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With Honourable Intent

The pioneering work of its founders in Africa led to the creation of numerous protected areas, including Kruger and Serengeti National Parks. For the first time, the story of FFI's history is told in its entirety.

Author : Tim Knight

Release : 2017-10-23

Publisher : Collins

ISBN : 9780008276454

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Established over a century ago, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) was the world's first international conservation organisation. The pioneering work of its founders in Africa led to the creation of numerous protected areas, including Kruger and Serengeti National Parks. For the first time, the story of FFI's history is told in its entirety. Throughout its history, FFI has repeatedly broken new ground. It is renowned for its innovative, landmark programmes, many of which have come to be regarded as classic examples of conservation practice: the eleventh-hour rescue of the Arabian oryx in 1962; the multifaceted Mountain Gorilla Project launched in 1978; Tunnels for Toads in 1987, one of countless campaigns on behalf of the UK's neglected amphibians, reptiles and bats; a 1994 botanical initiative in Turkey that anticipated the Important Plant Area concept; and, in 2000, the first programme to put biodiversity firmly on the agenda of blue-chip companies. It has been instrumental in creating much of today's global conservation infrastructure, including such well-known institutions as IUCN - The World Conservation Union, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. To this day, FFI continues to blaze a trail for others to follow, and this beautifully illustrated volume showcases its illustrious history. With a Foreword by Sir David Attenborough, FFI's Vice-President, the book is filled with stunning photography throughout, making it the perfect gift for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

A Letter to the Right Honourable W. P., Esq

But the History of most Nations informs o osof many Great and Able Men who
have 've', op. worthily acquir'd the Summit, or highest Pitch, so of Power in their
respective Kingdoms, and oft. have enter'd upon it with honourable Intent. 3. ons;
but ...

Author : George Coade

Release : 1758

Publisher :


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The U-Turn

To all intents and purposes they were very content and didn't have more than a
few rows over the years. ... We are not all shining angels, with honourable intent
written across our stiff upper lips and the starched epaulettes of our scouts' ...

Author : Conor Farren

Release :

Publisher : Orpen Press

ISBN : 1909518085

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The U-Turn is a book about being happier. Taking the simple premise that increased self-esteem is the key to a more contented existence, the author draws from his background as a psychiatrist and his own life experience to present a way of tackling the everyday negative emotions that can interfere with enjoying life. The U-Turn: Provides readers with an understanding of the most common mild psychological issues, such as anxiety and depression, and aims to increase insight into the role of low self-esteem in these. Looks at ways for readers to fight back and discover that life can have joy and purpose.Contains "Think, Feel, Act" psychological exercises at the end of the chapters, which help the reader to apply what the book suggests to their own lives.Is written in a personal, anecdotal style. About the Author Conor Farren is a consultant psychiatrist at St Patrick's Hospital, Dublin. In his work as a psychiatrist he has seen the importance of self-esteem in counseling and therapy, and has discovered how raising self-esteem is fundamental to living a happier and more contented life. He is the author of Overcoming Alcohol Misuse (Orpen Press, 2011).

The Trial with the ... Evidence ... in an Action ... Wherein the Hon. E. Foley was Plaintiff and ... Charles Henry, Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth Defendant, for Criminal Conversation with Lady Anne Foley, the Plaintiff's Wife

Edward FOLEY (Hon.) Q. Pray , Sir , did any thing ... This I told Mr. Foley in June
1784 , and at the same time communicated my own fufpicions , that Lord
Peterborough's visit to Steke was not upon an honourable intent . Mr. Bearcroft .
Don't tell ...

Author : Edward FOLEY (Hon.)

Release : 1785

Publisher :


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Managers and Leaders Who Can

It's important to recognise that most organisations do actually go about their
business with honourable intent. Yes, they are there to make a profit and provide
a good return for their shareholders, but they don't generally set out to rip people
off, ...

Author : Ruth Spellman

Release : 2011-05-09

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 9781119977841

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For a successful world economic system we need some fundamental changes that respond to the changing nature and expectations of society. Capitalism has to become more robust, more acceptable and more sustainable. Managers and Leaders Who Can provides a vision and road-map for making sense of the new world we live in as it affects management and leadership. Looking at the new economic and social circumstances of the post-recession world and examining the implications holistically for management and leadership, for governments, employers and individuals alike, this book provides practical guidance and illustrations on how to take forward the development challenge on a national, organisational and individual level. Praise for Managers and Leaders Who Can: “Ruth Spellman’s book is a timely and long awaited outstanding addition to the management literature. This is a ‘must read’ for anybody in a leadership or managerial role.” Prof. Cary L. Cooper, CBE, Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School “Ruth Spellman has provided the thought platform from which a younger generation of aspiring leaders and managers can transform the nature of their profession. I urge you to read this and be creative!” Des Benjamin, CEO Simplyhealth “In times of unprecedented change, Managers and Leaders Who Can equips managers with tangible tools and case studies to develop their own and their organisations’ capabilities. Spellman offers superb, practical and up-to-date insight into what employees want, what managers need and what all business leaders have to focus on to develop competitive advantage in turbulent times.” Christina Ioannidis, Founder and CEO, Aquitude; author of Your Loss: How to Win Back your Female Talent “Ruth is absolutely right to identify and describe how leadership has to adapt to a totally new business environment. The advice and thoughts in this book will be valuable to all leaders in the public and private sectors.” Miles Templeman, DG, IOD “Chief Executives in the third sector are facing enormous challenges in the world they operate in. ACEVO members look to us for guidance in these difficult times and this book will be essential and very valuable reading for them in supporting them to make the changes many will need to make.” Stephen Bubb, CEO ACEVO


A painter who , in his own words , courted her with honourable intent ; a frescoist
from Modena with hopes of marrying her . He was twenty . His name was
Girolamo and he belonged to Cardinal Bandino ' s household . Every morning he
would ...

Author : Alexandra Lapierre

Release : 2001-09

Publisher : Grove Press

ISBN : 9780802138576

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In a re-creation of Baroque Italy, Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the Western world's first major women artists, is raped by her father's partner, and refuses to deny the crime, an attitude that ostracizes her from Rome and from her father.

Arab Spring and Arab Women

The law, however, allows for judges to give reduced sentences for killings with '
honourable' intent. Even though the penal code criminalizes violence against
women, loopholes exist (Human Rights Watch 2012). Social conversion factors,
in ...

Author : Muhamad Olimat

Release : 2013-11-26

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1317937376

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This volume examines the role of Arab women in Arab Spring and their contribution to the ongoing process of change sweeping the region. The book begins with an examination of the process of democratization and its impediments in the Arab World since the Second World War. It then looks at the conditions that led to the upsurge of the so-called Arab Spring. Finally, it underscores women’s role as participants, organizers, leaders, but also as victims. The main thesis of the book is that while Arab women were an integral part of the revolutionary efforts within the Arab Spring paradigm, they did not benefit from their sacrifices. Although they continue to be part of the process of change, their gains, rights and scope for participation are still limited. If the expansion of women’s participation and the scope of their rights do not seem to be a priority for revolutionary forces, women have made remarkable achievements, especially in some Arab Spring countries such as Yemen and Libya. The book includes case studies of some Arab Spring countries and other countries influenced by developments: Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. It calls on revolutionary and reformist forces to give special attention to issues related to Arab women, as they are an indispensable pillar in the process of reform, development, peace and stability in the Middle East.

The Work of Daniel Lagache

Honesty is inert in the face of evil, hypocrisy, and Machiavellianism, if it does not
resort, with honourable intent, to dishonesty. The cynic realizes plainly that might
prevails over right. In this suborning of morals, it is important to distinguish the ...

Author : Daniel Lagache

Release : 2018-03-22

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 0429922817

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In 1947, the author founded the Library of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology at Presses Universitaires de France, and forty-two volumes have appeared, by French and foreign authors, nine of them works or reprints of articles by Freud. It was here that he produced his precise and important The Language of Psychoanalysis (1968), which has been translated into many languages. The Works of Daniel Lagache English edition in one volume is a selection of those texts that are most representative of the psychoanalytic thinking of the author. It is a thinking that is rich in epistemology, ensuring that psychoanalysis is set in relationship to behaviorism and clarifies its status as an "exact science". It deserves to provoke a lively response from the English speaking public.

British Film Culture in the 1970s

If screen violence was portrayed with honourable intent, then it was permitted
within reason; excessive sensationalism of the kind seen in The Abominable Dr.
Phibes (1971) or House of Whipcord (1974) was not permitted without cuts and ...

Author : Sue Harper

Release : 2013-01-28

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN : 0748654283

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This volume draws a map of British film culture in the 1970s and provides a wide-ranging history of the period.

Perpetual Motion

As a perpetual motionist , it is difficult to imagine that he ever set out with
honourable intent . That he made a good living out of his ' inventions ' there is no
doubt . There is also no doubt that there were many who regretted that he died
before ...

Author : Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Release : 2006-03

Publisher : Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN : 9781931882514

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The deceptively simple task of making a mechanism which would turn forever has fascinated many famous men and physicists throughout the centuries. In fact, the basic tenets of engineering grew from the failures of these perpetual motion machine designers. This work offers an illustrated overview of perpetual motion machines and their inventors.

Desiring Dragons

When the King is convinced of their honourable intent they are allowed in.
Hrothgar fondly remembers how in his youth he had taken service with King
Hrethel of Geatland. He has heard of Beowulf, who now declares his intent – to
banish the ...

Author : Kevan Manwaring

Release : 2014-05-30

Publisher : John Hunt Publishing

ISBN : 1782795820

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Author of The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien, talked of ‘desiring dragons’; that he would prefer ‘a wilderness of dragons’ to the bleak territory of the unimaginative critic. The genre of Fantasy (including Science Fiction and its various sub-genres in TV, film & computer games) has never been more popular. This book seeks to examine why this might be and why so many are tempted to write Fantasy fiction. Tolkien suggested how 'consolation' is an important criteria of the Fairy Tale: we look at how writing Fantasy can be consoling in itself, as well as a portal to Fantastic Realms for the reader. Along the way famous dragons of myth, legend and fiction will be encountered - from Grendel to Smaug. The riddles of dragons will be tackled and their hoard unlocked.

Debates of the Legislative Assembly

... use the term “ dishonourable ” .— [ MR . PITTMAN : I used it too . ] — We all
have our motives but they are done with honourable intent . I think for the benefit
of the hon . member for Greendale that one should go over the picture once
again .

Author : Southern Rhodesia. Legislative Assembly

Release : 1962

Publisher :


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Justice of the Peace and Local Government Review

... the room of Right vagabonds in that part of Great Britain called Eng- be a great
many times in any particular place with Hon . William Monsell , president of the
land , ' for that he the said Thomas Cross on the a felonious intent . general board

Author :

Release : 1857

Publisher :


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Justice of the Peace

... the room of Right vagabonds in that part of Great Britain called Eng- be a great
many times in any particular place with Hon . William Monsell , president of the
land , ' for that he the said Thomas Cross on the a felonious intent . general board

Author :

Release : 1857

Publisher :


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The intent and propriety of the Scripture miracles considered and explained, sermons preached in 1769,1770 and 1771 for the lect. founded by the hon. R. Boyle

Or , -as an honourable testimony of God's approbation of the prophet's character .
2 Kings ii . 8 , 11. xiii . 21. Or — for the relief , comfort , and encouragement of the
faithful , 1 Kings xvii . 9 , 16 , 24 . 2 Kings ii . 19 , 22. iv . 1 , 7. Ibid . 16 , 17.

Author : Henry Owen

Release : 1773

Publisher :


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The Life of the Right Honourable Francis North... Wherein are Inserted The, 1

WILLIAMS . ; As to the true intent and defign of this the private expedition to
Bristol , I shall fay nothing expedition , as far as it here , because it is fully. intent
of this to the town . And why ? They could keep R 2 LORD KEEPER GUILFORD .

Author : Roger North

Release : 1808

Publisher :


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The Life of the Right Honourable Francis North, Baron of Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Under King Charles II. and King James II.

W1 . WILLIAMS . The private As to the true Intent and Design of this Expedition to
Bristol , I shall Intent of this say nothing here , because it is fully accounted for in
the Examen . But as Expedition , ” to his Lordship ' s private Concern in particular

Author : Roger North

Release : 1742

Publisher :


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The Life of the Right Honourable Francis North, Baron of Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Under King Charles II. and King James II. Wherein are Inserted the Characters of Sir Matthew Hale, Sir George Jeffries, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Sidney Godolphin, and Others, the Most Eminent Lawyers and Statesmen of the Time

primatur . 10th Nov . 1680 . W . WILLIAMS , As to the true intent and design of this
The private intent of this expedition to Bristol , I shall say nothing expedition , R ?
as far as it here , because it is fully LORD KEEPER GUILFORD . 243.

Author : Roger North

Release : 1819

Publisher :


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Ordinary People

'Yes, yes; I have heard that which you have said, and speak to me not of your
virtue or honourable intent, for I was a young man once, and I know full well how
these things are.' 'Then...then do I take it that my request is to be refused?' 'Yes,
you ...


Release : 2014-11-26

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 1490750479

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So here then is the sixth part of our story, which takes us on a journey. Partly, this is a journey through time, beginning on the first day of the year 1500, where a wedding is taking place, and it is this journey that Victoria Tillington must make if she is to discover the secrets of her familys history. In large part, this book is about connections and frustration in her attempts at finding these connections, leading the daughter of the lord and lady to seek help from those who have always known, at least in part, how everything came to be. First, however, she must decipher the enigmatic words of the high priestess of the coven of healers, the most powerful white witch of them all; one clue is all that she has, and it is a clue that she does not understand. Keith attempts to bring forth his innate musical ability while overcoming his own anxieties, and in this regard, he receives help from close at hand and from a place where he might least have expected it. Emily receives a gift that, although given in all innocence, brings to the fore memories and past feelings that she thought were buried but were not, it seems, buried as deeply as she had supposed. Percival tries to come to terms with the love of a particular woman in all of its perversity and complexity but finds that there are further complications to the affairs of his heart for now there is the love of two women for him to contemplate. And here again we meet Rebecca, who so wishes to lead a life more ordinary, but a devastating occurrence seems to leave her with no choice but to once again seek vengeance against those who have apparently so wronged her and her own family, but who really is the enemy? The search for the answer to this question leads her to a confrontation, one that she would not have imagined, and which only one person will survive. At the forefront of the historical element of this part of our tale are Edward and Anne Tillington, brother and sister who receive news from a mysterious visitor, which sets them on their own particular journey. On this journey they carry with them a lie which has not yet been told, but must be told soon enough if they are to tell it, and one day to none other than Elizabeth I, the Queen of England herself.

Golden Remains of the ever memorable Mr.---,of Eaton-Colledge

I have often wondred with my felf what it was that ( in an action fó innocent and
harmless , done with so honourable intent , only to bring a testimony of his
Innocency and Righteousness ) might thus importunately trouble his Conscience
: He ...

Author : John Hales

Release : 1688

Publisher :


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