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Way More Than Luck


Author : Ben Wilkinson

Release : 2019-02-11

Publisher : Seren

ISBN : 1781724261

File Size : 30.71 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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"Full of life: politicially astute, well-made and formally experimental poems celebrate even sadness in fresh language, natural rhythms and subtle music.... A very pleasurable as well as absorbing read that we are way more than lucky to have in one volume." – Ian Duhig From the thumping heartbeat of the distance runner to the roar of football terraces across the decades, Ben Wilkinson’s debut poetry collection, Way More Than Luck, confronts the struggles and passions that come to shape a life. Beginning with an unflinching interrogation of experiences of clinical depression and the redemptive power of art and running, the collection centres on a series of vivid character portraits, giving life to the legends of Liverpool Football Club. By turns frank, comic, sinister and meditative – ‘the trouble with you, son, is that all your brains are in your head’ – these poems uncover the beautiful game’s magic and absurdity, hopes and disappointments, as striking metaphors for our everyday dramas. Elsewhere there are tender love poems, political satire and strange dream worlds, in an urgently lyrical book of poems that take many forms and modes of address: pantoum, sonnet, sestina; epistle, confession, dramatic monologue. All are united by a desire to speak with searching clarity about matters of the heart. Way More Than Luck is a book that shows how pain comes to define our happiness; how we keep on in a world of chance, uncertainty and change.

Way More than Luck

Even I could see there was another, truer narrative, with luck as its theme. What
were the odds of being seated at that dinner next to that Salomon Brothers lady?
Of landing inside the best Wall Street firm from which to write the story of an age?

Author : Various

Release : 2015-03-10

Publisher : Chronicle Books

ISBN : 1452140618

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The commencement speech is the most popular public address of our time, shared every spring and remembered for years. Here, in an anthology of some of the finest of the genre, brilliant creative minds in every sector offer their wisdom: David Foster Wallace on living a compassionate life, Debbie Millman on the importance of taking risks, Michael Lewis on the responsibility that good fortune merits—and so many other greats. Some of this advice is grand (believe in the impossible), and some of it is granular enough to check off a life list (donate five percent of your money or your time). All of it is universally uplifting. Handsomely packaged with a silkscreened cloth spine and energetic typography throughout, this book is a smart, special gift for graduates and anyone embarking on a new adventure. Includes speeches from: Dick Costolo, Nora Ephron, Ira Glass, Khaled Hosseini, Barbara Kingsolver, Madeleine L’Engle, Michael Lewis, Debbie Millman, Eileen Myles, Jonathan Safran Foer, Michael Uslan, David Foster Wallace, Bradley Whitford, and Tom Wolfe.

Way More Than Luck (Sneak Preview)

I was the kind of writer who writes a paragraph and then looks at it and thinks, “
Oh no! Now I'm going to move all the words around.” And then rewrites it over
and over again. ... Somehow my parents are the only 107 WAY MORE THAN

Author : Various

Release : 2015-02-10

Publisher : Chronicle Books

ISBN : 1452149372

File Size : 65.54 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Want a sneak peek? Download this free sample of Way More Than Luck compiled by Chronicle Books. The commencement speech is the most popular public address of our time, shared every spring and remembered for years. Here, in an anthology of some of the finest of the genre, brilliant creative minds in every sector offer their wisdom: David Foster Wallace on living a compassionate life, Debbie Millman on the importance of taking risks, Michael Lewis on the responsibility that good fortune merits—and so many other greats. Some of this advice is grand (believe in the impossible), and some of it is granular enough to check off a life list (donate five percent of your money or your time). All of it is universally uplifting. Handsomely packaged with a silkscreened cloth spine and energetic typography throughout, this book is a smart, special gift for graduates and anyone embarking on a new adventure. Includes speeches from: Dick Costolo, Nora Ephron, Ira Glass, Khaled Hosseini, Barbara Kingsolver, Madeleine L’Engle, Michael Lewis, Debbie Millman, Eileen Myles, Jonathan Safran Foer, Michael Uslan, David Foster Wallace, Bradley Whitford, and Tom Wolfe.

More than Luck

When they get inside the canyon they can't see their way over the top.'” Then the
whales dove deep and disappeared. Ted returned to Gig Harbor in Adam Ross's
purse seiner, the Chinook, and Wendy and I went home. Lamar shot some good

Author : James S. Griffin

Release : 2011-06-15

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 9781450290111

File Size : 20.70 MB

Format : PDF

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“If someone was to ask me what comes to mind when I think about Jim, I’d say he didn't let life slide away.” —Booth Gardner, governor, State of Washington James S. Griffin, the grandson of pioneer Washington state families, recounts his life story for his grandchildren and generations to come. Beginning with his first memory as a four-year-old, his memoir blends tales of his own life with descriptions historical events and the role his families and distant relatives played in the early years of the city of Tacoma, as well as the founding of Everett, Washington. He also details their participation in a terrifying confrontation, often referred to as the Everett massacre, prior to Washington statehood. More than Luck is a humorous yet tragic memoir that recounts a number of remarkable, life-threatening encounters. He heard these stories from his relatives and also by listening to bedtime stories about kin who came west to the Washington Territory in the late nineteen century to homestead to become lumber barons, mayors, judges, legislatures and entrepreneurs. Their stories and their legacy helped shape Jim Griffin’s character and the direction his life has taken.

Better Than Luck

There had to be another way. He came back and knelt beside the bed, looking
into her eyes. “Feeling any better?” She took his hand. “No. I don't like my options
.” He let out a breath. “I'll say this once. You made me jump into the werewolf
thing ...

Author : Brandy L Rivers

Release : 101-01-01

Publisher : Brandy L Rivers

ISBN : 0463651251

File Size : 54.33 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Never trust luck. That was Danika's motto. Her father is a full-fledged leprechaun. No, not the short, bearded men hiding a pot of gold. He's Fae and has a nasty habit of stealing luck. After witnessing several tragedies caused by her self-centered father, she left home, driving as far as she could. Fate put her in Adam's path. He was human, and being only half-Fae she was effectively mortal and had always planned to stay that way. Eighteen years later and she's still in love. Learning the leukemia she had as a child is back throws her happy life in turmoil. Adam made a vow. One he made when he was young, dumb, and had recently witnessed werewolves behaving badly. They would live and love as mortals. Now, he would do anything to keep Danika at his side. He just has to convince her to change her mind for their little family. But her supposedly dead father is back and blames Danika for all the tragedy that always follows him. He would love to drain every ounce of luck from his ungrateful daughter. #werewolves #shifter #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy #mages #magic #Fae #leprechaun

Lone Star 138/death

The money added up to slightly more than three thousand dollars. They counted
it at sundown in a copse of trees, and Reno put aside three hundred for Heck. “
He can give Jeter what he wants...” It was a bit more than Reno had expected.

Author : Wesley Ellis

Release : 1994-02-01

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101169362

File Size : 88.12 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Jessie and Ki meet an outlaw who's shottin' and lootin' his way into legend! After a violent stagecoach heist that leaves a family friend dead, Jessie and Ki join the chase for the killer, Reno Quant, an outlaw who has never been seen.

A Stroke of Luck

And her mom was way more worried about money than Angie ever remembered
seeing her . The thoughts chased each other around in her head like a trio of
squirrels , leaping and darting , and making each other run . And then they
collided ...

Author : Kathryn Ellis

Release : 1995

Publisher : James Lorimer & Company

ISBN : 9781550285062

File Size : 65.90 MB

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Strange accidents are stalking one of the skaters at Millwood Arena.

Hard Luck And Trouble: A Landlord's Tale

No luck. I struggled to my feet, still dizzy and in a twilight zone, and grabbed him
and dragged him with me over to a porthole and looked out. ... I weighed more
than the other two—maybe that was the reason. ... Way more than a hundred ...

Author : Gammy L. Singer

Release : 2007-02-01

Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN : 0758286759

File Size : 23.95 MB

Format : PDF

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From one of today's most compelling writers comes this unforgettable novel set in legendary Harlem, New York--a place brimming with vitality, tarnished glory, and new beginnings. . . Amos Brown knows trouble comes in threes. First off, he's got a notorious West Indian drug lord on his back. Amos isn't into drugs, but he's got a nasty gambling habit. After losing at poker, he owes the drug lord big-time. Second, Amos's bride of six months disappeared when his numbers running business went down the drain so he's out everything except the kitchen sink. The luck that's forced him to sell off his worldly possessions has also made him the owner of two Harlem brownstones, inherited from the father he met only once in his life. . . So while Amos is waiting for the third axe to fall, he'll have to settle into his new life as a landlord. That means dealing with some of 128th Street's most colorful and intriguing characters. Amos has heard of skeletons in the closet, but apparently he's got one in his basement. Resolving to put together the pieces of the mysterious discovery, Amos has no idea that he will also be putting together the puzzle of his past--and working out his future. . . "A suspenseful and emotional ride full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on A Landlord's Tale Gammy L. Singer is an actress who has appeared on Broadway, in movies, and television. She is also the author of A Landlord's Tale.

Nothing to Lose [Blackhawk Brothers 1]

As he passed in the aisle, he smiled and wished her luck. She nodded to him. It
would take a lot more than luck. She made her way toward the front of the bus.
Maybe she should talk with the driver and see if she could purchase a ticket to ...

Author : Lavada Dee

Release :

Publisher : Siren-BookStrand

ISBN : 1619262525

File Size : 44.26 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA] Galynn Taylor is running from a violent domestic relationship. Injured, she makes her way across the country. When she decides to walk to the next town to throw off the pursuit, a storm catches her and she collapses on the side of the road. Freezing, hurt, and not sure how much farther it is to the next town, she is ready to give up. Cooper Blackhawk finds her and, after getting her treatment, takes her home. At first Cooper is in protective mode, but all too soon that grows into something more. The attraction is mutual. He wants more, but Galynn is terrified that Mick will find her and hurt Cooper or his family in trying to get to her. She can’t risk that and runs again. This time she leaves her heart, but unknowingly keeps a part of Cooper with the baby she carries. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

A Little More Luck

However, we are convinced it refers to the views along the way and even at that
price they're way undervalued—the scenery is simply breathtaking. In Ouray,
which is little more than a village completely hemmed in by massive mountains,
we ...

Author : Frank Nelson

Release : 2004-01-07

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595754252

File Size : 63.3 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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A Little More Luck-and a lot more laughs-continues the wonderful globetrotting lifestyle of Frank and Maria Nelson. Three years after leaving their adopted home in New Zealand, and armed now with freshly-minted American green cards, the pair settle down for a year in Colorado. In the city of Boulder, the newly arrived journalists and nurses find themselves grappling with such slippery customers as political correctness, prairie dogs, the tax man, the effects of altitude and more trashy television channels than can possibly be good for you. Next the nomadic Nelsons return to England for 10 more months of hilarious house and pet-sitting with Animal Aunts-plenty long enough to appreciate that when it comes to the British and their animals, it's not just the dogs that are barking. Frank and Maria also find time to explore France and Spain besides taking trips to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Mexico. Finally it's back to the States, this time to check out those crazy Californians in sunny San Diego. World travel as a way of life is a hell of a job, but somebody's got to do it "This very funny sequel to All You Need is Luck crackles with dry British humour and will delight travellers the world over." (Visit the Web site

The Luck Factor

And as for runs of luck like Charles Wells's, the synchronicity theory holds that
they are more reliable and in a way more predictable than randomness
advocates would suppose. The randomness theory says, of course, that chance
events in ...

Author : Max Gunther

Release : 2010-01

Publisher : Harriman House Limited

ISBN : 1906659494

File Size : 56.86 MB

Format : PDF

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Taking readers on a richly anecdotal ride through the more popular theories and histories of luck--from pseudoscience to paganism, through mathematicians to magicians--Gunther arrives at a careful set of scientific conclusions as to the nature of luck.

The Strategy of Campaigning

the governorship of California, resurrected himself in 1968, only to selfdestruct in
the Watergate scandal and then resurface as a prolific and ... those of us who are
trying to understand historical outcomes should not portray victors as clever
strategists when good luck is a better explanation. ... But some people are better
at exploiting the opportunities that come their way, seizing chances that others

Author : Kiron Skinner

Release : 2008-08-05

Publisher : University of Michigan Press

ISBN : 0472033190

File Size : 69.25 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Explores the political careers of Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin, who overcame defeat early in their political careers and rose to the highest elected offices in their respective countries

Luck Of The Devil

True, but not in the way he assumed from the look he gave her before stepping
out of the way. “Don't go more than ten paces from this coach. I'll . . . I'll be
keeping the horses quiet as I have been. The ones by the dogcart are a flighty

Author : Elizabeth Keys

Release : 2005-05-01

Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN : 1420134752

File Size : 26.80 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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HER SECRET LOVER Wastrel, gambler, and ne'er-do-well. . .handsome Garrett Lynch has a wicked reputation and every woman knows it. Can it be possible that he is also the man known only as The Green Dragon, secretly fighting for Ireland against rampant English injustice? Garrett takes no prisoners and answers no questions—until a mission of utmost importance requires him to enlist the aid of the beautiful Maura Fitzgerald. . . Maura has a mission of her own: to educate impoverished Irish country girls. Does the dashing Mr. Lynch think he can simply walk into her life and her school and do as he pleases? She has half a mind to throw the selfish scoundrel out—until Garrett takes her in his arms. She cannot say no to such fiery passion. . .or his love. . .

Some Luck

He had eleven beans, which was four more than Henrietta and one more than
Tom. Mama carried him up to bed ... Mary Elizabeth turned her head and her
body first one way and then the other way, just to watch Frankie. Then Joey ran
over to ...

Author : Jane Smiley

Release : 2014-10-07

Publisher : Anchor

ISBN : 0385350392

File Size : 66.57 MB

Format : PDF

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Longlisted for the 2014 National Book Award From the winner of the Pulitzer Prize: a powerful, engrossing new novel—the life and times of a remarkable family over three transformative decades in America. On their farm in Denby, Iowa, Rosanna and Walter Langdon abide by time-honored values that they pass on to their five wildly different children: from Frank, the handsome, willful first born, and Joe, whose love of animals and the land sustains him, to Claire, who earns a special place in her father’s heart. Each chapter in Some Luck covers a single year, beginning in 1920, as American soldiers like Walter return home from World War I, and going up through the early 1950s, with the country on the cusp of enormous social and economic change. As the Langdons branch out from Iowa to both coasts of America, the personal and the historical merge seamlessly: one moment electricity is just beginning to power the farm, and the next a son is volunteering to fight the Nazis; later still, a girl you’d seen growing up now has a little girl of her own, and you discover that your laughter and your admiration for all these lives are mixing with tears. Some Luck delivers on everything we look for in a work of fiction. Taking us through cycles of births and deaths, passions and betrayals, among characters we come to know inside and out, it is a tour de force that stands wholly on its own. But it is also the first part of a dazzling epic trilogy—a literary adventure that will span a century in America: an astonishing feat of storytelling by a beloved writer at the height of her powers.

American Spirit

I was born on the ship on the way over here from Ireland, and both my parents
died before we got here. Some of the ... Some people say I was lucky, and I
reckon I was in some ways, but I like to think it was hard work more than luck.” “I
couldn't ...

Author : Roger Smith

Release : 2013-01-24

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 147596529X

File Size : 76.15 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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The first European immigrants came to the American colonies to escape incessant wars, oppressive governments, lack of opportunity, and tyrannical religious authorities. The dangerous and mysterious new world couldn’t rectify all the ills of the old world, but it offered something that resonated with their Christian faith—hope for a better life for their loved ones. They miraculously built a government that preserved more freedom and opportunity for the American people than any government in history. The United States can continue as a beacon of hope if its citizens focus on the common goodness of their past that binds them instead of the differences that divide them. American Spirit presents this refreshing perspective through an exciting mosaic of adventure, despair, hope, faith, and love. Smith’s incredible research and vivid writing style as he follows multiple generations of immigrants seeking freedom in America make this book an essential read. Smith’s novel is historical fiction that intrigues, engages, and lingers, long after the last page is turned. — Joe Kilgore, US Review of Books The Civil War is an ugly period of American history. Uglier still, are the many times inaccurate accounts of the war were told. Roger Smith has taken a giant step forward in setting the record straight. Reading this book will open your mind. It is much more than just another war story. — Dan Mackintosh, Pacific Book Review

First You Kiss 100 Men...

Better yet, she'd love to actively participate in finding the daughter that the
elegant Mrs. Dexter had given up for adoption nearly forty years ago. ''No, but ...
With the way things were going lately, she was going to need more than luck.
Whether ...

Author : Carolyn Greene

Release : 2014-05-15

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1460353501

File Size : 61.27 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 583

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By day, Julie Fasano was secretary to dashing private investigator Hunter Matthews. By night, she was the Mystery Kisser, a journalist with the assignment to kiss 100 men and report on the results. Only problem was, Hunter's assignment was to sleuth out the identity of the Mystery Kisser-and Julie had to help in the investigation! She hated lying to her boss, especially since her kissing score book rated him at the top and she was swiftly losing her heart to him. But if Hunter learned of her moonlighting activities, would he be unable to forgive her deceit? Or would he want to work-for the rest of their lives- on staying #1!?

Spirituality for the Skeptic

For one thing, Australians gamble more than any other people in the world (and
Hawke suggests that the best way to understand Australian society is to go to the
races). But in a more profound and obvious way, luck is the ultimate egalitarian ...

Author : Robert C. Solomon

Release : 2002-05-16

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 9780198030775

File Size : 36.57 MB

Format : PDF

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Is it possible to be spiritual and yet not believe in the supernatural? Can a person be spiritual without belonging to a religious group or organization? In this book, philosopher Robert Solomon offers challenging answers to these questions as he explodes commonly held myths about what is means to be spiritual in today's pluralistic world. Based on Solomon's own struggles to reconcile philosophy with religion, Spirituality for the Skeptic offers a model of a vibrant, fulfilling spirituality that embraces the complexities of human existence and acknowledges the joys and tragedies of life. Solomon has forged an enlightened new path that synthesizes spirituality with emotions, intellect, science, and common sense. His new paradigm, "naturalized" spirituality, establishes as its cornerstone the "thoughtful love of life"--a passionate concern for the here-and-now, and not the by-and-by. Being spiritual doesn't mean being holed up as a recluse, spending hours in meditation and contemplation, Solomon argues. It demands involvement and emotional engagement with others in the struggle to find meaning in our lives. As such, this modern-day spirituality encompasses a passionate enthusiasm for the world, the transformation of self, cosmic trust and rationality, coming to terms with fate, and viewing life as a gift, all of which are explored in depth throughout this book. Spirituality for the Skeptic answers the need for a non-institutional, non-dogmatic spirituality that leads to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. By examining the ideas of great thinkers from Socrates and Nietzsche to Buddha to Kafka, Solomon arrives at a practical vision of spirituality that should appeal to many seekers looking to make sense of the human condition.

Reasoning about Luck

( i ) A starting point macroscopically distinct from equilibrium is overwhelmingly
likely to evolve to greater disorder , i.e. towards equilibrium . ... As a matter of fact
, there is more than one way to introduce that notion here . One way to proceed is

Author : Vinay Ambegaokar

Release : 1996-07-13

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521447379

File Size : 69.46 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Major undergraduate physics textbook, with a unique approach for a new type of course.

Moral Luck

There is more than one way in which these characteristics may be imposed,
however, and difference in these affects the way (perhaps, the sense) in which
the resultant S is an idealisation. The characteristics may be involved in the very

Author : Bernard Williams

Release : 1981-12-03

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107268176

File Size : 31.43 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 434

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A new volume of philosophical essays by Bernard Williams. The book is a successor to Problems of the Self, but whereas that volume dealt mainly with questions of personal identity, Moral Luck centres on questions of moral philosophy and the theory of rational action. That whole area has of course been strikingly reinvigorated over the last deacde, and philosophers have both broadened and deepened their concerns in a way that now makes much earlier moral and political philosophy look sterile and trivial. Moral Luck contains a number of essays that have contributed influentially to this development. Among the recurring themes are the moral and philosophical limitations of utilitarianism, the notion of integrity, relativism, and problems of moral conflict and rational choice. The work presented here is marked by a high degree of imagination and acuity, and also conveys a strong sense of psychological reality. The volume will be a stimulating source of ideas and arguments for all philosophers and a wide range of other readers.

All You Need Is Luck

<br> the Hilarious Adventures of a Couple Who Made World Travel a Way of Life.
Frank Nelson. little more up front than have to endure terrible service and then be
expected to reward wait staff for their rudeness, incompetence and indifference.

Author : Frank Nelson

Release : 2002-05-14

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1469785242

File Size : 23.11 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

Download : 866

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All You Need is Luck is the very funny story of an ordinary couple who decided to take a chance and do something extraordinary which others only dream about. Sixteen years ago Frank and Maria Nelson traded in excellent jobs, financial security, the safety net of family and friends, plus deep roots in their local community, for a nomadic lifestyle few people ever experience. All You Need is Luck recounts their first two years on the road after saying goodbye to their home in New Zealand. During this time they lived and worked in Australia, England and the United States besides visiting Indonesia, France and Thailand. Leaving their comfort zone thousands of miles behind, they worked at American summer camps in Vermont and Cape Cod; at hospitals, a university and other jobs in Melbourne and Brisbane; and looked after scores of pampered pets in the poshest of homes all over England. This amusing adventure will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour but especially those who sometimes wonder what it would be like just to take off...and keep going.