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The distinguished contributors to this volume combine a rigorous analysis of human sensations, emotions, and moods with a broad assessment of the many factors, from heredity to nationality, that bear on our well-being.

Author : Daniel Kahneman

Release : 1999-07-08

Publisher : Russell Sage Foundation

ISBN : 161044325X

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The nature of well-being is one of the most enduring and elusive subjects of human inquiry. Well-Being draws upon the latest scientific research to transform our understanding of this ancient question. With contributions from leading authorities in psychology, social psychology, and neuroscience, this volume presents the definitive account of current scientific efforts to understand human pleasure and pain, contentment and despair. The distinguished contributors to this volume combine a rigorous analysis of human sensations, emotions, and moods with a broad assessment of the many factors, from heredity to nationality, that bear on our well-being. Using the tools of experimental science, the contributors confront the puzzles of human likes and dislikes. Why do we grow accustomed and desensitized to changes in our lives, both good and bad? Does our happiness reflect the circumstances of our lives or is it determined by our temperament and personality? Why do humans acquire tastes for sensations that are initially painful or unpleasant? By examining the roots of our everyday likes and dislikes, the book also sheds light on some of the more extreme examples of attraction and aversion, such as addiction and depression. Among its wide ranging inquiries, Well-Being examines systematic differences in moods and behaviors between genders, explaining why women suffer higher rates of depression and anxiety than men, but are also more inclined to express positive emotions. The book also makes international comparisons, finding that some countries' populations report higher levels of happiness than others. The contributors deploy an array of methods, from the surveys and questionnaires of social science to psychological and physiological experiments, to develop a comprehensive new approach to the study of well-being. They show how the sensory pleasures of the body can tells us something about the higher pleasures of the mind and even how the effectiveness of our immune system can depend upon the health of our social relationships.

Young Children'S Health And Well-Being

well-being. in. context. The true wealth of a nation can be measured by the health
of its youngest citizens, and in the twenty-first century children's health is still
largely determined by social, environmental and economic factors (UNICEF
2001c; ...

Author : Underdown, Angela

Release : 2006-12-01

Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN : 0335219063

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Looks at the social, environmental, and economic influences at work today in determining the health and well-being of the world's children.

The Science of Well-Being

Richard E. Lucas and Ed Diener Abstract Personality has been found to be more
strongly associated with subjective well-being in many instances than are life
circumstances. In part, this might be due to the fact that temperament and other ...

Author : Ed Diener

Release : 2009-07-16

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 904812350X

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Major Theoretical Questions Theories about subjective well-being have grown over the past several decades, but have been re ned only slowly as adequate data have been compiled to test them. We can characterize the theories describing happiness along several dimensions. The rst dimension is whether the theory places the locus of happiness in external conditions such as income and status, as many sociological theories do, or within the attitudes and temperament of the individual, as many psychological theories do. Some have maintained that people adapt to all circumstances over time, so that only individual personality matters for producing happiness, whereas others believe that economicandothersocietalfactorsarethedominantforcesinproducingwell-being. Throughout my writings there is a mix of both the internal and external factors that in uence well-being. A second dimension that characterizes scholarship on well-being is the issue of whether the factors affecting well-being are relative or absolute. That is, are there standards used by people at all times and places in judging their lives and in reacting to events? Or are standards dependent on what other people possess, on expec- tions,andonadaptationlevelsbasedonpastcircumstances?Again,thereisevidence supporting the role of both universal and relative standards. People around the globe are probably in uenced by common factors such as friendship versus loneliness, but even these universal in uences on happiness are probably subject to some degree of comparison depending on what the person is used to and what others have. However, some factors might be much more comparative than other in uences, as Hsee, Yang, Li, and Shen (in press) have described.


This volume derived from original presentations given at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, under the auspices of the Center for Child Well-Being.

Author : Marc H. Bornstein

Release : 2003-02-26

Publisher : Psychology Press

ISBN : 1135641218

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This volume derived from original presentations given at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, under the auspices of the Center for Child Well-Being. Scholars, practitioners, public health professionals, and principals in the child development community convened to address a science-based framework for elements of well-being and how the elements might be developed across the life course. Integrating physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains, Well-Being is the first scientific book to consider well-being holistically. Focusing on a set of core strengths grouped within these three domains, the book also includes a fourth section on developmental strengths through adulthood that broadly examines a continuum of health and development, as well as transitions in well-being. This volume takes a developmental perspective across the life course, describing foundational strengths for well-being--the capacities that can be actively developed, supported, or learned. These foundational strengths--problem solving, emotional regulation, and physical safety--are the positive underpinnings of early child health and development, as well as ongoing well-being across the life course. Working together and blending their respective disciplinary perspectives and expertise, 53 experts in psychology, sociology, child development, and medicine have contributed to the book.

Assessing Well-Being

Ed Diener, Christie Napa Scollon, and Richard E. Lucas Abstract Subjective well-
being, or what is popularly often called “happiness,” has been of intense interest
throughout human history. We review research showing that it is not a single ...

Author : Ed Diener

Release : 2009-06-04

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9048123542

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The Sandvik, Diener, and Seidlitz (1993) paper is another that has received widespread attention because it documented the fact that self-report well-being scales correlate with a number of other methods of measuring the same concepts, such as with reports by knowledgeable “informants” (family and friends), expe- ence sampling measurement, and the memory for good versus bad life events. A single factor was found to underlie measures using different methods, and a n- ber of different well-being self-report measures were found to correlate with the non-self-report measures. Thus, although the self-report measures of well-being are imperfect, and can be in uenced by response artifacts, they have substantial validity as shown by their correlations with measurements based on alternative methods. Whereas the Pavot and Diener article reviewed the Satisfaction with Life Scale, the Lucas, Diener, and Larsen (2003) paper reviews various approaches to assessing positive emotions. As we wrote in the chapter in this volume in which we present new measures, we do not consider any of the existing measures of positive affect to be entirely acceptable for measuring subjective well-being in the affect area, and that is why we have created and validated a new measure.

Fetal Well-Being

HALF OF PREGNANCY 3.1 . FETAL MOVEMENTS The development of fetal
motor behavior in early pregnancy reflects the development of the fetal nervous
system ...

Author : Miriam Katz

Release : 1990-07-31

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 9780849360527

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This exciting volume provides an in-depth look at all of the aspects of fetal well-being. It bases each chapter on a critical evaluation of medical literature and on the authors' clinical experience regarding the subject. Easy to read and understand, this book presents discussions on the anatomical structure and respiratory function of the placenta and their effects on the fetus. The 67 figures illustrate theoretical concepts and clinical applications, and the conveniently placed tables allow speedy access to precise data throughout the text. This publication gives special consideration to the developments in ultrasound and direct access to the fetus. Every person involved with obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive medicine, pediatrics, and ultrasound will consider this monograph a must.

Human Well-Being and Economic Goals

that greater consumption increases well-being), international supremacisni (the
purpose of the economy is maintaining the state's international position), and
economic liberalism ("good" is whatever people think it is, and the function of the

Author : Program for the Study of Sustainable Change and Development (Tufts University. Global Development and Environment Institute)

Release : 1997

Publisher : Island Press

ISBN : 9781559635615

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What are the ends of economic activity? According to neoclassical theory, efficient interaction of the profit-maximizing "ideal producer" and the utility-maximizing "ideal consumer" will eventually lead to some sort of social optimum. But is that social optimum the same as human well-being? Human Well-Being and Economic Goals addresses that issue, considering such questions as: Does the maximization of individual welfare really lead to social welfare? How can we deal with questions of relative welfare and of equity? How do we define, or at least understand, individual and social welfare? And how can these things be measured, or even assessed? Human Well-Being and Economic Goals brings together more than 75 concise summaries of the most significant literature in the field that consider issues of present and future individual and social welfare, national development, consumption, and equity. Like its predecessors in the Frontier Issues in Economic Thought series, it takes a multidisciplinary approach to economic concerns, examining their sociological, philosophical, and psychological aspects and implications as well as their economic underpinnings. Human Well-Being and Economic Goals provides a powerful introduction to the current and historical writings that examine the concept of human well-being in ways that can help us to set goals for economic activity and judge its success. It is a valuable summary and overview for students, economists, and social scientists concerned with these issues.

The Science of Subjective Well-Being

The scientific study of subjective well-being generally focuses on two key com-
ponents related to well-being: (1) the balance of negative versus positive moods
experienced by individuals on a day-to-day basis, and (2) the amount of global ...

Author : Michael Eid

Release : 2008-01-01

Publisher : Guilford Press

ISBN : 1606230735

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This authoritative volume reviews the breadth of current scientific knowledge on subjective well-being (SWB): its definition, causes and consequences, measurement, and practical applications that may help people become happier. Leading experts explore the connections between SWB and a range of intrapersonal and interpersonal phenomena, including personality, health, relationship satisfaction, wealth, cognitive processes, emotion regulation, religion, family life, school and work experiences, and culture. Interventions and practices that enhance SWB are examined, with attention to both their benefits and limitations. The concluding chapter from Ed Diener dispels common myths in the field and presents a thoughtful agenda for future research.

Culture and Subjective Well-being

Well-being. across. Nations. Ed Diener and Shigehiro Oishi Throughout the world
most people now desire a high level of material wealth. The policies of most
governments are focused on increasing material prosperity, and most individuals

Author : Ed Diener

Release : 2003

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 9780262541466

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Analyzes SWB in relation to money, age, gender, democracy, and other factors.

Measuring Functioning and Well-being

Psychological Distress/Well-Being and Cognitive Functioning Measures Anita L.
Stewart, John E. Ware, Jr., Cathy D. Sherbourne, and Kenneth B. Wells Definition
and Issues: Psychological Distress and Well-Being Psychological distress and ...

Author : Anita L. Stewart

Release : 1992

Publisher : Duke University Press

ISBN : 9780822312123

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Measuring Functioning and Well-Being is a comprehensive account a broad range of self-reported functioning and well-being measures developed for the Medical Outcomes Study, a large-sale study of how patients fare with health care in the United States. This book provides a set of ready-to-use generic measures that are applicable to all adults, including those well and chronically ill, as well as a methodological guide to collecting health data and constructing health measures. As demand increases for more practical methods to monitor the outcomes of health care, this volume offers a timely and valuable contribution to the field. The contributors address conceptual and methodological issues involved in measuring such important health status concepts as: physical, social, and role functioning; psychological distress and well-being; general health perceptions; energy and fatigue; sleep; and pain. The authors present psychometric results and explain how to administer, score, and interpret the measures. Comprising the work of a number of highly respected scholars in the field of health asessment, Measuring Functioning and Well-Being will be of great interest and value to the growing number of researchers, policymakers, and clinicians concerned with the management and evaluation of health care.

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Well-being

Leading international scholars focus on organisational well being in its widest sense, and is concerned with reviewing the factors which are associated with ill health, as well as those which promote positive health and well being.

Author : Susan Cartwright

Release : 2009-01-01

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 0199211914

File Size : 27.97 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This handbook focuses on organizational well being in its widest sense, and is concerned with reviewing the factors which are associated with ill health, as well as those which promote positive health and well being. In it, leading international scholars focus on the key issues around measuring well being, and individual and organizational factors.

Fostering Emotional Well-being in the Classroom

This third edition of Fostering Emotional Well-Being in the Classroom is designed
to help you as prospective teachers, current teachers, and parents to make a
positive impact on the lives of young people. This edition specifically provides ...

Author : Randy M. Page

Release : 2003

Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN : 9780763700553

File Size : 38.57 MB

Format : PDF

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The major problems that threaten the emotional well-being of today's young people are covered in-depth in this ground-breaking new text by Randy and Tana Page. Topics covered include: low self-esteem, family-induced stress, stress from environmental influences, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, HIV, STDs, substance abuse, depression, suicidal behavior, and violence. This comprehensive textbook not only addresses the problems educators encounter in dealing with the health issues facing today's youth, but also offers coping and stress reduction strategies that work.

Promoting Health and Emotional Well-being in Your Classroom

Preface The new title for this fourth edition—Promoting Health and Emotional
Well-Being in Your Classroom—has been updated to reflect the many changes
that have been made. This edition has expanded coverage of health concepts
and ...

Author : Randy M. Page

Release : 2007

Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN : 9780763741549

File Size : 38.26 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Designed To Help Prospective Teachers, Current Teachers And Parents Make Positive Impressions In The Lives Of Young People, Promoting Health And Emotional Well-Being In Your Classroom, Fourth Edition, Continues To Provide Up-To-Date And Comprehensive Coverage Of The Critical Issues Impacting Today'S Youth. The Text Provides Insightful Background, Content, And Strategies For Improving The Emotional Well-Being And Health Of Students And Offers The Latest Information On The Many Issues That Today's Teachers Must Be Prepared To Handle.

Preferences and Well-Being

A central assumption that underlies this conviction is that a cogent account of
preference - formation can be developed . This is particularly evident in debates
about well - being . Those who defend subjective accounts of well - being , on
which ...

Author : Royal Institute of Philosophy. Annual Conference

Release : 2006-10-23

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521695589

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A collection of papers by moral philosophers and philosophers of economics on the subject.

Indicators of Children's Well-Being

At the same time , the rapid changes in family life have prompted an increased
demand from child development professionals , social scientists , and the public
for a clearer picture of children's well - being ( Andrews and Ben - Arieh , 1999 ...

Author : Asher Ben-Arieh

Release : 2006

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9781402042379

File Size : 62.7 MB

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This book contains a series of articles that represent a broad range of viewpoints about how the use of social indicators affects child and family policy. The book discusses the use of indicators as an effective tool to change policy. A distinguished, international group of researchers and policymakers provide insights into the past, current and future use of good information to develop and change policy that improves the well-being of children and youth in the United States. This book will be of value to policymakers, journalists, researchers and professionals working in the social sciences, humanities and health professions. It is one of the first efforts to link child well-being indicators to policies and services. It combines methodology issues with conceptual issues and actual experience, and looks on child well-being indicators from an effectiveness perspective.

Human Well-being Values of Environmental Flows

5 Well-being impacts of changes in hydrology of the Hamoun wetlands, Iran 5.1
Introduction The Hamoun wetlands in the Iranian Sistan-Baluchestan Province,
near the Afghan border, suffered from a severe drought between 1997 and 2005.

Author : Karen S. Meijer

Release : 2007

Publisher : IOS Press

ISBN : 9781586037321

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"This dissertation discusses how the importance of river flow-sustained ecosystems for local communities can be quantified for the purpose of balancing water supply and demand in Integrated Water Resources Management. Due to the development of water resources, for example through the construction of reservoirs, the natural flow regime of rivers is altered which results in changes in the river and floodplain ecosystem. Environmental flows describe the river flow regime necessary to protect the river ecosystem. The importance of this ecosystem for peoples food, income, health or other purposes, are referred to in this thesis as the human well-being values of environmental flows. The thesis provides an approach to quantify the relationship between river flows, the river ecosystem and human well-being values and discusses the application of this approach in two case studies, in Bangladesh and in Iran. The approach proved to structure the assessment of well-being values and to yield additional useful information that can contribute to the enhancement of social equity in Integrated Water Resources Management."

Female Well-Being

African proverb The fate of female well - being The twentieth century was a
transformative one for females and for gender relations . Virtually everywhere in
the world , women struggled towards new freedoms and new identities . The
century ...

Author : Janet Mancini

Release : 2005

Publisher : Zed Books

ISBN : 9781842770092

File Size : 75.47 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This global survey starts from the assumption that the significant transformations in women's lives deserve to be fully documented and interpreted. Janet Mancini Billson and Carlyn Fluehr-Lobban tackle the complexities of social change by using data from countries in every world region to illustrate the most critical challenges that women faced during the last century - challenges that are also likely to shape the 21st century.Global knowledge and feminism dovetailed in the 20th century, fed by international air travel, telecommunications, the internet, and a growing awareness that solving female oppression would improve the lot of all humankind. The authors therefore adopt a strong international, comparative, cross-cultural, and feminist framework that uncovers the fundamental processes that promote, sustain, or degrade the female condition.At the heart of Female Well-Being are case studies written by country teams of scholars, educators, and policy analysts, in Canada, The United States, Colombia, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Africa, and Sudan. Female well-being is measured by analysing trends in infant mortality, maternal mortality, literacy, life expectancy, education, work, income, family structure, and political power. These trends are contextualised in the light of the century's major events, legislative initiatives, social policies, and leadership, to illustrate the processes that enhance, sustain, or detract from the female condition. This book will be a critical resource for academics, development experts and policy analysts.

The Well-being of Children and Families

Efforts to describe the well-being of children in the United States have
encompassed a wide variety of characteristics of the children and their families (
e.g., Federal Forum on Child and Family Statistics 1997). Published indicators of
child ...

Author : Arland Thornton

Release : 2001

Publisher : University of Michigan Press

ISBN : 9780472067589

File Size : 81.9 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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An interdisciplinary examination of how well American families and children are faring at the start of the third millennium

Culture and Well-Being

Well-Being. Shigehiro Oishi and Ed Diener Abstract The present studies
examined the role of independent and interdependent goal pursuits in the
subjective well-being (SWB) of Asian and European American college students.
In Study 1, the ...

Author : Ed Diener

Release : 2009-06-04

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9048123526

File Size : 26.94 MB

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material boundaries capture cultural effects? The articles contained in this volume offer initial answers to most of these questions. The culture and well-being questions are of fundamental importance to understanding in the entire eld and to scienti c knowledge in the behavioral s- ences as a whole. Unless we understand what is universal and what is speci c, we cannot hope to understand the processes governing well-being. Unfortunately, our scienti c knowledge in most behavioral science elds, including the study of we- being, has been built on a narrow database drawn from westernized, industrialized nations. This means that we have only a little knowledge of whether our ndings are generalizable to all peoples of the globe and to universal human psychol- ical processes. Fortunately, during the last decade my students and I, as well as others working in this area, have rapidly expanded our knowledge of well-being vis-a-vis ` culture. The rst attempt to summarize the ndings in this area came in 1999 with Culture and Subjective Well-Being, a book edited by Eunkook Suh and Diener. The current volume represents a renewed effort to give a broad overview of major ndings in this area and to point to the important directions for future research. Composition of This Volume I am very pleased with the articles presented in this volume because I believe that they represent true advances in our fundamental understanding of subjective we- being.

Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations

National Accounts of Time Use and Well-Being Alan B. Krueger ... regarding the
idea of measuring subjective well-being by the fraction of time people spend in
an unpleasant emotional state (the U-index; see chapter 1 of this volume).

Author : Alan B. Krueger

Release : 2009-11-15

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

ISBN : 0226454576

File Size : 39.24 MB

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Surely everyone wants to know the source of happiness, and indeed, economists and social scientists are increasingly interested in the study and effects of subjective well-being. Putting forward a rigorous method and new data for measuring, comparing, and analyzing the relationship between well-being and the way people spend their time—across countries, demographic groups, and history—this book will help set the agenda of research and policy for decades to come. It does so by introducing a system of National Time Accounting (NTA), which relies on individuals’ own evaluations of their emotional experiences during various uses of time, a distinct departure from subjective measures such as life satisfaction and objective measures such as the Gross Domestic Product. A distinguished group of contributors here summarize the NTA method, provide illustrative findings about well-being based on NTA, and subject the approach to a rigorous conceptual and methodological critique that advances the field. As subjective well-being is topical in economics, psychology, and other social sciences, this book should have cross-disciplinary appeal.