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The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo

In 1671, Ambrosio Bembo, a young nobleman bored with everyday life in Venice, decided to broaden his knowledge of the world through travel.

Author : Ambrosio Bembo

Release : 2007-09-19

Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN : 052094013X

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In 1671, Ambrosio Bembo, a young nobleman bored with everyday life in Venice, decided to broaden his knowledge of the world through travel. That August he set off on a remarkable, occasionally hazardous, four-year voyage to Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and the Portuguese colonies of western India. His journal, now translated into English for the first time, is the most important new European travel account of western Asia to be published in the past hundred years. It opens an extraordinary perspective on the Near East and India at a time when few Europeans traveled to these lands. Keenly observed and engagingly written, Bembo's vivid account is filled with a high sense of adventure and curiosity and provides intriguing descriptions of people, landscapes, food, fashion, architecture, customs, cities, commerce, and more. Presented here with the original illustrations and with a rich introduction and annotations, this lively and important historical document is at last available to scholars, students, and armchair travelers alike.

Nomadism in Iran

after leaving Isfahan in 1674, the young Italian nobleman Ambrosio Bembo heard
a rumor that a caravan “had fought with two hundred Kurds, who are subjects of
the Persians ... A. Bembo, The travels and journal of Ambrosio Bembo, trans.

Author : Daniel T. Potts

Release : 2014

Publisher : OUP Us

ISBN : 0199330794

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Potts examines the development of nomadism in Iran over the course of three millennia. Evidence of nomadism in prehistory is examined and found insufficient to justify claims of its great antiquity. The background of the earliest nomadic groups, identified as Persian tribes by Herodotus, is examined within the context of the migration of Iranian speakers onto the Iranian plateau in the late second or early first millennium B.C. Thereafter, evidence of nomadic groups in Late Antiquity and early Islamic times is reviewed.

From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean

Bembo, Ambrosio. 2007.The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo.Trans.
Clara Bargellini and ed. Anthony Welch. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Berchet, Guglielmo, ed. 1865a.Bolletino consolare: Pubblicato per cura
delMinistero ...

Author : Sebouh Aslanian

Release : 2011-05-04

Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN : 0520947576

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Drawing on a rich trove of documents, including correspondence not seen for 300 years, this study explores the emergence and growth of a remarkable global trade network operated by Armenian silk merchants from a small outpost in the Persian Empire. Based in New Julfa, Isfahan, in what is now Iran, these merchants operated a network of commercial settlements that stretched from London and Amsterdam to Manila and Acapulco. The New Julfan Armenians were the only Eurasian community that was able to operate simultaneously and successfully in all the major empires of the early modern world—both land-based Asian empires and the emerging sea-borne empires—astonishingly without the benefits of an imperial network and state that accompanied and facilitated European mercantile expansion during the same period. This book brings to light for the first time the trans-imperial cosmopolitan world of the New Julfans. Among other topics, it explores the effects of long distance trade on the organization of community life, the ethos of trust and cooperation that existed among merchants, and the importance of information networks and communication in the operation of early modern mercantile communities.


Bembo, Ambrosio and Anthony Welch, eds. 2007. The Travels and Journals of
Ambrosio Bembo (trans. Clara Bargellini). Berkeley. Beyazit, Deniz. 2004. '
Architectural Decoration of the Artuqids of Mardin During the 12th and 13th
Centuries: ...

Author : Ross Burns

Release : 2016-08-25

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134844085

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Aleppo is one of the longest-surviving cities of the ancient and Islamic Middle East. Until recently it enjoyed a thriving urban life—in particular an active traditional suq, whose origins can be traced across many centuries. Its tangle of streets still follow the Hellenistic grid and above it looms the great Citadel, which contains recently-uncovered remains of a Bronze/Iron Age temple complex, suggesting an even earlier role as a ‘high place’ in the Canaanite tradition. In the Arab Middle Ages, Aleppo was a strongpoint of the Islamic resistance to the Crusader presence. Its medieval Citadel is one of the most dramatic examples of a fortified enclosure in the Islamic tradition. In Mamluk and Ottoman times, the city took on a thriving commercial role and provided a base for the first European commercial factories and consulates in the Levant. Its commercial life funded a remarkable building tradition with some hundreds of the 600 or so officially-declared monuments dating from these eras, and its diverse ethnic mixture, with significant Kurdish, Turkish, Christian and Armenian communities provide a richer layering of influences on the city’s life. In this volume, Ross Burns explores the rich history of this important city, from its earliest history through to the modern era, providing a thorough treatment of this fascinating city history, accessible both to scholarly readers as well as to the general public interested in a factual and comprehensive survey of the city’s past.


... in Lubnan fi al-Qarn alThamin'ashr al-Mu'tamar al-Awal lil-Jami'ya al-
Lubnaniya lil-Dirasat alUthmaniya, ed. Butros Labaki (Beirut: Dar al-Muntakhab
al-Arabi, 1996), 306. 118. Ambrosio Bembo, The Travels and Journal of
Ambrosio Bembo, ...

Author : William Harris

Release : 2012-07-11

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0199986584

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In this impressive synthesis, William Harris narrates the history of the sectarian communities of Mount Lebanon and its vicinity. He offers a fresh perspective on the antecedents of modern multi-communal Lebanon, tracing the consolidation of Lebanon's Christian, Muslim, and Islamic derived sects from their origins between the sixth and eleventh centuries. The identities of Maronite Christians, Twelver Shia Muslims, and Druze, the mountain communities, developed alongside assertions of local chiefs under external powers from the Umayyads to the Ottomans. The chiefs began interacting in a common arena when Druze lord Fakhr al-Din Ma'n achieved domination of the mountain within the Ottoman imperial framework in the early seventeenth century. Harris knits together the subsequent interplay of the elite under the Sunni Muslim Shihab relatives of the Ma'ns after 1697 with demographic instability as Maronites overtook Shia as the largest community and expanded into Druze districts. By the 1840s many Maronites conceived the common arena as their patrimony. Maronite/Druze conflict ensued. Modern Lebanon arose out of European and Ottoman intervention in the 1860s to secure sectarian peace in a special province. In 1920, after the Ottoman collapse, France and the Maronites enlarged the province into the modern country, with a pluralism of communal minorities headed by Maronite Christians and Sunni Muslims. The book considers the flowering of this pluralism in the mid-twentieth century, and the strains of new demographic shifts and of social resentment in an open economy. External intrusions after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war rendered Lebanon's contradictions unmanageable and the country fell apart. Harris contends that Lebanon has not found a new equilibrium and has not transcended its sects. In the early twenty-first century there is an uneasy duality: Shia have largely recovered the weight they possessed in the sixteenth century, but Christians, Sunnis, and Druze are two-thirds of the country. This book offers readers a clear understanding of how modern Lebanon acquired its precarious social intricacy and its singular political character.

The Homoerotics of Orientalism

... visit to the city between 1671 and 1675, in The Travels and Journal of
Ambrosio Bembo, trans. Clara Bargellini, ed. Anthony Welch (Berkeley: U of
California P, 2007), 53. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Typically seamen from 426 ...

Author : Joseph A. Boone

Release : 2014-03-25

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231521820

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One of the largely untold stories of Orientalism is the degree to which the Middle East has been associated with "deviant" male homosexuality by scores of Western travelers, historians, writers, and artists for well over four hundred years. And this story stands to shatter our preconceptions of Orientalism. To illuminate why and how the Islamicate world became the locus for such fantasies and desires, Boone deploys a supple mode of analysis that reveals how the cultural exchanges between Middle East and West have always been reciprocal and often mutual, amatory as well as bellicose. Whether examining European accounts of Istanbul and Egypt as hotbeds of forbidden desire, juxtaposing Ottoman homoerotic genres and their European imitators, or unlocking the homoerotic encoding in Persian miniatures and Orientalist paintings, this remarkable study models an ethics of crosscultural reading that exposes, with nuance and economy, the crucial role played by the homoerotics of Orientalism in shaping the world as we know it today. A contribution to studies in visual culture as well as literary and social history, The Homoerotics of Orientalism draws on primary sources ranging from untranslated Middle Eastern manuscripts and European belles-lettres to miniature paintings and photographic erotica that are presented here for the first time.


... First families : a photographic history of California Indians , by L. Frank and Kim
Hogeland . Heyday , 2007. 282p bibl afp ISBN 9781597140133 pbk , $ 23.95 ;
Jun 08 , 45-5764 Bembo , Ambrosio . The travels and journal of Ambrosio Bembo

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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Shah ʹAbbas & the Arts of Isfahan

534 in . Opposite 70 . The Journal and Travels of Ambrosio Bembo in Asia Italian
manuscript of 315 pages with 47 illustrations by G . G . Grelot 1671 - 1675 The
Palace of Mirrors or Ayineh Khaneh ( folio 246 ) ; illustrated H . 18 in . , W . 13 in .

Author : Anthony Welch

Release : 1973

Publisher : New York Graphic Society Books


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A Social History of Sexual Relations in Iran

1670 , according to Ambrosio Bembo , The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio
Bembo translated by Clara Bargellini ( Berkeley , 2007 ) , p . 359 " the Armenians
contract marriages for their daughters when they are seven or eight years old :
that ...

Author : Willem M. Floor

Release : 2008

Publisher : Mage Pub


File Size : 82.50 MB

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Preface -- 1. Marriage in Iran: a family affair -- 2. Temporary marriage: a formal affair -- 3. Prostitution: an extra-marital affair -- 4. Homosexual relations: a common affair -- 5. Venereal diseases in Iran: a public affair -- Afterword -- Bibliography -- Index -- Figures

Program of the ... Annual Meeting

The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo Anthony Welch , Editor $ 24.95
paper .

Author : American Historical Association. Meeting

Release : 2007

Publisher :


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Society and Culture in the Early Modern Middle East

... 1671, Ambrosio Bembo, a nineteen-year-old Venetian nobleman, set out on a
journey from Venice to educate himself and to keep away boredom. In his
introduction to his Travels and journal, composed later in life, he described his
intent: ...

Author : Andrew J. Newman

Release : 2003-01-01

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9789004127746

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The volume comprises a collection of 20 of the 43 papers presented at the Third International Round Table on Safavid Persia, held at the University of Edinburgh in August, 1998 and edited by the Round Table's organiser. The Third Round Table, the largest of the series to date, continued the emphasis of its predecessors on understanding and appreciating the legacy of the Safavid period by means of exchanges between both established and 'newer' scholars drawn from a variety of fields to facilitate an exchange of ideas, information, and methodologies across a broad range of academic disciplines between scholars from diverse disciplines and research backgrounds with a common interest in the history and culture of this period of Iran's history.

Saudi Aramco World

WHEN I rid ART 65 The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo . Anthony Welch
, ed . Clara Bargellini , tr . 2007 , University of California , 978 - 0 - 52024939 - 4 ...

Author :

Release : 2008

Publisher :


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Osmanlilar ve Avrupa

ANTHONY WELCH * Ambrosio Bembo ... unwieldy title , Travels and Journal
through Part of Asia during about Four Years undertaken by me , Ambrosio
Bembo ...

Author : Seyfi̇ Kenan

Release : 2010

Publisher :


File Size : 65.40 MB

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Piety and Politics in the Early Indian Mosque

He has published numerous articles and books on Islamic art , including Shah '
Abbas and the Arts of Isfahan ( 1973 ) , Arts of the Islamic Book , co - authored
with S . C . Welch ( 1982 ) , and The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo (
2007 ) ...

Author : Finbarr Barry Flood

Release : 2008

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA


File Size : 79.37 MB

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This volume focuses on a series of mosques constructed after north-west India came under the political control of the Ghurid sultanate of Afghanistan in the 1190s. The most famous of the group is the Qutb Mosque in Delhi. The book explores the complex relationship between pre-modern architecture, history, and modern historiography. It brings together divergent voices that have enriched nineteenth- and twentieth-century scholarship on some of the earliest surviving mosques in South Asia. Piety and Politics analyzes the different traditions that contributed to the development of the earliest mosques in South Asia. It examines the evidence that architecture offers for cultural exchange, identity formation, and political polemics in the Ghurid and early Delhi sultanates in order to understand the context of contemporary debates, memories, and perceptions related to the mosques that form the subject of the volume. Presenting a range of perspectives on the meaning of pre-modern monuments, it contributes to broader debates on the nature of modern historical writing. The collection includes writings on the beginnings of mosque architecture in South Asia (Alka Patel); the socio-political milieu of these structures (Andre Wink and Richard M. Eaton); controversies concerning the origins of the Qutb Mosque and Qutb Minar (Alexander Cunningham and J.D. Beglar); continuities and innovations in early Rajasthani mosques (Michael W. Meister and Robert Hillenbrand); and recent approaches to interpreting the Qutb complex in Delhi by Mohammad Mujeeb, Fritz Lehmann, Sunil Kumar, Anthony Welch, Hussein Keshani, and Alexandra Bain. Highlighting both continuities and ruptures in the architectural traditions of the period, Finbarr Barry Flood's introduction constructs a socio-political context for the various academic positions represented in the volume. Flood underlines the need for multiple narratives and variant readings of the monuments. Part of the prestigious Debates in Indian History and Society series, this reader will interest scholars, teachers, and students of medieval Indian history particularly those concerned with Islam and Indian and Islamic architecture.

Encyclopaedia Iranica

He also left a journal of a journey he made from Shemakha to Isfahan in 1698 (
De la Maze , pp . 43-90 ) . It is not clear how much he ... A. Bembo , The Travels
and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo , tr . C. Bargellini , ed . and annot . A. Welch ...

Author : Ehsan Yar-Shater

Release : 1982

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781934283080

File Size : 25.48 MB

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The Encyclopaedia Iranica covers topics related not only to modern Persia but also to the whole Iranian cultural world, including in-depth treatment of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Kurdistan. Articles also delve into historical and cultural relations with nations such as Egypt, Britain, India, and China. Spanning ancient, medieval, and modern times, the Encyclopaedia reveals the geographical, archaeological, cultural, religious, governmental, and biographical details that have left their mark on Iranian society.

Κυπριακαι σπουδαι

through part of Asia , during nearly four years ” , by the Venetian nobleman
Ambrosio Bembo .

Author :

Release : 1978

Publisher :


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مجلة التاريخية المغربية

Bargellini , Clara , The travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo , 451p , University
of California press , London , 2007 . · Belhocine , Mabrouk , Le courrier Alger - le
Caire 1954 - 1956 et le congrès de la Soummam dans la révolution , 349p ...

Author :

Release : 2008

Publisher :


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Epoque moderne et contemporaine.

Royal Persian Paintings: the Qajar Epoch 1785-1925

G . G . Grélot , folio 246 from a manuscript of The Journal and Travel of Ambrosio
Bembo in Asia ( 1671 - 75 ) . Line drawing , 13 x 18 inches ( 33 x 45 . 7 cm ) .

Author : Brooklyn Museum

Release : 1998-12-31

Publisher : I B Tauris & Company Limited


File Size : 37.77 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Iranian art of the Qajar period (1779-1925) has long been neglected and is little understood. This beautifully illustrated book for the first time comprehensively examines the flowering of Persian painting and the visual arts of this period. It focuses on the growth of a remarkable tradition of life-size figural painting, virtually unseen in the Islamic world. Exquisite historic manuscripts, lacquer works, calligraphies and enamels further illuminate the subject. The Qajar Epoch carries essays by leading scholars exploring the historical and social context of the period. Detailed entries describing and interpreting a wide variety of painting and artifacts, many hitherto unseen masterpieces from museums such as the Hermitage and private collections are virtually all illustrated in color and accompanied by translations of inscriptions, technical appendices and extensive bibliographies. A unique reference work, The Qajar Epoch will appeal to both specialist of pre-modern Iran and all those interested in non-Western artistic and cultural traditions.

The Antiquity of Iraq

Viaggio e giornale per parte dell'Asia di quattro anni fatti da me Ambrosio Bembo
Nobile Veneto has only been ... the travel account ( an IX , ɔ : 1801 ) , Pl . 40 the
relief is first reproduced . 5 Journal d'un voyage dans la Turquie , d'Asie et la
Perse , fait en 1807 et 1808 ( Paris 1809 ) ; German translation Weimar 1809 , pp

Author : Svend Aage Frederik Dichmann Pallis

Release : 1956

Publisher :


File Size : 44.22 MB

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Historisk-filosofiske meddelelser

2 Viaggio e giornale per parte dell'Asia di quattro anni fatti da me Ambrosio
Bembo Nobile Veneto has only been published in extracts by Jacopo Morelli in
his ... In the Atlas accompanying the travel account ( an IX , ɔ : 1801 ) , Pl . 40 the
relief is first reproduced . 5 Journal d'un voyage dans la Turquie , d'Asie et la
Perse , fait en 1807 et 1808 ( Paris 1809 ) ; German translation Weimar 1809 , pp
. 79—80 ...

Author :

Release : 1954

Publisher :


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