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Too Smart for Her Own Good?

Shows how successful women who revert to childhood behavior patterns in their relationships with men can alter actions and thinking

Author : Conalee Levine-Shneidman

Release : 1986-06

Publisher : Bantam Books

ISBN : 9780553259452

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Shows how successful women who revert to childhood behavior patterns in their relationships with men can alter actions and thinking

For Her Own Good

“By Earstien, I wish I could!” Lukas dumped the remainder of his wine down his
throat for emphasis. “If you're asking me, all those books have made her too
smart for her own good. She's been indulged and spoiled by our parents, so is it
really ...

Author : J.S. Mawdsley

Release : 2020-05-20

Publisher : J.S. Mawdsley

ISBN : 139390338X

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Muriel Ostensen, handsome, clever, and a bitch, has no desire to get married. Broderick Gramiren, natural son of the king, has other ideas for her, and so does her family. In the wake of a shocking royal assassination, Broderick maneuvers secretly to become his father's official heir. But first, he just needs the right wife to help press his case. The Duke of Severn's daughter would be the perfect woman to help Broderick in his quest, especially with his father, the king, pressuring him to marry. Muriel, however, loves her independence, and she feels her family is selling her short by trying to marry her to a bastard, even if he is the king's bastard. If she has one scheme to avoid marrying Broderick, she has a dozen, but Broderick might just have a dozen and one. Book 2 in the political fantasy series Of Duty and Silver, For Her Own Good picks up where The Queen's Tower left off, but it can also be read as a standalone romance.

The Value of Terror

17 WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER , Emily Westin was often accused of being too
smart for her own good. Her parents told her this, endlessly. After every incident.
After every accident. After every problem. “You're too smart for your own good.

Author : Jason Krumbine

Release : 2020-08-18

Publisher : Jason Krumbine


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The Natuzzi have unleashed the unimaginable: a planet killer. And now they hold the galaxy in a grip of terror. All that stands between the Natuzzi and the rest of the Alliance is one ship: the USS Defiance. But Captain Mitchell is missing, and command of the Defiance has been turned over to their new first officer, Broderick Cooper. Assigned to the Defiance by the UPA President himself, Cooper’s motives and allegiances are shrouded in mystery. As the crew of the Defiance struggle to learn whether or not they can trust their commander, there are other forces at work within the ship. Forces that have their own agendas. Forces from other planes of reality. The galaxy is on the edge of war. But there is another way. They can be Unified.

Too Smart for Our Own Good

Necessity is the mother of invention, or at least of use. In some cases such
changing technology may be no more than briefer and briefer fallowing of
cultivated plots, eventually leading to annual cultivation. Boserup takes her own
View to run ...

Author : Craig Dilworth

Release : 2010

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 052176436X

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A groundbreaking work explaining our ecological predicament in the context of the first scientific theory of humankind's development.

Deadly Row to Hoe

Doing something like this might get her one so Meghan will always be able to
track her down.” “Oh, that's devious,” he said. “Do you really think she'd ...? Never
mind. That kid is too smart for her own good.” “No, she's too smart for our own ...

Author : Cricket McRae

Release : 2012-11-01

Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN : 0738733083

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When a dead body is found in the compost heap of a community supported agriculture farm, Sophie Mae decides to really get her hands dirty and discover who killed the young, sweet-natured victim.

Love at Dawn

Too smart for her own good. Too confident in her own abilities. That was what
had landed her in trouble with him in the first place, he thought ruefully to himself.
They finally crossed the threshold and walked to the balcony where Tory stood ...

Author : Lara Daniels

Release : 2014-12-01

Publisher : LARA DANIELS


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A romance-suspense tale of forgiveness and redemption set in Zamzudan in East Africa. When spoiled and wealthy African teenager Tory Da-Silva meets broody Rashad Macaulay for the first time, she vows to make him hers. However, the price she'll pay for her quest will carry consequences of shame and guilt. Nine years later, temperamental Tory becomes a fiery beauty and multimillionaire Rashad can no longer fight his deep desires for her. All is set for Tory's dream to come true. But the dark secret she keeps from Rashad may be the one thing that may forever tear them apart.

Dearly Departed

“I guess she wasn't so smart after all.” “She was always too smart for her own
good.” Crap like that. According to the file, Alison had forged only two longlasting
friendships in her lifetime, both with women she hadn't seen or spoken with for at

Author : David Housewright

Release : 2012-01-10

Publisher : Overamstel Uitgevers

ISBN : 9049985777

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A recording of a lost woman’s voice sends Holland Taylor on a wild hunt The woman’s words send an icy chill through Minneapolis private investigator Holland Taylor: “If you are listening to this now,” she says, “it is because I am dead.” Speaking calmly, Alison Emerton explains that if she is missing, it is because Raymond Fleck killed her. Fleck, a convicted rapist, lost his job at a humane kennel after Alison accused him of sexual harassment and stalking. The threats began soon after, prompting Alison to buy a gun and record the tape. She vanished soon after, leaving behind her wallet, coat, and boots, on a night when twenty-three inches of snow fell on Minneapolis. Seven months later, her lawyer hires Taylor to find the missing woman. As Taylor digs into Alison’s past, he learns that Raymond Fleck was not the only person who wanted her dead.

In Falling Snow

They waited until Phil came out, laughing with her friends. Mia was having a
tough time with her year two teacher, Miss Hilsenstein, who found Grace's eldest
child too smart for her own good, as the teacher had told Grace and David when
they ...

Author : Mary-Rose MacColl

Release : 2013-03-25

Publisher : Allison & Busby

ISBN : 0749013389

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Iris is getting old. A widow, her days are spent living quietly and worrying about her granddaughter, Grace, a headstrong young doctor. It's a small sort of life. But one day Iris receives something unexpected in the post – an invitation to a WWI reunion in France. Determined to go, Iris is overcome by memories of the past and of her journey to France in 1914, where she followed her young brother Tom, intending to bring him home to safety. But on her way to find Tom, Iris discovers the old abbey of Royaumont, where a group of women work to set up a field hospital. Putting her fears aside, Iris decides to stay and help. It is at Royaumont that she truly comes of age, finding her capability and her strength, discovering her passion for medicine, making friends with the vivacious Violet and falling in love. But war is a brutal thing, and there is a terrible price that Iris has to pay – a price that will echo down the generations.

Family at Stake

Was not expecting that one. “Is that important to you?” she finally managed to ask
. “To know who my mom is?” Amanda shot her a “no-duh” look. “Isn't it important
to you to know who my mom was?” Jesus, this girl is too smart for her own good.

Author : Molly O'Keefe

Release : 2011-10-17

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1459218582

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His daughter's secrets Since becoming a single father, Mac Edwards has struggled to keep his small family together. But now his custody of his twelve-year-old daughter is threatened by the secrets she's keeping. His last hope In a bitter twist, their new social worker is the one person he can't trust—Rachel Filmore. Thirteen years ago she was his world…until she deserted him. How can he trust her not to destroy his family? And how can he trust himself to leave the past where it belongs?

The Markoff Women

said she was too smart for her own good. Well, what would a truly clever woman
do in a situation like this? Wouldn't she find a way to make life good? For herself,
and even for her husband? For the children that would come along? Yes ...

Author : June Flaum Singer

Release : 2014-04-21

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN : 1590773845

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In a shtetl in Imperial Russia, we meet the first of the Markoff women, beautiful, rebellious, red-haired Eve. As the new wife of David Markoff, Eve confronts the tyranny of her father-in-law’s household, where women are treated as servants and men are treated as boys. While the spirit of the revolution grows throughout Russia, Eve sows seeds off freedom beneath her father-in-law’s roof. And as the lives of the Markoffs are increasingly threatened by Cossack flames, the love between Eve and David is destined for betrayal. The son born to Eve grows up to become a revolutionary, forced to flee to America. There he bitterly rejects his past and paves the way for his daughter’s marriage into Russian aristocracy. By the time Eve escapes to America, the lies that divide the Markoff family have separated mother and son forever. But the past must be given its due—in a showdown that sets rage against love.


So was my Aunt Leah.” “What was your Aunt Leah?” “She was clever. In fact, she
was too smart for her own good. Nobody was good enough for her, so now at the
age of fifty-five, she is unmarried.” “We will introduce her to Mr. Bergan,” Shirley ...

Author : Howard Fast

Release : 2011-12-20

Publisher : Open Road Media

ISBN : 1453235337

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Targeted by a mysterious conspiracy, a clever young woman fights back If Shirley is surprised that someone wants to kill her, she does not let the gunmen know. As far as she knows, Shirley is no different from any other employee at the Bushwick Brothers plastics factory. So why has she been forced from her home and shoved into the front seat of a kidnapper’s car? There is no time to wonder why. Shirley Campbel has not cried since she was ten, and she will not start now. She jams her foot on the gas pedal, rocketing the car into a storefront. Her assailants are dead, but she is unscratched. Shirley goes home, knowing that more killers will come. Next time, she will be ready. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author’s estate.

And Say It Was All in Vain

nights after driving Layla and her sister crazy. Sheri couldn't stand her mother,
and for a thirteen-year-old, she was way too smart for her own good. It had to
come from her father because she certainly never got it from her mother. Lola,
their ...

Author : Maria Chappel

Release : 2012-02-29

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1469159325

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For Her Son's Sake

He was offering her everything that she wanted but she had to admit she was
afraid to take it. What if she said yes and it didn't work ... There was a time when
that woman was too smart for her own good. His cousins and Emma's sisters
were ...

Author : Katherine Garbera

Release : 2014-10-01

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1460340507

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USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera proves that revenge is sweet, but family is sweeter… Gaming tycoon Kell Montrose should be excited about buying out the company of his family's bitterest rivals and giving its CEO, Emma Chandler, the ax. But there's something about the single mom that reveals a soft spot Kell never knew he had…and a passion he can't deny. Emma won't set a bad example for her young son and lose the family legacy. She certainly didn't get to the top by bowing to bullies like Kell. But the bigger question is: Why can't she fight the urge to bed him?

Why Jane Austen?

We reread Jane Austen because she persuades us to be nostalgic for what we
never knew, and because we want her ... own intellectual arrogance is engaging:
readers who think that Emma (like Jane Austen) is too smart for her own good ...

Author : Rachel Brownstein

Release : 2013-01-08

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231153910

File Size : 46.85 MB

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Rachel M. Brownstein considers Jane Austen as heroine, moralist, satirist, romantic, woman, and author, along with the changing notions of these categories over time and texts. She finds echoes of many of Austen's insights and techniques in contemporary Jane-o-mania, a commercially driven, erotically charged popular vogue that aims to preserve and liberate, correct and collaborate with old Jane.

The Affair: Week 8

Cecilia was saying. “I've told you all along Gia won't stand for your antics. She's
too smart for her own good and values her opinion far too much for someone so
young. Good God,” Cecilia added in a beleaguered, distracted tone. “Look at this

Author : Beth Kery

Release : 2014-11-04

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 0698150902

File Size : 26.8 MB

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FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF WHEN I’M WITH YOU AND BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s The Affair comes to its startling conclusion as Emma and Montand face an unexpected threat that could shatter every expectation they might have had for the future… The Affair Week Eight Upon her return to the Breakers, Emma makes a bracing decision—her affair with Montand will end, but only to make way for a deeper relationship with the man she loves. But Montand’s aunt Vera has plans, too. Vindictive, obsessive, and unsettlingly territorial, Vera insists that Emma leave the Breakers and never look back. And she has the weapon to make it happen: a final secret about Montand that even he doesn’t know, one with such devastating implications that it would surely destroy him and ruin any chance of happiness he might have hoped for with Emma. Loathe to plunge Montand into despair, Emma decides to heed Vera’s warning. But as Emma first learned when she arrived at the Breakers eight weeks ago, Montand’s family promised many surprises. And there is one more to come that could change everything. Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kery’s Only for You Praise for Beth Kery, Recipient of the All About Romance Reader Poll for Best Erotica “Wicked good storytelling.”—Jaci Burton “Addictive and delicious.”—USA Today Beth Kery is the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine, When I’m with You and Exposed to You.

Polly Peebles and the Blue Necklace

Miss Flint, or old Flinty, as Polly called her behind her back, didn't like Polly at all.
She thought Polly was far too smart for her own good and very spoilt. Thank
goodness she was only a daytime housekeeper, who arrived at seven thirty each

Author : J.M Barnaby

Release : 2014-02

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1493129597

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Polly Peebles is the only child of eccentric parents. She is eight years old and very bright. the story is about the theft Polly's special necklace which was given to her by her great-great Uncle Cosmo. It was taken from her bedroom windowsill by a very strange bird. This she is told by a talking tree named Ebenezer, which grows outside her bedroom window. Adventures begin when Polly, who lives in New Zealand, goes to spend the summer holidays with her two cousins, who have been given a canoe for Christmas Polly, the two boys and their four friends meet at the river to try it out. When Polly's turn comes the canoe tips her out and when the others try to rescue her, they are all sucked under the water to a strange world. There they meet a strange ancient little man named Caradus, who tells them they are there to help Polly find the nineteen beads which make up the blue necklace. the beads are magic beads and have been taken to places all around the world. and so the journey begins They travel by unusual means; a weird elevator,a strange plane and train, a magic carpet, a rocket, flying horses, on the backs of whales and by balloons. Their search takes them to NewYork, Paris, Rome, Zimbabwe, the Great Wall of China, a cave under a Scottish castle, to Athens and a Greek Island, San Francisco. Moscow and London. Caradus appears during their search to give them clues. He can become invisible when the occasion presents itself. A spider called Spence also drops down when they least expect it, also to give clues. Caradus has a rather brainless evil cousin, who with his equally brainless friend keep turning up where-ever the children are, as they want the magic beads and the magic wand that came to the children's rescue in Paris, and they try a bit of kidnapping. After a journey around the world, experiencing some wonderful adventures, mystery and magic, all nineteen beads are found and the blue necklace is completed. Of course they all hope the magic from the beads will rub off onto them when they return to school. At the very least they have learnt a great deal about the world and the exciting places they have visited. However they don't know who will actually believe their story!

Bad Dad

Mike felt uncomfortable in her presence. Those eyes of hers – the intensity of her
gaze – it made him feel transparent, vulnerable. There was something menacing
about the woman, Mike thought. Too smart for her own good. Shrewd. It takes ...

Author : Alice Shane

Release : 2014-10-10

Publisher :

ISBN : 1456622803

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The adage that 'the rich are different from you and me' is crystallized in BAD DAD, a psychological crime novel that explores the dark side of wealth and privilege. Lester Fuller, as BAD DAD, is heir to a Wyoming natural gas fortune who hires his ranch foreman to murder his daughter-in-law. Mary Lou has provoked Fuller's scorn by luring son Danny away from an upper class existence, transforming him into a Southern redneck who sweats at a menial job to support her and their son. She is also having an affair, Fuller's private investigator reveals, producing photographic evidence that pushes BAD DAD over the edge. Fuller's privileged life is compromised, his mental state contaminated by his orchestration of Mary Lou's murder. Not only does he fear that his wife and son are suspicious, but the dead woman's mother, Rose, unleashes a nightmare scenario: she taunts Fuller by insinuating he's behind Mary Lou's disappearance, then confides her suspicions to a detective who is too intimidated by Fuller's wealth and influence to do anything about it. This reprieve, however, does not spare Fuller his struggle with the aftermath of this crime.

Evil Eyes

children, but were especially proud of their oldest daughter, Anna, who excelled
in education. Laura Allen recalled the perspicacious ... A shy and timid girl, Anna
was sometimes too smart for her own good. Her mother stated that she was ...

Author : Corey Mitchell

Release : 2006-04-01

Publisher : Pinnacle Books

ISBN : 0786037806

File Size : 90.53 MB

Format : PDF

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More victims than Bundy . . . In Houston, Texas, on a Sunday morning in spring, Coral Eugene Watts trapped two young women in their apartment. Only hours before, he’d killed another woman by drowning her in her bathtub. As Watts attempted to do the same to 20-year-old Lori Lister, her roommate made a daring escape, leading to Watts’s arrest. Watts confessed to thirteen murders, but with no direct evidence, he managed to plea bargain his sentence down to 60 years for burglary. Through the untiring efforts of investigators and the mother of one of his victims, Watts was finally convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, where he remained the prime suspect in dozens of other slayings. Experts theorized that Watts may have slain more than Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy . . . combined! Bestselling author Corey Mitchell takes us inside the twisted mind of “The Sunday Morning Slasher” and tells the chilling story of how he almost got away with murder. “Corey Mitchell empathized with crime victims in a unique and personal way. That empathy is evident in every true crime book he wrote.” —Suzy Spencer “Mitchell nailed the real story.” —City of Houston Mayor’s Office “Mitchell is the leading voice of true crime.” —Dennis McDougal

Love's Wager

Did her friend know that she was attracted to her brother? Damn that woman—
too smart for her own good. “Why should I invite Scott to my quality alone time?” “
So he can have quality alone time with you.” The look of innocence just didn't
work ...

Author : J.M. Jeffries

Release : 2014-12-01

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1460343840

File Size : 85.18 MB

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The stakes for love are sky-high No one can do A-list glitz and glamour like public relations consultant Nina Torres. The grand reopening of a Reno casino and resort to rival Vegas promises to be the media event of the decade. And with Casa de Mariposa's unveiling slated for New Year's Eve, Nina's got to work her legendary magic fast. But this smart and sophisticated divorcée has come too far to let some uptight ex-soldier cramp her style, even if Scott Russell is off-the-charts gorgeous. Keeping people safe is what Scott does. But the sensual Nina is putting more than his job as head of security at risk. And when their fiery clash of wills ignites a passion that leaves them both wanting more, there's no turning back. Now Scott will need everything in his arsenal to protect Nina from past and present dangers. Together, are they ready to gamble on the most priceless jackpot of all?

Aussie Angels 16: Pups 4 Sale

Only Uncle Pete succeeded in getting any medication down her throat, and even
he had trouble. She was just too smart for her own good. If you wanted Alice to
take anything, it had to be wrapped in food. Meg and Mum were in the kitchen, ...

Author : Margaret Clark

Release : 2012-03-01

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0734411499

File Size : 28.59 MB

Format : PDF

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Everyone at Animal Haven is stunned when Alice has eight pups: four golden and four black labradors! Clearly, the father is Lex, the pedigree black lab from down the road. But before long the pups get out of control and need training - and good homes. Meg and Mike find trouble at puppy school, however, and when they try to organise homes for the pups, the Angels discover that some families and their motives are not very honest. PUPS 4 SALE is the sixteenth instalment in a series loved by children all over Australia.