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Wonderlandscape: Yellowstone National Park and the Evolution of an American Cultural Icon

Wonderlandscape presents a new perspective on Yellowstone, the emotions various natural wonders and attractions evoke, and how this explains the park's relationship to America as a whole.Whether it is artists or naturalists, entrepreneurs ...

Author : John Clayton

Release : 2017-08-08

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1681774968

File Size : 47.72 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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An evocative blend of history and nature writing that tells the story of Yellowstone’s evolving significance in American culture through the stories of ten iconic figures. Yellowstone is America's premier national park. Today is often a byword for conservation, natural beauty, and a way for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. But it was not always this way. Wonderlandscape presents a new perspective on Yellowstone, the emotions various natural wonders and attractions evoke, and how this explains the park's relationship to America as a whole. Whether it is artists or naturalists, entrepreneurs or pop-culture icons, each character in the story of Yellowstone ends up reflecting and redefining the park for the values of its era. For example, when Ernest Thompson Seton wanted to observe bears in 1897, his adventures highlighted the way the park transformed from a set of geological oddities to a wildlife sanctuary, reflecting a nation was concerned about disappearing populations of bison and other species. Subsequent eras added Rooseveltian masculinity, democratic patriotism, ecosystem science, and artistic inspiration as core Yellowstone hallmarks. As the National Park system enters its second century, Wonderlandscape allows us to reflect on the values and heritage that Yellowstone alone has come to represent—how it will shape the America's relationship with her land for generations to come.

Moon Wyoming

Wonderlandscape: Yellowstone National Park and the Evolution of an American
Cultural Icon. New York: Pegasus Books, 2017. Using iconic figures— including
painters, naturalists, and entrepreneurs—as the storytelling mechanisms, John ...

Author : Carter G. Walker

Release : 2019-06-04

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1640490329

File Size : 76.96 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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From sweeping plains and stunning national parks to laidback ski towns and down-home dude ranches, experience the best of the west with Moon Wyoming. Inside you'll find: Strategic, flexible itineraries for history buffs, wildlife enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and more, including focused coverage of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Devils Tower The top sights and unique experiences: Immerse yourself the cowboy lifestyle at a rodeo and explore timeless towns where the Old West is alive and well. Learn about Wyoming's indigenous cultures at the Plains Indian Museum or enjoy parades and dancing at a traditional powwow. Peruse trendy Jackson Hole and dig in to locally raised bison burgers and huckleberry pie Outdoor activities: Hike through Yellowstone's majestic wilderness, spot bison, elk, bears, or wolves, and marvel at the legendary Old Faithful. Go whitewater rafting or kayaking, soak in hot springs, ride a gondola up to jaw-dropping mountain-top views, or ski the alpine slopes at Snow King The best road trips in Wyoming, including a loop through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Honest advice from former wilderness guide Carter G. Walker on when to go, where to eat, and where to stay, from historic lodges to dude ranches and campsites Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Recommendations for visitors with disabilities, traveling with kids, and LGBTQ+ travelers Thorough background on the history, weather, wildlife, outdoor recreation safety, and culture With Moon's expert advice and local insight on the best of Wyoming, you can find your adventure. Focusing on the parks? Try Moon Yellowstone & Grand Teton. Exploring the area? Try Moon Montana.

Voices of Yellowstone's Capstone

JOHN CLAYTON is the author of Natural Rivals: John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and
the Creation of America's Public Lands, and Wonderlandscape: Yellowstone
National Park and the Evolution of an American Cultural Icon. Previous books ...

Author : Traute N. Parrie

Release : 2018-12-31

Publisher : Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation

ISBN : 057850460X

File Size : 48.18 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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"...whether you've been to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness or not, whether you live nearby or not, this book conveys the spirit and allure of beloved high country anywhere on the planet." Todd Wilkinson, Mountain Journal Editor's note: “Voices of Yellowstone’s Capstone: A Narrative Atlas of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness” edited by Traute N. Parrie and Jesse A. Logan is a finalist in the Nonfiction category of the 2020 High Plains Book Awards, it was selected for the 2020 Big Sky Award, for the best book by a Montana author in any category, and was an Independent Publishers 2020 Gold Medal winner for best regional (Rocky Mountain) non-fiction . No single book could justly represent Montana’s largest wilderness of nearly one million acres. But “Voices of Yellowstone’s Capstone: A Narrative Atlas of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness” comes admirably close. In this beautiful volume, editors Traute N. Parrie, with 31 years’ experience in the US Forest Service, and Jesse A. Logan, wilderness advocate and backcountry ski guide, have collected essays, maps, artwork and photos from some 100 contributors. “Voices” offers a “delicious combination of knowledge and mystery,” in the words of one contributing author. This collection treats readers to a stunning variety of viewpoints and topics including the vast geological history of the A-B Wilderness, the politics of preserving wilderness, and the everyday beauties and dangers of meadows, peaks, and plateaus. Aesthetics and science converge in articles on an array of mushroom and wildflower species, on the delicate ecosystems of willow, beaver, moose, and aspen. And from such quieter studies, the reader can turn to narratives on predicting an avalanche or spending New Year’s Eve at the summit of Granite Peak.

Cape Coral

... has driven in the Cape knows these many waterways make for countless dead
end roads . To help motorists navigate this Waterfront Wonderland , Cape Coral
had 156 bridges as of 2008 . One of Cape Coral ' s most famous landmarks was.

Author : Chris Wadsworth

Release : 2009

Publisher : Arcadia Publishing

ISBN : 9780738567716

File Size : 31.23 MB

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Many are surprised to discover that Cape Coral's history dates back further than the boom of the 1960s. Indeed, homesteader families were living a rough-and-tumble life in the Cape's wilderness for much of the 20th century. Still, there is no denying that the city took a turn with the arrival of Jack and Leonard Rosen in 1957. These visionaries brought their Gulf American Land Corporation to Southwest Florida and built a modern city from scratch. Model homes, roads galore, an airport, a police force, the Cape Coral Country Club, the Nautilus Motel, and the famous Rose Gardens-all rising out of the woods on the north shore of the Caloosahatchee River. Hundreds of miles of canals were dug so that nearly every home was on or near the water. Hollywood celebrities turned out to promote properties to Northerners looking for the good life in sunny Florida. It was one of the largest planned developments ever in the United States-and it was a rousing success.

The British Friend

WONDER , LANDSCAPE GARDENING . THIS Instrument has a clear magnifying
1 power of 32 , 000 times , shows all kinds of Animalculæ CHARLES

Author :

Release : 1867

Publisher :


File Size : 28.28 MB

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Housing and Planning References

28 Riley , Robert B. Architecture and the sense of wonder . Landscape . p . 20-4 .
Autumn 1965 . Utopian writers and their descriptions of imaginary architectural
wonders . 34 Karsh , Bernard . Functions of ignorance in introducing automation

Author :

Release : 1965

Publisher :


File Size : 88.19 MB

Format : PDF

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An Introduction to Landscape

No wonder landscape as an artistic genre in all the arts was at its most dominant
in the Romantic period. No doubt rational persons would have real difficulty in
believing two propositions at once, that one landscape's attraction is based on
our ...

Author : Peter Howard

Release : 2011

Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN : 9781409403852

File Size : 65.35 MB

Format : PDF

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Beautifully illustrated and including numerous subject 'capsules', this text follows the development of the several threads of the concept of landscape as they have evolved across disciplines and across countries. Divided into three sections, it first of all introduces the key notions of landscape, then examines the various factors which influence the way in which landscape is perceived now and in the past, with all of the senses. Finally, there is a consideration of the various ways of protecting, managing and enhancing the landscape, especially considering a future of climate change.

Speaking in the Past Tense

Edmonton, AB: M.G. Hurtig, 1969. Fraser, Esther. The Canadian Rockies: Early
Travels and Explorations. Edmonton, AB: M.G. Hurtig, 1969. Hepburn, Allan. “
Enough of a Wonder': Landscape and Tourism in Thomas Wharton's Icefields.

Author : Herb Wyile

Release : 2009-10-22

Publisher : Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN : 1554588251

File Size : 59.7 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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“Speaking in the Past Tense participates in an expanding critical dialogue on the writing of historical fiction, providing a series of reflections on the process from the perspective of those souls intrepid enough to step onto what is, practically by definition, contested territory.” — Herb Wyile, from the Introduction The extermination of the Beothuk ... the exploration of the Arctic ... the experiences of soldiers in the trenches during World War I ... the foibles of Canada’s longest-serving prime minister ... the Ojibway sniper who is credited with 378 wartime kills—these are just some of the people and events discussed in these candid and wide-ranging interviews with eleven authors whose novels are based on events in Canadian history. These sometimes startling conversations take the reader behind the scenes of the novels and into the minds of their authors. Through them we explore the writers’ motives for writing, the challenges they faced in gathering information and presenting it in fictional form, the sometimes hostile reaction they faced after publication, and, perhaps most interestingly, the stories that didn’t make it into their novels. Speaking in the Past Tense provides fascinating insights into the construction of national historical narratives and myths, both those familiar to us and those that are still being written.

Place, Ecology and the Sacred

... The Environment and Christian Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 1996), 314–6. Rachel Carson, 'From the sense of wonder', Landscape
Journal 7 (1966), 1–17; E. O. Wilson, Naturalist (Washington, DC: Time Warner,

Author : Michael S. Northcott

Release : 2015-06-18

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN : 1441114572

File Size : 48.61 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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People are born in one place. Traditionally humans move around more than other animals, but in modernity the global mobility of persons and the factors of production increasingly disrupts the sense of place that is an intrinsic part of the human experience of being on earth. Industrial development and fossil fuelled mobility negatively impact the sense of place and help to foster a culture of placelessness where buildings, fields and houses increasingly display a monotonous aesthetic. At the same time ecological habitats, and diverse communities of species are degraded. Romantic resistance to the industrial evisceration of place and ecological diversity involved the setting aside of scenic or sublime landscapes as wilderness areas or parks. However the implication of this project is that human dwelling and ecological sustainability are intrinsically at odds. In this collection of essays Michael Northcott argues that the sense of the sacred which emanates from local communities of faith sustained a 'parochial ecology' which, over the centuries, shaped communities that were more socially just and ecologically sustainable than the kinds of exchange relationships and settlement patterns fostered by a global and place-blind economy. Hence Christian communities in medieval Europe fostered the distributed use and intergenerational care of common resources, such as alpine meadows, forests or river catchments. But contemporary political economists neglect the role of boundaried places, and spatial limits, in the welfare of human and ecological communities. Northcott argues that place-based forms of community, dwelling and exchange – such as a local food economy – more closely resemble evolved commons governance arrangements, and facilitate the revival of a sense of neighbourhood, and of reconnection between persons and the ecological places in which they dwell.

Mobilités culturelles - Cultural Mobilities

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Hardt, M., and A. Negri (2004).
Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire. New York: Penguin.
Hepburn, A. (2001). “'Enough of a Wonder': Landscape and Tourism in Thomas
Wharton's ...

Author : Pascal Gin

Release : 2011-12-10

Publisher : University of Ottawa Press

ISBN : 2760319830

File Size : 48.1 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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La mobilité – la capacité à se déplacer ou à être déplacé – est un élément si omniprésent dans la vie moderne qu’elle est tenue pour acquise, presque imperceptible en raison de sa constante présence. Dans Mobilités culturelles – Cultural Mobilities, des chercheurs du Canada et du Brésil, écrivant en anglais et en français, s’interrogent sur l’impact et l’influence qu’a la mobilité sur les dynamiques culturelles au sein de leurs deux pays et entre eux. Explorant le mouvement – des gens, des idées et des créations culturelles – et les processus qui affectent ce mouvement, ils apportent de nouvelles perspectives sur la manière dont la mobilité structure les conditions culturelles contemporaines. Intrinsèquement interdisciplinaire, le volume s’appuie sur des contributions provenant entre autres des domaines de la géographie urbaine, des arts visuels, du cinéma, de la littérature, de la danse et du journalisme, soulignant la mobilité comme un domaine important de la recherche universitaire. Aussi intrinsèquement interculturel, il utilise une approche comparative Sud–Nord qui révèle les points communs et les différences entre les contextes canadien et brésilien. Mobilités culturelles – Cultural Mobilities propose une méthode pour l’étude de la mobilité en tant que force culturelle dans la société contemporaine.

Victorian Poetry

Like her celebrated nonsense sister Alice , Tennyson's heroine finds herself
looking out over a Wonderlandscape , where meaning what one says and saying
what one means are “ not the same thing 314 / VICTORIAN POETRY.

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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The Sunset

... feature of the landscape but in the wonderlandscape and physical perfection to
be found fully fine oils and pastels of Martinez . This on this sunny side of the
continent , and then Paris - trained son of old Mexico has caught do whatsoever
his ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher :


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CARLSBAD . GARDEN CLUB Lucky lady . Mrs . A . C . Worden , shown
arranging flowers , has the beautiful fortune to live in this lovely spot on the slope
of Fitch Mountain , at Healdsburg . Calif . No wonder landscape - painting is a
hobby of ...

Author :

Release : 1937

Publisher :


File Size : 49.76 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Forest Farmer

All part of FPL ' s Some of our customers wonder landscape each installation to
blend Indian Creek electric power distribu - why we need so many substations –
with the neighborhood environment . tion station at 5800 Collins Avenue ...

Author :

Release : 1973

Publisher :


File Size : 40.66 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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An Annotated International Bibliography of Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno Books

Author : Byron S. Sewell

Release : 2008

Publisher : British Library


File Size : 86.52 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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"Sewell and Imholtz have demonstrated that there has been far greater interest in Sylvie and Bruno than has generally been recognized. The bibliography reveals the many literary and cultural figures who have commented on, disparaged, imitated, parodied, quoted or in some other way drawn upon the Sylvie books."--Jacket.

The Cultivator & Country Gentleman

No wonder landscape art in the United square at the base . the COUNTRY
GENTLEMAN of April 27 ( p . 329 ) . has been moved to a new yard , where that
inStates is at a low ebb . All eminent landscape Perhaps one of the most
attractive ...

Author :

Release : 1893

Publisher :


File Size : 78.82 MB

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The Country Gentleman

No wonder landscape art in the United square at the base . the COUNTRY
GENTLEMAN of April 27 ( p . 329 ) . has been moved to a new yard , where that
inStates is at a low ebb . All eminent landscape Perhaps one of the most
attractive ...

Author :

Release : 1893

Publisher :


File Size : 53.90 MB

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The Villa Gardener

... are what we may call Understanding this , then , we do not wonder
LANDSCAPE TREES ; and , what is often ig- when we see year after year flower
gardens where every rule of good taste is broken , and FEB . ] 487 THE VILLA

Author :

Release : 1879

Publisher :


File Size : 33.52 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Oregon Historical Quarterly

SUNSET BAY , AND SIMPSON STATE PARKS The following is a portion of a
paper by Mr . Boardman entitled " Coos Head Marine Wonderland , " much of ...

Author : Oregon Historical Society

Release : 1954

Publisher :


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Meet Flora Mexicana

No wonder landscape architects , are beginning to use this 3 - ft . shrub from
Texas and northern Mexico . It prefers limestone soils . ZUMAQUE Evergreen
Sumac Rhus sempervirens In the northern part of 58 MEET FLORA MEXICANA.

Author : Michiel Walter Pesman

Release : 1962

Publisher :


File Size : 57.33 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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