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Under the Same Christmas Star

Author : Delia Berrigan

Release : 2019-07

Publisher : Hallmark Gift Books

ISBN : 9781630596439

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Format : PDF, ePub

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The Christmas Star

Pointing to a glass vase with a star etching on the right side, she laughed, “It was
right in front of our noses, so why are you looking below the star?” “Didn't you
read they followed the star to the house?” Jimmy said. “Yes, they did,” she ...

Author : Ace Collins

Release : 2012

Publisher : Abingdon Press

ISBN : 1426714688

File Size : 57.63 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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After his father was killed in World War II, Robert and his mother hang his father's Medal of Honor on their Christmas tree, as a letter from his father helps Robert cope with his loss and an unexpected turn of events changes his life.

Thumperino Superbunny and the Christmas Star Caper

Something feels crunchy under the band. I pull out my paw and shake the hat ...
Maybe the crook used this gumdrop launcher to shoot out the lights while
stealing the star under the cover of darkness. I notice that the slingshot is made
from a ...

Author : Amber L. Spradlin

Release : 2012-09-01

Publisher :

ISBN : 1300198583

File Size : 57.50 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Thumperino Superbunny and the Christmas Star Caper is the second book in a series chronicling the adventures of a house rabbit blessed with super-powers and a duty to make the world a better place. In this tale, Thumperino discovers that the star has been stolen from atop the tree in Christmas Tree Plaza. The holiday will be ruined for millions of children if the star isn't found in time for Christmas. He sets out on a mission to return this pinnacle of Christmas joy to New York City. Along the way, he uncovers a vile plot, rescues his fellow rabbits from an evil villain, and wins the trust of a special new friend. Most importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about overcoming physical challenges and stumbles upon strange new information about the source of his own super-powers.

Under the Christmas Stars

... for a while in the doorway , regardless of the frosty air which enveloped him .
The storm had ceased , the clouds were breaking away ; here and there a star
pricked through . “ It's Christmas Night , ” he thought , “ 54 Under the Christmas

Author : Grace Smith Richmond

Release : 1913

Publisher : McClelland & Goodchild, [191-?]


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Danny's Christmas Star

After Danny accidentally drops the star for the Christmas tree, he makes a replacement.

Author : Edith Kunhardt

Release : 1989

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780688079062

File Size : 54.63 MB

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After Danny accidentally drops the star for the Christmas tree, he makes a replacement.

The Christmas Star

Christmas. Star. “For we observed his star at its rising, and have come to pay him
homage.” — Matthew 2:2 This is the time of ... This threw the mad king into a rage
, and he decided to slaughter all boys under the age of two in order to kill Jesus.

Author : Frank Ramirez

Release : 2002-07

Publisher : CSS Publishing

ISBN : 0788019155

File Size : 23.6 MB

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The Christmas Star is a potpourri of holiday gifts for those planning worship -- this charming collection includes three plays and five brief meditations suitable for reading during services or for use in bulletins and newsletters. The play The Gifts Of Christmas is a humorous take on the traditional Christmas pageant in which three teenagers try to decide what to get their grandmother for Christmas, only to discover that the gift she really desires is the Christmas story (enacted in the customary fashion). The "Did Someone Forget To Plan" The Christmas Pageant! provides you with the ultimate no-fuss, no-hassle way for your children to simply share the nativity story without the usual headaches. For older youth and adults there's The Fourth Wise Man, an offbeat piece imagining what an additional wise man might have been like. Each presentation is simple for small churches to produce, with minimal costumes and props required. Insightful and scripturally sound, The Christmas Star is a wonderful package that you won't be able to resist! Frank Ramirez is an author and pastor in the Church of the Brethren who has written numerous books, articles, and short stories. A graduate of LaVerne College and Bethany Theological Seminary, Ramirez has served congregations in Indiana and California. His other CSS titles include A Call To Worship, Coming Home, and He Took A Towel.

The Christmas Star

“Could you put this under the counter for me? I'll put it away when I get back.” As
he fills out the waiver Mrs. Kemper asks, “Is your vehicle insured?” He nods. “And
your insurance information is inside?” He nods, pushing the paper toward her.

Author : Donna VanLiere

Release : 2018-10-16

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN : 1250163943

File Size : 70.63 MB

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Hope series comes another heartwarming, inspirational story for the holidays. Thirty-two-year-old Amy Denison volunteers at Glory’s Place, an after school program where she meets seven-year-old Maddie, a precocious young girl who has spent her childhood in foster care. Unbeknownst to Amy, Maddie is a mini-matchmaker, with her eye on just the right man for Amy at Grandon Elementary School, where she is a student. Amy is hesitant – she’s been hurt before, and isn’t sure she’s ready to lose her heart again – but an unexpected surprise makes her reconsider her lonely lifestyle. As Christmas nears and the town is blanketed in snow and beautiful decorations, Maddie and the charming staff at Glory’s Place help Amy to see that romance can be more than heartache and broken promises. In The Christmas Star, Donna VanLiere delivers yet another sweet, joyous story that is sure to capture readers' hearts.

The Christmas Star

The breakfast dishes were scarcely cleared away when the backdoor bell rang
and the maid returned struggling under a gigantic hamper. 'Oh, no . . . NO!'
shrieked Tante Gerda. But it was true. Now, at the eleventh hour, with everything
still to ...

Author : Eva Ibbotson

Release : 2015-10-22

Publisher : Pan Macmillan

ISBN : 1509820477

File Size : 40.14 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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A collection of three wonderfully festive stories from Eva Ibbotson, the bestselling author of Journey to the River Sea. With a beautiful cover by Joe Wilson and inside illustrations, The Christmas Star is a wonderful gift to treasure at Christmas and all year round. In the first story, Vicky and the Christmas Angel, a young Viennese girl discovers, to her horror, who really brings the children's presents at Christmas. In The Christmas Star a family encounters a fortune teller at the local Christmas market who changes their lives. The Great Carp Ferdinand is a story about a hero with a difference as it follows the impact that Ferdinand – the carp intended for the Mannhaus family's Christmas dinner – has on the household in the lead-up to Christmas.

Commander Camel and the Christmas Star Trek

Mr. Sketches. Camel's Log – Star Date 2/AD – Day 730: The guiding star has
finally appeared and stopped over a carpenter's tiny house. ... Hello-o-o-o-o-o...
beam me up Scotty! side-by-side straight lines under the For two front legs make.
20 ...

Author : Mr. Sketches

Release : 2010-12-15

Publisher :

ISBN : 0982852533

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A Shiny Christmas Star

Look—right there in the sand, under the water. A Colt Revolver.” Eli dismounted
to retrieve it. He reached into the icy cold water and lifted it. He brushed the mud
off with his gloved hand. It was indeed a Colt .45 Revolver and on the walnut grip

Author : Steven Douglas Glover

Release : 2006-08-21

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595843905

File Size : 74.81 MB

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"A Shiny Christmas Star"-U.S. Marshal Cole Stockton and his best friend Laura Sumner both have fitful dreams about blankets of snow and starving "little" people. When they lead a quest to find the origin of the nightmare, four people come together in this heartwarming story about the true meaning of Christmas. "Star of Peace"-Cole has a dilemma: he can't find a suitable Christmas gift for Laura. In the meantime, a traveling medicine show advertises "the fastest and most accurate gunman in the world"-and Cole is glad to show him up. Laura has a hard time keeping track of her baked holiday goodies, and Cole discovers the peace of Christmas. "The Greatest Gift"-Just days before Christmas, Cole is en route to Laura's ranch. Laura has visions of frozen wastelands and senses that Cole is in extreme danger. When Cole is attacked by a large cougar, both man and beast fall into an icy river, hurtling toward the falls. Cole is hurt, lost, and alone in the frozen wilds of Colorado with seemingly no means of survival Author Steven Douglas Glover delivers three classic stories about the faith, peace, and love that are Christmas.

Danish Folk Tales

dim twilight a young mother sits by the ... in a corner near the window , while
darkness gently settles about you , and watch the stars rise from the deep
shadows in ...

Author :

Release : 1899

Publisher :


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Danish Fairy & Folk Tales

the dim twilight a young mother sits by ... in a corner near the window , while
darkness gently settles about you , and watch the stars rise from the deep
shadows in ...

Author : Jens Christian Bay

Release : 1899

Publisher :


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The Intelligence

If ever there comes in the whole round of the year an opportunity to teachers
which may be called the “great opportunity, ”it is now, under the radiance of the
Christmas Star, under the peals of the Christmas bells; an opportunity to be ...

Author :

Release : 1896

Publisher :


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Arne and the Christmas Star

Signe and Margret and Bergel had invited girls from neighboring saeters , and a
good thing , too , for Gustav had brought his accordion and Evart his fiddle .
There was dancing and singing and laughter under the trees . Arne and Bergel
joined ...

Author : Alta Halverson Seymour

Release : 1952

Publisher :


File Size : 46.97 MB

Format : PDF

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The Stjerne, a freighter that is bearing Yuletide gifts and Arne's brother, fights a storm. Arne does his part to help bring the ship safely into port in time for Christmas.


That Christmas the Taylor children saw their first ever-artificial Christmas tree.
Victoria had it decorated with Christmas ornaments, lights, a Christmas Star on
top, and presents underneath the tree. A wreath was even on the door. All the ...

Author : Eleanor Liggens

Release : 2011-01-11

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1452096341

File Size : 78.62 MB

Format : PDF

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James is a young man that embarked on the trials and tribulations of life without a planned direction for his future. He fell upon many situations that would test his character, integrity, and moral being. As he finished high school his first test in life was a beautiful girl that captured his eye and she challenged his every move. In their relationship the unexpected happened and Theola, his girlfriend wondered now if James will meet his responsiblities of being a husband and a father or will he retreat to the one person he knew who loved him beyond any doubt? Would he leave her because of his fears and let her to carry the burden of being a mother alone?

Under The North Star

“But Momma, we're having a rehearsal for the Christmas play this afternoon, and
Josh and I have to practice our song!”Daniel complained. “I know son, but Josh
will have to rehearse without you this time. Something happened today, I'll tell ...

Author : Joanna Bullard

Release : 2014-08-20

Publisher : FriesenPress

ISBN : 1460243242

File Size : 65.6 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Ruth Patterson couldn't remember her parents who, when she was a small child were killed in a raid at Fort Malden in Amherstburg during the War of 1812. Fortunately, her parents had left her with her paternal Uncle Samuel and Aunt Elizabeth for safety. She was raised in a loving, Christian, and abolitionist home. When she married Martin Logan, a stranger from out of town, her Uncle let them farm one of his tracts of land in nearby Sandwich Towne. At that time many refugees from slavery were landing along the Canadian side of the Detroit River in the Amherstburg and Sandwich Towne areas. Martin's short temper with Uncle Samuel's reluctance to let him handle other business deals and sign over the property to him, and his own disagreement with the abolitionist movement, as well as the locals enthusiasm for helping the refugees finally prompted him to leave Ruth and their young son Daniel after a heated argument. At the time, Ruth was expecting their second child. Then things really started happening in Olde Sandwich Towne....

The Chautauquan

Christmas night brought a storm of high And with true love and brotherhood wind
and rain , the vessel tossed , and ... grow ; and now , ing every peak a colossal
monument of light under the light of the Bethlehem Star which rose and splendor

Author :

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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The Star Christmas Book

... numbers as Barbers , Take Care , Stockings for Tippy , and A Treat for Baby ,
while the true significance of Christmas will be brought home to them in such
numbers at The Choice of St. Nicholas , Candlelight , and Under the Christmas
Star .

Author : Dorothy Middlebrook Shipman

Release : 1935

Publisher :


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Told Under the Stars and Stripes

“A star in an apple?” “Why, bless you!” said Mr. Kuna. “Didn't you know that?
There's a star in every apple!” “When I was a little girl in the Old Country,” said
Maminka, “we used to cut an apple open every Christmas Eve. We always hoped
that ...

Author : Association for Childhood Education International. Literature Committee

Release : 1951

Publisher :


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