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Time Travel and Warp Drives

Discusses what people understand about space and time and how science fiction is becoming less fictional as time goes on.

Author : Allen Everett

Release : 2012

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

ISBN : 0226224988

File Size : 45.56 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Discusses what people understand about space and time and how science fiction is becoming less fictional as time goes on.

Galactic Travel at Warp Speed in Imaginary Time

The problem with this concept is that photons travel only at the speed of light. We
want to achieve Warp 10 or ten times the speed of light. The next three space
drives in the magazine discuss the feasibility of altering the properties of space.

Author : Charles E. Anzalone

Release : 2008-12-29

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1469123231

File Size : 53.21 MB

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Galactic Travel at Warp Speed in Imaginary Time When all the technical articles from magazines, newspapers, and published books are correlated, it becomes very apparent that mankind is on the verge of discovering a new frontiera frontier called imaginary time. This isnt a dreamworld but rather, a place in the space-time continuum where spacecraft can travel at warp speeds throughout the galaxy. This book is not a science fiction book. Unlike other scientific approaches that are formal, conservative, and trite, this book delves into equations and techniques that suggest a different method of galactic travel other than power-driven machines. This book points the way toward governmental research that will be more productive than the rocket approach of today. The link that makes warp speeds feasible is the association with neutrinos and their speed relative to the speed of light. Present day understanding of the neutrino is very limited. Scientists can create them and send them to a location, but neutrinos created by our sun and other stars in the galaxy are different. They have a property that can be used to propel a spacecraft! Illustrations detail the construction of a time shifter and the final version of a spacecraft. Construction of the time shifter is necessary to obtain the critical electromagnetic properties that will be used in the spacecraft. To achieve speeds greater than the speed of light, a new understanding of Einsteins law or E = mc has to be made. Einsteins laws on relativity still apply, but a new frontier with a better understanding of "time" is necessary. The major form of time that mankind knows today is the alarm clock going off in the morning. This book will discuss three other forms of time; namely, imaginary time, galactic sector time, and a Biblical time line from which critical information about our past is derived. In the latter chapters, several hypotheses are proposed along with axioms that point toward the feasibility of several theories as correct. These theories are backed-up with research provided by the Bible and astronomical data for our solar system. Advanced theories of this magnitude require that we know where we came from before we can understand where were going. The Bible provides a clue so that space travelers will know what to expect when they travel across the galaxy. The clue leads to a special section titled Rib Theory. With an understanding of Rib Theory, logical conclusions point out that the Earth is twenty six percent (yes 26%) closer to the sun than it was back in 23,350 BC. Astronomical data confirms that the orbit of Earth and Mars are very different than orbits of other planets. Additional evidence is documented with photographs, magazines, and other books to illustrate significant changes that occurred here on Earth before man learned how to write. With a better understanding of global warming and the real causes, mankind will be motivated to take measures now. Were running out of time and major research has to be started as soon as possible. In retrospect, the purpose of this book is twofold. The first goal is to point the way toward a methodology for galactic travel and what to expect traveling at warp speed. The second goal is to benefit mankind so that his dependence on fossil fuels is reduced with alternative energy and his understanding of the world around him is improved. Charles E. Anzalone March 30, 2008

Time Travel

One of the best-known such inventions is the warp drive, which has been used in
TV shows such as Star Trek and Doctor Who. Physicists have proposed
theoretical means of manipulating space-time to achieve faster-than-light travel,
such as ...

Author : Corona Brezina

Release : 2018-07-15

Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN : 1508180482

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The topic of time travel provides tantalizing conundrums to consider for STEM experts and sci-fi creators alike. Most scientists and mathematicians agree that time travel by humans is probably impossible, yet they have not been able to offer conclusive proof. This book describes how the very nature of time remains a fascinating and complex subject, whether viewed from the perspective of Einstein's relativity or the nanoscale realm of quantum physics. Readers will recognize notable fictional works in literature, film, and television in which time travel serves as a useful plot device as well as a means of examining human history and contemporary social issues.

The Paradoxes of Time Travel

Time Travel and Some Alleged Logical Asymmetries Between Past and Future.
Canadian ... In Steven F. Savitt, ed., Times Arrows Today: Recent Physical and
Philosophical Work on the Direction of Time. ... Time Travels and Warp Drives.

Author : Ryan Wasserman

Release : 2017-08-03

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0198793332

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Ryan Wasserman presents a wide-ranging exploration of puzzles raised by the possibility of time travel, including the grandfather paradox, the bootstrapping paradox, and the twin paradox of special relativity. He draws out their implications for our understanding of time, tense, freedom, fatalism, causation, counterfactuals, laws of nature, persistence, change, and mereology. The Paradoxes of Time Travel is written in an accessible style, and filled with entertaining examples from physics, science fiction, and popular culture.

Wormholes, Warp Drives and Energy Conditions

Top researchers in the field of gravitation present the state-of-the-art topics outlined in this book, ranging from the stability of rotating wormholes solutions supported by ghost scalar fields, modified gravity applied to wormholes, the ...

Author : Francisco S. N. Lobo

Release : 2017-08-15

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 3319551825

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Top researchers in the field of gravitation present the state-of-the-art topics outlined in this book, ranging from the stability of rotating wormholes solutions supported by ghost scalar fields, modified gravity applied to wormholes, the study of novel semi-classical and nonlinear energy conditions, to the applications of quantum effects and the superluminal version of the warp drive in modified spacetime. Based on Einstein's field equations, this cutting-edge research area explores the more far-fetched theoretical outcomes of General Relativity and relates them to quantum field theory. This includes quantum energy inequalities, flux energy conditions, and wormhole curvature, and sheds light on not just the theoretical physics but also on the possible applications to warp drives and time travel. This book extensively explores the physical properties and characteristics of these 'exotic spacetimes,' describing in detail the general relativistic geometries that generate closed timelike curves.

Extreme Physics

If one can construct wormholes or warp drives , time travel might become
possible . The passage of time is relative ; it depends on the observer ' s velocity .
A person who leaves Earth in a spaceship , travels at near lightspeed and returns
will ...

Author : Scientific American

Release : 2008

Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN : 9781404214064

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Collection of articles examining some of the latest work in the understanding of physics.

Making Starships and Stargates

University of California Press, Berkeley Davies P (2001) How to build a time
machine. Penguin Putnam, New York Everett A, Roman T (2011) Time travel and
warp drives. University of Chicago Press, Chicago Greene B (2004) The fabric of
the ...

Author : James F. Woodward

Release : 2012-12-15

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1461456231

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To create the exotic materials and technologies needed to make stargates and warp drives is the holy grail of advanced propulsion. A less ambitious, but nonetheless revolutionary, goal is finding a way to accelerate a spaceship without having to lug along a gargantuan reservoir of fuel that you blow out a tailpipe. Tethers and solar sails are conventional realizations of the basic idea. There may now be a way to achieve these lofty objectives. “Making Starships and Stargates” will have three parts. The first will deal with information about the theories of relativity needed to understand the predictions of the effects that make possible the “propulsion” techniques, and an explanation of those techniques. The second will deal with experimental investigations into the feasibility of the predicted effects; that is, do the effects exist and can they be applied to propulsion? The third part of the book – the most speculative – will examine the question: what physics is needed if we are to make wormholes and warp drives? Is such physics plausible? And how might we go about actually building such devices? This book pulls all of that material together from various sources, updates and revises it, and presents it in a coherent form so that those interested will be able to find everything of relevance all in one place.

The Big Questions The Universe

CAN WE TRAVEL THROUGH TIME AND SPACE? The possibility of warp drives
and time travel CAN THE LAWS OF PHYSICS CHANGE? Physics beyond
Einstein ARE THERE ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES? Schrödinger's cat and the ...

Author : Stuart Clark

Release : 2011-10-27

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1849166099

File Size : 78.74 MB

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The Big Questions series enables renowned experts to tackle the 20 most fundamental and frequently asked questions of a major branch of science or philosophy. Each 3000-word essay simply and concisely examines a question that has eternally perplexed enquiring minds, providing answers from history's great thinkers. This ambitious project is a unique distillation of humanity's best ideas. In Big Questions: The Universe, Dr Stuart Clark tackles the 20 key questions of astronomy and cosmology: What is the universe? How big is the universe? How old is the universe? What are stars made from? How did the Universe form? Why do the planets stay in orbit? Was Einstein right? What are black holes? How did the Earth form? What were the first celestial objects? What is dark matter? What is dark energy? Are we really made from stardust? Is there life on Mars? Are there other intelligent beings? Can we travel through time and space? Can the laws of physics change? Are there alternative universes? What will be the fate of the universe? Is there cosmological evidence for God?

Weapons of Choice: World War 2.1

'Warp drives and time travel?' scoffed the Texan. 'Well, let's just start with
standard physics grads from the better universities. You and I will have to fill them
in.' The communications officer reappeared on screen, the dark smudges under
his ...

Author : John Birmingham

Release : 2007-11-10

Publisher : Pan Australia

ISBN : 1742621996

File Size : 60.78 MB

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The impossible has spawned the unthinkable. A near-future military experiment has thrust a US-led multinational armada back to 1942, right into the middle of the naval task force speeding towards Midway Atoll-and what was to be a spectacular Allied triumph in the war in the Pacific. In the chaos that ensues, thousands are killed, but the ripples have only just begun. For these veterans of Pearl Harbor have never seen a helicopter, or a satellite link, or a nuclear weapon. And they've never encountered an African American colonel or a female Australian submarine commander. While they embrace the armada's awesome firepower, they may find the twenty-first-century sailors themselves far from acceptable. Initial jubilation at news the Allies would win the war is quickly doused by the chilling realisation that the time-travellers themselves-by their very presence-have rendered history null and void. Celebration turns to dread when the possibility arises that other elements of the twenty-first-century task force may also have made the trip-and might now be aiding the enemy forces. What happens next is anybody's guess - and everybody's nightmare...

IBM DB2 Version 10

Although drives are increasing in size, the I/O throughput of traditional disk drives
hasn't kept pace. Think about the three key performance ... group Figure. 14 Warp
Speed, Time Travel, Big Data, and More DB2 Multitemperature Management.

Author : Paul Zikopoulos

Release : 2012-05-29

Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN : 0071802967

File Size : 46.16 MB

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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Save Time and Money with DB2 10 for LUW Even travel through time and shrink data How would you like to compress even more data, store it in a cloud, and analyze it as though you are traveling through time without compromising security? In addition to these enhancements, you will experience lower costs and faster performance with the latest release of DB2. Read this book to understand the power of DB2 10 and get started now! This book provides you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to get started with the latest DB2 release. Try some of the new features by downloading DB2 Express for free, which features Big Data and Cloud technology. Go to

The Edge of Physics

If one can construct wormholes or warp drives , time travel Warp drive might
appear to violate Einstein's special theo- might become possible . The passage
of time is relative ; it derelativity . But special relativity says that you cannot out
pends ...

Author :

Release : 2003

Publisher :


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Beyond Star Trek

In the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek, the renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss took readers on an entertaining and eye-opening tour of the Star Trek universe to see how it stacked up against the real universe.

Author : Lawrence M. Krauss

Release : 2011-04-05

Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN : 0062040871

File Size : 29.24 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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In the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek, the renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss took readers on an entertaining and eye-opening tour of the Star Trek universe to see how it stacked up against the real universe. Now, responding to requests for more as well as to a number of recent exciting discoveries in physics and astronomy, Krauss takes a provocative look at how the laws of physics relate to notions from our popular culture -- not only Star Trek, but other films, shows, and popular lore -- from Independence Day to Star Wars to The X-Files. What's the difference between a flying saucer and a flying pretzel? Why didn't the aliens in Independence Day have to bother invading Earth to destroy it? What's new with warp drives? What's the most likely scenario for doomsday? Are ESP and telekinesis impossible? What do clairvoyance and time travel have in common? How might quantum mechanics ultimately affect the fate of life in the universe?


These fields would still have to be a hundred times greater than those on a
neutron ago : to warp space - time using ... are more worried about the
fundamental problem with wormholes and warp drives : the fact they might allow
time travel .

Author :

Release : 1996

Publisher :


File Size : 62.73 MB

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Astronomy Now

EAP 0.8C 0.8C 0.8C the necessity of negative energy fuels , with energy would
certainly bring warp drives very much closer to reality . ... Interstellar travel would
mean a revolution for every conceivPaul Parsons is a freelance science writer . ...
of his own , published in 1994 , that links ative to the vacuum , that is , with
respect to Krasnikov , of the Central Astronomical electromagnetism with mass
and time .

Author :

Release : 2000

Publisher :


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Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems

... and offshoots of it will be developed for space use, much as the automobile
was developed in the 20th century. A warp drive would not only allow travel faster
than the speed of light, but warping space time could also reduce or cancel
gravity ...

Author : Walter Edward Hammond

Release : 2001

Publisher : AIAA

ISBN : 9781600860454

File Size : 39.94 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Annotation "Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems is a sequel to the author's earlier text, "Space Transportation: A Systems Approach to Analysis and Design. Both texts represent the most comprehensive exposition of the existing knowledge and practice in the design and project management of space transportation systems, and they reflect a wealth of experience by the author with the design and management of space systems. The text discusses new conceptual changes in the design philosophy away from multistage expendable vehicles to winged, reusable launch vehicles and presents an overview of the systems engineering and vehicle design process as well as systems trades and analysis. Individual chapters are devoted to specific disciplines such as aerodynamics, aerothermal analysis, structures, materials, propulsion, flight mechanics and trajectories, avionics and computers, and control systems. The final chapters deal with human factors, payload, launch and mission operations, safety, and mission assurance. The two texts by the author provide a valuable source of information for the space transportation community of designers, operators, and managers. A companion CD-ROM succinctly packages some oversized figures and tables, resources for systems engineering and launch ranges, and a compendium of software programs. The computer programs include the USAF AIRPLANE AND MISSILE DATCOM CODES (with extensive documentation); COSTMODL for software costing; OPGUID launch vehicle trajectory generator; SUPERFLO-a series of 11 programs intended for solving compressible flow problems in ducts and pipes found in industrial facilities; and a wealth of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet programs covering thedisciplines of statistics, vehicle trajectories, propulsion performance, math utilities,

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

... the weak or null energy conditions ( see my AV column “ Outlawing Wormholes
and Warp Drives , ” Analog , May 2005 ) ... At least in isolation , they cannot lead
to time - like loops and time travel paradoxes because they lead to another ...

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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Star Wars

time - travel : a real showstopper . ... of Space , E.E. ( “ Doc ” ) Smith may have
been the first author to mention the concept of faster - than - light travel . ... Warp
drive , one of the most predominate concepts for FTL travel , circumvents the limit

Author : Boston Museum of Science

Release : 2005

Publisher : National Geographic Society


File Size : 22.44 MB

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Presents an illustrated examination of the impact of the film "Star Wars" on the culture of technological advancement, providing information on the how the future develop in two key areas, transportation and robotics.

Just a Theory

Since the speed of light is 300 , 000 kilometers / second , to find the travel time
between another star and the Earth at ... The paraphernalia of science fiction —
worm holes , time travel , warp drives — may exist on a quantum level , but they
do ...

Author : M. Ben-Ari

Release : 2005

Publisher :


File Size : 72.96 MB

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Some people claim that evolution is "just a theory". Do you know what a scientific theory really is? Just a theory is an overview of the modern concepts of science. A clear understanding of the nature of science will enable you to distinguish science from pseudoscience (which illegitimately wraps itself in the mantle of science), and real social issues in science from the caricatures portrayed in postmodernist critiques. Prof. Ben-Ari's style is light (even humorous) and easy to read, bringing the latest concepts of science to the general reader. Of particular interest is his analysis of the terminology of science (fact, law, proof, theory) in relation to the colloquial meaning of these terms. Between chapters are biographical vignettes of scientists -- both familiar and unfamiliar -- showing their common commitment to the enterprise of science, together with a diversity of backgrounds and personalities. This accessible, informative, and comprehensive work will give lay readers a good grasp of real science.

Space Technology and Applications International Forum--2000

M . D . K . Boston Engineering Warp Drives . . . . . . . . . B . N . Cassenti and H . I .
Ringermacher Gravitational Radiation and Its Application to Space Travel . . . . . . .
. . . . . G . Fontana Frequency - and Time - Domain Detection of Superluminal ...

Author : Mohamed S. El-Genk

Release : 2000

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781563969188

File Size : 36.64 MB

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American Scientist

The warp drive - which achieves superluminal speeds for a spacecraft by curving
spacetime in its neighborhood — is essential to ... to be sent , which would take
2000 times the present age of the universe at the upper limit of today ' s digital
telecommunications speeds . ... Another error is that phaser beams of pure
energy , always traveling at the speed of light , can be dodged by creatures ,
which must ...

Author :

Release : 1996

Publisher :


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