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I of the Vortex

To move through the environment safely, a creature must anticipate the outcome of each movement on the basis of incoming sensory data.

Author : Rodolfo R. Llin's

Release : 2002

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 9780262621632

File Size : 49.5 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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A highly original theory of how the mind-brain works, based on the author's study of single neuronal cells. Color Figures from the book are now available online—click the title for more information.

The Vortex

This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present The Teachings of Abraham, helps readers understand every relationship they are currently involved in as well as every relationship they have ever experienced.

Author : Esther Hicks

Release : 2010-03

Publisher :

ISBN : 1458770346

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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Vortex This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present The Teachings of Abraham, will help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in, as well as every one you have ever experienced. This book uncovers myriad false premises that are at the heart of every uncomfortable relationship issue, and guides you to a clear understanding of the powerful creative Vortex that has already assembled the relationships you have desired. Abraham will show you how to enter that Vortex, where you will rendezvous with everything and everyone you have been looking for. Abraham says: ''It is our desire to help you to solve the mystery of those seemingly impossible relationships; to sort out the details of joyously sharing your planet with billions of others; to rediscover the beauty of your differences; and, most of all, to reestablish the most important relationship of all: your relationship with the Eternal, Non-Physical Source that is really you.... ''It is our desire that you experience an enhanced appreciation of your planet; your body; your family; your friends; your enemies; your government; your systems; your food; your finances; your animals; your work; your play; your purpose; your Source; your Soul; your past, your future, and your present....'' #1 New York Times best-selling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks produce the Leading Edge Abraham-Hicks teachings on the Art of Allowing our natural Well-Being to come forth.

Through the Vortex

"Through The Vortex" takes the reader on a wild ride into another dimension, where time means nothing and anyone is likely to show up. This book truly goes where no man or woman has gone before and lived to tell about it.

Author : Terrance Alexi

Release : 2000-10-01

Publisher : Writer's Showcase Press

ISBN : 9780595131730

File Size : 40.31 MB

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Department of Natural Resources Agent Mike Thompson always considered himself open-minded. But taking the myth of the Bermuda Triangle seriously was too much. Then the disappearances began right outside his back door. Finally, it came for him. "Through The Vortex" takes the reader on a wild ride into another dimension, where time means nothing and anyone is likely to show up. This book truly goes where no man or woman has gone before and lived to tell about it.

The Vortex

In his seminal text, The Lettered City, Uruguayan critic Angel Rama described the
process whereby elite males “inscribed” the Latin American countryside, writing it
into national life and appropriating it for their own, urban purposes. The Vortex ...

Author : José Eustasio Rivera

Release : 2018-04-16

Publisher : Duke University Press

ISBN : 0822371766

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Published in 1924 and widely acknowledged as a major work of twentieth-century Latin American literature, José Eustasio Rivera's The Vortex follows the harrowing adventures of the young poet Arturo Cova and his lover Alicia as they flee Bogotá and head into the wild and woolly backcountry of Colombia. After being separated from Alicia, Arturo leaves the high plains for the jungle, where he witnesses firsthand the horrid conditions of those forced or tricked into tapping rubber trees. A story populated by con men, rubber barons, and the unrelenting landscape, The Vortex is both a denunciation of the sensational human-rights abuses that took place during the Amazonian rubber boom and one of the most famous renderings of the natural environment in Latin American literary history.

The Vortex

The play then became something of a cause célébre when Sir Gerald du Maurier,
at that time the effective leader of the acting profession in Britain, wrote a scathing
attack on the immorality of modern drama in general and The Vortex in ...

Author : Noël Coward

Release : 2013-12-30

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 147250349X

File Size : 54.66 MB

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A single-volume edition of one of Coward's masterpieces, published to tie in with major Donmar Warehouse production in December 2002 In The Vortex, Coward explores the darker side of the Cocktail Party set. Emotional blackmail, drug abuse and shattered relationships are minutely observed in this disturbing, early piece from a playwright whose sharp eye was more usually turned towards the light. This first ever single-volume edition of this frequently revived Coward play ties in with the major revival directed by Michael Grandage, starring Francesca Annis and Chiwetel Ejiofor and Indira Varma at London's Donmar Warehouse. "Here is a piece which is the dernier cri in the theatrical mode, un peu shocking perhaps, but no less popular on that account" James Agate

The Vortex

You step towards the vortex and through the portal. You feel yourself dragged
forward in a rush of motion. You are tossed downward and feel the pit of your
stomach lurch upward. Vertigo is the only thing that can describe the sensation
you ...

Author : Randy A. Cook

Release : 2011-12-01

Publisher : eGenesis Media

ISBN : 0615575617

File Size : 23.87 MB

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To save the world from being consumed by an alien technology that you inadvertently unleashed, you must use your wits, cunning, and of course... your ereader! In this exciting universe, you are the hero. You direct the lead character as your avatar in exploring the mysteries of an alien race as you attempt to discover the source of immense technological power while trying to correct the cause of the destructive events unfolding around you. The Vortex combines classic elements of both Text Adventure games and Choose Your Own Adventure books to provide an interactive quest that is sure to entertain. Like a CYOA this interactive novel is decision driven, however, the navigation and exploration of the virtual world are clearly rooted in the traditional text adventure style of game play. This is a gamebook where your actions as well as your ability to solve mysteries through deduction are the keys to survival. The Vortex provides you with a location oriented environment that you move through encountering puzzles and obstacles that actually require you to carefully observe and think your way through. This is a work of modern interactive fiction designed for today?s eReaders and tablets.

The Vortex

It was 11:28 p.m. and he was still undecided whether or not the timing of the
action would have any effect upon Ronald Aikens and the rest caught up with him
in the vortex. He had originally thought that all he could accomplish by shutting
off ...

Author : Robert R. Dozier

Release : 2012-06-27

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 9781468566093

File Size : 61.36 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Trying to prevent his wife’s death, Ronald Aikens, a scientist, enters a paradox of time travel where he must witness his wife's death over and over unless rescued. Carl, a research analyst and Sheila, a niece of Aikens join forces to attempt to rescue him and others and run into difficulties that almost destroy them.


Understanding the Vortex In this book we will not be going deeply into the
exploration of the Vortex phenomena in Sedona, instead we will be exploring the
Vortex as a universal quality that is present in all things. The meditations and ...

Author : Richard Dannelley

Release : 1995-12-01

Publisher : Light Technology Publishing

ISBN : 1622336704

File Size : 66.77 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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BEYOND THE VORTEX: THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY TO YOUR PERSONAL PLACE OF POWER AN ASCENSION MANUAL AND REMEMBRANCE OF THE SACRED SCIENCE OF THE SOUL A NEW BOOK BY RICHARD DANNELLEY, AUTHOR OF SEDONA POWER SPOT, VORTEX, AND MEDICINE WHEEL GUIDE Beyond the Vortex is a definitive statement on the science of Ascension. The information in this book is not limited to Sedona, but can be applied anywhere or this planet. Beyond the Vortex explores the relation between Soul Awareness, Vortex: Phenomenon, Sacred Geometry, the Merkaba, the Medicine Wheel, and Ascension. By using the meditations and practices that are detailed in this book we can learn to use "Vortex Energy," to activate our crystalline Body of Light (the Merkaba). Anyone who is interested in the possibility of Ascension will find this bool to be of great interest. CREATING THE NEW AGE OF PLANETARY PEACE AND HEALING THROUGH THE USE OF COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS

The Vortex

Author : Chris Bunch

Release : 2010-11-04

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0748121404

File Size : 72.33 MB

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The Eternal Emperor had returned at last from the dead, to pick up the pieces of his crumbling Empire. But even that great leader could not halt the Empire's decline alone. And so Sten, master spy, military strategist, and assassin, found himself appointed Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Altaic Cluster, where a brewing civil war threatened the stability of the Empire itself. Quelling a civil war was nothing new for Sten. But as one thing after another went wrong, he began to suspect that he was up against more than a mere local disturbance. Someone - operating in deepest cover, with the highest authority - was working behind the scenes to manipulate events and escalate disaster. And that someone wanted nothing more than to see Sten dead . . . For more information on this or any other Orbit book, visit the Orbit website at

The Vortex Blaster

. . The Vortex Blaster is the seventh and last self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series, one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction.

Author : E.E. 'Doc' Smith

Release : 2017-05-25

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1473220378

File Size : 79.41 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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A churning nuclear vortex, appearing out of nowhere, wreaking utter destruction - and countless numbers of them were menacing planets throughout the galaxy! 'Storm' cloud, nucleonic genius, set out in his spaceship Vortex Blaster to track and destroy the mysterious vortices - and embarked on a saga of discovery and conflict among the far stars and the worlds of the Lensmen . . . The Vortex Blaster is the seventh and last self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series, one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction.

Into the Vortex

Author : Britta H. Sjogren

Release : 2010-10-01

Publisher : University of Illinois Press

ISBN : 0252092414

File Size : 64.10 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Into the Vortex challenges and rethinks feminist film theory's brilliant but often pessimistic reflections on the workings of sound and voice in film. Including close readings of major film theorists such as Kaja Silverman and Mary Ann Doane, Britta H. Sjogren offers an alternative to image-centered scenarios that dominate feminist film theory's critique of the representation of sexual difference. Sjogren focuses on a rash of 1940s Hollywood films in which the female voice bears a marked formal presence to demonstrate the ways that the feminine is expressed and difference is sustained. She argues that these films capitalize on particular particular psychoanalytic, narratological and discursive contradictions to bring out and express difference, rather than to contain or close it down. Exploring the vigorous dynamic engendered by contradiction and paradox, Sjogren charts a way out of the pessimistic, monolithic view of patriarchy and cinema's representation of women's voices.

Getting Into the Vortex

User friendly tool which will facilitate the user's Vibrations to align four key areas: General well being, Financial abundance, Physical well-being, and Relationships.

Author : Esther Hicks

Release : 2020-07

Publisher : Hay House

ISBN : 1401961827

File Size : 22.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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User friendly tool which will facilitate the user's Vibrations to align four key areas: General well being, Financial abundance, Physical well-being, and Relationships.

The Enemies and Friends Thru the Vortex

a long and grueling two earth days, all of the smaller vessels succeeded in
traveling thru the vortex intact enough to support life and still be flyable. The
vortex dimensions remained relatively the same. It seemed to have stopped
growing, and it ...

Author : Bobbie Kaald

Release : 2013-08-08

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1483680525

File Size : 21.92 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The Making of an Enemy is the fi rst book of a series. The apocalypse happens and strands several colonizing ships in space. They eventually decide that the silence from Earth means the worst happened and join up with the other colonizing vessels. From there, they set out to fi nd a new home, and many, many years later, the story really starts. Soon, you meet the leading lady who leaves the shipyard in a fi t of anger alone on a small ship. The ship is hit by one or more asteroids and disabled. She is rescued by the villainous marauders and eventually rescued from them by her shipyard friends. From there the chase is on with a culmination in a fi nal disaster. The Unmaking of an Enemy begins where the fi rst one ends. There is a birth in space proving that it is possible after many generations of not being able to carry a pregnancy to term in space. They fi nd that their nemesis is still alive and the chase is on again. The book ends with the discovery that the explosion created a rift in space. The Enemies Become Friends begins by the enemies and friends fi nding out that all of the space debris from the explosion is disappearing into the anomaly. Eventually, everyone is pardoned if they help evacuate all of mankind from all of the settlements. The book ends by fi nding out that the probes and a ship navigated the anomaly to the other side, and messages are coming back thru. The Enemies and Friends thru the Vortex is the continuation of a story which refuses to end. The fl eet of combined mankind sends a volunteer vessel thru the vortex. It is manned with enough volunteers to man the empty ship if found intact. With a great deal of diffi culty, a message eventually gets back to the fl eet about their safety and the diffi culties experienced on the ride thru the vortex. One by one the fl eet attempts to travel thru the vortex.

The Vortex of Power

This phenomenon shows that in the current vortex of oligarchic power, the
position of political consultants who applied democratic strategy formulas will
finally be easily absorbed in the interests and agenda of the oligarchic power
they ...

Author : Airlangga Pribadi Kusman

Release : 2018-07-17

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 9811301557

File Size : 38.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This book explores the role of intellectuals and governance processes in post-authoritarian Indonesia. Focusing on East Java, the author argues that intellectuals have played an increasingly direct and practical role in the exercise of governance at the local level of Indonesian politics. The book provides insights into how the collaboration between intellectuals and local politico-business elites has shaped good governance and democratic institution-building, validating power structures that continue to obstruct political participation in the country. In addition, the book also delves into the contribution of local intellectuals in resolving the contradictions between technocratic ideas and governance practices, in the interest of local elites. Empirical studies included in the book add to the broader literature on the social role of intellectuals, highlighting their role as not just defined by their capacity to produce and circulate knowledge, but also by their particular position in concrete social and political struggle. The author also explores the manner in which relationships between intellectuals, business and political elites and NGOs in local political and economic practices, intersect with national-level contests over power and resources.

The Vortex : Underground Poetry

Her latest works online include: "Ashes & Embers," a collection of poetry, "Eve's
Song," a North Carolina novella, and "Dreamers Out of Step," a Floridian novel, "
Takoma Poems," "To Dream of Dancing," and "The Vortex" are her latest poetry ...

Author : Joan Noëldechen

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 1257013432

File Size : 42.82 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Colombian Theatre in the Vortex

Vortex. Judith. A. Weiss. The Plays THE PLAYS IN THIS COLLECTION DATE
FROM 1966 THROUGH 1997. Thirty years, from the earliest works of collective
creation (which became models for Latin American theatre artists, for students
and ...

Author : Judith A. Weiss

Release : 2004

Publisher : Bucknell University Press

ISBN : 9780838755914

File Size : 32.16 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This book chronicles three decades of social and political disintegration in a nation marked by violence, paradox, and hyperbole, a country both blessed and cursed by its wealth of natural resources, its culture, and its strategic location in the western hemisphere. The plays (Soldiers [C. J. Reyes et al.]; Old Baldy [Jairo Nino]; Lucky Strike [Santiago Garcia]; Roadhouse [Teatro La Candelaria]; Pilot Project [Enrique Buenaventura]; Femina Ludens [Nohora Ayala et al.]; and The Orgy [Enrique Buenaventura]) reveal the historical, economic, and social roots of Colombia's tragic circumstances. They are vehicles of critical analysis for making sense of both the causes and the consequences of the violence, as they examine the role of the army, the roots of the drug wars, the situation of women and victims of conflict, and the poisoning of a common ethos. The translations and introductory notes make the works and their subjects equally accessible for staging in the theater and for readings and discussion by groups interested in Latin American Studies. Judith A. Weiss is Professor of Hispanic Studies at Mount Allison University in Canada.

Sir Francis Darrel; Or, The Vortex

By-the-bye, Lady Betty was not, by some score, the only one of the Vortex at your
brother's last night. How the foolish pretty things swam about ! You may say what
you will of the pleasant gentleness of the whirl, and of its being no Charybdis; ...

Author : Robert Charles Dallas

Release : 1820

Publisher :


File Size : 67.31 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Dancing in the Vortex

Author : Vicki Woolf

Release : 2013-01-11

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113585307X

File Size : 73.85 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Paris at the turn of the century - Art Nouveau, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and the Folies Bergere. This was the atmosphere which nurtured the artistic development of the remarkable dancer and choreographer Ida Rubinstein.This long-awaited biography gives us a unique insight into the life of a remarkable woman, responsible for a fascinating chapter of our artistic heritage. She was a chameleon, a diva, who lived many lives, overcoming the anti-Semitism of her times to enchant and captivate the highest of societies. Untrained as a dancer, Ida Rubinstein's charisma attracted collaborators such as Debussy, Stravinsky, Ravel, Cocteau, Bakst, and Benois.

Arlo and the Vortex Voyage

Author : Juliet Blair

Release : 2010

Publisher : Interactive Publications

ISBN : 1921479663

File Size : 61.46 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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When Arlo and Kate go rock climbing, the last thing they expect is to be caught up in a vortex and transported through to another universe.

In the Vortex of Violence

Extending the history of lynching beyond the United States, this book offers key insights into the cultural, historical, and political reasons behind the violent phenomenon and its continued practice in Latin America today.

Author : Gema Kloppe-Santamaría

Release : 2020

Publisher :

ISBN : 0520344030

File Size : 64.70 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

Download : 942

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In the Vortex of Violence examines the uncharted history of lynching in post-revolutionary Mexico. Based on a collection of previously untapped sources, the book examines why lynching became a persistent practice during a period otherwise characterized by political stability and decreasing levels of violence. It explores how state formation processes, as well as religion, perceptions of crime, and mythical beliefs, contributed to shaping people's understanding of lynching as a legitimate form of justice. Extending the history of lynching beyond the United States, this book offers key insights into the cultural, historical, and political reasons behind the violent phenomenon and its continued practice in Latin America today.