in Spanish historical and literary scholarship that point to the existence of a new path of investigation."--Jacket.

The Chronicler as Author

Thus, 2 Chronicles attempts a reconstruction of Judah by presenting it in the past
as a Utopian enclave and then uses that ... of the Asiatic mode of production;
even the subversive force of divine retribution against the ruling class is included.

Author : M. Patrick Graham

Release : 1999-12-01

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN : 0567262995

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This volume represents an international collaboration focusing on the books of Chronicles as literature, looking at their literary sources, their techniques of composition, their perspectives, how they were read in antiquity, and the value of contemporary reading strategies for bringing the text to life in the present day. It opens with five 'Overview' articles by Kai Peltonen, Steven McKenzie, Graeme Auld, Rodney Duke and John Wright; William Schniedewind, Gary Knoppers, Ehud Ben Zvi, Armin Siedlecki and Howard Wallace deal with 'Themes'; and James Trotter, Christine Mitchell, Kirsten Nielsen, Noel Bailey, Roland Boer and Magnar Karveit address specific texts. The collection both reflects and stimulates recent and contemporary fascination with the Chronicler in biblical scholarship.

Subversive Words

His chronicle is very long , for he went on writing from 1718 to 1763 , and
historians have always regarded him as a major source , especially for the
parliamentary disputes of Louis XV's reign . His detailed descriptions of the
quarrels between ...

Author : Arlette Farge

Release : 1995

Publisher : Penn State Press

ISBN : 9780271014326

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From the book: "Paris was fond of stormy weather and emerging toads; the thirst for knowledge was supreme, and the first to read and reread the news were the first to render it with criticism. Authors and readers, great and small, all shared the impression that they were caught between truth and falsehood, and moreover that the 'probable-improbable' they relished so much was being manipulated by the complex strategies of the court, the police and the petty hordes of the evil-minded. We cannot understand the curiosity of the Parisian public without realizing that they did at least know one thing: the extent they were being made fools of." The eighteenth century was awash with rumor and talk. The words and opinions of ordinary people filled the streets of Paris. But were these simply the isolated grumblings and gossip of the crowd, or is it possible to speak of genuine "public opinion" among the common people? This is the subject of Subversive Words, the newest book by French historian Arlette Farge. Farge begins with Jürgen Habermas's notion of a bourgeois public sphere. However, whereas Habermas was concerned mostly with the "cultured classes," Farge focuses on the uneducated common people. Drawing on chronicles, newspapers, memoirs, police reports, and news sheets from the time, she finds that by the second half of the eighteenth century ordinary Parisians had come to assert their right to hold and declare clear opinions on what was happening in their city--visible, real, everyday events such as executions, price rises, and revolts. Yet the government preferred to regard ordinary Parisians as unsophisticated, impulsive, or inept. In the years leading up to the Revolution, however, the administration increasingly feared the mobilization of these people. Officially, it denied the existence of any distinct popular public opinion, but in practice it kept the streets of Paris under regular surveillance through a system of spies, inspectors, and observers. Amid this curious tension between denial and action, Farge argues, popular rumors arose and gained a life of their own. Wise and filled with vivid descriptions of everyday life, Subversive Words is cultural and intellectual history at its best.

Prophet Margins

The modes of subversion and stabilization are by no means mutually exclusive ;
together they dominate the first part of Usk ' s chronicle . Prophecies that can
stabilize current power structures on one level can subvert them on another ; and
the ...

Author : Edward L. Risden

Release : 2004

Publisher : Peter Lang

ISBN : 9780820471075

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While poets have traditionally inhabited cultural margins, prophets have brought poetic language to the center of cultural debate, not foretelling the future so much as diagnosing the present. This exciting collection of nine essays examines the range of social and political implications that inflects poetic discourse, from the Old English and Latin texts of the Anglo-Saxon world to the Scotland and England of the Renaissance. Whether saints' lives, Germanic heroic epics, chronicles, or satiric poems, the works discussed in this book retain their verbal power, if not their political influence, into our own time.

The Scarlet Letter

... we are cushioned against the shock we should properly feel: the realization
that, at the midpoint of the nineteenth century, the primly subversive chronicler of
the Puritans could base his first major work on an all but unmentionable subject.

Author : Michael Cisco

Release : 2009-01-01

Publisher : Infobase Publishing

ISBN : 143811477X

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- Comprehensive reading and study guides for some of the world's most important literary masterpieces. - Concise critical excerpts provide a scholarly overview of each work. - The Story Behind the Story details the conditions under which the work was written. - Each book includes a biographical sketch of the author, a descriptive list of characters, an extensive summary and analysis, and an annotated bibliography

I was Born Among the Russian Subversives

The Russian chronicles from the Middle Ages are very numerous . Among them
the Nestor Chronicle comes in the first place , and has been taken as the
foundation , or constitutes the introduction of several local chronicles . It is not
known ...

Author : Jacob J. Hergert

Release : 1967

Publisher :


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Kings and Kingship

Author : Joel Thomas Rosenthal

Release : 1986

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Subversive Meals

Pleins believes it to mean that the Passover had never been observed during the
monarchy, claiming that the fall festival may have taken precedence over the
spring festivals.44 The chronicler, however, records that the nation celebrated the

Author : R. Alan Streett

Release : 2013-06-27

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1620320185

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Subversive Meals examines the Lord's Supper within the sociopolitical context of first-century Roman domination, and concludes that it was an anti-imperial praxis.Although the Christian communal meal looked much like a typical Roman banquet in structure, with a deipnon and a symposion, it was essentially different. The Roman meal supported the empire's ideology, honored Caesar and the gods, reinforced stratification among the masses, and upheld Rome's right to rule the world. The Christian meal, on the other hand, included hymns that extolled Jesus as Lord, prophecies that challenged Rome's ideological claims, and letters--read aloud--that promoted egalitarianism and instructed believers on how to live according to kingdom of God principles. Hence, the Christian banquet was an act of nonviolent resistance, or what James C. Scott calls a "hidden transcript."

Protestant Digest

Antonio them their first hope of peaceful Hermosilla , editor of La Libertad change
and that the subversion was shot for the ... even one on historian Carlos Rahola ,
chronicler vacation , label “ subversive ” any peoof Napoleonic times , for the ...

Author :

Release : 1939

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Many articles reprinted from other sources.

Luso-Braz. Rev

That is to say , the chronicler claims that his ratio has in essence subjugated the
irrational impulses of the afeiçom . By thus winning this struggle over himself , by
being able to keep in check the subversive afeiçom , Lopes emerges with an ...

Author :

Release : 1997

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The Subversive Screen: Communist Influence in Hollywood's Golden Age

A riveting chronicle of Communist Party efforts to propagate Communism in the United States, concurrent with Hollywood's "Golden Age" of creativity that came to define classical Hollywood cinema. • Gives readers insight into how the ...

Author : Brian E. Birdnow

Release : 2019-01-31

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

ISBN : 144084996X

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A riveting chronicle of Communist Party efforts to propagate Communism in the United States, concurrent with Hollywood's "Golden Age" of creativity that came to define classical Hollywood cinema. • Gives readers insight into how the Communist Party used the creative explosion in the movie industry to actively establish a foothold in the United States • Draws a parallel between the rise of the Community Party and the rise of the motion picture industry in the United States • Profiles Communist Party USA leaders close to Hollywood • Takes a closer look at the "Hollywood Ten," detailing who each of the blacklisted individuals were and how their names came to be on the list

Sharpened Edge

Within this group Delia ' s affinity for writing is given a very functional role : she
becomes the official chronicler of the ... Although Delia ' s foray into the
subversive discourse of graffiti takes place in the shadows and offers the
protection that ...

Author : Stephanie Athey

Release : 2003

Publisher : Praeger Pub Text


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Examines the relationship of women of color's armed resistance to their aesthetic struggles.

Latin American Indian Literatures

years underlines the subversive nature of the process of colonization that
operated in America." While telling the ... With the assistance of a Spanish friar
and of a foreign cultural element, the chronicler slowly reveals Inca history. He
himself ...

Author :

Release : 1980

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Human Impacts on Amazonia

... letter was rapidly translated and disseminated throughout Europe—was putting
forth some very subversive ideas. The Portuguese chronicler Pero de Magalhães
[de] Gandavo noticed that the Tupi language (like modern Japanese) did not ...

Author : Darrell A. Posey

Release : 2006-07-11

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231517351

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From the pre-Columbian era to the present, native Amazonians have shaped the land around them, emphasizing utilization, conservation, and sustainability. These priorities stand in stark contrast to colonial and contemporary exploitation of Amazonia by outside interests. With essays from environmental scientists, botanists, and anthropologists, this volume explores the various effects of human development on Amazonia. The contributors argue that by protecting and drawing on local knowledge and values, further environmental ruin can be avoided.

The Aesthetics of Everyday Life

His identity as a writer, a chronicler of everyday aesthetics of sorts, has finally
been restored. But this restoration was not accomplished by a simple move from
thin to thick spaces, it was an act of subversion of aesthetically thin spaces,
device ...

Author : Andrew Light

Release : 2005-02-23

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231509359

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The aesthetics of everyday life, originally developed by Henri Lefebvre and other modernist theorists, is an extension of traditional aesthetics, usually confined to works of art. It is not limited to the study of humble objects but is rather concerned with all of the undeniably aesthetic experiences that arise when one contemplates objects or performs acts that are outside the traditional realm of aesthetics. It is concerned with the nature of the relationship between subject and object. One significant aspect of everyday aesthetics is environmental aesthetics, whether constructed, as a building, or manipulated, as a landscape. Others, also discussed in the book, include sport, weather, smell and taste, and food.

Religion Index Two

Author :

Release : 1999

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Dostoevsky's "The Devils" and the Form of Tendentious Narration

Chapter 6 : The Village - Chronicler : The Impotent " I " s ure entd The third part of
The Devils is the book of both the ... The entire provincial town is purged of its "
possessed " elements : the subversive socialists of the pre - history , the ...

Author : Vladimir Padunov

Release : 1983

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The Feminine Unconventional

Four Subversive Figures in Israel's Tradition Andre LaCocque ... In a first move,
as we saw above, the elders of Bethulia, representing the priestly tradition made
even more exclusive by the Chronicler, who is also editor of the books of Ezra ...

Author : Andre LaCocque

Release : 2005-12-01

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1597524808

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Etudes germano-africaines

And this authorial voice of the reporter or chronicler is a function of the European
“ master discourse " , speaking from a Eurocentric ... does not mention is the
powerful message of the Christian religion and the subversive nature of the
Gospel .

Author :

Release : 1993

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