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The Rise and Fall of the Second Empire, 1852-1871

In Paris, the bourgeoisie attended boulevard cafés with brightly lit terraces,
racecourses, theatres such as the Théâtre de Vaudeville or the Théâtre des
Variétés, and the Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes. On every fine day in
the spring ...

Author : Alain Plessis

Release : 1985

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521358569

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The Second Empire lasted longer than any French regime since 1789, yet most historical accounts of the government of Napoleon III have been overshadowed by the knowledge of its disastrous and tragic end. As Professor Plessis shows in this detailed thermatic study, such an approach ignores the major social, economic, and political developments of a period that witnessed the gradual acceptance of univeral suffrage, the establishment of large-scale industrial capitalism, a massive improvement in communications, and the birth of impressionism in art.

The French Consul's Wife

II Céleste first appeared with Adèle Page in a revue at the Théâtre des Variétés in
1852 ( see note 6 ) . They remained friends and , in 1862 , Adèle was one of
Céleste's many supporters at the opening of her theatre , the Folies - Marigny .

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Release : 2003

Publisher : Melbourne Univ. Publishing

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'What a subject for a film, but not, please, Meryl Streep ... Together with Dr Patricia Clancy (Melbourne University) and Jeanne Allen's (La Trobe University) elegant translation and able notes, the memoirs make for a piquant, informative, variegated and often startling read ... Miegunyah Press you've done it again.' (Derek Whitelock, Weekend Australian) A former Parisian courtesan, circus performer and dancer, C leste de Chabrillan scandalised Melbourne society when she arrived in 1854 as the wife of the French Consul. These memoirs give a vivid firsthand account of the two-and-a-half years she spent in gold-rush Victoria. C leste's arrival in Melbourne was preceded by the publication of her memoirs describing her illegitimate birth, miserable adolescence and celebrity career as a courtesan, bareback rider and polka dancer. As a result she was dubbed the consul's 'harlot spouse' and ostracised by society. Despite this, C leste did not avoid the public gaze and continued to employ her literary talents. Her memoirs are of a life spent in the village of St Kilda, the diplomatic and government house circle and the Ballarat gold fields. Her descriptions of a public hanging, Governor Hotham's 'beer ball' and her own Ball for the Victims of Crimea reveal her as a woman of great energy and wilful temperament.

Galignani's New Paris Guide, for 1852

THÉATRE DES VARIÉTÉS , Boulevard Montmartre.— This theatre , built by M.
Cellerier , was opened in 1807. Its front , though small , is pure in style and
decorated with two ranges of columns , Doric and Ionic , surmounted by a
pediment .

Author : A. and W. Galignani and Co

Release : 1852

Publisher :


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Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library of the British Museum

Théâtre contemen eenige Gezigten der Stad Amsterdam vrrcierd , porain illustré .
Liv . 161 , 162. [ 1852 , etc. ) fol . 2296. h . ... 2296. b . Le Bal des Variétés , folie -
vaudeville , ... par MM . de Saint - Georges et de Leuven . See VERNOY DE ...

Author : British Museum. Department of Printed Books

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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Journals Kept in France and Italy from 1848 to 1852

How he got from the Théâtre des Variétés into the army does not appear . His first
military patron was Bugeaud . Bugeaud , while mounting guard over the
Duchesse de Berri at Blaye , got weary , and asked for an aide - de - camp who
could ...

Author : Nassau William Senior

Release : 1871

Publisher :


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French Dramatists, 1789-1914

Un Monsieur qui prend la mouche , by Labiche and Marc - Michel , Paris ,
Théâtre des Variétés , 25 March 1852 ; Soufflez - moi dans l ' oeil , by Labiche
and Marc - Michel , Paris , Théâtre du Palais Royal , 1 May 1852 ; Les Suites d '
un ...

Author : Gale Cengage

Release : 1998

Publisher : Detroit, MI : Gale Research


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Essays on French dramatists writing during a period when Paris and the provinces saw thousands of dramatic works in a myriad of genres. These plays offered not only entertainment, but broached serious political and social issues as well, during a time of government censorship. Includes information on the various forms of theatrical entertainment, and the various types of playwriting, including melodrama, romantic drama, tragedies, comedies and realistic dramas.

International Dictionary of Theatre: Playwrights

Author : St James Press

Release : 1992

Publisher : Chicago : St. James Press


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A dictionary of playwrights which contains 485 entries, each of which includes biographical information on the playwright, complete lists of published works (with dates of performance) and a bibliography of critical studies on the playwright.

Invocations of Europe

Music Theatre and the Romanian Principalities 1775–1852 Sabina Cismas ... In
its fifteen years of existence, the Théâtre des Variétés constantly performed
French music theatre by public demand, while at the Momolo Theatre an Italian ...

Author : Sabina Cismas

Release : 2016-09-12

Publisher : Böhlau Verlag Wien

ISBN : 3205202163

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Hitherto the western historiography of music and opera has devoted very little attention to Romania. This book seeks to address this gap, examining how music theatre was instrumentalised as a vehicle for the overall modernization and Europeanization of the country. It deals with the complex interaction of the aristocrats, who imported the opera, the local public, the foreign power holders in the time of the Russian Protectorate and opera companies and musicians who came to Romania. In contrast to much of Romanian historiography, which stresses the suppression under the Russian Protectorate, this study focuses on the agenda of the various rulers in the Romanian Principalities, the conflicts among the elites and the rising popularity of music theatre. The book thus combines the study of the political, social, cultural and above all musical history of Romania.

Historical Dictionary of the French Second Empire, 1852-1870

Author : William E. Echard

Release : 1985

Publisher : Greenwood


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"Echard's dictionary is an exciting contribution to the knowledge of historical and cultural events of the Second Empire. . . . Echard has produced a valuable dictionary." Choice

Catalog of the Theatre and Drama Collections: Theatre Collection: books on the theatre. 9 v

FRANCECAHORS MWEH Theatres : France Yearbooks and Directories
Almanach des spectacles pour 1852 – 1853 . . . Paris : Emile ... Lo Palais - Royal
do 1784 à 1831 ; les commencements dhan théâtre célèbre ; variété inédite , par
Bouet .

Author : New York Public Library. Research Libraries

Release : 1967

Publisher :


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Encyclopaedical Guide to the French Language

Les Variétés , Boulevard Mont - The Théâtre des Variétés , Boumartre , près du
Passage des levard Montmartre , near the ... National , Boulevard du Théâtre
National , on the BouleTemple , ouvert en 1852 . vard du Temple , opened in
1852 .

Author : P. E. Tapernoux

Release : 1861

Publisher :


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The National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints

Merle , Jean Toussaint , 1785 – 1852 . Le petit fifre , ou , La noce flamande ,
comédie en un acte , mêlée de couplets ; de mm . Merle et Brazier ; représentée ,
pour la première fois , à Paris , sur le théâtre des Variétés , le 11 novembre 1811

Author : Library of Congress

Release : 1975

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Catalogue of Printed Books

Théâtre acte , par MM . Guénée , Delacour et Lambert - Thiboust . contemporain
illustré . Liv . 150 . ( 1852 , etc . ) fol . ... ( 1852 , etc . ] fol . thèque dramatique , etc
. tom . 74 . 1847 , etc . 8o . 2296 . h . 2296 . b . Les Variétés de 1852 , revue ...

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Release : 1882

Publisher :


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Performance and Politics in Popular Drama

A more fashionable boulevard theatre, such as the Variétés, tended to begin at
about 6.45 p.m. In the 1850s the ... 1835 one 1828 1835 1852 Comédie
Française 6 fr. 60–1 fr. 80 6 fr. 60–1 fr. 0 8 fr. 0–2 fr. 0 Variétés 5 fr. 0–1 fr. 25 5 fr.
0–1 fr.

Author : David Bradby

Release : 1981-09-03

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521285247

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Since the beginning of the nineteenth-century, many forms of theatre have been called 'popular', but in the twentieth-century the term 'popular drama' has taken on definite political overtones, often indicating a repudiation of 'commercial theatre'. Does this mean that political theatre is or tries to be more attractive to more people than commercial theatre? Does it conversely mean that commercial theatre has no political effects? The articles in this book were submitted as papers for a conference on the theme of 'popular' theatre, film and television. Contributions came from people with very different types of experience: from an ex-animal trainer to a lecturer in film studies; from playwrights, directors and actors to professional critics and academics. Each author focused on a particular problem of defining drama in performance, drawing together the conditions of performance, the types of audience and the political effects of the plays or films in question. The result was a series of fruitful connections and juxtapositions that shows the remarkable continuity of the problems raised in attempts to create a popular political drama.

History of Modern France:

Since 1830, and during the two first years of the Monarchy of July, all the theatres
of the Boulevard, the Vaudeville, Nouveautés, Variétés, Ambigu, Porte St Martin,
even the Odéon and the Opéra Comique, in comedies, dramas, verses, and ...

Author : Emile Bourgeois

Release : 2013-06-13

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107684099

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Originally published in 1919, as part of the Cambridge Historical Series, this book forms the first of two volumes on the history of France between 1815 and 1913. The volumes cover the key events in French history during the period, drawing attention to various aspects of the nation's complicated political evolution. The first volume begins with the Bourbon Restoration and finishes with the coup d'état of Louis-Napoléon; the second volume begins with the early years of the Second Empire and moves through to the Democratic Republic. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in French history and the modernisation of France.

The Lost Theatres of London

By 1852 it had become known as the Théâtre des Variétés or the Leicester Music
Hall ' where and in other parts of the building exhibitions of fencing , wrestling ,
antique armour , panoramas , clairvoyance , magic and ventriloquy all found a ...

Author : Raymond Mander

Release : 1968

Publisher : New York : Taplinger Publishing Company


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