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The Third Chapter

This is a chapter in life when the traditional norms, rules, and rituals of our careers seem less encompassing and restrictive; when many women and men seem to be embracing new challenges and searching for greater meaning in life.

Author : Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Release : 2009-01-06

Publisher : Sarah Crichton Books

ISBN : 1429980885

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In the twenty-first century, a developmental phase of life is emerging as significant and distinct, capturing our interest, engaging our curiosity, and expanding our understanding of human potential and development. Demographers talk about this new chapter in life as characterized by people—between fifty and seventy-five—who are considered "neither young nor old." In our "third chapters" we are beginning to redefine our views about the casualties and opportunities of aging; we are challenging cultural definitions of strength, maturity, power, and sexiness. This is a chapter in life when the traditional norms, rules, and rituals of our careers seem less encompassing and restrictive; when many women and men seem to be embracing new challenges and searching for greater meaning in life. In The Third Chapter, the renowned sociologist Dr. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot offers a strong counterpoint to the murky ambivalence that shrouds our clear view of people in their third chapters. She challenges the still prevailing and anachronistic images of aging by documenting and revealing the ways in which the years between fifty and seventy-five may, in fact, be the most transformative and generative time in our lives, tracing the ways in which wisdom, experience, and new learning inspire individual growth and cultural transformation. The women and men whose voices fill the pages of The Third Chapter tell passionate and poignant stories of risk and vulnerability, failure and resilience, challenge and mastery, experimentation and improvisation, and insight and new learning.

The Fifty-third chapter of Isaiah according to the Jewish interpreters

rhetorical figure, which is called antithesis, to place together two contrary things,
as the prophet does here; he will cause the kings to be silent and the nations to
talk, what follows in the fifty-third chapter ; and if it were not so, this chapter would

Author : A. Neubauer

Release : 1877

Publisher : Рипол Классик

ISBN : 5880852334

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A New, Interpretation of a Portion of the Third Chapter of Genesis

C O N T E N T S. Pagé, CHAPTER I. Preliminary . - - e e - - - | CHAPTER II.
Examination of the Third Chapter of Genesis . . 48 CHAPTER III. - On the Deluge
- - - - - - . 116 CHAPTER IV. Relating to the Psalms e e - - . 139 CHAPTER V.
Relating ...

Author :

Release : 1834

Publisher :


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A Jewish Tract on the Fifty-third Chapter of Isaiah

ON THE Fifty - Third Chapter of Isaiah , AND OTHER TEXTS OF SACRED
SCRIPTURE , AS S the perverters of the Divine Law , depend much on the 53d
chapter of Isaiah , for the establishment of their faith , it will be necessary , in
order to ...

Author : Philotheus Elianus Montalto

Release : 1790

Publisher :


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An Exposition of the Fifty-third Chapter of Isaiah

... thy sting ? O grave , where is thy victory ? ” “ Thanks be to God , which giveth
us the victory , Through our Lord Jesus Christ . ” AN EXPOSITION OF THE FIFTY

Author : Moses Margoliouth

Release : 1846

Publisher :


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Sermons on the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, the beatitudes, and other subjects

... humble , while it keeps grateful , the true believer , than in this fifty - third
chapter of the prophet Isaiah . se practical exposition . This method of preaching ,
though undervalued This chapter I now propose to make the subject of a

Author : John Hambleton

Release : 1832

Publisher :


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Remarks on the Twenty-third Chapter of the Confession of Faith, as bearing on existing controversies

They have taken good care , however , to abstain from laying down any distinct
and categorical propositions as to the meaning of the 23d chapter , or as to the
kind and degree of power or authority which is there ascribed to the Civil
Magistrate ...

Author : William CUNNINGHAM (Principal of the New College of the Free Church of Scotland.)

Release : 1843

Publisher :


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A Jewish Tract, on the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, written by Dr. Montalto, in Portuguese ... translated from his manuscript by Philo-Veritas

See him converse with the ineffable and incomprehensible Majesty , as it were ,
face to face , as the divine Scripture testifies , in the thirty - third chapter of Exodus
. So highly privileged , that he had entrance at all times before the Supreme ...

Author : Elias MONTALTO

Release : 1790

Publisher :


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An Exposition of the Third Chapter of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians

16.15. ; An Exposition of Part of the Second Chapter of the Epistle to the Philipp.,
A Sermon Upon Mal. 4. 2. 3 Richard Sibbes. Phil.;7. teach by examps6's. :*: or o -
V E R s. 7. - That what thing, were gaine to me, those I count losse for hrift.

Author : Richard Sibbes

Release : 1639

Publisher :


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An Essay Towards Explaining the Third Chapter of Genesis, and the Spiritual Sense of the Law

In which the Third Proposition of the Divine Legation, and what the Author Hath
Brought to Support It, are Consider'd Julius Bate. tal Part is sustained by the
Fruits of the Earth . This Curse was executed by the Flood , as appears , Chap . v

Author : Julius Bate

Release : 1741

Publisher :


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The exile from Eden, meditations on the third chapter of Genesis, tr. by W. Hare

Adam had three ways to choose : lst . Not to touch either of the two trees — the
symbols of evil and of good , of death and of life - ( for he was not commanded to
eat of the tree of life , ) that is to say , to remain a living soul , ( 1 Cor . xv .

Author : Louis Bonnet

Release : 1839

Publisher :


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The Lessons for the Day

Author : Author of the first and second

Release : 1742

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Professional Liability, Third Edition

The third chapter examines in depth the fundamental legal principles relating to
loss under the tort of negligence, including such difficult and controversial areas
as causation, nervous shock, and pure economic loss. The next chapter involves

Author : Robert Wickins

Release : 1996-08-01

Publisher : Hong Kong University Press

ISBN : 962209404X

File Size : 61.71 MB

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Professional Liability has been written to give accountancy and business students a clear and concise description of the legal principles relating to professional liability. The core of the book is a wide-ranging and detailed account of the growth and application of the tort of negligence. Over one hundred leading British and Hong Kong cases covering a wide range of professions and business situations are used to illustrate the basic principles. The facts and a detailed analysis of all major cases are provided. A number of leading Commonwealth cases have also been included. The book is also useful to those studying or seeking information on professional liability in areas such as surveying, banking, and public administration. The text is divided into numbered paragraphs, and the main points are summarized at the end of each chapter, for easier comprehension and study.