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Vertiginous Moscow

This photographic project by Gabriele Basilico was inspired by a desire to document this metamorphosis, and takes as its focal point the city's seven Stalinist towers, known in Russian as the vysotnye zdania, or 'high buildings'.

Author : Gabriele Basilico

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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Over the last fifteen years, Moscow has undergone vast and radical transformations, which have turned it into an extraordinary urban laboratory. This photographic project by Gabriele Basilico was inspired by a desire to document this metamorphosis, and takes as its focal point the city's seven Stalinist towers, known in Russian as the vysotnye zdania, or 'high buildings'. Basilico's images use the towers as a privileged viewpoint for exploration and contemplation of the changing fabric of Moscow. After half a century of history, his work allows these striking buildings to be re-evaluated in the context of the new urban landscape of the 21st century.

Making Sense

It was positioned on a broad axis stretching across the Lenin Hills from the
Moscow river. Walking out the door and ... 204; Gabriele Basilico, 2009,
Vertiginous Moscow, London, UK: Thames and Hudson, p. 8. 98 Owen Hatherley
, 2015, ...

Author : Bill Cope

Release : 2020-01-30

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108764215

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The phenomenon of multimodality is central to our everyday interaction. 'Hybrid' modes of communication that combine traditional uses of language with imagery, tagging, hashtags and voice-recognition tools have become the norm. Bringing together concepts of meaning and communication across a range of subject areas, including education, media studies, cultural studies, design and architecture, the authors uncover a multimodal grammar that moves away from rigid and language-centered understandings of meaning. They present the first framework for describing and analysing different forms of meaning across text, image, space, body, sound and speech. Succinct summaries of the main thinkers in the fields of language, communications and semiotics are provided alongside rich examples to illustrate the key arguments. A history of media including the genesis of digital media, Unicode, Emoji, XML and HTML, MP3 and more is covered. This book will stimulate new thinking about the nature of meaning, and life itself, and will serve practitioners and theorists alike.

Soviet and Post-Soviet Identities

... Experience and Memory in Moscow's Arbat (Ithaca, NY, 2008); A.
Bronovitskaya, C. Cecil and E. Harris, Moscow Heritage at Crisis Point, rev. and
expanded edn (Moscow, 2009); G. Basilico, Vertiginous Moscow: Stalin's City
Today (London, ...

Author : Mark Bassin

Release : 2012-04-26

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107378680

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Since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, questions of identity have dominated the culture not only of Russia, but of all the countries of the former Soviet bloc. This timely collection examines the ways in which cultural activities such as fiction, TV, cinema, architecture and exhibitions have addressed these questions and also describes other cultural flashpoints, from attitudes to language to the use of passports. It discusses definitions of political and cultural nationalism, as well as the myths, institutions and practices that moulded and expressed national identity. From post-Soviet recollections of food shortages to the attempts by officials to control popular religion, it analyses a variety of unexpected and compelling topics to offer fresh insights about this key area of world culture. Illustrated with numerous photographs, it presents the results of recent research in an accessible and lively way.

The Palace Complex

Moscow, the Fourth Rome: Stalinism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Evolution of
Soviet Culture, 1931–1941. ... Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis. ... In
Vertiginous Moscow: Stalin's City Today, edited by Gabriele Basilico, 6–10.
London: ...

Author : Michał Murawski

Release : 2019-03-22

Publisher : Indiana University Press

ISBN : 0253039991

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The Palace of Culture and Science is a massive Stalinist skyscraper that was "gifted" to Warsaw by the Soviet Union in 1955. Framing the Palace's visual, symbolic, and functional prominence in the everyday life of the Polish capital as a sort of obsession, locals joke that their city suffers from a "Palace of Culture complex." Despite attempts to privatize it, the Palace remains municipally owned, and continues to play host to a variety of public institutions and services. The Parade Square, which surrounds the building, has resisted attempts to convert it into a money-making commercial center. Author Michał Murawski traces the skyscraper's powerful impact on 21st century Warsaw; on its architectural and urban landscape; on its political, ideological, and cultural lives; and on the bodies and minds of its inhabitants. The Palace Complex explores the many factors that allow Warsaw's Palace to endure as a still-socialist building in a post-socialist city.

Landscapes of Communism

... 38,465 on Tverskaya/Leningradsky, Moscow, 42, 47 VDNKh and, 21, 22 in
Vilnius, 118, 154, 155, 237, 286 Vostok Baroque, 283 in Warsaw, 66, 66ill,
67,291, 317, 320 zigzags of official style and, 30 Basilico, Gabriele, Vertiginous
Moscow, ...

Author : Owen Hatherley

Release : 2016-03-01

Publisher : New Press, The

ISBN : 1620971895

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When communism took power in Eastern Europe it remade cities in its own image, transforming everyday life and creating sweeping boulevards and vast, epic housing estates in an emphatic declaration of a noncapitalist idea. The regimes that built them are now dead and long gone, but from Warsaw to Berlin, Moscow to postrevolutionary Kiev, the buildings remain, often populated by people whose lives were scattered by the collapse of communism. Landscapes of Communism is a journey of historical discovery, plunging us into the lost world of socialist architecture. Owen Hatherley, a brilliant, witty, young urban critic shows how power was wielded in these societies by tracing the sharp, sudden zigzags of official communist architectural style: the superstitious despotic rococo of high Stalinism, with its jingoistic memorials, palaces, and secret policemen’s castles; East Germany’s obsession with prefabricated concrete panels; and the metro systems of Moscow and Prague, a spectacular vindication of public space that went further than any avant-garde ever dared. Throughout his journeys across the former Soviet empire, Hatherley asks what, if anything, can be reclaimed from the ruins of Communism—what residue can inform our contemporary ideas of urban life?

154 Forties

LINGUISTIC RELATIVES Linguistic World War II vertiginous tumblers mature
Moscow sky typhoons balcony rental leaves snów-annexation flyers misguide
tropical sweat China threnody cát-engraving the Gulf Stream gave she had to be

Author : Jackson Mac Low

Release : 2012

Publisher : Counterpath

ISBN : 1933996293

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The first publication of the complete series of Jackson Mac Low’s “Forties” poems. Written and revised from 1990 to 2001 with a method Mac Low called “gathering,” where he took into the poems words, phrases, and other kinds of word strings, and sometimes sentences, that he saw, heard, or thought of while writing the drafts, the poems include detailed markings of caesural spacing, timing, compound words (many neologistic), and metrical stress. Each of the poems adhere to what Mac Low termed “fuzzy verse form”: 8 stanzas, each comprising 5 lines (hence "forties"): 3 moderately long lines, followed by a very long line, and then a short line.

Modern Moscow

On a stage as wide as two continents the Bolshevik leaders have released a
pageant of optimism and encouragement which has drawn the most sceptical
and unwilling into its vertiginous movement . Day after day the fires of hope were
fed ...

Author : Eugene Lyons

Release : 1935

Publisher :


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American edition (New York, A. A. Knopf) has title: Moscow carrousel.

Moscow and St Petersburg

Author : Chris Booth

Release : 2008

Publisher : Thomas Cook Publications

ISBN : 9781841578880

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"The Thomas Cook Traveller to Moscow & St Petersburg comes from the world's leading travel experts and has everything you need to plan the perfect trip: The top sights and the less well-known ones; Walks and tours with clear maps; Places off the beaten track; Special features on cultural background and other aspects; Holiday hints and tips; A-Z of essential information; and, Advice on shopping, eating out, sport and nightlife."--Back cover.

Moscow Rules

So you see , you're in the safest place in Moscow . Thank you , pussycat . ...
Sasha could see the potential : a safe house in Moscow . “ And six sets of ... than
Sasha had ever seen him drink , and his mood shifts were vertiginous . One
minute ...

Author : Robert Moss

Release : 1985

Publisher : New York : Pocket Books ; Markham, Ont. : Distributed in Canada by PaperJacks

ISBN : 9780671558130

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Vertiginous Moscow: Stalin's City Today" (Thames & Hudson, London, 2008)
edited by Umberto Zanetti and Alessandro De Magistris. MOSTRA/ EXHIBITION
A cura di Roberta Valtorta e Umberto Zanetti, in mostra due progetti fotografici di

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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What Does the World Want from America?

Moscow wants Washington, as an informal leader of the G-7, to take the lead in
this endeavor. ... The vertiginous centralization of the political scene around the
Kremlin since Putin's accession should make such agnosticism much easier for ...

Author : Alexander T. J. Lennon

Release : 2002

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 9780262621670

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International perspectives on how the United States should wield its power as the world's sole superpower. The United States is the only superpower in the world today. Although the media are filled with prescriptions for how Washington might best wield its power, rarely are other countries asked what role they would like the United States to play. In What Does the World Want from America?, writers from twelve countries or regions (Brazil, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa) answer the question, "In an ideal world, what role would you want the United States to perform with your country and region?" Four analysts from the United States then respond, addressing the extent to which overseas opinion should be incorporated into the formulation and conduct of United States foreign policy and recommending what the United States should attempt to do in the world, particularly after the horrific attacks of September 11. What Does the World Want from America? serves as a starting point for analysis of the US role in the world and the ends to which US power might be used.

Interstate Medical Journal

or vice versa ; second , the vertigo will not be better , but rather worse on closing
the eyes ; third , the equilibrium is the more ... Von Steen , of Moscow , in order to
accurately test the state of equilibrium in aural patients , has constructed an ...

Author :

Release : 1907

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Russian Studies in Literature

Apropos of which , the action in the Moscow chapters of Doctor Zhivago and the
contemporary stratum of The Master and ... he holds that Pasternak " resorted to
encoding which was by and large intentional ” and “ organized it with vertiginous

Author :

Release : 2003

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Russian Social Science Review

Apropos of which , the action in the Moscow chapters of Doctor Zhivago and the
contemporary stratum of The Master and ... he holds that Pasternak " resorted to
encoding which was by and large intentional ” and “ organized it with vertiginous

Author :

Release : 2003

Publisher :


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... scribed it, lost a bit of velocity last week — after a vertiginous go-around
between the world's two superpowers. ... Moscow's move caught U.S.
policymakers by surprise, although Lyndon Johnson and Special Assistant Walt
Rostow made no ...

Author : Briton Hadden

Release : 1968

Publisher :


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The Soviet Theater

MiniatureTheater “Ogonëk” in WorldWar II; directorin chief,Moscow TYUZ, 1957–
65; headed the Gogol Theater, Moscow, ... a vertiginous career: sothistitle—“
TheHuman Squid”—wasreallyquite accurate:you didn't know whichpartof him ...

Author : Laurence Senelick

Release : 2014-06-24

Publisher : Yale University Press

ISBN : 030021135X

File Size : 60.38 MB

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In this monumental work, Laurence Senelick and Sergei Ostrovsky offer a panoramic history of Soviet theater from the Bolshevik Revolution to the eventual collapse of the USSR. Making use of more than eighty years’ worth of archival documentation, the authors celebrate in words and pictures a vital, living art form that remained innovative and exciting, growing, adapting, and flourishing despite harsh, often illogical pressures inflicted upon its creators by a totalitarian government. It is the first comprehensive analysis of the subject ever to be published in the English language.

Europe-Asia Studies

Before the 1917 revolution , the problem involved slum dwellings and the
cramming of Moscow's poorer inhabitants into ... It remains a major issue ,
complicated now by vertiginous income differentiation and pressure from foreign
companies .

Author :

Release : 1997

Publisher :


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Protestant Dublin, 1660-1760

... ideologiesthat underpinned Rome's vertiginous neoclassicalmemorial toKing
Victor EmmanuelIII, erected in 1911–35 ... is contrasted withthe symbolic terrains
of Moscow, which sported the distinctivelyEurasian polychromatic architecture of

Author : R. Usher

Release : 2012-03-13

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 0230362168

File Size : 77.39 MB

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This innovative urban history of Dublin explores the symbols and spaces of the Irish capital between the Restoration in 1660 and the advent of neoclassical public architecture in the 1770s. The meanings ascribed to statues, churches, houses, and public buildings are traced in detail, using a wide range of visual and written sources.

Rights at Risk

... the cup of humiliation to the dregs. Now he was to find that powerlessness had
as many grades as power; that defeat could become as vertiginous as victory,
and that its ... That was in Moscow, in the 1930s. In Chicago, in the |98os, Andrew

Author : David K. Shipler

Release : 2012-03-06

Publisher : Vintage

ISBN : 0307957624

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An enlightening, intensely researched examination of violations of the constitutional principles that preserve individual rights and civil liberties from courtrooms to classrooms. With telling anecdote and detail, Pulitzer Prize–winner David K. Shipler explores the territory where the Constitution meets everyday America, where legal compromises—before and since 9/11—have undermined the criminal justice system’s fairness, enhanced the executive branch’s power over citizens and immigrants, and impaired some of the freewheeling debate and protest essential in a constitutional democracy. Shipler demonstrates how the violations tamper with America’s safety in unexpected ways. While a free society takes risks to observe rights, denying rights creates other risks. A suspect’s right to silence may deprive police of a confession, but a forced confession is often false. Honoring the right to a jury trial may be cumbersome, but empowering prosecutors to coerce a guilty plea means evidence goes untested, the charge unproved. An investigation undisciplined by the Bill of Rights may jail the innocent and leave the guilty at large and dangerous. Weakened constitutional rules allow the police to waste precious resources on useless intelligence gathering and frivolous arrests. The criminal courts act less as impartial adjudicators than as conveyor belts from street to prison in a system that some disillusioned participants have nicknamed “McJustice.” There is, always, a human cost. Shipler shows us victims of torture and abuse—not only suspected terrorists at the hands of the CIA but also murder suspects interrogated by the Chicago police. We see a poverty-stricken woman forced to share an attorney with her drug dealer boyfriend and sentenced to six years in prison when the conflict of interest turns her lawyer against her. We meet high school students suspended for expressing unwelcome political opinions. And we see a pregnant immigrant deported, after years of living legally in the country, for allegedly stealing a lottery ticket. Often shocking, yet ultimately idealistic, Rights at Risk shows us the shadows of America where the civil liberties we rightly take for granted have been eroded—and summons us to reclaim them.