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this is the first book in the three part series in which Jason must fight to save his pack from certain destruction. the world is dark and crumbling, full of the dead and obliteration is certain

Author : Desiree Ross

Release : 2014-04-12

Publisher : BookRix

ISBN : 3730991337

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Format : PDF

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this is the first book in the three part series in which Jason must fight to save his pack from certain destruction. the world is dark and crumbling, full of the dead and obliteration is certain

A Killing Among the Dead

The doors swung inward. Slow, silent motion, and beyond it a brilliant light that
banished all shadows. Merihor was walking through the doors, still trembling—
Don't be afraid, Merihor! Wenatef thought with an urgency he could not

Author : D M Wilder

Release : 2017-04-28

Publisher : D M Wilder

ISBN : 0997514396

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Wenatef, an officer and Kinsman high in Pharaoh's service, has been assigned to guard the workers at His Majesty's tomb while it is under construction. Troubled by whispers of robbery and corruption among the tomb workers, themselves, but excluded from their counsels, he finds himself fighting shadows until the night he awakens in utter darkness with the taste of blood in his mouth, his life ebbing into silence. Wenatef crosses the boundary between life and myth. He had been told "You can't fight these monsters alone. You would have to go to the Land of the West and return with an army." Did he die? Did the gods really step in and take part in unmasking the corruption? Perhaps they did.Armed with the might of the West, he sets out to destroy the robbers and blasphemers and right an old wrong. Set during Egypt's declining years, A Killing Among the Dead is a tale of betrayal, revenge and redemption, and one man's discovery that no matter how alone we seem in our struggle against evil, the Great Ones are never far away.

Down Among the Dead Men

The Liver Building is lit from below, a white-iced cake against the night sky. He
walks north and crosses the dual carriageway onto Great Howard Street. Here
the buildings begin to lose their scrubbed-up appearance. He walks past a
shuttered ...

Author : Ed Chatterton

Release : 2013-11-07

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1448136407

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The dark, gritty second novel in the Detective Inspector Frank Keane series. At first glance, the bloody crime scene in suburban Liverpool looks like a straightforward murder-suicide – the husband kills the wife and then himself. But what of their missing teenage son, Nicky? Is he their prime suspect or the third victim? With Nicky’s holiday job on a film being shot in the city bringing unwanted press attention, newly-promoted head of the Merseyside Major Incident Team DCI Frank Keane knows that time is running out to find the boy. But all too soon the case starts unravelling into one that will test Keane to the limit – and haunt him to his dying day.

Among the Dead

Everyonce ina while, I'd see some hottie doing thewalk of shame right outof the
place. Went in witha winner, came out hoping theywould get a call back. Morris
up on three wasthe worst. Hewasn't the bestlooking guy, buthe was tall, had that

Author : Timothy Long

Release : 2013-07-23

Publisher : Permuted Press

ISBN : 1618680641

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Seattle is under siege by masses of living dead, and the military struggles to prevent the virus from spreading outside the city. Kate is tired of sitting around. When she learns that a rescue mission is heading back into the chaos, she jumps at the chance to tag along and put her unique skill set and, more importantly, swords to use. Lester finds a new way to deal with the situation: ignore reality with drugs. When he manages to find himself threatened, he joins with an unlikely ally to take the fight to the dead. Meanwhile, Mike makes use of his journalistic skills to find the source of the virus, in the process discovering a way to escape the city. Two mysterious words fuel his mad quest: Lazarus Black.

Among the Dead

of the dead, and the suitcases would be returned to them. Someone would have
to unpack ... He was told to walk forward. Two police cars came down ... listened
to a car so closely. Among the Dead He was handcuffed by a black policeman

Author : Michael Tolkin

Release : 2007-12-01

Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN : 9780802199072

File Size : 57.21 MB

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“An amazing novel” that plunges into the all-too-gray area between the public and private in contemporary American life (Los Angeles Times Book Review). Michael Tolkin’s acclaimed second novel, Among the Dead, is an arresting examination of public and private grief in the wake of unspeakable disaster, a slow-burning tour de force of psychological fiction. When Frank Gale writes a passionate letter to his wife confessing an affair, he hopes all can be forgiven on the warm beaches of Mexico. But the farewell kiss of his girlfriend causes him to miss the flight carrying his wife and daughter, and when he learns that their plane has crashed in a crowded city, his life changes in the course of seconds. Suddenly one man’s struggle to comprehend his loss becomes consumed in a media circus of legal drama, family quarrels, and public scandal. Tolkin is a masterful chronicler of contemporary America, and Among the Dead is “fascinating . . . ingenious . . . brilliantly sustained . . . full of nasty surprises . . . like Ian McEwan and Martin Amis, Tolkin portrays the squalid downside of life very well” (San Francisco Chronicle). “Startlingly original . . . morbidly amusing . . . truly terrifying.” —Allen Barra, Los Angeles Times Book Review

Life Among The Dead

The survivors then realized that the dead are rising from graves as well.
Whatever caused the plague has been with us for some time. “You see?
Preservatives.” Bruce had said when Dan showed him the grave. Missy was
found walking down ...

Author : Daniel Cotton

Release : 2013-12-19

Publisher : Permuted Press

ISBN : 1618681826

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There are over a million people in the city of Waterloo. Today, most of them have died, and now they are hungry. Corporal Dan Williamson is caught in the middle of the outbreak. He is desperately trying to reach his wife who is somewhere amid the urban decay. There are other souls out there, other tales of survival among the horror. Dan will soon learn that the living may prove to be an even bigger threat than the dead.

Down Among the Dead Men

While he was talking, he was walking around Mr. Chandler, checking that I had
noted all the tubes correctly, looking for old surgical scars, and recording the
swelling of the tissues and the rash. “Michelle's doing this one with you,” said
Graham ...

Author : Michelle Williams

Release : 2010-08-10

Publisher : Catapult

ISBN : 1593763883

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Michelle Williams is young and attractive, with close family ties, a busy social life . . . and an unusual occupation. When she impulsively applies to be a mortuary technician and is offered the position, she has no idea that her decision to accept will be one of the most momentous of her life. “What I didnt realize then, she writes, “was that I was about to start one of the most amazing jobs you can do. To Williams, life in the mortuary is neither grim nor frightening. She introduces readers to a host of unique characters: pathologists (many eccentric, some utterly crazy), undertakers, and the man from the coroners office who sings to her every morning. No two days are alike, and while Williamss sensitivity to the dead never wavers, her tales from the crypt range from mischievous to downright shocking. Readers wont forget the fitness fanatic run over while doing nighttime push-ups on the road, the man so large he had to be carted in via refrigerated truck, or the guide dog who led his owner onto railway tracks—and left him there. The indomitable Williams never bats an eye, even as she is confronted—daily—with situations that would leave the rest of us speechless.

Life Among the Dead

I'd go about my day at school, then walk home mid-afternoon, let myself into
house, and potter about aimlessly till my parents came home, which was seldom
before six o'clock. (Mom was working as a seamstress by this time, and Dad was
still ...

Author : Lisa Williams

Release : 2008-04-08

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 9781416959250

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The highly anticipated memoir from the star of the hit series Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead When Lisa Williams was four years old, she told her parents about the spirits in her bedroom. Since those first sightings, Lisa has seen and communicated with thousands of people who have passed over, listening to their stories and delivering messages of comfort to the loved ones they left behind. In Life Among the Dead, Lisa invites readers into her extraordinary life, from her childhood in Birmingham, England, where her grandmother -- also a renowned psychic -- encouraged her to respect and nurture her talent, to her decision to move to Los Angeles, where her smash-hit Lifetime television show quickly made her one of the world's most beloved mediums. Lisa shares memories of her earliest psychic experiences and her gradual acceptance of her gift, and recalls many of the amazingly accurate communications she has shared with believers and skeptics alike. In her compassionate, down-to-earth style, she reveals exactly what it's like to live surrounded by spirits every day, and she recounts the joy she feels in bringing solace to those who have lost someone dear and the insights she has gleaned about spiritual phenomena, hauntings, psychic healing, and the afterlife. Warm, witty, and surprising, Life Among the Dead is a wonderfully intimate account of Lisa's life as a medium, healer, wife, mom, and TV star who has already won the hearts of millions, a woman with an astonishing gift for seeing beyond the ordinary and into a mysterious and fascinating realm.

Down Among the Dead Men

I'll walkyou toyourcar.” “Thanks, but I can manage.” She wanted to make it clear
that the evening was over, and besides, she didn't need his protection. She was
determined nottobetaken by surprise byDelvin or anyone else again. Chapter Six

Author : Claire Baxter

Release : 2014-07-14

Publisher : Entangled: Ignite

ISBN : 1622667778

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Caitlyn needs to find her estranged father or her mother will be thrown out of the home she loves, so Caitlyn ventures into the rough, tough world of the Australian opal fields. After rescuing a teenager from an attempted assault she learns that the girl, Max, is her half-sister. Their father is missing and suspected of stealing opals – an activity that could place both Max and Caitlyn in danger. Attempting to locate their father without alerting the police, Caitlyn enlists the help of Dale, a city lawyer turned lapidary, hiding out in the town to protect his daughter from death threats. Together they investigate, but progress is slow until Caitlyn stumbles upon a link between her father and organised crime, and into an investigation by the Federal Police. After offering herself as the go-between in a ‘sting', Caitlyn realises that she's put Dale's life at risk and in order to save him, she does the one thing she's sworn never to do. She battles crippling claustrophobia to descend into the darkness of an underground opal mine where her father's dead body is lying. With the criminals either arrested or dead, Caitlyn accepts that she's found more than she went looking for. She's fallen in love with Dale, but there's no way he'd consider moving back to the city, not when a move would expose his daughter to danger. He doesn't ask her to stay so she makes a new life for herself and her sister in Adelaide...until the death of the man threatening his family allows Dale to confess his feelings for her.

Life Among the Dead 3: A Bittersweet Victory

She tells him about the long walk to the bridge and about Brad. Gabe's own tale
isn't as tense. In fact it was quite tame in comparison. He tells her the story
nonetheless. ### Many people in Manitoba were lost. Gabe didn't lose anyone ...

Author : Daniel Cotton

Release : 2014-07-01

Publisher : Permuted Press

ISBN : 1618682954

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Life is a winding road full of twists and turns, one can never be truly prepared for all the unexpected bumps and bends that loom ahead, or the pitfalls that derail us from our path. Vida Calavera is about to learn this first hand when an evening out with her friends turns into a waking nightmare. All of her plans and aspirations for the future will be dashed in an instant, her world will crumble down around her as the dead rise up. Unable to get home she is lost, vulnerable to whatever may lurk around the next turn, Vida is heading straight into danger with death on her heels but she may soon find it’s who she chooses to trust with her life that takes it.

Walking Dead

... that allowed some of the mutineers to reach the mine fields. We conclude that
this fratricidal massacre has occurred in the last day, while we were on our way to
help. A kilometer or so down the line, we start finding civilians among the dead, ...

Author : David N. Brown

Release : 2010-12-29

Publisher : David Brown


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Dead Man's Walk

It turned out, though, that Gus was merely so fatigued that he was beyond caring
whether he was counted among the living or among the dead. He had traveled in
a tight stagecoach for ten days and nine nights, making the trip from Baton ...

Author : Larry McMurtry

Release : 2015-02-12

Publisher : Pan Macmillan

ISBN : 1447274636

File Size : 70.7 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The first book in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove quartet, Dead Man's Walk takes you deep into the heart of the American West. These are the wild days when Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call – heroes of Lonesome Dove – first encounter the untamed frontier that will form their characters. Not yet twenty, Gus and Call enlist as Texas Rangers under the command of Caleb Cobb, a capricious outlaw determined to seize Santa Fe from the Mexicans. The two young men experience their first great adventure in the barren, empty landscape of the great plains, in which arbitrary violence is the only law – whether from nature, or from those whose territory they must cross in order to reach New Mexico. Danger, sacrifice and fear test Gus and Call to the limits of endurance, as they seek the strength and courage to survive against almost insurmountable odds in the West of early nineteenth-century America.

Zombie Economics

In a new chapter, Quiggin brings the book up to date with a discussion of the re-emergence of pre-Keynesian ideas about austerity and balanced budgets as a response to recession.

Author : John Quiggin

Release : 2012-05-21

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 1400842085

File Size : 69.22 MB

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In the graveyard of economic ideology, dead ideas still stalk the land. The recent financial crisis laid bare many of the assumptions behind market liberalism--the theory that market-based solutions are always best, regardless of the problem. For decades, their advocates dominated mainstream economics, and their influence created a system where an unthinking faith in markets led many to view speculative investments as fundamentally safe. The crisis seemed to have killed off these ideas, but they still live on in the minds of many--members of the public, commentators, politicians, economists, and even those charged with cleaning up the mess. In Zombie Economics, John Quiggin explains how these dead ideas still walk among us--and why we must find a way to kill them once and for all if we are to avoid an even bigger financial crisis in the future. Zombie Economics takes the reader through the origins, consequences, and implosion of a system of ideas whose time has come and gone. These beliefs--that deregulation had conquered the financial cycle, that markets were always the best judge of value, that policies designed to benefit the rich made everyone better off--brought us to the brink of disaster once before, and their persistent hold on many threatens to do so again. Because these ideas will never die unless there is an alternative, Zombie Economics also looks ahead at what could replace market liberalism, arguing that a simple return to traditional Keynesian economics and the politics of the welfare state will not be enough--either to kill dead ideas, or prevent future crises. In a new chapter, Quiggin brings the book up to date with a discussion of the re-emergence of pre-Keynesian ideas about austerity and balanced budgets as a response to recession.

Walk #1

... and as he walked through the cemetery, which is filled with the graves of
soldiers killed in the Civil War, the project took on a new layer of meaning. Pujol
realized that he needed to convey the visceral experience of walking among the
dead, ...

Author :

Release : 2008

Publisher : Light Work

ISBN : 0935445595

File Size : 69.61 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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A Grotesque Panorama of the Disemboweled Sunset

Vik walks down the street, passing the walking dead completely unnoticed. He
comes upon an abandoned ... Vik continues on his path, dropping the rocket-less
launcher in the street, and walking among the dead. When he locates the grocery

Author : J. L. Tripp

Release : 2009-07-29

Publisher : Dorrance Publishing

ISBN : 1434994724

File Size : 66.65 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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The Christian's Looking-glass

Lazarus , when raised from the dead , might walk among the tombs with a
peculiar feeling , and think when among the dead what himself was but the other
day . We should take such walks every day , and never forget the hole from
whence we ...

Author : Timothy Priestley

Release : 1790

Publisher :


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A Physician Under the Nazis

They all carried sticks, and, if you did not walk fast enough, they would hit you
over the head. The next day ... By the time we got to Treblinka half the people in
the cars were dead. We were sitting and walking among the dead. As soon as the

Author : David Glenwick

Release : 2010-12-02

Publisher : Government Institutes

ISBN : 9780761851370

File Size : 27.80 MB

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This memoir focuses on Henry Glenwick's experiences as a physician in Russian-occupied Ukraine after the outbreak of World War II, his return to the Warsaw ghetto, and his subsequent journey through labor and concentration camps in Poland and Germany, providing rarely-heard perspective on the Holocaust.

Justice on the Grass

Had Rwandans grown so used to seeing death , walking among the dead ,
sleeping among them , numbering themselves among the near dead , that after
the fact it just didn ' t seem so wrong to have raised a machete against their own ?

Author : Dina Temple-Raston

Release : 2005

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 9780743251105

File Size : 33.64 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which more than 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu were massacred in just 100 days, was an unparalleled modern-day slaughter. How does a nation pick up the pieces after the killing has stopped? In a gripping narrative that examines the power of the press and sheds light on how the media turned tens of thousands of ordinary Rwandans into murderers, award-winning author and journalist Dina Temple-Raston traces the rise and fall of three media executives -- Ferdinand Nahimana, Jean-Bosco Barayagwiza, and Hassan Ngeze. From crime to trial to verdict, Temple-Raston explores the many avenues of justice Rwanda pursued in the decade after the killing. Focusing on the media trial at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, she then drops down to the level of the hills, where ordinary Rwandans seek justice and retribution, and examines whether politics in the East African nation has set the stage for renewed violence. In the months leading up to the killing, two local media outlets, Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) and the tabloid newspaper Kangura, warned that a bloody confrontation was brewing. No one would be spared, they said. Observers said later that fearmongering from RTLM and Kangura played a key role in igniting the genocide, so much so that the three men behind the media outlets became the first journalists since Nuremberg to be tried in an international court for crimes against humanity. Drawing on extensive interviews with key players, Dina Temple-Raston brings to life a cast of remarkable characters: the egotistical newspaper editor Hassan Ngeze; hate radio cofounders, the intellectual Ferdinand Nahimana and the defiant legal scholar Jean-Bosco Barayagwiza; an American-led prosecution team wary of a guilty verdict that might bring a broadly written judgment muzzling the press the world over; the bombastic American defense attorney John Floyd; heroic Damien Nzabakira, who risked his life to drive forty orphans to safety only to spend eight years in prison accused of their murder; and Bonaventure Ubalijoro, a Rwandan diplomat and politician who believed in miracles. An extraordinary feat of reporting and narrative, Justice on the Grass reveals a Rwanda few have seen. A searing and compassionate book, Justice on the Grass illustrates how, more than a decade later, a country and its people are still struggling to heal, to forgive, and to make sense of something that defies credibility and humanity.

Saddam's Bombmaker

He had been conscripted into the army against his will. “Walking among the dead
and dying, I heard the crying of a small child. But I could not see it. Then I noticed
a dead woman, facedown. The crying seemed to be coming from her. I went to ...

Author : Jeff Stein

Release : 2001-06-24

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 0743213475

File Size : 48.39 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Iraqi scientist who designed Baghdad's nuclear bomb tells how he did it in secret with the cynical help of U.S., French, German, and British suppliers and experts, and kept it hidden from U.N. inspectors after the Gulf War. Today, he says, Saddam Hussein is only months away from making a workable bomb and has every intention of using it. Don't tell me about the law. The law is anything I write on a scrap of paper." ­­Saddam Hussein In 1994, after twenty years developing Iraq's atomic weapon, Dr. Khidhir Hamza made a daring escape to warn the CIA of Saddam's nuclear ambitions...only to be ridiculed and turned away! After a harrowing journey across three continents with Iraqi agents on his trail, Hamza finally came in from the cold at the U.S. embassy in Hungary. Now he tells a frightening story that U.S. officials have finally come to believe: that Saddam is still feverishly at work on the bomb and, if pushed to the wall, will use it. Dr. Hamza also presents a startling, unprecedented portrait of Saddam himself ­­ his drunken rages, his women, his fear of germs, and his cold-blooded murder of underlings. A former resident of the presidential palace, Hamza is the only defector who has lived to write a firsthand, intimate portrait of the Iraqi inner circle, its spies and hit men, and their brutal chief. Saddam's Bombmaker is also a saga of one man's journey through the circles of hell. Educated at MIT and Florida State University, dedicated to a life of peaceful teaching in America, Dr. Hamza relates how the regime ordered him home, seduced him into a pampered life as an atomic energy official, and forced him to design a bomb. The price of refusal was torture. As the father of the Iraqi bomb, Dr. Hamza designed a device from scratch with the help of World War Two­era blueprints from America's Los Alamos labs, all the while planning an escape. Privately, he and his colleagues believed they could procrastinate long enough to outlive Saddam. But the dictator outmaneuvered them, whipping the scientists into a crash program to build a crude bomb that could be dropped on Israel. Had U.S. and Allied forces not quickly mobilized for Desert Storm, Dr. Hamza relates, Saddam may well have succeeded; except for sufficient uranium, the device was ready. It still is. Dr. Hamza's tale of his escape, his first bungled contact with CIA agents, and his flight abroad will keep readers turning pages toward a climax worthy of a well-crafted spy thriller. Along the way, he reveals: The West's "don't ask, just sell" attitude toward Iraq's nuclear, chemical, and biological programs as long as it was fighting Iran. How Iraq tested biological and chemical weapons on human subjects. How the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) tried to recruit Dr. Hamza to make a bomb. Baghdad's secret program to break into U.S. and other foreign computer systems. Saddam's Bombmaker is not only a shocking political and scientific exposé -- it is a riveting adventure tale.


I tried to get my bearings among the dead. I hate you. ... The preposterous dead,
under this numbing blaze of light. ... In no other city does one have such a strong
sense of moving among the dead, of walking on layer upon layer of dead.

Author : Tim Parks

Release : 2012-06-12

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1448104874

File Size : 44.80 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Three months after returning to England, Christopher Burton, receives a phone-call at the reception desk of the Rembrandt Hotel, Knightsbridge that informs him of his son's suicide. But why on receiving this terrible news, does Burton immediately decide that he must leave his Italian wife of thirty years standing? Why does he find it so difficult to focus on his grief for his son? Intensely dramatic, dark and, against all odds, hilariously funny, Destiny is a satisfying story and a profound meditation on marriage and identity. Parks gives us a frightening experience of what it means to tread the narrow line between sanity and psychosis.