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Zen Terror in Prewar Japan

Written by a Zen priest, this book explodes the myth of Zen Buddhism as a peaceful religion.

Author : Brian Daizen Victoria

Release : 2020-02-14

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN : 1538131676

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Written by a Zen priest, this book explodes the myth of Zen Buddhism as a peaceful religion. Can Buddhism, widely regarded as a religion of peace, also contribute to acts of terrorism? Through an insider’s view of right-wing ultranationalism in prewar Japan, this powerful book follows a band of Zen Buddhist–trained adherents who ardently believed so. Brian Victoria, himself a Zen priest, tells the story of a group of terrorists who were responsible for the assassination of three leading political and economic figures in 1932. Victoria provides a detailed introduction to the religious as well as political significance of the group’s terrorist beliefs and acts, focusing especially on the life and times of the band’s leader, Inoue Nisshō. A deeply troubled youth, Inoue became a spy in Manchuria for the Japanese Army in 1909, where he encountered Zen for the first time. When he returned to Japan in 1921, he determined to resolve his deep spiritual discontent through meditation practice, which culminated in an enlightenment experience that resolved his long-term doubts. After engaging in “post-enlightenment training” under the guidance of Rinzai Zen master Yamamoto Gempō, Inoue began a program of training the “patriotic youth” who formed the nucleus of his terrorist band. After the assassinations, Inoue and his band were sentenced to life imprisonment, only to be released just a few years later in 1940. Almost unbelievably, Inoue then became the live-in confidant of Prime Minister Konoe Fumimaro, a position he held through the end of WWII. In the postwar era, Inoue reinvented himself again as the founder and head of yet another band of ultranationalists known as the “National Protection Corps.” His eventful life came to an end in 1967. Victoria concludes with an assessment of the profound impact of the assassinations, which culminated in Japan’s transformation into a totalitarian state and set the stage for Pearl Harbor. The author also examines the connection of Buddhism to terrorism more broadly, considering the implications for today’s Islamic-related terrorism.

Women in Song and Yuan China

Hidden Horrors: Japanese War Crimes in World War II, Second Edition by Yuki
Tanaka Zen Terror: The Death of Democracy in Prewar Japan by Brian A. Victoria
No Time for Dreams: Living in Burma under Military Rule by Carolyn Wakeman ...

Author : Bret Hinsch

Release : 2020-12-15

Publisher :

ISBN : 1538144921

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This deeply researched book provides an original history of Chinese women during the pivotal Song and Yuan dynasties (960-1368). Bret Hinsch explores the most important aspects of female life in this era―political power, family, work, inheritance, religious roles, and emotions―and considers why the status of women declined during this period.

Marxism and the Crisis of Development in Prewar Japan

The Rönö-ha's split from the Japanese Communist Party thus began as early as
1925; it became “decisive,” however, only after the issue of the '27 Theses. ...
Published in Zen'ei in August 1922, his essay “Musan-kaikyū undo no hôkô
tenkan” [A change of direction in the proletarian ... the police used the crisis of the
Tokyo earthquake as a pretext to launch a “white terror” in September 50

Author : Germaine A. Hoston

Release : 2014-07-14

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 1400858208

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This study is a comprehensive analysis of the Marxist debate in Japan over how capitalism developed in that country. Originally published in 1987. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Zen War Stories

Sögen, due to his right-wing affiliations in the 1920s and his involvement in
terrorist violence in the 1930s, clearly falls in the ... Appearances, however, can
be deceiving, for as David Titus notes in Palace and Politics in Prewar Japan: “
The ...

Author : Brian Victoria

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136127623

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Following the critically acclaimed Zen at War (1997), Brian Victoria explores the intimate relationship between Japanese institutional Buddhism and militarism during the Second World War. Victoria reveals for the first time, through examination of the wartime writings of the Japanese military itself, that the Zen school's view of life and death was deliberately incorporated into the military's programme of 'spiritual education' in order to develop a fanatical military spirit in both soldiers and civilians. Furthermore, that D. T. Suzuki, the most famous exponent of Zen in the West, is shown to have been a wartime proponent of this Zen-inspired viewpoint which enabled Japanese soldiers to leave for the battlefield already resigned to death. Victoria takes us onto the naval battlefield in the company of warrior-monk and Rinzai Zen Master Nakajima Genjô. We view the war in China through the eyes of a Buddhist military chaplain. The book also examines the relationship to Buddhism of Japan's seven Class-A war criminals who were hung by the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal in 1948. A highly controversial study, this book will be of interest, first and foremost, to students of Zen as well as all those studying the history of this period, not to mention anyone concerned with the perennial question of the 'proper' relationship between religion and the state.


( F ) The introduction of Western culture into Japan in the age of her modern .
ization . · 1345 Thayer ... Zen philosophy , Zen practice . 0743 Thomas ...
Japanese terror in China . · 1388 Titus , David Anson . Palace and politics in
prewar Japan .

Author : 国際交流基金

Release : 1986

Publisher : Tokyo, Japan : The Japan Foundation


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Japanese Cultural Nationalism

Generally speaking , he reacted towards the dominance of central Japan neither
with a rational political programme of sustained , well ... self - power ' ( to use the
Zen term ) – in other words , to assert his own strong identity and autonomy as a '
Tsugaru man ' in his life and work . ... Indeed , regionalism was often identified
with the atavistic right wing , those prewar fanatics and terrorists who had resisted

Author : Roy Starrs

Release : 2004

Publisher :


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Based on the premise that Japanese cultural nationalism has been and is a major cultural/historical force throughout the Asia Pacific this book has dual focus: Part 1 explores Japanese literature, philosophy, education, politics, diplomacy, music; Part 2 extends Japanese role to Asia Pacific at large. Part One explores significant and influential expressions of cultural nationalism in Japanese literature, philosophy, education, politics, diplomacy, music and popular culture. Part Two widens the focus to Asia Pacific at large and examines the role of Japanese cultural nationalist discourse in the island nation's relations with its regional neighbours, China being the main focus. Topics include Meiji racial theory, the varieties of Japanese imperialist ideology, nationalist attitudes towards China, Kyoto School Sinology, resistance to foreign yakozuna in sumo wrestling.

Leaders of the Communist World

... and fertilizer dealer , was obviously well - to - do ; he was able to send his son
to college and the imperial university in prewar Japan . ... MIYAMOTO AND THE "
RED TERROR ” CASE Despite the relatively short period of his activities before
imprisonment , Miyamoto won ... Established in 1928 , it was dissolved in
November 1931 when it merged with Zen Nippon Puroretaria Bunka Renmei , or
KOPF ...

Author : Rodger Swearingen

Release : 1971

Publisher :


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Japanese Student

( II ) Lenga 1 Ton was organized on the basis on tire student boay at esc ?
university , contrary to the pre - war student movement ... of J.C.P.'s terrorism Zen'
ren adopted more violent tactics resulting in the " blooded May Day " incident in
1952 .

Author :

Release :

Publisher :


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Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

Tokoro Shigemoto contributes another article , entitled “ Terrorism and
Nichirenism , ” describing the thought of three individuals in ... Okawa Shūmei XIII
( 1886–1957 ) , among the most influential theorists of rightist thought in prewar
days , was not a Nichiren ... A Zen enthusiast in early life , he attended lectures of
the Kokuchūkai and read the Lotus Sūtra , becoming a fervent lay devotee of
Nichiren .

Author :

Release : 1999

Publisher :


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Contemporary Japan

However , to the Japanese people , with their bitter experiences of the terror of
Fascism and a police state , democracy is ... trade - union centers were
established in 1946 ; namely the revived prewar Zen Nihon Rodo Kumiai
Sodomei ( Japan ...

Author :

Release : 1959

Publisher :


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Destroying the World to Save It

Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence, and the New Global Terrorism Robert Jay
Lifton ... The Japanese military struggle against the United States had its own
aspect of “forcing the end. ... a caricature not of the attenuated postwar “peace”
emperor but of the deified prewar version that so inspired Sugimoto's Zen

Author : Robert Jay Lifton

Release : 2000-09-01

Publisher : Metropolitan Books

ISBN : 146682784X

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National Book Award winner and renowned psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton reveals a world at risk from millennial cults intent on ending it all. Since the earliest moments of recorded history, prophets and gurus have foretold the world's end, but only in the nuclear age has it been possible for a megalomaniac guru with a world-ending vision to bring his prophecy to pass. Now Robert Jay Lifton offers a vivid and disturbing case in point in this chilling exploration of Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese cult that released sarin nerve gas in the Tokyo subways. With unprecedented access to former Aum members, Lifton has produced a pathbreaking study of the inner life of a modern millennial cult. He shows how Aum's guru Shoko Asahara (charismatic spiritual leader, con man, madman) created a religion from a global stew of New Age thinking, ancient rituals, and apocalyptic science fiction, then recruited scientists as disciples and set them to producing weapons of mass destruction. Taking stock as well of Charles Manson, Heaven's Gate, and the Oklahoma City bombers, Lifton confronts the frightening possibility of a twenty-first century in which cults and terrorists may be able to bring about their own holocausts. Bold and compelling, Destroying the World to Save It charts the emergence of a new global threat of urgent concern to us all.


It has close connections with a network of international terrorists that includes the
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ( see Civil Disturbances , ch . ... They
have in common the desire to revive prewar militaristic and nationalistic symbols ,
particularly the “ divinity ” of ... ( Zen Nippon Aikokusha Kaigi ) was connected
with Kodama Yoshio , who played a prominent role in the Lockheed payoff
scandal ...

Author : American University (Washington, D.C.). Foreign Area Studies

Release : 1983

Publisher : U.S. Government Printing Office


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Though they entered civilly , the Communist leaders soon began a “ reign of
terror " against foreign residents , drawing on a longEAST ... it detailed analysis of
prewar Japanese cinema to centers on exotic Winter de Ballesteros ,
Spanappear in English in 20 years ; it ... Her motivation for this reflect the
influence of Zen and association disguise was not frivolous : As a boy , she was
with the tea ceremony .

Author :

Release : 1979

Publisher :


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Japanese Art After 1945

Yoshihara ' s involvement with the innovation of Japanese traditional arts ,
specifically Zen calligraphy , also informed his philosophical understanding of art
as ... Whereas artists in the West perceived terror and chaos in the postwar
condition ...

Author : Alexandra Munroe

Release : 1994-09-30

Publisher : Harry N Abrams Incorporated


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Presents the catalog of an exhibition that features illustrations of paintings, sculpture, performance, video, and installation art

American Ceramics

Takamori , age 35 , was raised in an 32 atmosphere of great contrast and change
in postwar Japan . ... And so the juxtaposition of opposites like sex and death ,
fear and fascination , love and hate , male and female , man and animal , inside ...

Author :

Release : 1986

Publisher :


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He trekked more than 5000 miles to freedom across the fro- . . zen wastes of
Siberia, befriended by reindeer herders, smugglers, ... Through the four Makioka
sisters the reader gets a glimpse of a pre-war Japan in which the study of the arts,
the writing of ... Greenleaf Hill is a private hospital, a rural retreat where for one
agonizing week they can esCape from the cumulative terrors of compulsive

Author :

Release : 1957-08

Publisher :


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Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan

Japan. Broadcasting. Corporation. -. NHK. Japan. Buddhist. Federation. Zen.
Nihon. Bukkyo Kai ... Prewar basic party programs reflected leadership changes
and world events . ... The terrorist acts committed by JCP members at the time of
the Korean War resulted in the loss of whatever public support the party had
enjoyed ...

Author :

Release : 1983

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780870116209

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AB Bookman's Weekly

HOSHIO BOOKSHELF Gunma - Ken , Kanragun Nanmokumura , Hoshio 1290 ,
Japan ( Colin Elton ) Barker - Benfield , GJ . ... In : Mathematical Systems in
Economics PB , 1967 or Subsequent Ed Bush , C . Tcot Climbing Rat Aiken , R .
Zen Wave , Basho ' s Haiku and Zen Betts , Raymond F ... Annals of the NY
Academy of Science Vol Bloch , R . Terror in the Night & Other Stories Collins ,
Wilkie . ... These Present Auto - By Japanese Motorcycle Mag ) Pre - War Bryan ,
Margaret .

Author :

Release : 1993

Publisher :


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The New York Times Book Review

Classical music , Zen philosophy and jury duty provide the unusual mix for Mark
Salzman's quietly powerful novel “ The Soloist . ... and complicated characters ,
and has done his research on the harrowing political and economic conditions of
prewar Japan . And yet ... Witch Hunts , " Ms. Barstow postulates that the witch
hunts were a tool of a male hierarchy that reinforced male dominance through
terror .

Author :

Release : 1994

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State of the Fantastic

Finally , Zen is not nihilistic , as R . H . Blyth explains : “ Zen is when he takes
what he is offered , and knows what he really ... it used " an elaborate variety of
tools , materials , and machines ” to produce “ a constant flow of forgeries of pre -
war American ... Evident in Childan ' s racism , in the Japanese hunt for American
historical artifacts , in the Nazis ' scientific ... this dualism results only in shame
and agony for Childan , anxiety and pain for Tagomi , and terror and violence for
the ...

Author : International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 1990 Fort laude

Release : 1992

Publisher : Praeger


File Size : 50.80 MB

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This collection of twenty essays originally presented at the Eleventh International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts contains five parts: on fantasists and their work, contemporary fantastic theory and practice, studies in the British and European fantastic, studies in American fantasy and science fiction, and sex and techno-horror in fantastic literature and film. What all the essays here have in common is that their authors are all aware of the tremendous latent power, for good and ill, of the fantastic text. We are given timely reminders of the dangers, as well as the appeal, of elves and how narrators in fantastic fictions take advantage of our desire to be part of a narrative community. We learn how some contemporary fantasists assimilate literary and scientific theory, while others seem in their fiction to require a new sociology to account for it.